İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

journey through   (içinden yolculuk)

Episode one featured orangutans and flying frogs in Bailey's journey through Borneo.

The journey through the jungle was rough for the Europeans, who travelled it on foot.

In 1942, the 86th started its journey through various parts of Europe and North Africa.

return journey   (dönüş yolculuğu)

The return journey takes around 60 minutes.

He actually spent two months in Rome on his return journey.

During their return journey, they visited the pope in Rome.

long journey   (Uzun yolculuk)

Han and Leia fall in love during the long journey.

They had made this long journey on foot.

Cohen-Ahnine's lawyer said, "It's a first step in a long journey.

journey time   (Gezi zamanı)

Schedulled journey time is 5 hours and 35 minutes.

The average journey time between levels is 1 minute.

Scheduled journey time is 3 hours and 2 minutes.

journey back   (geri yolculuk)

The journey back to England was difficult, as Nelson had lost many men.

The spacecraft began its journey back to Earth on December 25, Christmas Day.

She died in Paris in June 1846, aged 27, on the journey back to England from Rome.

journey across   (karşıya yolculuk)

The journey across Egypt would prove perilous.

Such tours have included a journey across America by bike in 2000.

It was able to make the journey across the Straits of Dover in around three hours.

during the journey

Kim transited China via train during the journey to Vietnam.

Many pilgrims died during the journey from Constantinople in Jerusalem.

The crossing was difficult with 40 passengers being lost to cholera during the journey.

journey times

Most food is transported by road nowadays due to the shorter journey times.

The signal improvements will improve journey times on this section of track.

Thanks to the speed increases, journey times have been reduced significantly.

journey home   (eve dönüş yolculuğu)

On the journey home, she gives birth to Menelik (chapter 32).

For her journey home, she crossed the Second Bar on 31 January 1788.

Scene 4 Shridaman, Sita, and Nanda journey home together after the wedding.

spiritual journey

He described his spiritual journey in one of his poems.

Van Lear spent all of 2004 in the Cameroon on a spiritual journey.

Before working on her second studio album, she went on a spiritual journey.

make the journey   (yolculuk yap)

Bede hoped to visit Ecgbert again in 734, but was too ill to make the journey.

It was able to make the journey across the Straits of Dover in around three hours.

Esdan, bored by his isolation, volunteers to make the journey across the government lines.

train journey

The train journey from Sydney to Macquarie Plains took 9 hours.

His train journey received coverage in a number of newspapers in the west, including "The Telegraph".

The nearest railway station is a ten-minute walk away in Pengam, Cardiff being a forty-minute train journey from Pengam.

made the journey

She made the journey in 39 days 9hrs 33mins.

Ten European nations (17 in all) had made the journey to the Netherlands for the competition.

He made the journey from Berlin to Bavaria by train and arrived Frau Leitner’s chalet very late at night.

journey towards   (doğru yolculuk)

After a long dialogue, they journey towards the judgment throne.

In March 1881, the group left Petropavlovsk and started the journey towards Yavin on foot.

The story tells of Basquiat's connection to art and his journey towards becoming an artist.

journey took

The journey took Zach 7 months to complete.

The journey took about three to four days.

The journey took 77 days and very nearly ended in disaster.

continue their journey

Bewchard gives Hawkmoon and D'Averc a ship to continue their journey.

They escape however by leaping from the train and continue their journey on foot (and on a stolen tractor).

Buddy returns to defeat the Windmill People, the two reunite and continue their journey on an abandoned motorcycle.

journey between

The journey between Barcelona and Madrid now takes about two-and-a-half hours.

The original lifts for the journey between the second and third levels were supplied by Léon Edoux.

Today the line's old route intertwines with the current route of the A41 on its journey between Whitchurch and Chester.

musical journey

He began his musical journey with Sikh religious music, and along the way, he met with his love for folk music.

Vishal Dadlani's musical journey started back in 1994, with the electronica/indie-rock band Pentagram formed in Mumbai.

Before singing, Sandhu starting his musical journey by creating remixes of popular Punjabi songs which quickly led to him becoming a DJ.

journey to find   (bulmak için yolculuk)

He sets out on a journey to find a worthy successor of his secrets in order to kill time.

"Aired: September 9, 2012" Ticiane Pinheiro keep in her journey to find beautiful models in Brazil.

Along the way, Leo teams up with Valentina, disguised as her alter-ego Luis, who is on her own journey to find her father.

journey around   (etrafında yolculuk)

From a church published article, “A journey around St Ambrose Church”.

In July 2011 he started five-month journey around the shores of the Black Sea.

She arrived in Tarrytown, New York on August 16, 1910, completing her journey around the world.

journey takes

The journey takes a little more than two hours.

The return journey takes around 60 minutes.

A journey takes approximately nine minutes from end to end.

entire journey   (tüm yolculuk)

The entire journey covered 328 days and in all.

After 1848, the entire journey could be made by rail.

His entire journey to freedom took less than 24 hours.

first journey

His first journey (1908/09) was to the Solomon Islands.

In the 1985–86 season he made his first journey to the UK, playing for Pontypool.

In 1997, Jairzinho began his first journey as manager In Europe being appointed at Greek Super League club Kalamata.