İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

key role   (Esas rol)

Sharon played a key role in the War of Attrition.

The air force played a key role in their defeat.

Pierre's family played a key role in politics itself.

played a key   (bir anahtar oynadı)

Sharon played a key role in the War of Attrition.

The air force played a key role in their defeat.

Pierre's family played a key role in politics itself.

key figure   (anahtar figür)

Mayhem's Euronymous was the key figure behind this.

He is regarded a key figure in Post-Internet art.

He was also a key figure in helping to ban DDT.

several key   (birkaç anahtar)

Habsburg rule had several key concerns in Bosnia.

The Saturn V's final design had several key features.

The coordinated effort made several key accomplishments.

key players   (anahtar oyuncular)

Both clubs had lost key players to the tour of New Zealand.

Baker had two key players injured during and prior to the game.

key part   (anahtar Bölüm)

The village forms a key part of the Dedham Vale.

Market redesign is a key part of the "Energiewende".

January is a key part of the holiday season."

key player   (anahtar oyuncu)

The state is a key player in the field of social protection.

In his third season, he continued to be a key player for Utah.

And was a key player in the Post-2015 Development Agenda process.

key member

Vigil was a key member of the Rebel Studios crew.

He later became a key member of the White Sox staff.

Spigel was a key member of the Expressionist group Jung Idysz.

key factor   (anahtar faktör)

The key factor of a boy band is being trendy.

It has proved a key factor in the growth of the city of Inverness.

Sustainability has become a key factor in future urban development.

key component   (anahtar bileşen)

The key component of Vichy's ideology was Anglophobia.

Discovery is a key component of customized employment.

The acidity is also a key component to the wine's aging ability.

key element   (anahtar unsur)

Versatility was a key element of the orchestra.

Evidence suggests epigenetics is a key element in this.

This formed a key element of the myths Speer encouraged.

other key   (diğer anahtar)

Jones was present at the screening along with other key crew members.

Shifts in public attitude towards climate change have also been shaped by many other key factors.

While in the House, Kukovich served as Majority Policy Chairman and also chaired several other key committees.

became a key

Legaic eventually became a key convert of Duncan's.

He later became a key member of the White Sox staff.

Shropshire became a key area within the Welsh Marches.

key figures

Many of its members later became key figures of the Tongmenghui.

In addition, key figures such as Lalor and Humfray were still in the public eye.

From 2006 to 2010, Tony and Andy Sparano were key figures on the Great Danes roster.

play a key   (bir anahtar çal)

As one can see, precomputations play a key role in these algorithms.

Hence, the API writers play a key role in building software applications.

Scholars of Rangaku continued to play a key role in the modernization of Japan.

key elements

During cancer, key elements of this feedback fail.

DDD was set up with a number of key elements in mind.

Vertebrates share key elements of their reproductive systems.

key areas

The Atari 7800 differs from the 2600 in several key areas.

BLP focused on key areas of nutrition, education, agriculture.

Liang's key areas of interest are law, popular culture and content piracy.

key feature   (anahtar özellik)

The cell nucleus is a key feature of the soma.

Expressive guitar solos were a key feature of this music.

Dynamic styles are a key feature of DHTML.

public key   (Genel anahtar)

A pre-shared public key also prevents man-in-the-middle attacks.

Alice's public key is formula_3.

Mechanisms are provided to support many public key management approaches.

plays a key

It plays a key role in Manchester's Muslim community.

The game plays a key role in the national sporting consciousness.

The tegument plays a key role in the fluke's infection of the host.

key issues   (Anahtar konular)

This was one of the key issues of the Nootka Crisis.

Copyright is one of the key issues for E-LIS.

The candidates do differ, however, on several key issues.

key roles

Other key roles went to Robert Stack, Leif Ericson and Jon Hall.

During his time in the former INS, Torres played several key roles.

They have had key roles both before and after its independence in 1810.

key features

The Saturn V's final design had several key features.

The following are the key features of Dapper:

It summarizes the key features of the text.

key points

The key points of resistance were Gura humora and Kimpulung.

This work was a publication of the key points of his doctoral thesis.

He was also a key points contributor in Stanford's NCAA national team championship in 1967.

key members   (kilit üyeler)

The key members of the Berkeley Mafia are generally accepted to be:

Under torture she revealed many names of key members of the underground network.

