İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

people were killed   (insanlar öldürüldü)

About 150 Kelmendi people were killed or tortured.

Two people were killed and over 165 were injured.

Somewhere between 500 and 2,000 people were killed.

killed in action   (eylemde öldürüldü)

His two older brothers were both killed in action.

Three Germans were killed in action and 15 wounded.

He is ultimately killed in action by Athrun Zala.

killed during   (sırasında öldürüldü)

Some 1,000 citizens were killed during the battle.

Over 700 soldiers were killed during the Troubles.

Mahabubur Rahman, who killed during the massacre.

shot and killed   (vuruldu ve öldürüldü)

He was shot and killed that night by Dayton Dean.

However, Khan is shot and killed by another man.

He was shot and killed by police on duty nearby.

killed when   (ne zaman öldürüldü)

The two assassins are killed when it explodes.

In , he is killed when watching a movie at the theatre.

He was wrong and was probably killed when the city fell.

men killed

The Japanese lost only 29 men killed, 233 wounded.

The partisans lost about 25 men killed and wounded.

The number of men killed has been estimated at 800.

killed off

Characters may be killed off when the actors die.

In the second season her daughter, Ashley was killed off.

Thus, Victoria was apparently killed off in a fit of pique!

soldiers were killed   (askerler öldürüldü)

Over 700 soldiers were killed during the Troubles.

Six IPKF soldiers were killed and another 10 injured.

The next day, two soldiers were killed outside the fort.

killed in battle   (savaşta öldürüldü)

Several of those men were killed in battle.

Díaz Pimienta was killed in battle in 1652.

His brother was killed in battle in 1811.

civilians were killed   (siviller öldürüldü)

Thousands of the evacuating civilians were killed.

At least 200 civilians were killed during the bombings.

Three civilians were killed and 15 wounded.

men were killed

Two men were killed, another seven were wounded.

None of the men were killed and only few were wounded.

Both men were killed by a "rifle-type" weapon.

killed or wounded

On the Dervish side over 450 were killed or wounded.

Many were killed or wounded at Vimy Ridge and on the Somme.

In that battle 450 American fighters were killed or wounded.

later killed

She is later killed as an act of mercy by Freath.

Mirra was also later killed on February 18, 1982.

Marco was later killed in a bush fire disaster.

people killed   (insanlar öldürüldü)

Many of the people killed were buried in mass graves.

2 US strikes leave 6 people killed in southern Somalia.

By the end of May, over 105 people killed.

killed at least   (en azından öldürüldü)

The tornado outbreak killed at least 243 people.

In 1947, riots killed at least 80 Jews in Aden.

It also killed at least three and injured at least 75.

killed and wounded   (öldürüldü ve yaralandı)

The partisans lost about 25 men killed and wounded.

Confederate losses were 36 killed and wounded.

Many were killed and wounded in the attack on freedmen.

nearly killed   (neredeyse öldürüldü)

The birth was a difficult one and nearly killed Phiny.

Gratus is thrown from his spooked horse and nearly killed.

We're finally putting out the record that nearly killed us.

then killed

Dolores-Charlotte then killed the real Charlotte.

They then killed the cannibalistic woman and burnt her.

Wang Jun then killed He Yan and regained control of You.

soldiers killed

On 10 November army soldiers killed at least 6 insurgents.

On 5 November Egyptian soldiers killed at least 11 terrorist.

There were no soldiers killed in action on this 8 month deployment.

defeated and killed

Ultimately, Rama defeated and killed him in a duel.

Garmul was defeated and killed in 578 AD.

Capussa was defeated and killed in a coup d'état by Mazaetullus.

killed all

The impact and post-crash fire killed all on board.

Ashok escaped from the mental asylum and killed all three.

Dhananjaya turned back and killed all those who interferred.

accidentally killed   (yanlışlıkla öldürüldü)

Orion was accidentally killed either by Artemis or by Gaia.

