independent kingdom   (独立王国)

He was an independent kingdom after the fall of Majapahit.

With the decline of the Sao confederation, Makary was an independent kingdom, one of the Kotoko kingdom city-states.

The independent kingdom of Siam (Thailand) lay between the two colonial powers, and could potentially serve as a buffer.

animal kingdom   (動物界)

Blue whale penis The blue whale has the largest penis in the animal kingdom.

Linnaeus believed that man biologically belongs to the animal kingdom and had to be included in it.

Over 130 species from numerous classes of the animal kingdom call the bank home at least temporarily.

ancient kingdom   (古代王国)

Drumacoo was located in the ancient kingdom of Uí Fiachrach Aidhne.

It is a Historical place being an ancient kingdom of kings of Pal dynasty.

new kingdom   (新しい王国)

The 15th century saw the rise of a new kingdom, Medri Bahri.

He consolidated his authority, established a new kingdom and made peace with Srivijaya.

He established the new kingdom of Cirebon and declared independence from Sunda and Galuh.

own kingdom   (自分の王国)

Henry IV alienated the Church of Rome and many of the magnates in his own kingdom.

The elder son Kanyaza Gyi () ventured south, and in 825 BCE founded his own kingdom in what is today Arakan.

His father, King Afonso IV, believing that the family of Inês was a threat to his own kingdom had her murdered.