Both Roughead and Franklin were to be key members of Hawthorn's line up as they grew older.

number of key   (anahtar sayısı)

DDD was set up with a number of key elements in mind.

After the war, Zakharov held a number of key positions in the army.

The new system boasts a number of key advantages over its predecessors.

key positions   (anahtar pozisyonlar)

After the war, Zakharov held a number of key positions in the army.

He streamlined the MCC administration and recruited new people to key positions.

German troops arrived around mid-September occupying the key positions of Istria.

key components

To eliminate two of its key components would undermine the purpose of the entire system.

Rho inactivation can activate caspase-3 and caspase-9; two key components of the apoptotic pathway.

Surrounding the key components of the park are both a palm-tree boulevard and various green terraces.

key difference

A key difference is whether supply is 'push' or 'pull'.

This is a key difference between Common Lisp and Scheme.

The key difference between pistou and pesto is the absence of pine nuts in pistou.

many key

His 2008 team had many key returners from the 2007 championship.

The team was going through crisis, with many key players injured.

It had many key trade links and, in particular, needed South Africa's gold.

key factors

According to Rinker's research, there are several key factors.

Higher logistics costs in India are primarily driven by five key factors.

This interpretation includes the four key factors in the original triangle inputs/outputs form.

key point   (kilit nokta)

Residency criterion is the key point for the taxes.

A further key point was Marx's theory of alienation.

It takes away attention from the key point.

private key   (Özel anahtar)

Individual B would then be able to decrypt the message using his private key.

Distributed key generation prevents single parties from having access to a private key.

Data is encrypted when saved, and decrypted when opened given that the user knows the private key.

key events

Most of the key events in her life were in the 30s BCE.

It remains one of the key events in the UK folk festival calendar.

The "Fantastic Four Annual" was used to spotlight several key events.

key issue   (esas nokta)

Recoil is also a key issue in rifle stock design.

Control is a key issue in reality therapy.

In these elections, a key issue was the allegation of corruption.

minor key

This section eventually develops into a minor key.

The song is composed primarily in a minor key with a strong orchestral presence.

The bridge is a bit of a minor key and is pretty catchy which saves some of the song.

playing a key

In September 1989, the 4th Battalion 6th Infantry deployed to Panama, playing a key role in Operation Just Cause.

Despite not taking on the offer, Hawke remained influential, playing a key role in averting national strike action.

He returned to the team in April 2005, coming off the bench against Manchester United and playing a key role in Norwich's 2–0 win.

key aspect   (belirleyici özellik)

A key aspect of the new code was that players would be paid for playing the game.

For this reason, management of the money supply is a key aspect of monetary policy.

Another key aspect of French success was the changes wrought in the officer classes.

another key   (başka bir anahtar)

This was another key part of his work "Investment in Human Capital".

In another key testimony, Rev.

This lack of breeding is another key reason for them becoming endangered.

become a key   (anahtar olmak)

Pike has become a key figure for conspiracy theorists.

Sustainability has become a key factor in future urban development.

The atrium has become a key feature of many buildings in recent years.

key position

At 196 cm and weighing 95 kg, Sellar is a key position forward who can also help out with some ruck duties.

For Kelsen, centralization was a philosophically key position to the understanding of the pure theory of law.

The city's appearance today is predominantly shaped by its key position in Germany's history during the 20th century.

key aspects

The French began changing key aspects of administration and politics in the Kingdom of Dahomey.

However, this risks oversimplifying the biology so key aspects of the animal design are overlooked.

The idea of simply halting key aspects of the nuclear arms race arose in the early stages of the Cold War.

key witness   (anahtar tanık)

as a key witness in a bombing.

Page figured as a key witness in the Morse v. O'Reilly telegraph lawsuit of 1848.

Brunner was granted legal immunity as the key witness for Beausoleil's prosecution.

key differences

However, there were a few key differences.

However, there were key differences, particularly regarding the powers of the monarch.

However, there are several key differences between each version, especially in the endings.

key contributor   (kilit katılımcı)

He was a key contributor on the team that won the NIT as a junior.

Moorland on record was a key contributor along with Woodson himself for beginning black history month.

He became a key contributor for the Saints' defense and the team's run to the NFC Western Division title.

low key   (düşük anahtar)

Unlike the previous two elections, both campaigns were fairly low key.

She used to be a flower child but now she is low key so she can hold a job."

