Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

kicked off   (expulsado)

The US trek kicked off on February 3 in New Orleans.

The major kicked off with Gambit Gaming against North.

In July 14 "SENSATION Jazz Tour" kicked off in Taipei.

kicked a field   (pateó un campo)

In the 3rd, each team kicked a field goal, and it was 24–17 LSU.

LSU scored a 32-yard touchdown from Joe Burro to Ja'Marr Chase, and also kicked a field goal to go up 34–21.

The Tide continued its drive to the Gamecock 8, and Leigh Tiffin kicked a field goal to put Alabama ahead 10–0.

kicked the ball   (pateó la pelota)

With Kasımpaşa 1–0 down at Galatasaray in a Süper Lig match, Donk kicked the ball.

While falling, Thomas kicked the ball cleanly out of Rainey's arm, and it fell right to Thomas.

Ziel kicked the ball about a yard short of the right upright, giving the ball back to Navy with the game still tied.

then kicked   (luego pateado)

Detroit then kicked another field goal to make the score 20–7.

He then kicked the referee and had to be restrained from attacking Zivic.

Sydney's Mitch Morton then kicked consecutive goals at the 14th and 16th minutes.