Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

new king   (nuevo rey)

He then gives his daughter in marriage to the new king.

The new king held a ball to choose his wife.

Chandasena is killed, and Kalyanavarman becomes the new king.

became king   (se convirtió en rey)

Áed's son, Constantín mac Áeda, became king in 900.

On 25 October 1154, Henry became king of England.

His son ‘Brihadkshana’ became king after the war.

first king   (primer rey)

They helped to create the first king of gods.

The latter became the first king of the Carolingian dynasty.

Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor crowned Aimery as the first king of Cyprus.

last king   (último rey)

He was the last king to bear a wholly Kassite name.

The last king to be crowned here was Ferdinand I in 1531.

Agyen Kokobo was a direct descendant of the last king of Kumbu.

king and queen   (Rey y reina)

The king and queen in the meantime had no children.

The king and queen moved the threshold and the stone.

The dolphin had them made king and queen of it.

young king

Drummond now became Lord High Almoner to the young king.

The young king, Chandrakanta had no alternative but to acquiesce in Badan Chandra's proposal.

The young king of Easaidh Ruadh decided to amuse himself by playing a game with the Gruagach.

against the king   (contra el rey)

In Don Martín's trial, he was accused of treason and inciting rebellion against the king.

When they held a protest against the king and government of Yugoslavia, Stojanović took part and delivered a speech.

Earl Godwin's rebellion against the king in 1051 came as a blow to Ealdred, who was a supporter of the earl and his family.

crowned king   (rey coronado)

Stephen Nemanjić was crowned king of Serbia in 1217.

After the battle, Henry was crowned king.

Ambrosius soon arrives at the head of the army and is crowned king.

when the king   (cuando el rey)

Burchard was certainly with Henry when the king took possession of Rome on 21 March 1084.

The Duchess remained a prisoner until 1372, when the king arranged for the ransom to be paid.

Dein or Tein was the title which he received when the king appointed him governor of Syriam (modern Thanlyin).

future king   (futuro rey)

It was commanded by the Prince of Orange (the future king William II).

Alric steps in to intervene and proves his identity as the prince and future king.

Upon the birth of the future king in June 1982, WAPL sent gifts to Buckingham Palace.

become king   (convertirse en rey)

His son Indulf would become king on Malcolm's death.

Athelstan died in 939, and Edmund become king.

The powers eventually agreed that Laupepa would become king.


Bardelys ignores the king’s orders as he feels that his honour is at stake.

For this bridge built on the king’s 53th anniversary, opened on November 15, 1906.

Neferthenut was "king’s wife", "member of the elite" (iryt-pat) and "she who sees Horus and Seth".

king s

Bardelys ignores the king’s orders as he feels that his honour is at stake.

For this bridge built on the king’s 53th anniversary, opened on November 15, 1906.

Neferthenut was "king’s wife", "member of the elite" (iryt-pat) and "she who sees Horus and Seth".

king named

A native Babylonian king named Bel-ibni (703–701 BCE) was placed on the throne as a puppet of Assyria.

However, in 1059 another king named Samarotsaha ascended the throne of Janggala, he was the son-in-law of Airlangga.

An inscription of the contemporary Shilahara ruler Aparajita states that he granted protection to a king named Bhillama.

former king   (ex rey)

The former king is later reborn in a heavenly world.

The specific name honours Mataafa, a former king of Samoa.

The former king's regalia and ritual paraphernalia would be amassed and curated in his "buchwankwanzi" house.

between the king

Meanwhile, relations continued to deteriorate between the king and Parliament.

Also present was a struggle for power between the king and some of the nobility.

During the proceedings Wolman acted as a secret negotiator between the king and Wolsey.

king amphoe

The area became a sub-district ("king amphoe") of Bua Yai District in 1938.

A minor district ("king amphoe"), Kut Chum was established on 1 August 1961.

In 1907, the area was a minor district ("king amphoe") of Chok Chai District.

elected king

Alfonso was subsequently elected king on September 14, 791.

On 12 September Stanislas was elected king of Poland by the diet.

After the death of King Michael in 1673, Sobieski was elected king of Poland.

before the king

On 11 and 25 February 1606/7 he preached before the king at Whitehall.

It premiered before the king of Spain and broadcast all over the world.