The low key Suzuki also befriends Okko, but he has a bad habit of stealing food.

key ingredient   (anahtar içerik)

Carl's guitar playing [was] a key ingredient."

Affordability is a key ingredient to Caterham Graduates racing.

However the key ingredient, which is pork belly, was not very affordable for many people at that time.

few key   (birkaç anahtar)

However, there were a few key differences.

This meant the researchers were forced to make a few key assumptions.

When looking at the head, there are a few key things that the judges are looking for.

major key   (ana anahtar)

The "Dies irae" is presented unusually in a major key.

The song is played in a F major key, and 95 beats per minute.

The song is played in a B-flat major key, and 172 beats per minute.

key concepts

Brahman and Atman are key concepts to Hindu theories of axiology: ethics and aesthetics.

Functors and natural transformations ('naturality') are the key concepts in category theory.

While it was Lemert who introduced the key concepts of labeling theory, it was Howard Becker who became their successor.

same key

Sending two or more messages with the same key is an insecure process.

Communicating parties must have the same key in order to achieve secure communication.

The Finite Field Diffie-Hellman algorithm has roughly the same key strength as RSA for the same key sizes.

key concept

Bandwidth is a key concept in many telecommunications applications.

Strowski uses the term master race, which is a key concept in Nazism.

"Economic independence" was the key concept of the electoral campaign.

key signature

The third section is once more in 6/8, but is still has the key signature of C major.

The key signature is C major and the time signature is a triple metre; it is 39 bars long.

The song is written in a standard key signature of C Major and was number 21 hit in the UK.

key step   (önemli adım)

The following elementary result is a key step in the analysis.

This is now a key step in the roller milling production of white endosperm flour.

They are a key step for factoring polynomials over the integers or the rational numbers.

key to understanding

The history of the word "relevant" is key to understanding that passage.

A key to understanding the greenhouse effect is Kirchhoff's law of thermal radiation.

Müller's death confirms that the missing art collection is the key to understanding Rolfe's murder.

key people

The key people on the Board were: Chairman R.F.

"Spear's" Indices are surveys of key people in the high net worth world.

The key people are the parents, his father and mother, who are both "good to me".

key exchange

For key exchange, Acrobits Softphone offers support for SDES and ZRTP protocols.

This may be useful in cryptography proofs, such as the Diffie–Hellman key exchange.

Public key encryption schemes based on the Diffie–Hellman key exchange have been proposed.

key changes   (önemli değişiklikler)

In 2017, ShortList's Dave Fawbert listed the song as containing "one of the greatest key changes in music history".

The key changes frequently, however, as the section is mostly composed of scales and arpeggios with many accidentals.

Music in a dance can consist of a single tune or a medley of tunes, and key changes during the course of a dance are common.

key personnel   (kilit personel)

Here all the key personnel meet for the first time.

He hired cinematographer Gianni Di Venanzo, among key personnel.

In a series of strategic moves, Howsam brought in key personnel to complement the homegrown talent.

key moments

It is in the process of restoring the video footage and has released a preview of key moments.

The soap also created a timeline on their official Facebook page to highlight key moments in the storyline.

The Newsplayer library included news footage of key moments in history from the 20th Century from 1896 to the early 2000s.

key event   (önemli olay)

This Kerberos Saga key event is called "Kerberos Riot" (ケルベロス騒乱, "keruberosu sōran").

Another key event was the Haitian Revolution in nearby Saint-Domingue, from 1791 to 1804.

Flashback sequences from the "Kerberos Panzer Cop" key event called "Kerberos Riot" are depicted in "Rainy Dogs".

played key

In 1973 and 1975, she played key roles in France's legalization of contraception and abortion.

Not less but more some leaders have played key roles to shift this VDC from the previous location i.e.

The corps fought in all the engagements of the campaign, and at Reasca and New Hope Church they played key roles.

certain key   (belli anahtar)

This relationship means that certain key features can be observed in both drum membrane modes and atomic orbitals.

In the early Buddhist texts, the Buddha critiques the Brahmanical religion and social system on certain key points.

Irish competition law is comparable to, but quite different in certain key respects, from European Union competition law.

key reason   (anahtar sebep)

Speed of response is seen as a key reason to use an outsourcer.

Some see this as a key reason that other rule sets became dominant.