In the final shoot out he was accidentally killed by a stray bullet.

Blacklight later attacks Shadowhawk and is accidentally killed by him.

killed many

At one point a cholera epidemic killed many inmates.

During their occupation, the SS killed many local Jews.

The rebels killed many Ba'athist officials and officers.

father was killed

His father was killed by Puni's Borabora warriors.

His father was killed at the battle of Crécy in 1346.

Almousa's father was killed by ISIS in Syria.

killed more   (daha fazla öldürdü)

During her career she killed more than 750 bulls.

Chivington reported that his troops killed more than 500 warriors.

On November 20 AQAP attacks killed more than three AQAP troops in Lawdar.

not killed

McAdoo turns out to have been wounded, not killed.

Jews were not killed because they were human beings.

After the posse leaves, it is revealed that Kelby was not killed.

almost killed

He is almost killed by her spirit, but saves himself.

The fakir is almost killed while he is inside the car.

Madame Wah attempts to defend the family but is almost killed.

eventually killed   (sonunda öldürüldü)

Gottschalk's son Henry eventually killed Kruto in 1093.

Patroclus was eventually killed by Hector.

Shivaji Maharaj eventually killed him.

killed instantly   (anında öldürüldü)

Everyone on board the plane was killed instantly.

When they found out she was, she was killed instantly.

All 35 on board were killed instantly.

enlisted men killed

Casualties included 21 officers and 227 enlisted men killed.

The regiment lost 8 officers and 74 enlisted men killed in action or dying of wounds received in battle.

It lost 10 officers and 71 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, and 126 enlisted men died from disease.

killed several

He was nearly captured or killed several times.

There our hunters killed several wild ducks."

The VC fired on the exposed soldiers and killed several.

killed or captured   (öldürüldü veya yakalandı)

All able bodied men will be killed or captured.

In addition, 2,000 Eritrean Askaris were killed or captured.

Warriors, along with women and children, were killed or captured.

attacked and killed

He investigates, and is attacked and killed by a zombie.

They attacked and killed any intruders without provocation.

Protestant mobs attacked and killed at least twenty-two people.

either killed   (ya öldürüldü)

Every one who fought from the Nepalese side was either killed or wounded.

Hamilcar was either killed during the battle or committed suicide in shame.

In antiquity, many infants with disabilities were either killed or abandoned.

killed along

Muhammad was killed along with several "ashraf" and two hundred of their army.

The bamboo castle was destroyed, and Titumir was killed along with several of his followers.

Master Charles Harry McGahan was killed along with four other crew members and two of the Armed Guard.

having killed

In it, he confessed to having killed eight people over the course of five years.

In the fifth trial, three SS members were accused of having killed Allied inmates.

The Sioux felt justified in having killed Grattan and his men, as they had shot first.

killed or mortally

Scott was killed or mortally wounded in a duel on 6 November 1767.

A total of nine Union regimental commanders were killed or mortally wounded in the battle.

It lost 10 officers and 71 enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, and 126 enlisted men died from disease.

reportedly killed   (bildirildi öldürüldü)

Dozens of Japanese were reportedly killed in this attack.

He was skilled in toxicology and was reportedly killed in a revenge attack.

From 1987 to 1997, Sumatran tigers reportedly killed 146 people and at least 870 livestock.

man killed   (öldürülen adam)

"Otter" suffered one man killed and one man wounded.

In the engagement, "Champion" suffered one man killed.

The British lost one man killed and two wounded in the action.

killed before

Boyce was killed before he could defend himself.

However, he is killed before he can be rescued.

Most were killed before the end of the year.

person was killed   (kişi öldürüldü)

In Cheonan, one person was killed in a landslide.

One person was killed after being swept away.

Following a landslide, one person was killed.

down and killed   (aşağı ve öldürüldü)

Etxebarrieta was chased down and killed as he tried to flee.

Men of the other units also tried to flee; most were run down and killed.

