İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

due to lack   (yokluk sebebiyle)

NB: Results are incomplete due to lack of sources.

Dates are approximate due to lack of documentation.

In 2005 the event was suspended due to lack of funds.

lack of evidence   (kanıt eksikliği)

Subsequently, Deeb was released for lack of evidence.

The charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence.

Counts 1 and 4 were soon dropped due to lack of evidence.

lack of funds   (fon eksikliği)

In 2005 the event was suspended due to lack of funds.

These works were interrupted in 1782 for lack of funds.

In 1989 renovation was stopped due to the lack of funds.

lack of funding   (fon eksikliği)

It was completely abandoned due to a lack of funding.

The project did not materialize due to lack of funding.

VFR folded in 2002 due to a lack of funding.

lack of interest   (ilgi eksikliği)

But lack of interest from the ROCAF eventually killed the program.

He feigns a lack of interest; there is an underlying tension in their relationship.

Those who spoke with Karmal during this period noted his lack of interest in politics.

lack of support   (destek eksikliği)

It was based on the lack of support and help in Africa.

Another problem is lack of support for law enforcement involvement in the problem.

However, due to lack of support, this coalition government did not complete its five-year term.

lack of success   (başarı eksikliği)

He blames God (Amitabh Bachchan) for this lack of success.

So was his usual lack of success.

Hughes would have a similar lack of success at other state Labor organisations.

lack of knowledge   (bilgi eksikliği)

There is a relative lack of knowledge about bipolar disorder in late life.

They were also pedant and complained about the contestants' lack of knowledge.

The method was crude due to a lack of knowledge about infection and disease among medical practitioners.

lack of experience   (Tecrübe eksikliği)

This lack of experience working together resulted in some awkward moments.

Complaints against Stilwell emphasized his supposed lack of experience and maturity.

Despite his lack of experience, Claudius proved to be an able and efficient administrator.

lack of resources   (kaynak yetersizliği)

This lack of resources is directly linked to ethnicity and race.

The entire operation was characterized by a lack of resources and experience.

The tourism industry has not yet been developed because of the lack of resources.

because of lack   (eksiklik yüzünden)

Many native species were lost because of lack of woodland support.

Liturgical life was suffering because of lack of instruction for the novices.

Advanced students often find themselves excluded from masterclasses because of lack of funds.

lack of access   (Erişim eksikliği)

Their first public action in 1976 was to protest the lack of access to contraception.

The lack of access to fire meant that people were unable to cook during the festival.

In addition, a lack of access to effective contraception contributes to unsafe abortion.

complete lack   (tam eksiklik)

By 1898, Reeves had lost momentum and was discouraged, probably by the almost complete lack of sales.

Nevertheless, there is a "complete lack of consensus" among scholars about the structure of Revelation.

This pompous boy's complete lack of leadership skills is obvious to everyone, that is, except Lucson himself.

lack thereof   (bunların eksikliği)

Most syndrome types revolved around menstruation, or lack thereof.

He performed a study on the efficacy or lack thereof of the SEC Circuit Breakers.

Reviewers, and fans alike, agree the season's downfall was the ending, or its lack thereof.

lack of progress   (ilerleme eksikliği)

Chopra's letter revealed that the stated reason for his dismissal was his "total lack of progress" in a current project.

Lyell inaccurately portrayed Lamarckism as a response to the fossil record, and said it was falsified by a lack of progress.

In May 1976 Cold Chisel relocated to Melbourne, but "frustrated by their lack of progress," they moved on to Sydney in November.

lack of money   (para eksikliği)

Due to a lack of money, the platform was made only 80 metres long.

During this period, Charles's policies were determined by his lack of money.

Scott has ambitious ideas, but he’s crippled by a lack of money — and talent."

lack of space   (alan yetersizliği)

Due to the modifications there were also changes in the places of each gear as a result of lack of space.

Due to the lack of space, in 1963, according to Kuusik's project, the building got an extra floor on top.

In the meanwhile, Pey also came to the same place as all the three preferred to stand because of lack of space.

lack of water   (su eksikliği)

The Israelites blame Moses for the lack of water.

Pintwater Range was figuratively named due to a lack of water.

He also noted that a lack of water crippled the town's growth.

perceived lack   (algılanan eksiklik)

Throughout the mid-1920s and 1930s, NAWPS faced criticism for its perceived lack of innovation.

The key component in obtaining Diego Garcia was the perceived lack of a native population on the island.

Subsequently, a group called Save SD Pride was formed as a response to a perceived lack of transparency.

lack of proper   (uygun olmaması)

The lady dies due to lack of proper treatment.

The lack of proper natural history makes it hard to determine population density and size.

Newborn babies are troubled by lack of proper functions, such as communicating and socializing.

lack of transparency   (şeffaflık eksikliği)

Regulators turned a blind eye to a lack of transparency and to conflicts of interest."

They also cited Parent Revolution's lack of transparency and apparently top-down organization.