This lack of breeding is another key reason for them becoming endangered.

key source

Radio is a key source of information, particularly on the outer islands.

Anton Vyborg is De Milja's superior in the armed forces and a key source of help.

There are 20,000 Expatriate citizens who are a key source of income in the municipality economy.

key political

On his website, Dr. Herb manages a database on key political figures of Kuwaiti politics.

The queen mother Parysatis and Stateira tried to be the key political influence on the king; so the women became bitter rivals.

The key political struggle in Dr. Seuss's lifetime was the struggle against fascism, where strict conformity was a cultural and political requisite.

all key

Categorization, reporting, and transparency are all key goals and benefits of this coding structure.

Feiffer called it an "atrocious production" but admits he was involved in all key creative decisions.

A central safe explosion proof area is fitted and all key systems can be remote controlled from there.

key influence

The film Dawn of the Dead is stated as a key influence on the image.

Disco was a key influence in the development of electronic dance music and house music.

The semiotics of gender plays a key influence on the way in which signs are interpreted.

key locations   (anahtar yerler)

Grande was filmed in front of screens to chroma key locations in post-production.

New shipping terminals for intermodal connections are also planned for key locations.

Anwoth Kirk and Old School opposite were key locations for the 1973 cult film The Wicker Man.

key difference between

This is a key difference between Common Lisp and Scheme.

The key difference between pistou and pesto is the absence of pine nuts in pistou.

The key difference between the two species is the areas of habitat that is utilized on the islands.

key stakeholders   (kilit paydaşlar)

You now need to know more about your key stakeholders.

A series of meetings were held at the UEFA Headquarters in Nyon with key stakeholders to align on a strategy and to explore options available.

It allows agency CIOs, CFOs, and other key stakeholders to find solutions for IT projects that are over budget, behind schedule, or under-performing.

each key

This statement identifies the position, length, and data type of each key.

A number, or sequence of numbers, is assigned to each key on the keyboard.

For each key "K", "E" is a permutation (a bijective mapping) over the set of input blocks.

key parts

There are two key parts of first-order logic.

Stan Lee narrates key parts of the story.

Through this expansion the Kangju gained control over key parts of the Silk Route.

key principles

All FARG computational models share certain key principles, including: FARG models also have an overarching philosophy that all cognition is built from the making of analogies.

The objective of procurement supervision is to ensure the implementation of the key principles of procurement legislation, such as openness and non-discrimination, in procurement.

Her articles examine a range of topics including skill sets for recent college graduates, Peter Drucker’s five key principles and the impact of sustainable development goals on business practice.

key leaders

Peter was one of the key leaders of Sudanese community in Canada who defeated Talisman Energy of Canada.

The first issue is bringing key leaders to the table so that they may discuss the critical issues facing the region.

At this point, key leaders in CTC communities also reported significantly stronger community norms against adolescent drug use.

considered a key   (bir anahtar olarak kabul edildi)

He is considered a key figure in the development of clarinet pedagogy.

He is considered a key member, with Ray Zondo, of the Court's conservative wing.

Belarus also has strong ties with Syria, considered a key partner in the Middle East.

key cities

Maues vastly expanded his domain by conquering key cities along the Indus.

Other key cities of the region in pre-modern times include Suzhou and Shaoxing.

The plan entailed takeover by the Syrian military of key cities and border crossings.

key focus

The key focus is on the rural people.

In the 1980s, the Bertelsmann Stiftung became the key focus of Mohn's corporate citizenship activities.

Atomicity is a key focus in this standard to ensure reliability of transactions across multiple interfaces.

played key roles

In 1973 and 1975, she played key roles in France's legalization of contraception and abortion.

Not less but more some leaders have played key roles to shift this VDC from the previous location i.e.

The corps fought in all the engagements of the campaign, and at Reasca and New Hope Church they played key roles.

key strategic

Often they are at key strategic points.

He oversaw MLS's key strategic and business decisions and its marketing arm, Soccer United Marketing, of which he was president.

As part of this strategy, the company has expanded into new markets and related business areas, and highlighted digital as a key strategic priority.

key characteristics

Other key characteristics attributable include their non-commercial and non-professional nature.

One of the key characteristics of the school is the large number of Xinjiang (新疆)students that go to study there.

They may involve outputs that are hard to attribute to specific individual effort or hard to measure in terms of key characteristics such as quality.