Фразы и примеры предложений

judicial review   (судебный контроль)

Its acts are not subject to judicial review.

On 28 September 2016 Lee won the right to have a judicial review.

The main ground of Shankar's judicial review application was apparent bias.

judicial system   (судебная система)

The judicial system comprises three types of courts.

The judicial system follows similar administrative levels.

The head of the judicial system in France was the chancellor.

judicial district   (судебный округ)

Each judicial district has one or more Standing Chapter 13 Trustees.

December 20, 1687 the judicial district was incorporated into Sønderhald Hundred.

In 1988, by the state law Nº 954888, Ibirité won the category of judicial district.

judicial branch   (судебная власть)

For the judicial branch, this means Article Three judges.

The highest court of judicial branch is the Supreme Council of the Magistracy.

In Greece the judicial branch is divided into civil, and administrative courts.

judicial power   (судебная власть)

The judicial power was independent of the administrative power.

They also are given judicial power.

The political, military and judicial power of the clan chiefs was abolished.

judicial process

A judicial process was opened to Keiko Fujimori, for alleged money laundering.

The European Commission in turn announced it would closely watch the developments in the judicial process.

Men and women have equal divorce rights and are required to undergo a judicial process to receive a divorce.

judicial independence   (независимость судебной власти)

Mekki is a strong supporter of judicial independence.

This is "an important factor in the judicial independence of the boards of appeal" ().

Weiquan lawyers tend to be especially critical of the lack of judicial independence in China.

judicial commission

He received his judicial commission on May 3, 2019.

He is currently awaiting his judicial commission.

He received his judicial commission on May 28, 2019.

judicial authority   (судебная власть)

This judicial authority was removed in April 2017.

The senate, now 24 aldermen, held the executive and judicial authority.

King figures appeared as the highest judicial authority with a network of courts established under him.

judicial proceedings

The Imperial Household Minister was given the responsibility for observing any judicial proceedings concerning imperial holdings.

And the Medico-Legal Council and believes that rules on medico-legal aspects that occurred in judicial proceedings when requested by the court.

Her executors' financial accounts record the payments of reparations to many of those who brought actions before the judicial proceedings in 1291.

federal judicial   (федеральный суд)

She received her federal judicial commission on February 18, 2016.

During his federal judicial service, Speer also served as dean of Mercer University Law School in Macon from 1893 to 1918.

Unger also was a federal judicial nominee to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit at the time of his death.

judicial functions

There was a citizen assembly that also had judicial functions.

The protocol also abolished the judicial functions of the Committee of Ministers.

The more prominent role of the Court is located in the exercise of its judicial functions.

judicial decisions

the aggregate of earlier judicial decisions.

Islam is the state religion, and sharia is used as the basis of judicial decisions.

His principal contribution to French law is the advancement of the study of judicial decisions.

judicial powers

They do not constitute a court as they do not have judicial powers.

This gave him important judicial powers along with his executive and legislative ones.

Cuba's judicial powers and courts remained legally based on the codes of the Spanish government.

judicial branches

The national government has separate executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

Today, the Student Association is made up of the executive, senate and judicial branches.

ASUCI has executive, legislative, and judicial branches, and is also a member of the United States Student Association.

judicial office

The other was the Praetor Urbanus, the chief judicial office in Rome.

He resigned his judicial office in February 1838, and returned to the practice of law at Rochester.

Judges are appointed by the National Judicial Council and judicial office is permanent until seventy years of age.

judicial districts

There are ten judicial districts, each comprising one or more of Minnesota's 87 counties:

The twelve judges of the Arkansas Court of Appeals are elected from judicial districts to renewable six-year terms.

The judicial system is divided into judicial districts at the trial-court level which largely follow the old county lines.

judicial officer

he, after a contentious struggle with the judicial officer of the prison was sent to the ward 8 for punishment.

Sun Quan considered that Yin Fan seemed knowledgeable about criminal law so he appointed him as a judicial officer.

A British judicial officer offered a description of Kunwar Singh and described him as "a tall man, about six feet in height".

judicial authorities   (судебные органы)

French judicial authorities had already ordered that he be held in prison on remand.

In 1907 Guibet reported to the local judicial authorities the crimes committed by agents under La Mpoko.

Meanwhile, the inmates of the Gulag tell each other about their fate and the arbitrariness of the judicial authorities.