İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

journalist and author   (gazeteci ve yazar)

Fleischaker's wife Pam, is a noted journalist and author.

Since then, he has worked as both a journalist and author.

She was an Italian journalist and author.

freelance journalist   (serbest gazeteci)

She continues to work as a freelance journalist.

Her mother, Anstey, is a freelance journalist.

From 2010 Müntefering worked as a freelance journalist.

music journalist   (müzik gazetecisi)

The term was coined by English music journalist Phil Smee.

Ulvaeus then married music journalist Lena Källersjö on 6 January 1981.

She has also been a music journalist on and off over the span of 20 years.

investigative journalist   (araştırmacı gazeteci)

Linda Melvern Linda Melvern is a British investigative journalist.

From 2013 onwards, Droog also works as an investigative journalist.

Dennett's sister is the investigative journalist Charlotte Dennett.

journalist and writer   (gazeteci ve yazar)

Loup Durand, a journalist and writer, did the writing.

Richardson works as a journalist and writer.

Rita Monaldi (born 1966) is an Italian journalist and writer.

writer and journalist   (yazar ve gazeteci)

He was the father of Yazidi writer and journalist Têmûrê Xelîl.

He was a famous realist and anticommunist writer and journalist.

He was a cousin of the writer and journalist, Pádraic Ó Conaire.

sports journalist   (spor gazetecisi)

She is the mother of sports journalist Oliver Holt.

She is married to sports journalist Paul Gutierrez.

Today she is a sports journalist.

author and journalist   (yazar ve gazeteci)

He continued to work as an author and journalist.

Monte Reel Monte Reel is an American author and journalist.

Kaytor became involved with author and journalist Robert Ruark at this time.

television journalist   (televizyon gazetecisi)

She was previously a television journalist and anchor at Star News.

Prior to his viceregal appointment, Onley was a television journalist.

Amanda Parr Amanda Parr is an English television journalist and reporter.

became a journalist   (gazeteci oldu)

Later, he became a journalist writing about film.

Then she became a journalist, reporting for the station.

He later became a journalist and professional advertiser.

journalist and politician   (gazeteci ve politikacı)

Their son Ralf R. Parve (1946–2008) was a journalist and politician.

Frank Pangallo Frank Pangallo is an Australian journalist and politician.

Raymond Bourgine Raymond Bourgine (1925-1990) was a French journalist and politician.

broadcast journalist   (Yayın gazeteci)

Gutierrez wanted to be a broadcast journalist.

Amna Nawaz Amna Nawaz is an American broadcast journalist.

Bill Whitney Willard (Bill) Whitney is an American broadcast journalist.

former journalist   (eski gazeteci)

He also described himself as a former journalist for "Contrast".

Bill Steigerwald Bill Steigerwald is an author and former journalist.

For writing and for recording Native American languages, he hired a former journalist, William E. Myers.

journalist and editor   (gazeteci ve editör)

Born in Swellendam, she worked as journalist and editor until 1960.

In between, she worked for two years in Delhi as a journalist and editor.

Davison Maruziva Davison Maruziva is a Zimbabwean journalist and editor.

journalist and television   (gazeteci ve televizyon)

Nazim Baksh Nazim Ahmed Baksh is a Canadian journalist and television producer.

Jeroen de Lange is married to journalist and television presenter Marcia Luyten.

Natalie Pawelski Natalie Pawelski is an American journalist and television correspondent.

political journalist   (politik gazeteci)

Beatrice is a well known political journalist in Italy.

Jonathan Martin (journalist) Jonathan Martin (born c. 1977) is an American political journalist.

Althia Raj Althia Raj is a Canadian political journalist and a member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

radio journalist   (radyo gazetecisi)

Clark Boyd Clark Boyd is an American radio journalist.

He had worked as a radio journalist for nearly 20 years at the time of his death.

The original production was dedicated to the American radio journalist Lowell Thomas.

journalist and former   (gazeteci ve eski)

Baillie is the son of sports journalist and former Rangers player, Doug Baillie.

Marin Mema Marin Mema (born 22 March 1981) is a Albanian journalist and former footballer.

Ann Marie Ganness Ann Marie Ganness is a writer, journalist and former TV news anchor from Trinidad and Tobago.

journalist and broadcaster   (gazeteci ve yayıncı)

He works as an author, forager, journalist and broadcaster.

Julie Coker Julie Coker is a former television journalist and broadcaster.

The next year she married Brian Inglis, an Anglo-Irish journalist and broadcaster.

journalist and political   (gazeteci ve politik)

The founder and current leader of True Montenegro is Marko Milačić, former journalist and political activist.

FRIENDS also presents the Dalton Camp Award, named in honour of journalist and political commentator Dalton Camp.

Charles Emory Smith Charles Emory Smith (February 18, 1842 – January 19, 1908) was an American journalist and political leader.

poet and journalist   (şair ve gazeteci)

David Emrys Lewis David Emrys Lewis (1887 – 12 March 1954) was a Welsh poet and journalist.

From 1886 to 1902, "Wiarus" was edited by the famed Kashubian-born poet and journalist Hieronim Derdowski.

David Rowbotham David Harold Rowbotham (27 August 1924 – 6 October 2010) was an Australian poet and journalist.

politician and journalist   (politikacı ve gazeteci)

Latifa Akherbach Latifa Akherbach (َ, – born 1960 in Tetouan) is a Moroccan politician and journalist.

Roy Roebuck Roy Delville Roebuck (born 25 September 1929) is a British Labour Party politician and journalist.

Mansur al-Atrash Mansur al-Atrash (; 3 February 1925 – 14 November 2006) was a Syrian politician and journalist.

newspaper journalist   (gazete gazetecisi)

He was a newspaper journalist before accepting a long-term job as an MGM script clerk in 1936.

Archie Bland James Franklin Archibald "Archie" Bland (born 1983), is a British newspaper journalist.

Dennis McDougal Dennis McDougal (born November 25, 1947) is an American author and newspaper journalist.

fellow journalist   (gazeteci adam)

She married fellow journalist and activist Noah D. Thompson.

Along with Daniel, his fellow journalist and his buddy Sub-Inspector Imran he gets deep into this.

He quits and goes off to begin an independent, internet news site with fellow journalist Cat Grant.

journalist and historian   (gazeteci ve tarihçi)

He worked as a journalist and historian in RPP and Latina Televisión.

Guri Hjeltnes Guri Hjeltnes (born 23 October 1953) is a Norwegian journalist and historian.

Myron Magnet Myron James Magnet (born August 31, 1944) is an American journalist and historian.

journalist working   (çalışan gazeteci)

This led Phil Stanford, the journalist working the story for "The Oregonian", to dub Jesperson "The Happy Face Killer".

Matthew Chance Matthew Chance is a British journalist working for CNN as the network's Senior International Correspondent.

Little was born in September 1951, and began his career as a journalist working for "The Portadown Times" and the "Belfast Telegraph".