Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

knows how   (Biết như thế nào)

I swear to God, no one knows how lonely I get.

That's a man who knows how to treat a woman."

"A Spaniard knows how to respect valor, even in an enemy."

knows what   (biết gì)

Simply that nobody knows what the future holds."

But who knows what the future holds for me?

He knows what is to happen and is supportive of Josie Trent.

no one knows   (không ai biết)

I swear to God, no one knows how lonely I get.

It was known to be created in 1899 but no one knows if it was made.

Markets may dry up as no one knows what these securities are really worth.

knows nothing

He says he knows nothing and Judah leaves the house.

Listed as Mark's wife is a travelling companion of which Cassie knows nothing about.

But Maria tells him that she has never seen an artist before, and knows nothing about Anna.

already knows

The reader already knows the Biblical legend and is spared an explicit repetition.

Refusing to back down, Walt insists that Declan already knows his name and demands that he say it.

The animal that survives is the animal that already knows what to fear and how to avoid this threat.

everyone knows

I have aspects that only certain people know about and aspects that everyone knows about.

In a provincial town where everyone knows each other, an extraordinary event is taking place.

These are just a few examples, as everyone knows that construction is impossible in the areas with no roads and no rail transport".

nobody knows   (không ai biết)

Simply that nobody knows what the future holds."

One is that nobody knows anything about what will work.

But nobody knows the truth for certain.

now knows

At the funeral, Leonora now knows whom she chooses to believe.

Since Steven now knows who Serena is, she decides to go back to New York with him.

In her latest letter, Bai Qian said that Dong Hua now knows that Feng Jiu is in the mortal realm.

knows all

This "angel" knows all, even the future sometimes.

"Dm(itri) Pavl(ovich) knows all about it and is helping.

... And the Lord knows all languages".

knows exactly

Men love her and women wish to be exactly like her, and she knows exactly how they feel ("I Know").

They added that Brendan is a "love rat" who used Mary for sex and Bridget knows exactly what her husband is like.

"IGN" said of the film "The Children is a flawlessly mounted horror film that knows exactly how to scare its audience."

knows no

The contemporary world knows no comparison with it.

Venugopal's love for his daughter Ummi knows no bounds.

Naradiya Keertan knows no boundaries.

because he knows   (bởi vì anh ấy biết)

Barnard later wrote, "For a dying man it is not a difficult decision because he knows he is at the end.

Upon learning about their condition, her live-in boyfriend leaves because he knows raising twins with a mental disability will be difficult.

Hakim gave them his permission because he knows that's all they want, but Karim is convinced they are undercover police and kills them both.

what he knows

Eventually he breaks down and reveals what he knows, and Frankie is forced to flee.

He offers to tell what he knows on condition that there is no witness to his treason.

The man who takes his life in his hand and stands up for what he knows to be right will always command the respect of his enemy."