İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

kept up   (devam etti)

Merck kept up doing even more research and screening.

Replicas are kept up to date using streaming replication.

Edwards kept up the hobby until his death.

kept secret   (gizli tutuldu)

Doctor Browning's exit storyline is being kept secret.

At the time, the moves were all kept secret.

When Zhuge Liang died, news of his death was kept secret.

kept alive   (hayatta kaldı)

The Miracle devotion went underground but was kept alive.

Garcia's memory is kept alive with a college named after him in Vasai.

The oral tradition is kept alive from the media of folk tales and songs.

not kept

The driver was taken to hospital, but he was not kept in.

When removed, ivory begins to dry up and crack if not kept cool and moist.

Meanwhile, the political system had not kept up with the shifting population.

still kept   (hala tutuldu)

The shell is still kept in the museum at Ladysmith.

Yet Satie's imagination is still kept in check here.

Some rolling stock is still kept in the former yard.

now kept

It is now kept at the National Széchényi Library.

These paintings are now kept in the sanctuary museum.

Many are now kept in county record offices.

kept a clean

Thuram kept a clean sheet for the rest of the match.

He had kept a clean sheet in the goal-less tie.

He kept a clean sheet for his 40-minute cameo.

kept open   (açık tutuldu)

All Canadian clubs, hostels, leave centres and hospitals were kept open.

A Learning Disabilities Assessment and Treatment Unit was kept open at the site.

As a result, only the ports of Hanko and Turku were kept open through the first post-war winters.

always kept

He was hot-headed but always kept a smile on his face.

They were always kept apart from each other.

Richard Delvy always kept in contact with his bandmates.

kept in touch   (irtibatta kalmak)

We had an unwise click and kept in touch."

She and Meyer kept in touch during this five-month period.

He met Morris and kept in touch with him.

kept separate   (ayrı tutuldu)

JWICS, NSANet are all kept separate.

In home-cooking, these individual styles are still kept separate.

Those provisional ballots are kept separate from the regular ballots.

kept his place   (yerini korudu)

He kept his place in the side for a while thereafter.

He kept his place for the rest of the tournament, playing four games.

He played as a three-quarter and despite being 30 years old, kept his place.

often kept   (sık sık tutulur)

This species is often kept in salt water aquariums.

They are also quite often kept as pets by locals.

A running total score is often kept on a cribbage board.

kept the same

It kept the same live, call-in format.

In Canada they were named after towns and cities though they kept the same designation.

In August 2007, the station changed its format to classic hits but kept the same branding.

kept away

"Retiarii" were kept away from "damnati", and "fag targeteers" from "armoured heavies".

The media were kept away from the ceremony, as the Beckhams had an exclusive deal with "OK!

However Judy had to be kept away as while he took a fancy to her, she did not care for him.

kept a secret

His or her identity was kept a secret until the broadcast itself.

Laala Manaka's identity was kept a secret until the film was released in theaters.

The presence of Japanese POWs so near to Brisbane homes was kept a secret from locals.

kept a diary   (bir günlük tuttu)

She also kept a diary, recording their experiences.

During his time as a castaway, Hasenbosch kept a diary.

He kept a diary about his experiences there.

kept going

The debate simply rebounded and kept going after the 2d.

I kept going back and he kept beating me.

The orbit kept going lower and lower until it re-entered on July 4, 1968.

injury kept

In October, a knee injury kept him out of the game for five months.

The injury kept him from starting the next game against the Chargers.

However, a knee injury kept her out of play from February to October.

injury that kept   (saklanan yaralanma)

He suffered a knee injury that kept him from playing in Weeks 3-5.

However, Rice suffered a knee injury that kept him out until week 9.

Sadler, once again, sidelined when he suffered an injury that kept him out throughout November.

kept busy   (meşgul tutuldu)

To this date, he is kept busy with his hosting job in "Eat Bulaga!"

They were kept busy year round, their tasks varying with the season.

He intended to stay but six months, but was kept busy for two years.

usually kept

The marbled hatchetfish is usually kept in small schools.

Certain dishes such as casseroles and desserts are prepared with a family recipe (usually kept a secret).

Pigs are usually kept indoors, either in gestation crates, farrowing crates, fattening pens, or group housing.

then kept

The remains were then kept in the Stuttgart Museum of Natural History.

Pence featured the rabbit in a short film project and then kept him as a family pet.

Curling then kept the manuscript until 1848, when he succeeded in getting it published.

kept a low

However, Aloysio always kept a low profile, driving a 1960s Mercedes Benz.

Communist cells operated under Léon de Lepervanche though kept a low profile.

