Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

keep up   (theo kịp)

The dish was served cold and could keep up to a month.

To keep up the pretense, all the crew remained below deck.

To keep up her father's prestige she performs the marriage.

order to keep   (để giữ)

This was required in order to keep up with the demanding schedule.

Such songs were also very rhythmic in order to keep the rowers together.

The gifts are carefully cared for in order to keep the "tendi" satisfied.

not keep   (không giữ)

We could not keep our eyes off the burning tanks.

Reserves did not keep pace with ration requirements.

Until recently the government did not keep data on race.

able to keep   (có thể giữ)

It was also able to keep him afloat when in water.

They were able to keep it due to the Treaty of Versailles.

The Khaldis however were able to keep control of their land.

keep track   (theo dõi)

The libraries use RFID to keep track of books.

You can also keep track on Twitter @WakeWBB.

cartoon, and thus keep track of the progress in the game.

decided to keep   (quyết định giữ)

American ultimately decided to keep the new look.

Once Carter actually visited the place, he decided to keep it.

He decided to keep it as "codfish".

wanted to keep   (muốn giữ)

The son saw the monkey and wanted to keep it.

The Lords Proprietor, though, wanted to keep the matter quiet.

Ótr was slain accidentally by Loki, who wanted to keep his pelt.

managed to keep   (quản lý để giữ)

The town has managed to keep random planning in its landscape.

By the night both the French and the Russians managed to keep their positions.

She managed to keep the girl calm and hidden while she took care of an MRD raid.

allowed to keep   (được phép giữ)

These people were allowed to keep their own systems.

The organisation was allowed to keep the profit.

The MacDonalds were allowed to keep possession of the castle.

help keep   (giúp giữ)

The secretions produced by these help keep the skin moist.

Computers help keep conditions constant."

The freeway system uses ramp meters to help keep traffic moving.

trying to keep   (cố gắng giữ)

In this one, they're all lost and they're trying to keep it together".

Nancy discovers someone is trying to keep her away from Charlottesville.

They succeeded, but were facing financial trouble trying to keep the hospital open.

enough to keep   (đủ để giữ)

This was not enough to keep eastern Ukraine.

This review was enough to keep the script in circulation.

The bubbles could not grow fast enough to keep up with the inflation.

keep an eye   (giữ một mắt)

George tells Sweetiepie to keep an eye on them.

Highfather tells J’onn to keep an eye on him.

Barry's aunt, Edna, decides to come with and keep an eye on Barry.

keep pace   (giữ nhịp độ)

Reserves did not keep pace with ration requirements.

The NHS is struggling just to keep pace.

Costa Rica's ports are struggling to keep pace with growing trade.

used to keep   (dùng để giữ)

In winter, open fireplaces are used to keep the interior warm.

1600 to 1900) this cave was used to keep the eggs of silk worms.

Money was used to keep the Drohobych city streets in good condition.

tried to keep   (cố giữ)

He then tried to keep the county and annex it to his Archbishopric.

I tried to keep silent.

Báthory did not like Petki, so that he tried to keep him away from Gyulafehérvár.

unable to keep   (không thể giữ)

However, some of the smaller vessels were unable to keep up.

Buffalo was unable to keep up with No.

Adamek was unable to keep a distance.

attempt to keep   (cố gắng giữ)

This group of skyscrapers was an attempt to keep businesses in downtown.

Jo cannot contact the police as she was committing a crime in her attempt to keep her child.

In an attempt to keep the role, Lautner weight-trained extensively and gained approximately 30 pounds.

keep the peace   (giữ hòa bình)

He said he managed to keep the peace only "through a little money and friendship".

If compensation could mollify families' feelings, this would help to keep the peace.

It was also built to keep the peace among the local British Iron Age tribe, the Silures.

try to keep   (cố gắng giữ gìn)

He and Paul try to keep the pair apart.

The Captain and First Officer try to keep the passengers calm.

Brody and Mason desperately try to keep Justin and Ash from fighting.

tries to keep   (cố gắng giữ)

CCA is a non-profit school, and therefore tries to keep costs low.

That is why she tries to keep him out of sight from the rest of the world.

Gene feels threatened by Douglas and tries to keep the spotlight on himself.

did not keep   (không giữ)

Reserves did not keep pace with ration requirements.

