Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

just before   (ngay trước đó)

The garden was restored just before the year 2000.

Von Herling leaves just before Altamont arrives.

The service module was discarded just before reentry.

not just   (không chỉ)

These museums are here to teach, not just display.

The evidence does not just consist of a few bones.

I'm not just a tool for you to use to make money."

just north   (phía bắc)

The large promontory just north is Cape Turnagain.

It lies just north of the dramatic Tswapong Hills.

The Nidderdale Caves lie just north of the village.

just south   (ngay phía nam)

The Tystigbreen glacier lies just south of the road.

Inside the park, it passes just south of Unicoi Lake.

This occurs most notably just south of Cadmus.

just outside   (ngay bên ngoài)

Located just outside Intramuros is the Rizal Park.

The town of Tibooburrais just outside the parish.

Anzac Drive is a main road just outside Kalgoorlie.

located just   (chỉ nằm)

Malvik Church is located just east of the village.

It is located just northwest of the city center.

Bodø is located just north of the Arctic Circle.

just a few   (chỉ một vài)

They fly just a few meters above the forest floor.

To the south, there are just a few residences.

It was more than just a few percentage points.

just west   (ngay phía tây)

This point is just west of "Club Deportivo de Ponce."

The new terminal is just west of the previous terminal.

This is just west of Davis near the Yolo County Airport.

just east   (ngay phía đông)

They lived at Burnside House just east of Academy.

Malvik Church is located just east of the village.

The glacier is just east of the Continental Divide.

just off   (tắt đi)

A golf course is also present just off the summit.

It was based at Major Street, just off Scotland Road.

It sits in a grove of trees just off Friedensburg Road.

just below   (chỉ dưới đây)

The strongest rib is just below the suture.

A colourless solid, it melts just below room temperature.

The other pair lies just below the eye.

just above   (ngay phía trên)

The annual real GDP growth rate is just above 3%.

Both sexes have a throat sac just above breast bone.

At their shortest, they should fall just above the knee.

just prior   (ngay trước khi)

The site began just prior to the 2004 baseball season.

He signed with the Buffalo Bills just prior to the 2014 season.

They were scheduled to play just prior to Devo's headlining set.

just in time   (vừa kịp giờ)

Joe, arrived just in time to avoid the bombing.

He discovers the identity of the killer just in time.

However, he recovered just in time to remain in the squad.

more than just   (không chỉ là)

Maradona was more than just a great footballer.

Ants use pheromones for more than just making trails.

The animals provided much more than just food.

just behind   (ngay phía sau)

The list placed Gandy at #2 just behind Sean O'Pry.

The rest of the brigade was lying down just behind the road.

Sosa finished with 66 home runs, just behind McGwire's unheard-of 70.

lies just   (chỉ nói dối)

It lies just north of the dramatic Tswapong Hills.

The Tystigbreen glacier lies just south of the road.

It lies just under a kilometre from Wittenham Clumps.

just how   (chỉ là làm thế nào)

Scott was able to relay just how much Baymax cares."

we are not sure just how much fuel we have in it now.

"I've listened to him so much, it's just how I hear it...

rather than just   (thay vì chỉ)

when asking a question rather than just "Vous parlez français ?"

He began to pick his combinations rather than just throw a flurry.

It also taught her that art was a true vocation rather than just a hobby.

just because   (chỉ vì)

But just because it burns doesn't mean you're gonna die.

It was such a great feeling, and not just because I was a kid.

It's just because I'm tired of talking to three people sometimes."

just another   (chỉ khác)

1-2-3 is treated as just another meaningless roll.

In this view, logic becomes just another formal system.

A critic said that "Kasu Irukkanum" is just another film.

made just   (làm chỉ)

Rosa made just one script ("Back in Time for a Dime").

He made just one appearance for Tacuarembó.

He made just 13 appearances in his sole season in Arnhem.

just days   (chỉ vài ngày)

Bosques Saldívar died just days short of his 103rd birthday.

