Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

knocked down   (sin montar)

The winds knocked down trees and blew debris around.

The tree was knocked down by a truck driver in 1973.

Two people were knocked down by the vehicles.

knocked unconscious   (Golpeado hasta la inconsciencia)

He intervenes and is knocked unconscious.

However Chuck resisted and the pilot was knocked unconscious.

Joe is knocked unconscious by the gangster who flees the room.

knocked off

However, Sabreman will fall to his death if knocked off a precipice.

They fought several times before she was knocked off her horse and be defeated.

He was knocked off a ledge where he is attacked by a larger than normal spider.

before being knocked

in mid-flight before being knocked out by Giant-Man.

She also has proven resilient enough to withstand three of Hyperion's blows before being knocked unconscious.

The 2009 Challenge Cup included a win against Halifax Irish (22–10) before being knocked out against Widnes St Maries (19–24).

then knocked

Harrison then knocked out Matt Ellis in two rounds.

Norm Cash then knocked in an insurance run with a single.

She fired early, grazing Octavia's skull, then knocked out Wonder Woman from behind.