what kind   (どのような)

The teams had to decide on what kind of tires to use.

I'm going to show you what kind of person I am.

It is unknown what kind of mounting the "Score Board" has.

new kind   (新しい種類)

A new kind of classification was proposed by G. Györke et al.

Later, in 2009, Mitch Altman made a new kind of TV-B-Gone Pro SHP.

A new kind of narrative started to emerge in Colombia in the 21st century.

same kind   (同種)

It's the same kind of feeling [...] but it's rad."

Not all ants have the same kind of societies.

Likewise, Milton's Satan relies on the same kind of rhetoric.

different kind   (別の種類)

He undertook a different kind of geology training.

My body runs on a different kind of nourishment."

Both "loves" are based upon loyalty, but of different kind.

kind of collective   (一種の集団)

In the theatre production Marc Dutroux functions as a kind of collective symbol for Belgium, as a black hole.

Bollenbach Bollenbach is an "Ortsgemeinde" – a municipality belonging to a "Verbandsgemeinde", a kind of collective municipality – in the Birkenfeld district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Birkenfeld has been a district seat since 1947 and forms together with 30 other municipalities a "Verbandsgemeinde", a kind of collective municipality, called the "Verbandsgemeinde" of Birkenfeld.

every kind

Eckenfelder regarded every kind of technology with suspicion.

In this exhibition you can find every kind of goats and donkeys.

Contacts of every kind with his homeland continued undiminished.

special kind

Sales processes are simply a special kind of service.

A special kind of a dead-end tower is a termination pylon.

Misfeasance in public office is considered to be a special kind of public law tort.

kind of music

This kind of music is also known as "rockstizaje".

Nobody can sing that kind of music like colored people.

Blues is serious stuff, it's a heavy kind of music in your soul.

kind of thing   (ものの種類)

'Well, Hart if you want to do "that kind of thing!"'

What kind of thing is this so-called structure?

Anyone who wants to carry on this kind of thing must be sick.

other kind   (他の種類)

No boots, trainers or any other kind are permitted.

Beside the flow maps in cartography there are several other kind of flow maps:

However, other kind of meat such as beef, chicken or seafood might be used as well.

just kind   (ただ親切)

You can tell she's just kind of taking it all in.

Without it, it's just kind of 'meh'."

It just kind of demeans people."

particular kind   (特定の種類)

It began to be applied to a white Zimbabwean of a particular kind.

A formal group is usually defined as a particular kind of a group functor.

For example, a flower mantis mimics a particular kind of flower, such as an orchid.

certain kind   (ある種)

Multiple attestation has a certain kind of objectivity.

novels) do "a certain kind of cultural work within a specific historical situation."

To stay in the area, and to earn a living in such a place, takes a certain kind of mindset.

first kind

preceded by a zero is an autosequence of the first kind.

(Euler's integral of the first kind is the beta function).

If the main diagonal is zeroes = , the autosequence is of the first kind.

all kind

David Raj, attended to run all kind of worship.

She started dancing, bouncing, moving all kind of ways."

But we see all kind of things around us, not all of them can be put to stage.

second kind

2, f(n) is an autosequence of the second kind.

− is an autosequence of the second kind, like for instance / .

The second kind of passion in the dualistic model is "obsessive passion".

own kind

The Arapaho call themselves "Inun-ina" meaning "our people" or "people of our own kind."

However, it will not tolerate its own kind, so there should be only one specimen per tank.

This fish is peaceful and is generally only aggressive to similar species and its own kind.

very kind

Sheva is actually a very kind man and a sympathetic listener.

He was a man of even-handedness and very kind to his slaves especially to his daughters and sons in law.

He is also protective of Haruhi, as shown in episode 7, of whom he thinks in a very kind, brotherly way.

another kind   (別の種類)

It is another kind of process step, and a really important one."

At that time, another kind of mathematics was being developed—algebra.

Antineutrinos are another kind of antiparticle created by natural radioactivity (β decay).

kind of work   (仕事の種類)

And some ask me how I can do that kind of work.

“And I take great pride in that kind of work.

I saw the kind of work she was doing.

kind of person   (一種の人)

I'm going to show you what kind of person I am.

Ann rejects her, stating she 'wasn't that kind of person'.

Neither of us was that kind of person.