İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

best known   (en iyi bilinen)

The best known general exact algorithm is due to .

The largest, and best known, is Sudbury, Ontario.

She is perhaps best known for her Chanel campaigns.

well known   (iyi bilinen)

Žito was well known as a conjurer and illusionist.

Nock was also well known for his duelling pistols.

Listed below are just some of the well known ones.

became known   (tanındı)

This theory became known as "mobile polarization".

This strike became known as "The Penrhyn Lockout".

They became known as green sheets or spreadsheets.

now known   (şimdi biliniyor)

Its motorcycle brand is now known as BMW Motorrad.

It is now known as the Omar Al-Mukhtar University.

This event is now known as the Sand Creek massacre.

commonly known   (herkesçe bilinen)

This is more commonly known as orbital resonance.

Licence plates are commonly known as number plates.

It was commonly known as the "beer emergency bill".

better known   (Daha iyi bilinen)

This form of parasitism is better known as myiasis.

Thiols are better known than selenols or tellurols.

Wag (company) Wag Labs (better known as simply Wag!)

not known   (bilinmeyen)

The victims were "mainly not known to each other".

The ancient origins of this variety are not known.

It is still not known exactly what dark matter is.

formerly known   (önceden bilinen)

The school was formerly known as "Mallig Academy".

It was formerly known as kurichithanam L.P School.

The township of Kingston was formerly known as 'St.

only known   (sadece bilinen)

This is the only known award that Stables has won.

The Ordeen is currently the only known Salamander.

As of 2015, it was only known from four specimens.

then known   (o zaman bilinir)

The station was then known as Z-100 on the air.

She had been sunk, but it was not then known by whom.

The hundred of Flendish was then known as Flamingdike.

later known

This was later known as the Red Terror in Hungary.

Fisk, later known as the Third Church of Salem.

"Machodoc" was later known as "Mount Pleasant".

widely known   (yaygın bilinen)

He soon became widely known as a popular preacher.

This work led to the field becoming widely known.

Klein is widely known for his work on skepticism.

first known

The first known usage in English appeared in 1819.

It was the first known case of fraud at Bell Labs.

The first known use of the term occurred in 1808.

previously known   (önceden bilinen)

It was also previously known as "Canaseraga Lake".

It was previously known as "Melekess" (until 1972).

The theatre was previously known as Old Opera House.

popularly known   (halk tarafından bilinen)

Webster was popularly known as the "Cowboy Mayor".

This figure is popularly known as "Goenda Shabor".

Guadalajara (popularly known as "Chivas") in 2002.

originally known   (başlangıçta bilinen)

The stream was originally known as Abraham's Creek.

The settlement was originally known as Ferny Creek.

The river was originally known as Stud Horse Creek.

become known   (tanınmak)

He eventually would become known as Emperor Monmu.

Their genre has become known as Bangsian fantasy.

The colony was to become known as "Nueva Germania".

earliest known   (bilinen en eski)

This is the earliest known woolly rhino in Europe.

That arms's earliest known member was Csák Lukács.

The earliest known copy of the text is in Arabic.

sometimes known   (bazen bilinir)

This area is sometimes known as the Dublin Region.

The new village is sometimes known as Alalapadu II.

OPS was formerly sometimes known as "Production."

known only   (sadece bilinen)

The species is known only from its type locality.

Pudens is known only through surviving inscriptions.

It is known only from SGU 104B/2051, a left dentary.

known locally   (yerel olarak bilinen)

The village is also known locally as "The Fishery."

The trio became known locally via radio broadcasts.

This season is known locally as "verano", or summer.

known today   (bugün biliniyor)

This is of course well known today as job queues.

These men are known today as "The Immortal Six."

See it's known today that the human race is nothing.

known simply   (basitçe bilinir)

By the 1850s, it was known simply as Georges Bank.

Until 2006 the club was known simply as "FC Valga".

The town was known simply as San Zenone until 1867.

what is known

The point of exiting is what is known as the stoma.

Langue d'oïl grew into what is known as Old French.

This became what is known as the Estrada's Rebellion.

no known

Epicurus never married and had no known children.

Azawakh have no known incidence of hip dysplasia.

There were no known children from this marriage.

little is known   (çok az şey biliniyor)

Very little is known about the Theocracy of Muntab.

Very little is known about his philosophical views.