Greenberg accused the board of fiscal mismanagement and a lack of transparency in its dealings.

lack of information   (bilgi eksikliği)

His existence is open to debate given this lack of information.

In 2014, the encyclopaedia Delachaux and Niestlé underlines the lack of information about this breed, presumed "very rare".

Rather than a flaw in character, error, in Oedipus' case based upon lack of information, is the more complete interpretation.

general lack   (genel eksiklik)

There is also a general lack of growth.

There is a general lack of facilities, equipment, qualified teachers, textbooks and other resources.

Besides general lack of results, critics of school vouchers argue that vouchers will lead to segregation.

relative lack   (göreceli eksiklik)

There is a relative lack of knowledge about bipolar disorder in late life.

This may account for the relative lack of use of transdermal or topical estriol.

However, the KR175's excellent road manners and relative lack of width made it a good city commuter.

lack of understanding   (anlayışsızlık)

He said there was a lack of understanding of the magnitude of the disaster.

In spite of the lack of understanding, the writing's rumor is transmitted generation to generation .

Since the 1800s salt marshes have been disturbed due to development and a lack of understanding their importance.

lack of food   (yiyecek eksikliği)

Due to the lack of food many people starved to death.

Most of the victims died en route due to lack of food or water.

With lack of food and medicines, her children suffered malnutrition.

despite the lack   (eksikliğe rağmen)

In 1949, night flying was added to the curriculum, despite the lack of radar equipment.

Australian Quakers are prepared to celebrate same-sex marriages despite the lack of legal recognition.

Anthony Birley notes, despite the lack of records on Terentianus' origins, "study of the distribution of QQ.

lack of adequate   (yeterli eksikliği)

A great hindrance to Burundi's economic development is lack of adequate transportation.

Hornsey remained rural until around 1880, probably because of the lack of adequate sewerage.

However, his early studies were constrained by the lack of adequate literature, and were mostly restricted to Early Buddhism.

apparent lack   (belirgin eksiklik)

There is an apparent lack of representation for lesbians and transgender people.

The logo received criticism for an apparent lack of creativity and design interest.

Their apparent lack of obedience to the ordinary laws of celestial motion gives credence."

lack of financial   (finansal eksiklik)

The researches were therefore influenced due to the lack of financial support.

Nevertheless, it is compromised by a lack of financial services and investment.

Its short-term activities could not be continued due to the lack of financial support.

lack of confidence   (güven eksikliği)

Simran refused the offer due to lack of confidence in the script.

Due to his background, he always feels the pressure of high expectations, and suffers from a lack of confidence as a result.

Additionally, the faculty senate of UVA passed a resolution supporting Sullivan and expressing a lack of confidence in Dragas.

lack of sufficient   (yeterli eksikliği)

A UL has not been set due to the lack of sufficient data.

The lack of sufficient classrooms had stood in the way of Government assistance.

She has shown that lack of sufficient nutrients is an important cause of infertility.

lack of education   (eğitimsizlik)

To combat the lack of education due to the absence of books.

Joab spoke out about the issue, blaming the racism on a "lack of education".

lack of political   (politik eksiklik)

Hawke labelled as 'absurd' the lack of political will to fix the problem.

But the widespread distrust of politicians and lack of political involvement by many residents complicated this process.

Another issue is a lack of political will, and lack of funding to support land reclamation and anti-desertification programs.

lack of available   (mevcut olmaması)

One of the main reasons for this is the lack of available homes to live in.

A 2012 systematic review found there is a lack of available cost-effectiveness evidence in TCM.

The construction of railways by the State became blocked in 1854, owing to the lack of available funds.

lack of maintenance   (bakım eksikliği)

A front-end for CHILL was dropped due to a lack of maintenance.

Costa Rica's infrastructure has suffered from a lack of maintenance and new investment.

Many older residents left their houses, causing many of them to have a lack of maintenance.

lack of public   (kamu eksikliği)

The magazine folded in 1937 due to a lack of public interest.

Krosnick's view was that scientists were finding this lack of public concern a problem.

The dominance of Chevrolet over Ford models was causing a lack of public interest and sponsors.

citing a lack   (bir eksikliği belirtmek)

Earnhardt departed RCR at the end of the season, citing a lack of chemistry.

Yeo retired from competitive badminton in 2014, citing a lack of passion and drive.

In 2013, a judge dismissed the charges against the pair, citing a lack of evidence.

criticized the lack   (eksikliği eleştirdi)

They also criticized the lack of any 3D effects in the graphics.

They also criticized the lack of polish in the gameplay and controls.

He also criticized the lack of realism in the relationship between Phoenix and Johansson's characters.

lack of respect   (saygısızlık)

Lewis begins to treat Florence with increasing disdain and lack of respect.

Those who disregard this counsel show a lack of respect for themselves and for God."

[...] I'm very proud of what we did, but also very saddened by the almost the sense of lack of respect," he continued.

lack of time   (zaman eksikliği)

However, due to lack of time and resources, that part of the plan was scrapped.

