forced labour   (強制労働)

There she was subjected to torture and forced labour.

Luvualu was sentenced to forced labour.

These concessions used forced labour of the Africans to make a profit.

labour movement   (労働運動)

From then on his life was with the labour movement.

The majority of the Finnish labour movement supported Finland's independence.

Since then, the UNEF has considered itself to be a part of the labour movement.

labour market   (労働市場)

Active labour market policies are important.

between employment, unemployment, exit from the labour market, etc.)

The Danish labour market is infused with a high degree of job mobility.

labour force   (労働力)

About 20.1% of labour force is involved in industry.

In 2015, the total labour force in Berlin was 1.85 million.

The labour force only includes workers actively looking for jobs.

hard labour   (重労働)

This time, he was sentenced to three months' hard labour.

He was sentenced with 10 years of hard labour in GULAG camp.

Both defendants were found guilty and sentenced to hard labour.

child labour

School attendance in Cameroon is also affected by child labour.

There is also a controversial, yet wide use of child labour in Pakistan.

It wanted to end child labour and night shifts and reduce the working day to eight hours.

labour law

The plan contributed in creating a passive labour law.

The scope of Japanese labour law is defined by the Japanese Civil Code.

With this, the 1990 labour law was pro-labour and expensive to administer.

manual labour   (肉体労働)

They performed manual labour in the rubber plantations.

Maritime transportation was via manual labour such as canoe or wind on sail.

Even while engaged in manual labour he never relaxed in his application to prayer.

slave labour

It provided slave labour to local industry.

In France, they were used as slave labour on farms and in factories.

However he was required to ignore the use of slave labour in the Soviet gold mines.

labour camp

Gajdel's parents met in a German labour camp during the Second World War.

He was interned in a labour camp for Jews in Macedonia, but escaped from it.

He was unable to write for the next two decades, and spent time under brutal conditions in a labour camp.

division of labour

A larger scale allows for a more efficient division of labour.

Additionally, Marx argued that the division of labour creates less-skilled workers.

A division of labour has been established between the ECB and national supervisors.

labour unions   (労働組合)

Numerous labour unions in Canada opposed Motion 312.

Some labour unions stopped work in solidarity with the demonstrators.

Under colonial law, black Angolans were forbidden from forming political parties or labour unions.

labour camps

The labour needed for its construction was supplied by several labour camps around the works.

4000 Jewish residents were sent to death camps and killed; 4000 more were sent to labour camps.

At one point, every third Albanian had either been interrogated by the Sigurimi or incarcerated in labour camps.

convict labour   (囚人労働)

Between 1864 and 1867 a penal establishment was also built with convict labour on the northern side of Ross Island.

Over 2,000 men were required and had to be billeted in old ships which had not been required since convict labour was abandoned.

Governor George Gipps supported Barney and with the aid of convict labour the preparing of the ground for the guns was begun in 1840.

labour laws

Until 1980s, labour laws were stringent to appease the unions.

The revisions were the first overhaul of Alberta's labour laws in three decades.

KiK claimed to control enforcement of labour laws and security standards of its suppliers.

labour union   (労働組合)

For the two years following, he served as president of a labour union (CUPE local.)

In May 1954 he became assistant treasurer of the Association du Personnel Indigene de la Colonie labour union.

He settled in Faro, Yukon, working in the local mines and rising to become a leader in the labour union local.

labour costs

Macdonald ceded to Onderdonk, due to the savings in labour costs.

The main cause of this expense was high labour costs, though the rarity of building-quality limestone also contributed.

In secret, it had applied to the Canada Labour Board for permission to cut labour costs by 30% by closing its Royal division immediately.

labour relations

Miranui had much better labour relations than the other mills.

She developed an interest in labour relations and published at least one book on the subject.

u The comprehensive Labour Law covers all labour relations in Iran, including hiring of local and foreign staff.

labour rights

He is a proponent of increased labour rights and the expansion of French welfare programmes.

Mexico restricts the labour rights of Article 8 within the context of its constitution and laws.

However, unlike Voz Plural, Nova Esperança concentrates on issues of labour rights and social issues.

cheap labour   (安価な労働力)

The main stimulus for the economy should not be cheap labour, but high income levels.

Some German companies established factories in the area to make use of the cheap labour.

These companies also benefit from a cheap labour force, with a monthly salary of around 35 euros.