Until recently the government did not keep data on race.

He did not keep the promise, thus storing up yet more distrust.

keep all   (giữ tất cả)

to keep all the words of this law and these statutes, to do them; .

This was largely due to a desire to keep all opcodes one byte long.

The group intended to keep all of the items together as a single exhibit.

keep quiet   (giữ im lặng)

He is discovered by David who agrees to keep quiet.

Rita had threatened Kristina to keep quiet about it.

Vijay tells her to keep quiet but Sumed Singh arrests Vijay.

keep going   (tiếp tục đi)

Along the way Georgia has doubts but Peter wants to keep going.

Cassy tells Josh to keep going and gives herself up to Hunter Amazon.

I guess we just keep going".

effort to keep   (nỗ lực để giữ)

Both parties agreed to this, in an effort to keep costs down.

During his stay in Istanbul, he made an effort to keep up with his regular lifestyle for a while.

In an effort to keep expenses down, the team reportedly used just nine footballs throughout the season.

not keep up   (không theo kịp)

Tennessee's star running back, Montario Hardesty, could not keep up with Williams.

But the conservancy could not keep up payments to the sisters who held the mortgage.

And as we can not keep up a life of inactivity much longer we have decided to leave."

needed to keep   (cần thiết để giữ)

The server needed to keep the devices running were kept online as a full service by Blue Octy.

His first concern was for their safety, and for that he needed to keep them away from the test site.

Laws and punishments are needed to keep misguided fools in line who would otherwise break the contract.

way to keep   (cách giữ)

The TV show was a way to keep the rights.

Free-body diagrams can be used as a convenient way to keep track of forces acting on a system.

By the end of the 1970s, many advocates saw privatization as the only way to keep school lunch programs going.

required to keep   (bắt buộc phải giữ)

He was required to keep to the speed limit.

Students are required to keep journals throughout their experience.

The art department was required to keep their office blinds pulled down.

keep in mind   (ghi nhớ)

(AT VII 25; CSM II 16–17) There are three important notes to keep in mind here.

You might keep in mind, if things get a little close up there, head into Beale AFB."

But keep in mind: the light that illuminates us is the very same that blinds us too."

want to keep   (muốn giữ lấy)

I want to keep playing and, I believe, I've got another two or three years left in me."

She might elect this route if she did not want to keep the watch but sell it to a third party for a profit.

While Betty tells her that there's now extra cash, she tells Amanda that she may want to keep that second job.

helped keep   (đã giúp giữ)

Vanessa herself doesn't believe the tales, but it helped keep the stash a secret.

During his first season with Swansea he helped keep 13 clean sheets in 37 league appearances.

The flatter "flight" trajectory helped keep them from diving so deeply as to encounter bottom mud.

keep in touch   (giữ liên lạc)

Despite this statement, the two keep in touch outside of the game.

They make plans to keep in touch.

His father now lives in Moscow, Russia and doesn't keep in touch with Max.

decides to keep   (quyết định giữ)

Becky decides to keep her baby as they drive back home.

Mary decides to keep the secret and helps him lie to Angie.

Jacqui and Tony want to raise Max, but Tina decides to keep him.

failed to keep   (không giữ được)

Clinton repeatedly condemned Bush for making a promise he failed to keep.

These efforts however failed to keep the channel open and the inlet remained closed.

Neal was a popular and effective teacher but failed to keep proper control over his house.

designed to keep   (được thiết kế để giữ)

This was designed to keep rainwater out of the battery compartment.

The scheduling for the INL was designed to keep the travel costs at a minimum.

Aluminium leg shields were designed to keep the rain off, and footboards gave it a scooter feel.

keep things   (Giu mọi thu)

A review of the songs reads ""The Pride" keep things subliminally lo-fi.

Stranded in Mumbai, he and his friends open a Pav Stall to keep things going.

Despite Jacques's intentions to keep things platonic, the two sleep together a few times before Jacques returns home to Paris.

intended to keep   (dự định giữ)

The group intended to keep all of the items together as a single exhibit.

This policy was intended to keep seats available for passengers making longer trips.

In 1755 Fort Louvois saw modifications that were intended to keep pace with advances in weaponry.

necessary to keep   (cần thiết để giữ)

It is necessary to keep scrub encroachment under control.

Some also stated that it was necessary to keep a ferry for people with fear of tunnels.