Kessaris made her WTA Tour debut at Charleston in 1987, just days after her 14th birthday.

The song was recorded just days before the group's greatest hits was sent to be manufactured.

played just   (vừa chơi)

Hobbs played just five first-class matches in 1921.

However, he played just once in the 2011–12 campaign.

He then moved to FK Jagodina he played just one game.

only just   (chỉ mới)

Moran had a first round 89 and only just qualified.

By that time you have only just said 'hello'".

The schooner was still afloat, but only just.

just across   (Chỉ băng qua)

Günzgen in the state of Baden-Württemberg lies just across the border.

Pulau Petak is an island next to Bandjermasin just across the Barito river.

It is much closer to Fengtian Town, which is just across the river from the station.

just short   (chỉ ngắn thôi)

He placed 13th, just short of making the final.

However, the flow stopped just short of entering Pahoa.

Zook died in April 1949, just short of his 60th birthday.

just enough   (vừa đủ)

They produced just enough for their needs.

The pressure sphere provided just enough room for two people.

It was just enough for a 13–12 victory.

just wanted   (chỉ muốn)

"I just wanted to congratulate you," said Evers.

We just wanted to be somewhere more inspiring."

So I just wanted to take the energy to the next level.

just beyond   (chỉ ngoài)

The tracks end at bumper blocks just beyond the west end of the platform.

The first church was therefore constructed just beyond the city boundaries.

The area was just beyond the last of the South Docks, the Herculaneum Dock.

just inside   (chỉ bên trong)

It stands just inside the main entrance to the estate.

Route 10 continued to Kenilworth, just inside the District Line.

A road surrounds the Alert Area just inside the security fence."

just one season   (chỉ một mùa)

However, they were relegated after just one season.

A women's event existed for just one season, in 2012.

However, the "Onion League" folded after just one season.

just two years   (chỉ hai năm)

He died just two years after his confirmation.

He finished his Ph.D. in just two years.

After just two years, in 1881, Rosa received her teaching certificate.

situated just   (nằm chỉ)

Venginissery is situated just 8 km away from Thrissur town.

Until 1961 Kórnik was separate from Bnin, situated just 1 km apart.

It is situated just north of the B6313, near the village of Craghead.

having just   (chỉ có)

Edmund Husserl died at Freiburg on 27 April 1938, having just turned 79.

Louis XIV of France declined to help his Habsburg rival, having just annexed Alsace.

The Holy Roman Emperor, having just concluded peace with the Ottomans, was not keen to break it.

just once   (chỉ một lần)

However, he played just once in the 2011–12 campaign.

Within each group each team played the other just once.

He left the club having appeared just once in September.

just not   (chỉ là không)

She was just not sure of how to go about it".

Sounds much like an old Fender, just not as sought after.

Britain has got talent, just not here."

up just   (chỉ lên)

Dr. Lindholm grew up just outside Seattle.

Ciaran grew up just outside Macroom, County Cork, Ireland.

So, most constraints ended up just being described as comments.

located just north   (nằm ở phía bắc)

Bodø is located just north of the Arctic Circle.

Furesø Town Hall is located just north of the station.

SNR is located just north of the Loire river.

just a single   (chỉ một)

I could see just a single lamp burning.

As a lower-order batsman, he scored just a single run in his debut.

Brock was just a single short of hitting for the cycle in this game.

just did   (vừa xong)

Conan just didn't take me to California with him.

Episode 6 just did not reach 2 million viewers.

Jive just did not want that album to come out.

just want   (Chỉ muốn)

"We just want it to be perfect", the singer added.

I just want people to know that I'm not a liar."

I just want to play for Blackpool and help this team.

just finished   (vừa mới hoàn thành xong)

Woody replies that he has one he has just finished.

The school has just finished work on an auxilary gym.

Sinan is an aspiring young writer who has just finished college.

just so   (chỉ cần như vậy)

It just so happens that ours is out in the public.

I'm just so brokenhearted about all those people."

