no knowledge   (没有知识)

Tepedino had no knowledge of the event.

Coleman and Ferguson separately claimed to have no knowledge of this.

If He had no knowledge of particulars, He would be subject to constant change.

scientific knowledge   (科学知识)

to explain and promote the further growth of scientific knowledge.

Most often, they were limited by insufficient scientific knowledge.

wonderful examples of industry, based on solid scientific knowledge.

public knowledge   (公共知识)

These works greatly increased the public knowledge and image of the museum.

Though the band uses aliases, many of their names have become public knowledge.

The scheme with the Duke's corpse is successful and the Duke's death becomes public knowledge.

lack of knowledge   (缺少知识)

There is a relative lack of knowledge about bipolar disorder in late life.

They were also pedant and complained about the contestants' lack of knowledge.

The method was crude due to a lack of knowledge about infection and disease among medical practitioners.

knowledge and skills   (知识和技能)

Course provides advanced knowledge and skills in educational management.

The course equips students with core knowledge and skills required for the undergraduate programmes.

The technological knowledge and skills of textile engineers are valued by textile manufacturing companies.

prior knowledge

For one thing, humans often have little prior knowledge to work with.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he had no prior knowledge of Butina.

It allows the teacher to find out the students prior knowledge on a particular topic.

extensive knowledge

He also has extensive knowledge of pressure points.

DJs typically have an extensive knowledge about the music they specialize in.

Shuraih was known for his extensive knowledge of Islamic law and respected for his good judgment.

general knowledge   (基本知识)

Each contestant, in turn, is asked a general knowledge question.

The final round starts out with de Mooi answering ten general knowledge questions.

My Generation (Australian game show) My Generation is a general knowledge trivia show.

knowledge base

The knowledge base represents facts about the world.

The knowledge base represents facts and rules.

The knowledge base was released under the Apache License.

knowledge and experience

He had taste, knowledge and experience".

Through this project she built a wealth knowledge and experience about mounting an exhibition.

The Minangkabaus would leave their homes and travel in search of work, knowledge and experience.

new knowledge

The second part, the inference engine, allows new knowledge to be inferred.

students create new knowledge through the synthesis of interdisciplinary research.

The new knowledge from genomics has overthrown many old assumptions about human origins.

without the knowledge

The film was made without the knowledge or permission of Crumb or Shelton.

Vasanth helps her by keeping her in his room without the knowledge of his parents.

When she was 15, she began taking flying lessons without the knowledge of her parents.

skills and knowledge

Academics, athletics and activities play integral parts in the development of skills and knowledge.

Those who are inclined to productive application of arts, skills and knowledge, prefer the "karma path".

Specialist fabricators possess the skills and knowledge necessary to provide advice and customer service.

common knowledge

Such matters are not common knowledge.

The attribution to François Mansart was common knowledge among contemporaries.

Esposito's connections with known American Mafia members was common knowledge.

medical knowledge

Knight) notices Harris' lack of medical knowledge.

Achilles refused, claiming to have no medical knowledge.

participants in which are often motivated by a desire to improve medical knowledge.

technical knowledge

Abdou visited China to share nuclear technical knowledge since 2007.

The user does not need any technical knowledge of how the implementation works to use the ADT.

The Reward for the placement of this pillar is Knowledge, which is revealed to be technical knowledge.

human knowledge

Encouraging the continuous development and free distribution of human knowledge.

In 1974, the 15th edition adopted a third goal: to systematize all human knowledge.

Skepticism is a position that questions the validity of some or all of human knowledge.

knowledge management

The UN-SPIDER Bonn Office is responsible for UN-SPIDER's knowledge management.

Since 2014 he is professor for knowledge management at the Philipps University of Marburg.

UN-SPIDER's knowledge management activities are accompanied by its awareness-raising efforts.

local knowledge

She offers her local knowledge in exchange for a commission of the robbery.

However, central planners face the local knowledge problem in forming a comprehensive plan for production.

He has lived most of his life in Hong Kong, and his books reflect his extensive local knowledge of the territory.

knowledge and understanding

This presumes knowledge and understanding of rights.

Dive planning is the practical application of theoretical knowledge and understanding.

The aim of the institute is to develop knowledge and understanding of social conditions and processes of change.

all knowledge

It asserts that not all knowledge is gained from experience and the senses.

On his return several years later, this friend denied all knowledge of the transaction.

Epicurus held that the purpose of all knowledge is to aid humans in attaining "ataraxia".

intimate knowledge   (成竹在胸)

He has an intimate knowledge of the workings of the hospital.