He soon became a popular preacher, and preached before the king, before the university, and at St. Paul's (Wood, Athenæ Oxon.

great king   (gran Rey)

Similar titles include great king and king of kings.

Airlangga was the last great king of the Mataram kingdom of Java.

Rather,it was presumably , meaning "the great king who rules all under heaven".

high king

"Adhiraja" or "Adiraja" is the comparable term of high king in India.

At the top were the high king, princes, princesses, queens and concubines.

In practice, however, the term "high king" is rarely applied to the "Yang di-Pertuan Agong" (king).

proclaimed king

Iskander is proclaimed king of Epirus and is married to Iduna.

Louis continued to London where he was proclaimed king of England.

Alexander was proclaimed king on the spot by the nobles and army at the age of 20.

legendary king   (rey legendario)

Gilgamesh (disambiguation) Gilgamesh was a legendary king of Uruk.

King Arthur (disambiguation) King Arthur is a legendary king of the Britons.

Urien (disambiguation) Urien is a historical and legendary king in medieval Britain.

king ordered

The king ordered that the book be shredded and burnt in 1660.

The king ordered that the house where the crime was committed was destroyed.

Then the king ordered him to find the ring his oldest daughter had lost in the sea.

reign of king

Niccolò worked at the Angevin Court during the reign of king Robert of Naples.

The cartulary traces the foundation of the "monastery of Saint Peter" in Poljice, near Split on October 11, 1080, during the reign of king Demetrius Zvonimir.

The city itself kept its independence until the reign of king Philip II () despite several Athenian attacks, notably because of the government of Callistratus of Aphidnae.

next king

These policies continued under the next king Casimir IV Jagiellon.

Secondly, the minister Guo Kai was intent on making Zhao Yan the next king.

In 1834 his eldest son, Mohammed Mirza, succeeded Fath Ali Shah as the next king.

king list

According to the Sumerian king list, he reigned after the deluge.

However, the king list is the only information from Assyria for this period.

One local ruler ("shakkanakku") named Zāriqum (who does not appear on any Assyrian king list) is listed as paying tribute to Amar-Sin of Ur.

previous king

The accession of Balitung as king may have caused the previous king's son, Mpu Daksa, to become jealous.

He was initially reluctant as the regent, Oshin of Corycos, was rumored to have poisoned the previous king, and killed Guy's mother and two brothers.

Xiang Li Ju Nuo: Aranya's older half-sister, the daughter of the previous king of the Bi Yi Niao, the current queen in real time, and Xiang Li Meng's mother.

late king

In Panchayat era under the rule of late king Mahendra B.

He worked a "Nayab Badaguruji", appointed by late king Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev.

As king of the Lombards, he tried to reinstate Arianism over the Catholicism of the late king Aripert I.

king did

For this reason, the king didn't allow the parliament to grant him any titles.

Gregory Potemkin presented a marriage proposal, but the king did not support it.

The king did so, and she married him, but on the first night of their marriage, she killed him.

king died

The king died suddenly in August 1272.

The leper king died in April or May 1185, his nephew in late summer of 1186.

The peace treaty was agreed but the king died in Taloqan on his return journey.

became the king

Hae Buru took the throne and became the king of Bukbuyeo.

He became the king of Gagaraungarh.

From then on, Dein and Byat Za became the king's chief ministers and generals.

king sent

The king sent for the priest to marry his daughter to the general.

The king sent him to the States to treat with them on the latter subject.

Finally, the king sent him.

title of king   (título de rey)

The title of king became hereditary under Ottokar I (1198).

Aurora's oldest son, Julio Pinedo, was given the title of king in 1992.

These were likely names given Doo by the traders, who also bestowed on him the title of king ("kine" in Duala).

king gave

The king gave written instructions to the commissioners.

In thanks, the king gave him the barony of Caumont-sur-Garonne.

The king gave him the horse, gold and silver, and all the lives of his sons.

son of king

According to Jain tradition, Dridhaprahara was a son of king Vajrakumara of Dvaraka.

He was a son of king Alaric II and his first wife Theodegotha, daughter of Theoderic the Great.

The temple was constructed in 1655 A.D. by Rautra Vishwanath Babu, a son of king Sidhhi Narsinga Malla.

king then

The cruel king then captured the dead king's queen.

The king then ordered him to break a colt.

He was probably knighted by the king then or shortly after.