It was just so magical I was like ‘that’s enough.

just one year   (chỉ một năm thôi)

Ray left Juilliard in 1963, after just one year.

It was incorporated just one year later in 1962.

He left Creighton after just one year.

located just outside   (nằm ngay bên ngoài)

It is located just outside the Lake District National Park.

Loosen, located just outside Bernkastel in the Mosel wine region.

Eden Camp, a military themed museum, is located just outside the town.

just what   (chỉ là những gì)

Maybe this is all just what they wanted me to say.

"This is just what the fuck I want to do.

This is just what Zeno sought to prove.

just two days   (chỉ hai ngày)

In mid-2010, Hawkins shot the film "Being Sold" in just two days.

Batchelor died on 14 May 1991, just two days after her 77th birthday.

On just two days' notice, he established a well-organized supply depot.

just ahead   (ngay phía trước)

Henri Louveau finish second just ahead of Yves Giraud-Cabantous.

I was just ahead of the times!"

Bobby Isaac was just ahead of James Hylton, and Bobby Allison was close behind.

located just south   (nằm ngay phía nam)

The community is located just south of PTH 10 on PR 366.

The Boothill Cemetery is located just south of the town.

Storö is located just south of Ljusterö, and north of Värmdö.

just returned   (vừa trở về)

During the morning, Luck had just returned from a three-day leave in Paris.

Shortland had only just returned from the rugby tour of New Zealand on Friday, 13 September.

Skid's old agent Georgie tries to get Maggie, just returned from France, to pull Skid into shape.

s just   (chỉ là)

It’s just something we’re all really proud of."

As it is, it’s just a fun diversion for a few hours."

“It’s not new terrain, it’s just a new cast of players.

s just   (chỉ là)

It’s just something we’re all really proud of."

As it is, it’s just a fun diversion for a few hours."

“It’s not new terrain, it’s just a new cast of players.

died just   (chết chỉ)

He died just four months after his father, aged 48.

He died just two years after his confirmation.

Steiner died just over a year later, in 1925.

instead of just   (Thay vì chỉ)

These days everyone tries to fit in, instead of just being themselves.

In it she encouraged women to study butterflies instead of just collecting them.

Each participant had five seconds to look at a slide instead of just one second.

until just   (cho đến khi)

It wasn't until just over away that they saw it as a faint star.

They were still paying it off until just before the First World War.

Fry until just golden brown.

just weeks   (chỉ vài tuần)

Aulenti died in Milan on 31 October 2012, just weeks prior to her 85th birthday.

Their beloved manager Fred Hutchinson died of cancer just weeks after the end of the 1964 season.

She made the Olympic team just weeks after graduating from Ganesha High School in Pomona, California.

just as much   (nhiều như vậy)

The goal is just as much to become like Christ as it is to become one with Him.

In general, women had just as much right to have their legal cases heard as men did.

White-eared honeyeaters are often considered nectivores but feed on insects just as much.

lasted just   (chỉ kéo dài)

The engagement had lasted just eleven minutes.

He had lasted just nine months in charge of the program.

The renovation lasted just under 7 months.

won just   (chỉ thắng)

However, he won just under 54% of the vote.

The Panthers won just two of the remaining nine games of the season.

In the 2009 election, the party won just 0.3% and lost its only seat.

just got   (chỉ cần có)

Harvick stated "We just got beat tonight" after the race.

The audiences just got better and better."

British politics just got very exciting."

just ten   (chỉ mười)

He had announced his retirement just ten days before.

After just ten appearances Wigan, too, released him in May 2006.

At just ten years old, she won the of "The Voice Kids" in her country.

just started   (chỉ mới bắt đầu)

That had just started when the film was finished.

Plus, a lot of the stars just started dying off.

Low-speed runs had just started when the rains came.

just a little   (chỉ một chút)

"The Nation" was just a little more vocal about it.

1 at El Sauzal Rodriguez, just a little north of Ensenada.

This gives it a barycentric orbital period just a little larger than Sedna.

just missed   (vừa mới bỏ lỡ)

They just missed out on the playoffs in 2002, finishing 7th.