There is a sense of an intimate knowledge of the Babylonian brutality in 1:12–17.

Some accused Bloodgood, with his intimate knowledge of the rating system, of rigging their ratings.

without his knowledge

He was nominated without his knowledge.

Brock says the trooper payments were made without his knowledge.

Billy tries to borrow money from his wealthy aunt, who has died without his knowledge.

little knowledge

Prior to coming on board, she had little knowledge of the "Mana" series.

Cecil was a good soldier, but he had little knowledge of nautical matters.

Extremely skilled at his job, he has little knowledge of Western Civilization.

deep knowledge

He gained deep knowledge of Fiqh, or jurisprudence.

Har Karan Kamboh was a great scholar and had deep knowledge of Arabic and Persian languages.

His work also gave him a deep knowledge of different police laws such as the IPC and the CrPC.

practical knowledge

Students learn both hands-on knowledge as well as practical knowledge.

Most students are entering the field for immediate practical knowledge.

The first practical knowledge in glaciology was obtained during ascents.

knowledge of how

To understand this requires knowledge of how lightning 'moves'.

The user does not need any technical knowledge of how the implementation works to use the ADT.

This is because the mask is made to seem as if it has no past and no previous knowledge of how the world works.

knowledge through

The follower obtains knowledge through its leading tutor.

students create new knowledge through the synthesis of interdisciplinary research.

Initiates gained secret knowledge through these rites, likely concerning the afterlife.

body of knowledge

A body of knowledge was there to be learned.

The body of knowledge underlying personal financial planning is becoming increasingly well codified.

Chase commented that since "Madonna is a student of Kabbalah, she requested that we include references to that body of knowledge."

traditional knowledge

Since then, there has been great loss of Lampung traditional knowledge.

Wangoo Baji was a maichou, a learned man well versed in the Meitei traditional knowledge.

George wanted to pass his traditional knowledge on to younger people, and actively did so.

basic knowledge

This program teaches some basic knowledge of Human and Social Sciences.

According to a 2004 survey, two-thirds of Germany's citizens have at least basic knowledge of English.

The program gives a basic knowledge of the research of the Copper Scroll and all the major theories of its interpretation.

good knowledge

He also had a good knowledge of English and Persian.

A good knowledge of the area is required, with weather conditions likely to change very quickly.

Clark concentrated on developing a good knowledge of the local language, their character and medicine.

full knowledge

The Cree syllabary was invented with full knowledge of the Devanagari system.

But it is her father, Wale, who sexually harasses her with the full knowledge of her mother.

English Dominicans sought to gain a full knowledge of Christ through an imitation of His life.

detailed knowledge

The American happened to mention it to a British policeman who found Cream's detailed knowledge of the case suspicious.

Thus, detailed knowledge of the tribosystem can significantly reduce the development effort for machines and lubricants.

In seventeenth century Spain, Lope de Vega, with a detailed knowledge of astronomy, wrote plays that ridicule astrology.

knowledge gained

Using knowledge gained from developing the MINI.

The knowledge gained from this development and testing was used in the design of the Mighty Eagle.

A priori knowledge is often contrasted with posteriori knowledge, which is knowledge gained by experience.

gain knowledge

There are two ways in which animals can gain knowledge.

Students gain knowledge in mathematics, foreign languages, IT, etc.

People gain knowledge of God from the Bible which cannot be gained in any other way.

working knowledge

In doing so he obtained a working knowledge of Anglo-Saxon.

Among his travels, he had been to Rome, and had a working knowledge of Italian.

Ali speaks Kurdish, Arabic, Persian, German, and has a working knowledge of English.

thorough knowledge   (全面的知识)

A trained philologist, Nietzsche had a thorough knowledge of Greek philosophy.

He was a great linguist and had thorough knowledge of Urdu, Persian, Arabic and English.

He acquired a thorough knowledge of the Latin, Greek, French, and English languages, mathematics, and history.

knowledge of what

Ambler evidently had no knowledge of what producing an atomic bomb may involve.

For example, "Is it ever possible to have secure knowledge of what is right and wrong?"

Players place stones on their boards, with no knowledge of what other players are doing.

without knowledge

Many such controller systems operate without knowledge of the external time.

"Booty Call" however was written without knowledge of "Trojan War"'s existence.

Those without knowledge of Irish omitted the dot, spelling the name as "Dublin".

vast knowledge

Ivy's vast knowledge makes her a phenomenally powerful magical being.