About egg laying and development little is known.

perhaps best known   (belki de en iyi bilinen)

She is perhaps best known for her Chanel campaigns.

He was perhaps best known for broadcasting 49 Rose Parades.

He is perhaps best known for serving as the President of the .

area known

Restaurants are popular in the area known as "Le Midi".

It also contains the area known as Palm Bay.

Also, an area known as Camp Cartoon Network opened in 1998.

known for playing   (oynadığı bilinen)

He is best known for playing Michael Myers in "Halloween II".

He is also known for playing the Grandson in "The Princess Bride".

He was known for playing Captain Peacock in "Are You Being Served?"

most known   (en bilinen)

She is most known for her roles in Nazi-era films.

The most known turntablist technique is scratching.

It is one of the most known areas in the suburbs.

most well known   (en iyi bilinen)

It is one of Istanbul's most well known sculptures.

Gold is the most well known of the native metals.

He was most well known for sculpting surgeons' hands.

known professionally   (profesyonelce bilinen)

Tavares was known professionally simply as Flash.

He became known professionally as JS Grimaldi.

He was known professionally as L L Ramsay.

more commonly known

This is more commonly known as orbital resonance.

He was more commonly known as Sam Buss in scorecards.

This demographic is more commonly known as Generation Z elsewhere.

what became known   (ne biliniyordu)

They established what became known as the London Principles.

This plan necessitated what became known as the Wheeler Survey.

He was a member of what became known as the Ľudovít Štúr generation.

officially known   (resmen bilinen)

During the Soviet times, the "selo" was officially known as Bannoye.

Since then the band became officially known as Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz.

Since 1985, the cove has been officially known as Anzac Koyu (Anzac Cove).

otherwise known   (Aksi takdirde bilinir)

Banahaw, Republic Act 9847 otherwise known as Mt.

III, otherwise known as the Lotus 78 which appeared in July 1976.

Derived terms include vaginal flatulence, otherwise known as a "queef".

known species   (bilinen türler)

There are 11 known species of which 2 are fossils.

About 90% of all known species live in freshwater.

It is the only known species in the genus Tonkinomys.

became well known   (tanındı)

and Röövel Ööbik became well known in Finland.

That claim became well known in Romania.

A site which latterly became well known in Baillieston was chosen.

oldest known   (bilinen en eski)

The oldest known site is PP13B at Pinnacle Point.

It is the oldest known recorded track by The Who.

The Rigveda is the oldest known Vedic Sanskrit text.

locally known   (yerel olarak bilinen)

The Kathu are locally known as the White Yi (白彝).

It is locally known as "The Town of Privateers" ().

It was locally known as the Corporation Buses.

collectively known   (topluca bilinir)

These 3 areas are collectively known as Pranburi.

The tests were collectively known as "Dew Point".

These groups are collectively known as Sudanese Arabs.

known for having

Rifbjerg is also known for having been a journalist and critic.

Kaimiņš is known for having a camera with him most of the time.

Parton is known for having undergone considerable plastic surgery.

currently known   (şu anda bilinen)

Few specimens of this species are currently known.

It is currently known as Shaba pictographic script.

The school is currently known as Thorildskolan.

generally known

The program is generally known as the Commerce Court.

These were generally known as "tartan hose".

This is generally known as intercalation.

often known   (sıklıkla bilinir)

Wallace L. Dow Wallace L. Dow, often known as W.L.

Fallis Edward Oscar Fallis, often known as E.O.

Buffer shots are often known as "cheat shots."

last known   (bilinen son)

Dingate is last known to have played in July 1752.

This is the last known location of Touchdown III.

The last known copy was lost during World War II.

later became known

He later became known for his deep baritone voice.

and later became known as Monroe City, Illinois.

It later became known as the ultraviolet catastrophe.

known as   (“olarak bilinir”)

Drivers of the NUTmobile are known as “Peanutters”.

The model is also known as “the R&D game” (Tirole, 1999).

Some of the people living there are known as “Hadhramis”.

group known

In the process, a new group known as RCS was born.

This formed the temporary group known as Hickey-Million.

He was a former representative of the group known as "The Revolt".

today known

The Turrbal clan occupied what is today known as Wilston.

The old Leavitt House is today known as the Bridgeport Inn.