He stressed that it was necessary to keep Delaware's children in school to avoid illiteracy.

keep watch   (theo dõi)

Mike and Victor keep watch over Jesse and Walt while waiting for Gus.

The Doctor deems the cubes harmless and departs, but instructs Brian to keep watch.

Chickadees keep watch over the frozen marsh during winter, awaiting the return of spring.

right to keep   (quyền giữ)

Finnian disputed his right to keep it.

Reviewing "A Jihad for Love" the newspaper had said, "Sharma is right to keep his focus tight.

The cartridge box represents exercising one's right to keep and bear arms to oppose, in armed conflict, a government that decreases liberty.

wants to keep   (muốn giữ)

Along the way Georgia has doubts but Peter wants to keep going.

Mr. Black wants to keep him alive and wants to use him as an exchange for Baek San.

Lucas explained "Summer's aware they've overloaded the car, so she wants to keep calm.

difficult to keep   (khó giữ)

He found it difficult to keep himself upright without stays.

What went on in the closed meetings was difficult to keep secret.

In many areas, it is difficult to keep a roof clean enough for drinking.

struggled to keep   (đấu tranh để giữ)

He struggled to keep the aircraft aloft.

1977: Paul struggled to keep Anne sane.

Surrounded by pockets of poverty, Midtown struggled to keep tenants.

efforts to keep   (nỗ lực để giữ)

Whites efforts to keep African-Americans out were unsuccessful.

Such situations complicate Lamon's efforts to keep Lincoln safe.

He has taken special efforts to keep the Kashi culture alive till today.

attempts to keep   (cố gắng giữ)

His attempts to keep the cell made him a "liability", according to David Burke.

Despite Bruce's attempts to keep him at the JJB Stadium, however, the deal was confirmed five days later.

Since May 2008, her family made several attempts to keep her away from him and to force her into marriage.

keep away   (tránh xa)

Up to His saying: "And keep away from the "Rujz"!"

A possessive Evan warns Liam to keep away from Fallon.

She urges Heena to keep away from him which disappoints Heena.

keep people   (giữ người)

Waves organizes informal events to keep people occupied throughout the fest.

This, however, did not keep people of Jewish descent from settling in Puerto Rico.

Cromie later said he stood for re-election to keep people happy but he wanted to retire.

chose to keep   (chọn giữ)

The WSTF chose to keep most of their work private for a couple of reasons.

Instead, Foley chose to keep his job due to support from Steve Austin and the WWF fans.

Doctors gave him very little time to live, and the family chose to keep the diagnosis secret from him.

keep alive   (cố sống đi)

These two foundations at Vienna and Jerusalem still keep alive the name of Wertheimer.

The beer, though, is made with a very special yeast that is difficult to cultivate and keep alive.

But make everything to keep alive the ideas, I lived for”", said Vitali to his friends in one of his last days.

attempted to keep   (đã cố gắng để giữ)

Tenmu attempted to keep a balance of power among his sons.

Some canals attempted to keep changes in level down to a minimum.

Lancaster guarded his private life and attempted to keep it private despite his stardom.

keep the team   (giữ đội)

Benson, who grew up in the city's Ninth Ward, pledged to keep the team in New Orleans.

While others argue for 1899, when several new stars were hired to keep the team on top.

It proved impossible to keep the team going and the 2010/11 season was the last featuring a Newcastle team.

keep order   (giữ trật tự)

Both dormitories had supervisors, adults hired to keep order.

It is the teacher's responsibility to keep order in the classroom.

A few wooden bats were also created for the Jewish Ghetto Police to keep order.

hard to keep   (khó giữ)

It was hard to keep lit and produced a harsh smell and taste.

As the storyline continues, Patrick will find the secret very hard to keep.

I know it's also hard to keep sitting him on the bench... Should we be playing him?

keep control   (giữ kiểm soát)

The Khaldis however were able to keep control of their land.

Please note that direct links to the "keep control" website are not available at this time.

Northumberland, a duke, wanted to keep control of the government, and promote Protestantism.

ability to keep   (khả năng giữ)

He is known for precise striking and his ability to keep a high pace.

The demands of motherhood and her other career as a chemicals expert reduced her ability to keep playing football at the top level.

