İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

used to justify   (haklı kullanırdı)

This last argument can be used to justify any policy.

A horizontal low line () can be used to justify text.

This is also used to justify the expense associated with redundancy.

not justify   (haklı değil)

However, the end does not justify the means.

At this point, however, the number of miles saved does not justify the project.

Google's commercial nature and profit motivation do not justify denial of fair use.

enough to justify   (haklı çıkarmak için yeterli)

The town grew enough to justify the building of a new school in 1910.

Populations is not strong enough to justify the creating of separate guidelines.

Although calico’s prohibition ended in 1759, calico’s taxation remained high enough to justify smuggling.

order to justify   (haklı göstermek)

This is the rationality that bandits use in order to justify their transformation from "roving bandits" into "stationary bandits".

Here, always a rift arises between father & son as Ravi believes sometimes out of law can be initiated in order to justify the truth.

It was proclaimed in order to justify the Soviet-led occupation of Czechoslovakia earlier in 1968, with the overthrow of the reform government there.