mass killings

Some scholars are now referring to the mass killings as a genocide.

During World War II, the village was a site of mass killings of Jews and Roma.

Although it was meant to save lives and stop the mass killings, killings did occur.

extrajudicial killings   (超法規的殺害)

Afterwards there followed five days of looting and extrajudicial killings by the Nationalist troops.

Two years later, he was appointed leader of a secret seven-man unit which carried out extrajudicial killings.

At least forty extrajudicial killings were reported to have been carried out, and most were against unarmed persons.

honor killings

He has also openly defended honor killings on several occasions.

This is built into the legal system which permits reduced sentences for honor killings.

The organization also works to bring issues of honor attacks and honor killings to the attention of the larger public.