Sergei and Viktor are tasked with covering up the murder, but have doubts about Trafficant's ability to keep the truth from coming out.

keep both   (giữ cả hai)

The new school would keep both schools' names and traditions.

A compromise was met where she was allowed to keep both households.

Despite some misadventures, the other engines convince the Fat Controller to keep both of them.

keep costs   (giữ chi phí)

Both parties agreed to this, in an effort to keep costs down.

They often use cheap plastic strips of keys to keep costs down.

CCA is a non-profit school, and therefore tries to keep costs low.

important to keep   (quan trọng để giữ)

It is important to keep the mechanism free of debris.

Good air circulation is important to keep fluctuation in climate stable.

As with any racing team, sponsors have been important to keep teams running.

desire to keep   (mong muốn giữ)

Baxter's expressed desire to keep the park "forever wild."

This was largely due to a desire to keep all opcodes one byte long.

There was therefore a conscious desire to keep the "kami" away from Buddhism.

keep working   (tiếp tục làm việc)

Both artists will keep working together for 10 years, for "Le Défilé" (1985), "K.O.K."

It's still all brand new and we have to keep working hard and hopefully there will be a lot more performances like (Saturday's)."

MacLaren's financial circumstances forced him to keep working at the District Bank, limiting the amount of cricket he played in 1891 and 1892.

determined to keep   (quyết tâm giữ)

Is cable determined to keep me from having a life?

Pirate is determined to keep his promise to buy a gold candlestick for St. Francis with 1000 quarters, or "two-bitses" ($250).

Suzume is shocked to hear that her friend Yūko died in the disaster, but she is determined to keep going, this time with Ritsu as her partner in life.

continued to keep   (tiếp tục giữ)

Moulana however, continued to keep tabs on Karuna.

However, the US Marshals Service has continued to keep the escapees on its wanted list.

Following Campbell's death in 1866, journals continued to keep the discussion and conversation alive.

just keep   (chỉ cần giữ)

They didn't have to air it, just keep producing it.

I just keep checking my phone, like 'where is she?'

Sometimes endless ideas just keep coming to me.

agreed to keep   (đồng ý giữ)

The Egyptians agreed to keep the Sinai Peninsula demilitarized.

He talked it over with Kajii, who agreed to keep that aspect quiet until release.

The two agreed to keep the affair a secret, but soon another secret of Monica's would come out.

keep playing   (tiếp tục chơi)

To keep playing matches, she altered her serve, adding slice and changing her motion.

I want to keep playing and, I believe, I've got another two or three years left in me."

Slowly, he began to develop a deep love for the game, and would keep playing till it was dark.

keep fighting   (tiếp tục đấu tranh)

Negan receives the news, but Rick vows to keep fighting and kill Negan.

Dumont stopped as many men as he could from leaving and convinced them to keep fighting.

The captured Italian soldiers were given the choice of imprisonment or to keep fighting for Germany.

keep and bear   (giữ và chịu)

The cartridge box represents exercising one's right to keep and bear arms to oppose, in armed conflict, a government that decreases liberty.

Guarantee against establishment of religion Guarantee of free exercise of religion Guarantee of freedom of speech Guarantee of freedom of the press Guarantee of freedom of assembly Guarantee of the right to petition for redress of grievances Guarantee of freedom of expressive association Right to keep and bear arms Freedom from quartering of soldiers In 1982, the Second Circuit applied the Third Amendment to the states in "Engblom v. Carey".

keep the baby   (giữ em bé)

Bootees for babies are usually thick and knitted, to keep the baby's feet warm.

He asks her to keep the baby and she agrees happily, unaware of Liam's hidden feelings for Carla.

Jacqui tries to force Theresa into terminating the pregnancy, but Carmel convinces her to keep the baby.

struggling to keep   (đấu tranh để giữ)

Costa Rica's ports are struggling to keep pace with growing trade.

Pentelow was already struggling to keep the magazine going, but matters worsened after MacLaren joined.

helped to keep   (giúp giữ)

Volunteers helped to keep the library open.

Electromagnets helped to keep U nearer the core of the centrifuge.

It was ultra light and compact, which helped to keep the UAV's weight to 13.2 pounds.

helps keep   (giúp giữ)

His brother Johnnie helps keep the strip club open.

This helps keep the nut in place while not screwed down.

An artificial water-control system helps keep the wetlands wet.