forced labor   (強制労働)

Another term was Zwangsarbeitslager ("forced labor camp").

The death toll of Black African slaves from forced labor was high.

Upon some of them they have imposed forced labor even to this very day.

labor force   (労働力)

Agriculture employs 80% of the nation's labor force.

There were 6,381 residents in the labor force.

Of the city's labor force, 48% are females.

labor unions   (労働組合)

Members of the parliament and labor unions protested.

The city became a stronghold of labor unions and the Democratic Party.

The FSIP resolves disputes between the government and federal labor unions.

labor movement   (労働運動)

A singing labor movement, that was the goal.

In her work, she criticized capitalism and supported the labor movement.

During this period of time, Lucy started working within the labor movement.

child labor   (児童労働)

Pilot projects were formed to monitor child labor.

There were reports in 2011 of forced child labor.

There was no child labor in the modern industrial sector.

labor market   (労働市場)

An estimated 400,000 people enter the labor market each year.

A key one would be a stable labor market with good job training.

Under communism women's participation in the labor market was encouraged.

labor union   (労働組合)

He comes from a family of labor union officials.

The second largest was the CGTG, a rural labor union.

Logue defeated labor union official Mickey Harrington 56%-44%.

slave labor   (奴隷労働)

Portuguese explorers captured the Carijó for slave labor.

Ben-Hur is sentenced to slave labor in a Roman war galley.

However, they are taken prisoner and pressed into slave labor.

hard labor

Prisoners engaged in hard labor were given extra rations.

Lincoln disliked the hard labor associated with farm life.

In 1912, 122 were tried, and 105 sentenced to imprisonment with hard labor.

labor camp

Jews in the Mielec labor camp faced brutal conditions.

Another term was Zwangsarbeitslager ("forced labor camp").

Petrovs was sentenced to ten years in a corrective labor camp.

manual labor   (肉体労働)

It was built "with only basic tools and contracted manual labor."

Those of highest rank in their society do not perform manual labor.

Slave owners preferred low-cost manual labor with no mechanization.

labor camps

status in June 1940 and transferred to labor camps.

By January, 1940, there were labor camps all over Poland.

Many more died during the harsh years in exile and in labor camps.

division of labor

The economy grows as division of labor increases productivity of laborers.

Among the rest of the population, male/female division of labor is not very pronounced.

Urbanization increased as the population grew and as the division of labor grew more complex.

labor law

This effort did not lead to proposal of labor law.

Increasingly, corporate law has converged with labor law.

See also US labor law and .

organized labor

Menard has a pronounced hostility towards organized labor.

In 2008, he again ran for the State Senate with the support of organized labor.

He received high ratings from organized labor and the Americans for Democratic Action.

labor laws

She also lobbied for child labor laws and compulsory school attendance legislation.

It describes its mission as promoting adherence to international and national labor laws.

Myca and Renee were being paid under the table to circumvent California's child labor laws.

labor leader

Gary LaBarbera Gary LaBarbera is an American labor leader.

Mary Thomas (labor leader) Mary Thomas, known as Queen Mary, (ca.

Her union work earned her the respect and friendship of labor leader Harry Bridges.

labor costs

they are part of the labor costs.

Non-availability of laborers and escalating labor costs are aggravating the situation.

Fault discovery requires diagnostic maintenance, which requires system down time and labor costs.

labor relations

In 1982 she was awarded a BA in Industrial and labor relations from Cornell University.

As of 1961, Hilkene was working as a labor relations executive with a Detroit automotive firm.

Krulak also holds a master's degree in labor relations from George Washington University (1973).

labor rights

It was the first national document of labor rights.

In 2018 Matt Conn was accused of labor rights violations.

Robinson worked for labor rights in a variety of capacities.

labor disputes

As archbishop, Hanna was often tasked with helping resolve labor disputes.

Arbitration may be used as a means of resolving labor disputes, an alternative to strikes and lockouts .

Governments have relied on arbitration to resolve particularly large labor disputes, such as the Coal Strike of 1902.

labor dispute

It moved from Cleveland to Oberlin, Ohio in 1982 after a labor dispute.

The protest would continue to last for almost a month marking UNC's first serious labor dispute.

In 1972, an internal labor dispute led to the creation of the "Green Bay News-Chronicle" by striking workers.

labor leaders

George Hardy despised Republicans and labor leaders who supported them.

Canwell felt that the turmoil was "created by professional radicals who were, in general, Communists and Communist-trained labor leaders."

During these years he set up a committee of labor union leaders to support Democrats and wean labor leaders away from the Republican Party.

labor organizations

Columbus was also a popular location for labor organizations.

Hushi's actions caused a great increase in the number or workers who were associated with different labor organizations.

During the 1880s and 1890s, Chicago had a powerful radical tradition with large and highly organized socialist, anarchist and labor organizations.

cheap labor   (安い労働力)

Many undocumented immigrants from Peru are recruited by employers in Chile to serve as a source of cheap labor.

The low cost of natural gas and cheap labor supply during the Great Depression helped to fuel the company's early beginnings.

Exploited as cheap labor or imprisoned for unruly behavior, Bosco saw the need of creating a space where they would feel at home.

labor practices

In Austria, efficient labor practices led to a similar period of economic growth.

It prohibited unfair labor practices such as discrimination against union members.

Contractualization is one of the most controversial labor practices in the Philippines.

labor markets

He also published several books on issues related to education, labor markets and income distribution.

Due to its low cost and practical use, its potential to change unemployment in labor markets is very high.

Finally, in 1889, he left Trinidad again for the United States, seeking for broad and various labor markets.

skilled labor

The retirement of members of the aging workforce could possibly result in the shortage of skilled labor in the future.

As the canal progressed, the crews and engineers working on the project developed expertise and became a skilled labor force.

It provides highly skilled labor for the local knowledge economy and is a knowledge and research partner for technology companies in the area.

labor issues

Carnegie was a frequent contributor to periodicals on labor issues.

These cases ranged from involving city and urban issues, labor issues and family issues.

Koch included Margolis in City Hall strategy sessions and consulted with him on budget, economic development and labor issues.

labor organizer

At Mills College, Young participated as labor organizer in a successful adjunct unionization campaign.

Healey became a successful labor organizer and rose to become the chair of the CPUSA in Southern California.

In 1979 Marian Kramer married General Gordon Baker Jr (1941-2014†), a prominent labor organizer and activist.

physical labor

His stepmother acknowledged he did not enjoy "physical labor", but loved to read.

This work includes physical labor such as washing dishes, doing laundry, vacuuming, etc.

Katie's hands grow rough as she performs physical labor while Johnny's hands remain smooth and he wears expensive clothing.

labor unrest   (労働不安)

For his master's degree thesis, he wrote a study of labor unrest in Thailand.

In the mid-1970s, the Mobile yard closed due to declining business and labor unrest.

The event was held in honor of the Haymarket martyrs of Chicago, who were killed in labor unrest.

unfair labor   (不当労働)

It prohibited unfair labor practices such as discrimination against union members.

CUPE 3903 subsequently filed an unfair labor practices complaint with the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

Also this year the city fired it's city manager by a vote of 4-3 Carlos Martinez citing "unfair labor practices" and the ire of the city's unions.

free labor   (自由労働)

Countless hours of free labor were given to the new venture.

He argued that free labor and free markets enriched the strong while crushing the weak.

Chiwu challenged Dong Hua to fights regularly, but is often tricked by him into free labor instead.