Cabrera's lengthy putt just missed and he tapped in for par.

The single just missed the UK top ten, peaking at number eleven.

just days before   (chỉ vài ngày trước)

The song was recorded just days before the group's greatest hits was sent to be manufactured.

The remaining scientists were denied access to papers that they had written just days before.

It was written in San Francisco in 1969 and completed just days before the Stonewall Riots in New York City.

just past   (chỉ là quá khứ)

In Schiffbek, it lasted till just past noon.

Leading up to the green is a valley just past a patch of large trees.

just past this overpass.

just completed   (vừa hoàn thành)

Denner had just completed the Vegas Vic sign that was erected in 1951.

The stadium was just completed in August 2017, has a capacity of 40,000.

The railroad had only just completed construction of its docks at Aspinwall.

just when   (chỉ khi)

just when the Premier League reports were shown.

But Sultan always leave just when Amongrogo arrives.

It is unclear just when the Senate first began applying such criteria.

just made   (chỉ cần thực hiện)

@Pink just made your eyes and ears her bitch.

I didn't leave my house, I just made music all the time.

It just made me angry and more determined."

just too   (chỉ để)

It was just too expensive to fix and operate."

Such an operation is just too expensive to be practical.

She's just too embarrassed to say 'hello'.

became just   (trở thành)

On 7 June 2018, Tait became just the ninth player to reach 300 NBL games.

He became just the second number one overall pick to win his big league debut.

He became just the second true freshman to start at running back since the 1975 season.

aged just   (tuổi chỉ)

Granec committed suicide when aged just 27 years old.

Brown died on June 28, 1888 in Warren, Pennsylvania, aged just 29.

His 122* was scored when he was aged just 17 years and 10 months old.

just beginning   (vừa mới bắt đầu)

The Tuscan War was just beginning.

At the time of its release, Internet-based gaming was just beginning.

and Sechs Kies took center stage and K-pop was just beginning to blossom.

just two weeks   (chỉ hai tuần)

In 2010 the gap between UK and Australian broadcasts was reduced to just two weeks.

While it was not literally the last train, the railway would close just two weeks later.

It dropped off the chart after just two weeks and has sold over 22,000 copies as of 2013.

scored just   (chỉ ghi được)

He scored just once in 30 appearances.

Game 1 star Siakam scored just 12 points on 5-for-18 shooting.

As a lower-order batsman, he scored just a single run in his debut.

just arrived   (vừa tới)

Vienna faces them down, helped by the mysterious and just arrived Johnny Guitar.

"We just arrived the country, last week, from an Offshore Technology Conference.

"Entreprenant" left on 8 August, exchanging a 21-gun-salute with that had just arrived.

just the second   (chỉ thứ hai)

He became just the second number one overall pick to win his big league debut.

The Titan win was just the second time in the four-year history of the WBI that a No.

He became just the second true freshman to start at running back since the 1975 season.

just two months   (chỉ hai tháng)

The series was cancelled after just two months.

He arrived just two months after the Pacific Fur Company's ship, the "Tonquin".

The theater opened on December 25, 1929, just two months after the stock market crash.

just months   (chỉ vài tháng)

It was recorded live in 1998, just months before the band split up.

He took leave from the club in June 1922 due to ill health and died just months later.

He suffered a collapse in 1961 and suffered a cardiac crisis just months before he died.

just the right   (đúng)

Delvy could see a music trend coming and capture it at just the right time.

It's never great singing but his deadpan Welsh-American accent gives it just the right edge.

The b&w photos complement the text very well and many add just the right background for the poems.

just a year   (chỉ một năm)

Wall, who was just a year older than Alex.

The relationship lasted just a year.

He later moved on to Blackpool, where he stayed for just a year.

just hours   (chỉ vài giờ)

Tickets reportedly sold out just hours after they went on sale.

His last stand came on 23 September 1917, just hours after his 48th victory.