In a diving attack Wick shot down and killed Pilot Officer Paul A. Baillon, of No.

before being killed

Bob, realizing he is doomed, attacks Victor before being killed.

The lone gunman managed to kill four residents, before being killed himself.

According to Human Rights Watch, women and girls were "brutally raped before being killed".

members were killed

Nine crew members were killed in the explosion.

All 32 passengers and eight crew members were killed.

All of its 31 crew members were killed.

fighters were killed

Several AQAP fighters were killed or injured.

Hizam forces claimed that some AQAP fighters were killed.

In that battle 450 American fighters were killed or wounded.

all killed

The Frenchmen trapped in the courtyard were all killed.

Hutson was away, but his wife and four children were all killed.

The enemy soldiers were all killed.

crew were killed

Captain Henry Baldwin and six other crew were killed.

23 of her crew were killed or fatally injured.

killed and another   (öldürüldü ve başka)

Six IPKF soldiers were killed and another 10 injured.

Four sailors were killed and another 29 were injured.

Casualties included 39,767 killed and another 66,553 were wounded.

apparently killed   (görünüşe göre öldürüldü)

Rattler was later apparently killed by Scourge.

Thus, Victoria was apparently killed off in a fit of pique!

Petersen, Pandora and Helga are all apparently killed in the explosion.

subsequently killed

Dozens of student protesters were subsequently killed.

Norfolk was subsequently killed.

After an altercation she lost her child and subsequently killed Ram.

killed because   (öldürüldü çünkü)

Jews were not killed because they were human beings.

At Moto’s suggestion, Prince Wu has Hamby killed because he killed Ahara.

According to Camargo, he killed because he wanted revenge on woman's unfaithfulness.

both killed

His two older brothers were both killed in action.

They were both killed in combat, aged seventeen.

Oineus and Adonis were both killed by Artemis' boar.

killed in combat   (savaşta öldürüldü)

They were both killed in combat, aged seventeen.

Ata-bime was killed in combat, and her husband fled back north.

Some young people joined the partisans and were killed in combat.

tortured and killed   (işkence gördü ve öldürüldü)

A vampet in book 9 who was tortured and killed by Vancha March.

Bidzina was tortured and killed.

They tortured and killed us.

reported killed

He had been incorrectly reported killed in 2016.

One white man was reported killed, and about 10 injured.

Two people were initially reported killed.

ambushed and killed   (pusuya düşürüldü ve öldürüldü)

Five years later, on August 27, 1495, Feo was ambushed and killed.

In 1664, Maroons belonging to de Serras ambushed and killed de Bolas.

There, the gang is ambushed and killed by Mason and other cops, alerted by Priest.

killed near   (yakınında öldürüldü)

He was killed near Ypres, Belgium at the age of just 27.

The French cyclist killed near the car was Sylvain Mollier.

Kerlie, a faithful friend and follower, was killed near the well.

killed his father

With this he killed his father unknowingly.

Jefferson learns that Gambi was the one who killed his father.

Charlie was keen to take revenge on Appachan as he killed his father.

man was killed

de Cuenca, no man was killed in the "Encarnación".

One man was killed, seven others were wounded.

One man was killed, two others were wounded.

killed between

About five people were killed between February and July.

He estimated that his men killed between 30 and 40 Indians.

Prosecutors think Ashbrook was killed between 9 p.m. and midnight.

killed by police

He was shot and killed by police on duty nearby.

Thomas fled the area but was later shot and killed by police.

He was then shot and killed by police.

civilians killed   (siviller öldürüldü)

The exact number of Filipino civilians killed by US troops will never be known.

Total recorded casualties amount to 24 civilians killed outside Athens Polytechnic campus.

In total out of around 200 civilians killed by the IRA as informers, 82 were ex-servicemen.

killed a man

He never killed a man that did not need killing.

On one occasion, he killed a man with his naval cutlass.

However, in his youth, he (the eldest) killed a man from a foreign family.

killed his wife

Bell killed his wife and others, and framed Mary Wagner.