She traveled a lot to amass a vast knowledge in the arts of Dance and movement.

The authors of many of the icons had a vast knowledge of iconography schemes of the New Testament.

personal knowledge

Further, contrary to the modern principle of judicial impartiality, it was said that the judges were chosen for their personal knowledge of Nugent.

Given Rivera's personal knowledge of these people, some analysts or critics suggest that his portrayal was evidence of Vidali's and Rivera's involvement in Mella's assassination.

Despite this personal knowledge, Wallace relied on the American Psychiatric Association's categorization of homosexuality as a mental illness rather than his own experience in creating the episode.

experience and knowledge

ensured that he was able to bring practical experience and knowledge to bear on his compositions.

In 1909, Furdoonji went to Edinburgh, Scotland to gain more experience and knowledge in anesthetics.

As such, they brought considerable experience and knowledge of the plant and industry to the effort.

without their knowledge

The band consisted of none of the original members of the band and formed without their knowledge or consent.

The team soon discover that they have been watching a recording and that Sebastian has been escaping without their knowledge.

The site drew the ire of students due to the nature of the work, as pictures were taken of women without their knowledge or consent.

more knowledge

They help the industry gain more knowledge and adopt a holistic point of view towards production and planning.

The workshop elicited a homogenous sense of national pride and desire for more knowledge among her young audience.

Desperate for more knowledge about the game, Kip is eventually led to Janus Borig, a "mirror", who creates new cards for it.

share knowledge

It is very difficult for a contextualist without an explicit goal to construct or share knowledge.

The Places Reading List is a collaborative tool that allows readers to share knowledge and generate content.

This new format “by sport for sport” allowed IFs and sports business to get together, share knowledge and network.

knowledge sharing

The foundation is open to knowledge sharing in helping other entities achieve their environmental goals.

Since 2007, HKRITA started to host the Innovation and Technology Symposium to enhance knowledge sharing.

Learning The Foundation encourages and supports a culture of learning and knowledge sharing between civic voices.

expert knowledge

Macandal has expert knowledge of the nature of the forest, using its herbs and fungi as weapons against the planters.

The concepts of experts and expertise are debated within the field of epistemology under the general heading of expert knowledge.

Harper also had expert knowledge of every department of education as well as business acumen, and he was a very powerful public speaker.

current knowledge

However, current knowledge of the extent and range of these putative regulatory interactions is rudimentary.

They may, for all we know, beyond current knowledge and beyond the wave function, have individual distinguishing properties.

The description of Odell's sighting and the current knowledge indicate Mallory's 5-minute surmounting of the Second Step is unlikely.

knowledge transfer

Their focus was put heavily on the development of a student's entire character rather than mere knowledge transfer.

With the farmers and the government officials focusing on farm productivity and knowledge transfer, India's total food grain production soared.

The centre is collaborating on a number of projects and is providing support for information retrieval and the knowledge transfer activities of the Consortium.

limited knowledge

Contradictions represent the limited knowledge that human beings have.

A variation of the game for children who may have limited knowledge of pie flavors is Easter Eggs.

As the area is generally populated by the Bedouins, who have limited knowledge of the construction trade.

became public knowledge

Since differential cryptanalysis became public knowledge, it has become a basic concern of cipher designers.

In the months following the announcement, the additional terms of Beckham's contract became public knowledge.

None of this became public knowledge in Australia until after the war, when in 1919 the Adelaide press published the story.

knowledge regarding

They also play a role in storing and passing along ancestral knowledge regarding agriculture of the region.

The elders' testimony correctly matched existing scientific knowledge regarding the physiology, diet, range, and behavior .

This laboratory provides practical knowledge regarding the yarn preparing technology; both short staple (cotton) and long staple (jute).

knowledge representation

Gelfond's research interests are in the areas of computational logic and knowledge representation.

The benefits of this explicit knowledge representation were rapid development and ease of maintenance.

Logic is used for knowledge representation and problem solving, but it can be applied to other problems as well.

source of knowledge

Their father's well-stocked library was a source of knowledge.

News is the leading source of knowledge about global affairs for people around the world.

The main character's only source of knowledge is from the books found in her household library.

advance knowledge

It is not known whether the two had advance knowledge of the attacks.

Correctly designed experiments advance knowledge in the natural and social sciences and engineering.

To methodically reduce the average cost, one must use advance knowledge of a) what one will order and b) what the order will cost at various restaurants.