ski jumper   (スキージャンパー)

His elder brother Kalevi was also an international ski jumper.

He was an avid skier and ski jumper.

Felix Schoft Felix Schoft (born 6 July 1990) is a German ski jumper.

high jumper   (ハイジャンパー)

She was ranked as third-best high jumper in the world in 1975.

His younger brother Tomáš Janků is also a prominent high jumper.

Her mother Irina was a hurdler, her brother Maxim is a high jumper.

long jumper   (ロングジャンパー)

His daughter is the long jumper Haido Alexouli.

Her mother is former long jumper, Moira Walls.

He is the brother of Olympic long jumper Abdul Rahman Al-Nubi.

triple jumper   (トリプルジャンパー)

Keith Connor, triple jumper, is also an Anguillian.

His brother Erkki was an Olympic triple jumper.

Zhu Yaming Zhu Yaming (born 4 May 1994) is a Chinese male triple jumper.

jumper who competed   (競ったジャンパー)

Sigurd Solid Sigurd Solid was a Norwegian ski jumper who competed in the 1930s.

Frank Sauerbrey Frank Sauerbrey is an East German former ski jumper who competed from 1984 to 1986.

Tore Edman Tore Edman (July 25, 1904 – June 16, 1995) was a Swedish ski jumper who competed in the 1920s.

former ski jumper

Hans Wallner Hans Wallner (born 29 May 1953) is an Austrian former ski jumper.

Ulf Findeisen Ulf Findeisen (born 2 March 1962) is an East German former ski jumper.

Pekka Suorsa Pekka Antero Suorsa (born 8 December 1967) is a Finnish former ski jumper.