The blaze took place just hours before Aldine High School's annual Homecoming dance.

just one game   (chỉ một trò chơi)

He appeared in 10 games and started just one game.

He then moved to FK Jagodina he played just one game.

After finishing just one game behind the N.L.

area just   (khu vực chỉ)

It was in the Shepherd's Bush Market area just south of Uxbridge Road.

(Lawrence had a home in the Cottage Farm area just to the north across Beacon Street.)

Today, the Sacred Oak still grows in a forested area just off Friedensburg Road in Oley Township.

just left   (vừa rời khỏi)

"When Marcos was booted out, it was just left, an empty shell.

And Steven Moffat's wife had just left him, because he talks in one-liners."

Things I would've just left, he had me go back and do seven, eight, nine times.

came just   (đến chỉ)

His death came just five days before Lucille Ball received the Kennedy Center Honors.

The first came just before halftime as Dennis Franklin fumbled on fourth down at the two.

The tipping point came just after the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in late June 1941.

just one person   (chỉ một người)

Martin continued: "It sounds like he's playing it to just one person late one evening, which is very George ...

Out of a total of 316 households that answered this question, 32.6% were households made up of just one person and 4 were adults who lived with their parents.

Out of a total of 943 households that answered this question, 23.5% were households made up of just one person and 19 were adults who lived with their parents.

just trying   (chỉ cố gắng)

I'm just trying to make the area better for them."

I was just trying to take care of him," she said.

We were really just trying to get back to fun.

just northeast   (phía đông bắc)

It is located just northeast of the city of Waterloo.

He was arrested in DeKalb county, just northeast of Atlanta.

The confluence is just northeast of the community of Myers Grove.

just come   (vừa tới nơi)

In her view letter writing as an art "has only just come into existence".

The people applauded as if she had just come down from the heavenly choir.

The film "Devil in a Blue Dress" had just come out and I just altered that.

just three days   (chỉ ba ngày)

China defeated Iran 1–0 in a friendly match just three days later.

Her fourth sortie was relatively uneventful and short, lasting just three days.

Marco Asensio scored the lonely goal in a 1–0 win over RCD Espanyol, just three days later.

just one point   (chỉ một điểm)

I want to emphasize just one point, which should interest you particularly as students.

The Honey Bear is finally just one point away from the relegation zone of the Liga 2 East Region.

Lewis Hamilton won by just one point in 2008, with Jenson Button winning the following year, in 2009.

just   (- chỉ)

"Jack Point is me in another age – just a strolling player.

No pacenotes – just you in the car having to do the fastest time.

I studied the way she moved, the way she sang – just the way she was."

just northwest   (ngay phía tây bắc)

It is located just northwest of the city center.

It is located just northwest of Honey Lake.

It is located just northwest of Puurmani, by the Tallinn –Tartu road (E263).

then just   (sau đó chỉ)

Burdines became Burdines-Macy's in 2003, then just Macy's in 2005.

The company sent John Black, then just eighteen, to Maine to act as its agent.

Domhnall Dubh, who was then just an infant, was captured by Cailean I, Earl of Argyll.

just southeast   (ngay phía đông nam)

It lies just southeast of Lake Aloha.

Finally, K-4 comes to an end at US-59 just southeast of Nortonville.

Greg Butler Hall is a women's residence hall located just southeast of the Welder Library.

making just   (làm chỉ)

He was released on 4 December 2018 after making just three Pro14 appearances.

According to Channa’s paternal side of the family, Channa was making just Rs.

After America's entry into the war, Warner decided to focus on making just war films.

just three years   (chỉ ba năm)

When she was just three years old, she had developed the whooping cough at an early age.

Hitomi died from pneumonia on August 2, just three years after her Amsterdam Olympic 800m final.

The weakened empire fell to invaders from Morocco at the Battle of Tondibi just three years later.

just wants   (chỉ muốn)

Or maybe he just wants Jane to think he's dead."

Ellen laments that she just wants someone with whom she clicks.

(...) WanBi just wants to change his audience's taste, and expand it to many audiences.