When asked if he had killed his wife, Wardell replied "Absolutely not."

Rohan filed FIR against the vehicle who hit his car and killed his wife.

captured and killed

Yukiie was captured and killed in 1186, on orders from Yoritomo.

The Canons were captured and killed.

Muhammad Imin Khan fled to the Mountains where he was captured and killed.

forces killed   (öldürülen kuvvetler)

Government forces killed more than 75,000 civilians during the war 1980–1992.

According to Mark Bowden, South Vietnamese forces killed 1,000-2,000 people after the battle.

In February 1917, Bulgarian forces killed her mother and four days, later the Toplica Uprising started.

character was killed

Blain departed the show at the end of the first season after his character was killed off.

In 2002, King returned to soaps as Luis Alcazar on "General Hospital" until his character was killed off.

The character was killed off in a car accident in October 1997, as part of the show's anniversary celebrations.

killed or injured

Several AQAP fighters were killed or injured.

Many men were killed or injured.

Losses were estimated at $103,200; however no one was killed or injured.

struck and killed

One of them struck and killed him with a poker.

Denzil F. Dowell was struck and killed.

Fisheries employee, was struck and killed by lightning on the summit in 1904.

killed fighting

The father is killed fighting on the anti-treaty side.

He was killed fighting the Muslims at the Battle of Consuegra.

Later that year, Allen's brother Geoffrey was killed fighting in France.

officers were killed

Two prison officers were killed in the ensuing riots.

Fourteen British officers were killed and 46 were wounded.

In 1942, at least 30 Dutch officers were killed with swords.

children were killed

Twelve men and women and two children were killed and twelve wounded.

A number of children were killed, injured or orphaned by the violence.

Several children were killed.

officers killed

It honors all District police officers killed in the line of duty.

He was one of the first Union officers killed in the American Civil War.

With many line officers killed or wounded, the Corps took months to refit.

militants were killed   (militanlar öldürüldü)

An estimated 5–10 militants were killed and 4-5 injured.

535 militants were killed in September 2015.

Four to eight Al-Shabaab militants were killed in the raid.

rebels were killed   (isyancılar öldürüldü)

Some rebels were killed and injured, but there are no official figures.

On 12 October, 12 rebels were killed in a series of air-strikes south of the town.

State media reported that a rebel assault on the Taftanaz Military Airbase was repelled and several rebels were killed on 29 August.

get killed

But this time, his prize cocks get killed.

Conrad fights his way through the Morphs as agents get killed.

After the first workers hatch all except of on Queen get killed.

having been killed

Three crewmen having been killed, the rest of the crew took to the lifeboats.

Three other aviators and a mechanic were not as fortunate, having been killed during the film's production.

At the war's end in May 1945 the battalion comprised around 500 women, with 70 having been killed in service.

not be killed

According to Catholic doctrine, the baby may not be killed.

The aufhocker cannot be killed.

She is immortal and cannot be killed while she resides within her storybook.

board were killed

All twelve people on board were killed in the crash.

All thirty passengers and crew on board were killed.

seemingly killed   (görünüşte öldürüldü)

He is seemingly killed by Deadeye, a Hawkeye pastiche.

Sunstreaker and Hunter are seemingly killed.

Island and seemingly killed Andrew Forson.

killed and more   (öldürüldü ve daha fazlası)

40 people were killed and more than 70 injured.

Nearly 400 people were killed and more than 500 were injured.

80 were killed and more than 150 injured according to press reports.

gets killed

Abhimanyu later gets killed by a joint attack of seven warriors.

They cross the Basilistan border with a camel, and Malik gets killed.

He witnesses his deceased friends' souls and gets killed by the girl.

killed hundreds

Similar riots in 2001 between Christians and Muslims in Jos also killed hundreds.

In a few hours of fighting, the French killed hundreds of the Moissy without losing a single man in return.

