killing all   (すべてを殺す)

The bomb exploded prematurely, killing all four of the men.

The tanker caught fire and burned, killing all four crew members.

This caused the plane to crash, killing all 47 passengers and crew.

killing at least   (少なくとも殺す)

The dam burst amid heavy rains on 9 May 2018, killing at least 48 people.

The VRS shelled Srebrenica on 12 April 1993, killing at least 56 people and wounding 73.

On June 10, 2010, riots erupted in Osh, killing at least 81 and injuring hundreds of others.

killing many   (たくさん殺す)

The bomb goes off, killing many superhumans.

The French routed the Portuguese, killing many, and plundered the town.

However, the citizens staged an uprising and ambushed them, killing many.

killing spree   (殺し屋)

Police describe such an event as a killing spree.

"Come, kill and die after a killing spree.

It was after this sacking that the 56-hour killing spree began.

killing several   (数人を殺す)

On 7 May 1999, a B-2 dropped five JDAMs on the Chinese Embassy, killing several staff.

The taxi driver chases them through the city, killing several people who get in his way.

The soldiers in the barracks fired upon the protestors killing several and wounding others.

before killing

Tennyson escapes, though not before killing King Ferris.

He battles his way through the castle before killing Salazar.

The alien is then shot by aircraft, but not before killing Conrad.

killing people

He was known to say "I just don't like killing people."

Yukio searches for Midori, killing people along the way.

Gunmen were reported killing people in shops near the Kabul Zoo.

killing both

Police shot them immediately, killing both.

The Learjet crashed, killing both pilots.

The prototype crashed in Hungary on 31 May 2018 killing both occupants.

up killing

Makoy ends up killing the creature, which turns into Kulot upon dying.

They find her ex-husband and he tries to kill Beto but Luzia ends up killing him.

After the execution, Lee faces O'Hara in the competition and ends up killing him.

killing off

Her plans are shattered when a terrible hurricane decimates the town, killing off most of its inhabitants.

as he and Easy track down Wolfgang Weisen, the power responsible for killing off Cabal's members one by one.

The game requires the player to balance watering and nurturing crops with poisoning and killing off the pests.

accused of killing   (殺害の罪で告発)

In 1900 a mob killed a black man accused of killing a white man.

Five other insecticides based on fipronil were also accused of killing bees.

When he was 10, his older brother, Willie, was accused of killing a white man.

killing him instantly   (即座に彼を殺す)

Fodor (Ross Martin)'s spacesuit, killing him instantly.

Del Pilar was killed in the skirmish from a shot in the neck, killing him instantly.

Reiss was hit by fifteen bullets from Abbiate's sub-machine gun, killing him instantly.

killing everyone

The plane crashed, killing everyone on board.

They stalk quietly through the Iranian compound killing everyone they meet.

When he tried to sleep he had visions and saw the Chimera killing everyone and simply does not wish it to come true.

mass killing

Thus Himmler knew another method of mass killing was required.

The crackdown resulted in mass killing, enslavement and displacement of the Hazaras.

For example, on 13 May 2012, 49 dismembered bodies were found in a mass killing and Los Zetas took responsibility.

killing more

Three blocks of flats in the Bulgarian town of Svishtov (near Zimnicea) collapsed, killing more than 100 people.

On 5 December a battalion from the 88th Regiment carried out the Đắk Sơn massacre killing more than 200 Montagnards.

In 1708, the plague spread north to the war-torn town of Toruń (Thorn) in Royal Prussia, killing more than 4,000 people.

accidentally killing

But the fire spreads, accidentally killing the gang leader.

After accidentally killing his master he leaps out of a window to his death.

The feeders, however, drive the boyfriend into a craze and he ends up accidentally killing himself.

responsible for killing   (殺害の責任)

Doctor Browning arrives for the trial where he claims Riley was also responsible for killing Lynsey.

as he and Easy track down Wolfgang Weisen, the power responsible for killing off Cabal's members one by one.

He is revealed to be responsible for killing names on a list of fake Red John suspects his men stole from Jane.

without killing

Scott struggles to find a way to save Stiles without killing him.

Kirk's questions unsettle her and she vanishes without killing him.

Another fired a fifth shot, which hit Berthieu without killing him.

nearly killing   (ほとんど殺している)

Since Alyana didn't answer all of Marco's calls, his car accidentally crashed on the truck, nearly killing him.

In the centre, the Allied knights and infantry under Otto enjoyed initial success, scattering the French urban infantry and nearly killing Philip.

After nearly killing the gas man, Richie and Eddie must remove an illegal gas connection from next door without disturbing their violent neighbour.

targeted killing   (標的殺害)

In September 2011, al-Awlaki was killed in a targeted killing drone attack in Yemen.

Associate Professor Eric Patterson and Teresa Casale write: "Perhaps most important is the legal distinction between targeted killing and assassination".

US President Barack Obama approved the targeted killing of al-Awlaki by April 2010, making al-Awlaki the first US citizen ever placed on the CIA target list.

convicted of killing

Acoli was convicted of killing Foerster and sentenced to life in prison.

The executioner Jakub had been convicted of killing a man and of other crimes, and decapitated in 1564.

On 9 March 1994, Mejia-Velez, the only one of the conspirators to go before a jury, was convicted of killing de Dios.

killing most   (ほとんど殺している)

Soon after this, a Chimeran patrol finds them, killing most of the group.

Riley heads to a business that is a front for Diego's money laundering, killing most of his men.

Greathouse's group fired on them, killing most of the occupants of one of the canoes; the others turned back.