That graveyard is today known as the Edith Ford Cemeteries.

known to exist   (var olduğu biliniyor)

Deposits of copper and platinum are known to exist.

Only 12 examples of "tampan maju" are known to exist.

In real life, no such person is known to exist.

simply known   (basitçe bilinir)

We prefer to be simply known as "Traditionalists.

Later simply known as "Fairfield Hospital", it closed in 1996.

From then on, the Pro Mouse was simply known as "Apple Mouse."

all known

About 90% of all known species live in freshwater.

Discographies are included, listing all known releases.

It contains more than a third of all known acoel species.

mostly known

She is mostly known for her emotional roles.

Rosa Honung is mostly known for the record by Asta Kask.

He is mostly known for his acting in films like "A Wednesday!

usually known

These are usually known as mid-course brake runs.

James Armour James Brown Armour (1841–1928), usually known as J.

Such drugs were usually known as anodynes before the 20th century.

still known   (hala biliniyor)

One of these docks is still known as "Parlby Dock".

Sam Khok is still known for its Mon earthenware jars.

At this point, she was still known by her alias "Annie."

known whether

It is not known whether the film currently survives.

colloquially known   (halk dilinde bilinen)

The target is colloquially known as "The Thug".

The stadium is colloquially known as "The Big House".

It is colloquially known in Syria as () and titled the "City of Jasmine" ( ).

family known   (bilinen aile)

Early documents record the name as Diddsham, presumably for a family known as Did or Didd.

She is from the Majoram Bloodline, which is a family known for their very powerful sorcery.

Ya'qub was born to a family known for its Alid sympathies, and participated in the failed Alid revolt of 762–763.

primarily known   (öncelikle bilinen)

He is primarily known in the house music circuit.

The form "Arentsz" is primarily known as a patronym.

It was primarily known for hosting the tomb of Homer.

little known   (az bilinen)

The little flying squid's biology is little known.

He was little known outside his own country.

Today Devagandhari is a rare, little known, ancient raga.

formally known

It is formally known as , in Fujiidera city near Osaka.

It was formally known as Sheril Mountain.

Rakuten Bank, formally known as Ebank, offers a Visa debit card.

not known whether

It is not known whether the film currently survives.

internationally known   (uluslararası bilinen)

French Polynesia is internationally known for diving.

Iron Grip holds many patents, and is internationally known.

Richard Galliano is an internationally known jazz accordionist.

process known   (bilinen süreç)

through a process known as "Section 106 Review".

The movie was filmed in a process known as "MGM Camera 65".

The grains are now washed in a process known as "sparging".

known throughout

His natural history collections were known throughout Europe.

Santa Fe is known throughout Panama for its natural environment.

Sam is best known throughout the story for her wit and psychism.

particularly known   (özellikle bilinen)

He is particularly known for his ivory sculptures.

She is particularly known for her work on phosphorus.

She was particularly known for her charity activities.

known when   (ne zaman bilinir)

It is not known when it will be released for sale.

It is not known when Æthelberht became a Christian.

It is not known when cacti were first cultivated.

known work   (bilinen iş)

"Patriarcha" remains Filmer's best known work.

His suite in a minor is his only known work.

Her best known work is "Nameplate."

known among   (arasında bilinen)

She became known among the sisters as an organist.

This mountain was not known among the Arabs generally.

The concept was well known among naturalists of the time.

already known   (zaten biliniyor)

Truso was located at territory already known to the Roman Empire and earlier.

Autism is already known to have a male-to-female sex ratio of approximately 5:1.

The house is already known from 1682, when it was owned by Byfoged Mads Christensen.

becoming known

Online applications are now becoming known as "Cloud Apps".

In 2015 the company underwent a rebrand, becoming known simply as brightside.

Prior to becoming known as the Lakers, sports teams were known as the Hornets.

known primarily

He is known primarily through records of his works.

The site is known primarily for its Minoan frescoes.

Proculus is known primarily from inscriptions.

much is known

Not much is known of Kṣemarāja's life or parentage.

Not much is known about this fish's feeding habits.

Not much is known about Itkind's life until 1956.

once known

It was once known as Orange Bay or Baie L'Orange.

The prison was once known as "Framingham State Prison".

Fiji was once known as the "Cannibal Isles".

largest known

Dimensions of largest known shell 101 mm x 102 mm.