In 1977 and 1978 the government tortured or killed hundreds of thousands of suspected enemies in the Red Terror.

soldier was killed   (asker öldürüldü)

One Hizam soldier was killed.

On September 23 one soldier was killed in Zinjibar after an AQAP attack.

One Union Army soldier was killed and ten wounded, eight Confederate soldiers were killed.

troops were killed

Three Hizam troops were killed and many injured.

Over a thousand British and colonial troops were killed.

During the campaign, six SAS troops were killed and 30 injured.

killed another   (başka birini öldürdü)

At the same time, the Germans killed another 25 in Athens.

Attacks in Mosul killed another nine people and injured 27.

Wang Jungzhi killed another Chinese labourer in the camp in February 1919.

killed two people   (iki kişiyi öldürdü)

He killed two people and injured about 20 others, 6 seriously.

Across the island, Hurricane Dog killed two people from drownings.

The collision killed two people in Flowers' vehicle and one in the other.

officer killed

Regular Army officer killed in the war.

Rose was the first Overland Park police officer killed in the line of duty.

The French 3rd and 23rd Light each lost one officer killed and four wounded.

getting killed

They end up getting killed trying to rob Bear.

He added that Dave getting killed off could not have been more dramatic.

They [homosexual people] should sit and be happy that they are not getting killed.

finally killed   (sonunda öldürüldü)

In 1945 it appeared that The Claw was finally killed.

He finally killed her by decapitating her.

A last shot, fired at close range, finally killed Jacques Berthieu.

allegedly killed   (iddia edildiği gibi öldürüldü)

He was allegedly killed in the Syrian civil war.

According to Seattle police, White allegedly killed Webb with an axe as he slept.

Diggle has a grudge against Floyd Lawton / Deadshot who allegedly killed his brother, Andy.

parents were killed

Both of Holtzberg's parents were killed in the attack.

Due to the accident, her parents were killed.

Phelan (meaning wolf) is a thief whose parents were killed.

killed both

The women killed both themselves and their children in order to avoid slavery.

It is revealed that Alan, the financial director, killed both Patrick and Julie.

The king's retinue killed both brothers during the attack, and the king survived.

killed most   (en çok öldürülen)

It killed most of the Aztec army and 25% of the overall population.

He killed most of victims on Wednesdays and Thursdays near 6:00 P.M.

A force commanded by Nicias landed in 424 BC, and killed most of them.

ultimately killed   (sonuçta öldürüldü)

He is ultimately killed in action by Athrun Zala.

Xavier was ultimately killed when the Bloody Bones restaurant was burned.

Anita ultimately killed Alejandro, barely surviving the experience herself.

explosion killed

An explosion killed one worker and injured four in June 1984.

The resulting explosion killed 5 people and wounded 12 others.

Unfortunately the explosion killed two and injured one of her crew.

soldier killed

Augustin Trébuchon Augustin-Joseph Victorin Trébuchon (30 May 1878 – 11 November 1918) was the last French soldier killed during World War I.

Later, as a part of the German reprisals of 100 Serbian men shot for every German soldier killed, Bernard, Erich and Egon were taken to detention camp in Ćuprija.

Aal de Dragonder Aal de Dragonder (died before 1710) was the name given to a female soldier killed in Rotterdam who's skeleton was displayed in the Rotterdam anatomical theatre.

passengers were killed

The driver and 13 passengers were killed immediately.

All 51 crew and passengers were killed.

Three cabin crew and twelve passengers were killed in the impact.

troops killed

Chivington reported that his troops killed more than 500 warriors.

Some estimate that the Soviet troops killed up to 2 million Afghans and raped many Afghan women.

During the offensive, which captured of territory, the VRS and its allies lost 413 troops killed and a further 1,509 wounded.

injured or killed

Nonetheless, cats can still be injured or killed by a high fall.

In the past, people have injured or killed themselves believing that blanks were not dangerous.

No visitors, park employees or any animals in the wildlife park were injured or killed by the fire.