record labels   (レコードレーベル)

Irving had two record labels, Master and Variety.

It does include corporations or record labels.

He has recorded for record labels since the early 1970s.

labels such   (そのようなラベル)

Major labels such as CBS Records provided sponsorship.

High Street labels such as Wallis and Etam are also represented.

As a result, his work appeared on releases by labels such as Aura, Chiswick, Utility, Go!

major labels   (メジャーラベル)

Beck was soon beset with offers to sign with major labels.

Between 1987 and 1994, he recorded seven solo albums, all for major labels.

Boucher reflected on her problems with major labels, "[t]hat's what was so frustrating.

other labels   (他のラベル)

Maphis recorded for Columbia Records and other labels.

He has released several albums on Morr Music and other labels.

Others, such as Gridlock, moved to other labels after the acquisition.

independent labels

Rose left the label in 2015, choosing to self-release and work with independent labels.

These three albums were recorded by small, independent labels not controlled by Fania Records.

Matthews then moved to Austin, Texas and recorded several albums for a series of German independent labels.

major record labels   (メジャーレコードレーベル)

Depswa had generated some significant interest around a number of major record labels.

The group played subsequent showcases for major record labels and landed a spot in the Ars Nova Theater's A.N.T.

In 2001 they showcased their new songs on a demo tape; however, the pair shunned approaches from major record labels.

labels including

He has released works on multiple labels including Dim Mak Records, Mad Decent and OWSLA.

This activity triggered interest from a few major labels including Phonogram/Mercury Records.

As a prolific performer, he recorded for several leading labels including: RCA Victor, Columbia Records and Tico Records.

various labels

They have since been reissued on various labels.

In the 1960s he led his own bands, which also recorded for various labels.

Many of the unreleased works were released by various labels starting in 2013.

independent record labels   (独立したレコードレーベル)

Avex Trax is one of the most successful independent record labels in Japan.

Since the 1980s Eric has released albums on numerous independent record labels.

He is currently signed to the independent record labels Nu World Era Music Group and E1 Music.

music labels

Various remixes have appeared on the SongBird and Black Hole Recordings music labels.

It was released on November 1, 2002, by Canadian music labels Neoblast and Galy Records.

For example, music labels can build brand development according to their own 'aspirational ages'.

different labels

The ensemble would eventually record for thirteen different labels.

Martin & Roberts recorded altogether more than 200 sides on 11 different labels.

It was the EP they sent to many different labels and they got a contract with EMI.