Mayer had kept a low profile until the television cameras spotted him with the ball.

kept the name

Both provinces have kept the name Limburg.

This also kept the name of the town and the Pran Buri River together.

A similar design on gold coinage kept the name "Classic Head", but only retained the curly hair.

kept all

The sisters chanted the Divine Office and kept all the monastic observances.

In late 1969, Halle's reverted to the "Old English" logo but kept all printed material to simply "Halle's".

Tada replaced Hiroyuki Saegusa as director of the game, although he had kept all key Exact staff to work on the project.

kept in captivity   (esaret altında tutuldu)

Various species of dolphins are kept in captivity.

Dolphins and porpoises are kept in captivity.

Beluga whales were the first whales to be kept in captivity.

kept within

Details are kept within the parish of Rokeby.

From the 2011 Census population details are kept within Rugby.

Over the winter of 304–5 he kept within his palace at all times.

kept hidden

The information was kept hidden from Brit-Cit.

At this time, the children were kept hidden in Block 8, located in the main camp.

The names of the members are purposely kept hidden until the imprisoned student is released.

just kept   (yeni tutuldu)

Da'Rel Scott said, "He just kept letting me down.

“And then it just kept, it seemed like forever.

He was in the short film, and I just kept him after that.

kept pace

Sanders walked faster, but the rabbit kept pace even as he broke out into a run.

However, since the early 1990s, the growth in prize money has not kept pace with that on the two larger tours.

Thereafter the division kept pace with the German rearguard and by 28 March had advanced some from its position in front of Le-Transloy.

only kept   (sadece tutuldu)

Rennie only kept 3 players from the previous RailHawks roster.

The couple only kept correspondence via letters during his three-year absence.

EMD used no such identification, and instead only kept track of the marketing name (e.g.

kept as pets   (evcil hayvan olarak saklandı)

They are also quite often kept as pets by locals.

Tegus are sometimes kept as pets.

'Babydoll' Southdowns are kept as pets and have found success as weeders in vineyards and orchards.

kept wicket

He kept wicket from the start, but batting was his strength.

In the first match, Tallon played as a batsman while Saggers kept wicket.

kept working

He noted that Bowie had kept working during the illness.

He would have kept working on it, like he did on all of his films.

He kept working on the Sunday version of the strip until his death in February, 1969.

kept coming   (gelmeye devam etti)

Often he looked to be struggling but he kept coming".

He kept coming to the university till just before the end.

He kept coming in with his head.

kept close   (yakın tutuldu)

Jamaica also kept close relationships with Masons from other countries.

Throughout the years that he spent in Rome he kept close company with a number of prostitutes.

The coastal Malays floated coconut fronds and leafy branches kept close together by the rising tide.

kept quiet   (sessiz kaldı)

The woman is now married and the family alleges that they "kept quiet out of fear."

The Burgerschaft would remain undisturbed, as would the population, if they kept quiet.

The story has been mentioned a few times, though the xenomorph's exact origin was kept quiet.

kept in mind

This must be kept in mind.

(It should be kept in mind that reading printed prayers is typical Anglican practice.)

Many theories have an intended interpretation, a certain model that is kept in mind when studying the theory.

kept off

The song stalled at number 2 the following week, with 106,000 copies sold, kept off the number-one spot by B'z's "Don't Leave Me".

For the week ending December 8, 2012, "Die Young" reached its eventual peak of number two, being kept off the top spot by Rihanna's "Diamonds".

Numerous judicial nominees prior to Estrada had been kept off the courts, when the Senate refused to let the nomination out of committee for a floor vote.

initially kept

This was initially kept classified A1 and the few remaining A1s were reclassified A10.

The collection was initially kept in the particular library of José Mindlin, in Brooklin, SP.

But she often appears sad because of her past experiences which are initially kept secret from viewers.

kept in contact

Richard Delvy always kept in contact with his bandmates.

He kept in contact with two of the refugees after they returned to Spain in 1940.

He kept in contact with both Enver and Talat and tried to persuade them to reverse their policy towards the Armenians.

kept intact

The runways were kept intact and tidy by regular mowing of their unique wattle grass.

Wherever possible, territorial formations were to be kept intact and not dissipated as garrison troops, which were to be provided by the Special and Extra Reserves.

There are still those, however, who prefer the fruit since it can last all winter long with its fragrance kept intact while its clean and white pulp looks like marble.

kept low

The inflation rate was also kept low during his term.

They kept low, rising up slightly to help clear hedges and houses.

Train fares in commuter trains and 3rd class passenger trains are kept low as a social service.