The largest known abjad is Sindhi, with 51 letters.

The largest known male specimen measured 45 mm long.

probably best known   (muhtemelen en iyi bilinen)

It is probably best known for hosting concerts, particularly in Hall 4 and Hall 3.

Insh is probably best known as the location of the RSPB Insh Marshes Wildlife Reserve.

Out of these creative years Fredd Wayne developed the role for which he’s probably best known.

known as   (‘olarak bilinir)

He was known as ‘t’in swinger’ on account of his abnormal swerve.

They were known as ‘Motor Sets’.

Before the 19th century, Barlow was usually known as ‘Berlay’ or ‘Barley’.

other known   (bilinen diğer)

There are two other known extant paintings by Hall.

The other known individual was a juvenile female.

The other known sons of Maktoum bin Hasher are Saeed and Hasher.

known works

His known works also include “Zwei Clavierstücke” Op.

Miss Rozee died at age fifty and no known works survive.

These later became her best known works.

what was known

Nicholson had what was known as an "off-the-clock" agreement.

The division retreated into what was known as the Courland Pocket.

It is the only remaining feature of what was known as the Old Baile.

initially known   (başlangıçta bilinen)

She was initially known legally as Maria Karniloff.

The school's sports teams were initially known as the Rebels.

At that time in history it was initially known as "provincialism".

mainly known   (esas olarak bilinen)

Sobekhotep is mainly known from his Theban tomb TT63.

Tarkovsky is mainly known as a film director.

He is mainly known for his work with Disney characters.

known for writing

He was known for writing and producing his own skits.

She is known for writing the book "Tom's Wife" in 2011.

He is best known for writing the courtroom drama "Twelve Angry Men".

lesser known   (az bilinen)

It remains one of the lesser known chronicles today.

The lesser known Belmont House is situated about to the east.

Two lesser known forms are the "tatibin" and the "tampan maju".

known collectively   (topluca bilinir)

They were known collectively as "Miller's Boys".

These were known collectively as extramural schools.

These were known collectively as the Contras.

most widely known   (en çok bilinen)

The most widely known languages may be used, as well as Latin.

Henner's most widely known work is his 1885 painting of Saint Fabiola.

Until the 1950s, the most widely known surfboats were those of Accra, Ghana.

not known when   (ne zaman bilinmiyor)

It is not known when it will be released for sale.

It is not known when Æthelberht became a Christian.

It is not known when cacti were first cultivated.

known through

The will of the creator is known through his religion.

He is primarily known through inscriptions.

The Chinese cosmology is now better known through its export as feng shui.

known for creating   (yarattığı biliniyor)

She is known for creating large and exotic pieces.

He is known for creating Welch's t-test.

He is best known for creating the ABC dramedy series "Desperate Housewives".

known for producing

Edmonton is also known for producing many ball players.

It is best known for producing the Eurovision Song Contest.

The instrument is known for producing a continuous, low pitch.

species are known

Six species are known from Madagascar and Réunion.

Two species are known, "A. prohorovi" and "A. sui".

About 850 species are known from French Guiana.

nothing is known   (hiçbir şey bilinmiyor)

Practically nothing is known about his life or work.

Almost nothing is known about Ibn Isḥaq's life.

Almost nothing is known of his life or legend.

system known

It was based upon Hargrave's gaming system known as Arduin.

species known

It is one of 34 "Pluteus" species known in Mexico.

Elephants are among the species known to use tools.

There is one species known in this genus.

known colloquially   (halk arasında bilinen)

This service is known colloquially as 'The Deerstalker'.

It was also known colloquially as the Old Soldiers Home.

It is also known colloquially by the metonym Chausseestraße.

nationally known   (ulusal olarak bilinen)

The band is statewide and nationally known.

It is one of the most important nationally known in Europe.

The theater became nationally known for its excellent acoustics.

informally known   (gayri resmi olarak bilinen)

The house is still informally known by students as "J's".

They were informally known as West Germany and East Germany.

The whole complex is now informally known as the "old Galeão."

known to occur

They also are known to occur in dry lowland areas.

Sudden and brutal storms are also known to occur.

It is not known to occur as a natural product.

known commonly

It is known commonly as the yellow-legged nomad-bee.

It is known commonly as the Sabah slender skink.

Plants of this genus are known commonly as ladybells.