İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

keeping up   (sürdürmek)

Because the Commodore is keeping up with you."

At this point he was pursued probably by three of the opponents, barely keeping up.

The deicing pad has been constructed in a way which allows keeping up ecological standards.

record keeping   (kayıt tutma)

record keeping and health surveillance).

Enhanced inspection, record keeping and monitoring is required.

The earliest known writing for record keeping evolved from a system of counting using small clay tokens.

keeping a clean   (temiz tutmak)

On 29 March Begović made his debut for Yeovil, keeping a clean sheet against Bristol Rovers.

He then played another Hazfi Cup match, this time against Alvand Hamedan which he keeping a clean sheet.

He completed his professional debut on 17 March 2018 in a league match against Beroe, keeping a clean sheet.

keeping track   (takip etmek)

Ryan Williams isn't keeping track of his records.

The second person was responsible for keeping track of system performance as well as labeling data on a laptop computer.

For over a hundred years, biologists have been keeping track of populations of different species with population models.

still keeping   (hala tutuyor)

At it is merged to Anamur to the southeast, still keeping the legal entity.

The biggest challenge was masking the shape of the original revolver and still keeping it operable.

In those rules Tony Bath did adapt to the trends of rules of the time while still keeping his basic style.

keeping in mind

The external façade was designed, keeping in mind the French neo-classical influence preferred by George IV.

By now, he had decided to write not one song for Artôt, but six, keeping in mind the present range of her voice.

The community takes on issues on a case-by-case basis, keeping in mind that needs are varied amongst individuals.

responsible for keeping   (tutmaktan sorumlu)

As such, she was one of the people responsible for keeping visitors from disturbing Albert Einstein.

While her mother was receiving treatment, Kimmarie became responsible for keeping the family together.

He is the one responsible for keeping 300 NerveGear victims, including Asuna, prisoner even after SAO had ended.

thus keeping

Elijah prayed that the wall be restored thus keeping the treasure away from the miser.

Khan later died on 16 September 1998 due to kidney failure, thus keeping the production work on hold.

Paul was nearly taken by Kim, but used his glasses before he was tagged, thus keeping him in the game.

keeping all   (hepsini saklamak)

Some people do this to avoid making a mess by keeping all the semen inside.

This community of pilots supports keeping all nearby airports open including Buttonville, Oshawa and Markham.

It is reasonable you should give yourself to your nation, for your nation has in its keeping all that you have and are.

keeping an eye

Parry went flat out, keeping an eye on his pursuers.

It might be that our star visitors are keeping an eye on Dugway too.

It is keeping an eye on countries such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand.

more in keeping

It was more in keeping with the ethic conditioned by the logic of given situations.

Heim's "atome" was more in keeping with the sense of propriety of the 1940s, but Réard's design won the public's attention.

The decoration of this area contrasts slightly with the rest of the church, being more sober and thus more in keeping with the Carthusian spirit.

not keeping

Some may feel nervous about not keeping the traditional lamp burning in broad daylight.

Peggy seems to have done what was recommended to her by not keeping her baby, rather letting someone else raise it.

Sapru) is not keeping well as his illness has relapsed and that Chandan's mother has asked him to come home immediately.

safe keeping   (güvenli tutma)

They are taken to a new secret Iranian submarine for safe keeping.

Under the old rules, the bailee had an absolute responsibility to the bailor for safe keeping of the goods.

His coworker says that Saçan had a habit of making copies of important pieces of evidence for safe keeping.