Sound design was one aspect that Yamauchi believed was compromised due to a lack of time.

He often laments the lack of time he has to spend with , who he is romantically attracted to.

lack of communication   (iletişim eksikliği)

Paula's husband, whose relationship is strained due to lack of communication.

During his tenure as Minister, he was criticized for his lack of communication.

Complaints were made of a lack of communication from SWR, a lack of heating and toilet facilities.

lack of control   (kontrol eksikliği)

However ice jacking is unfeasible due to the lack of control over it.

She explains that the wizards heard about her lack of control and kidnapped her.

Batters found the combination of extreme velocity and lack of control intimidating.

lack of action   (hareket eksikliği)

on the lack of action by politicians funded by the NRA.

A bishop condemned the lack of action by the government.

Ben-Gurion even kept silent in face of the accusations about his lack of action.

lack of oxygen   (oksijen eksikliği)

The lack of oxygen is then the cause of death.

Sarah is overcome by lack of oxygen.

Fish unable to leave the dead zone in time will die because of the lack of oxygen.

total lack   (toplam eksiklik)

His report was overwhelmingly critical of the French army, which demonstrated a total lack of organization.

Her only consolation has been Rafael’s total lack of interest in establishing a serious relationship with anyone.

There is a total lack of coordination, which means we are not launching simultaneous offensives on different fronts.

lack of attention   (dikkat dağınıklığı)

His sexual indiscretions and lack of attention to her has alienated his wife Alice (Margaret Leighton).

Consequently, the genre has suffered from what some industry experts lament as a lack of attention and precision.

Couch noted that there is a general lack of attention to sequential order by naturalistic observers in their reports.

lack of formal   (resmi eksiklik)

Despite his lack of formal education and inadequate writing skills, Kassák fought fiercely to publish his works.

Despite his lack of formal qualifications, Ampère was appointed a professor of mathematics at the school in 1809.

His father, despite his own lack of formal education, stressed the value of literature and encouraged his sons to write.

lack of supplies   (malzeme eksikliği)

Due to the lack of supplies, Lee was forced to withdraw from Alabama to northern Georgia.

The Allied advance slowed due to German resistance and the lack of supplies (especially fuel).

It was the year that ushered in high inflation, unemployment and lack of supplies of essential commodities.

lack of suitable   (uygun olmaması)

Despite the limitation imposed by a lack of suitable engines, the fighter remained a relatively compact and balanced design.

Campbell also made an attempt in the summer of 1957 at Canandaigua, New York, which failed due to lack of suitable calm water conditions.

After the success of "Gone with the Wind", Rhett left Hollywood and returned to South Carolina and retired from filmmaking in 1941, citing a lack of suitable roles.

lack of promotion   (terfi eksikliği)

However this could partly be due to the lack of promotion.

The album however did not fare well, due to lack of promotion.

Hard rock acts such as Los Suaves or Barricada emerged with lack of promotion.

lack of originality   (özgünlük eksikliği)

It received praise for general composition and musicianship but received criticism for a lack of originality.

The label of "formula fiction" is used in literary criticism as a mild pejorative to imply lack of originality.

Yoshida criticizes the lack of originality in the film and says that casting Garner is not enough to change that.

lack of social   (sosyal eksiklik)

Other factors linked with dysthymia include stress, social isolation, and lack of social support.

It was modified in the 1980s in an attempt to reduce the problems of lack of social and academic continuity.

This gap has increased, rather than decreased, over the past few decades due in part to a lack of social mobility.

lack of discipline   (disiplin eksikliği)

Farrell later admitted to media that England's lack of discipline cost them the test.

Manager Micky Adams promised to punish Thompson in some way for his lack of discipline.

Off the pitch, however, he did at times draw criticism in the media for his lack of discipline.

lack of awareness   (Farkındalık eksikliği)

"Vanity Fair" called Carson's claimed lack of awareness of the purchase "truly amazing".

Neuroscientists are only just starting to do more research into this lack of awareness and keeping time.

Content awareness is differentiated from source awareness by the lack of awareness about the attitude, rather than simply its origin.

lack of coordination   (Koordinasyon eksikliği)

The lack of coordination between different areas, however, continued.

This lack of coordination led to a number of tragic incidents, creating bitterness within Milorg.

There is a total lack of coordination, which means we are not launching simultaneous offensives on different fronts.

often lack   (genellikle eksik)

There is often lack in growth and muscle tone as the child develops.

Authoritarian countries often lack PII gathering protection for citizens.

Since amateurs often lack formal training, some amateur work may be considered sub-par.

lack of sponsorship   (sponsorluk eksikliği)

Due to lack of sponsorship, Roush shut down the No.

His reason for not competing was "lack of sponsorship."

Kwasniewski did not return to the team due to lack of sponsorship.

citing lack   (eksiklik nedeniyle)

Joubert left Simond following the 2009 Worlds, citing lack of trust.

On August 4, 2009, the case was rejected by the court, citing lack of evidence.

In May 2015, he stepped down as Hong Kong's captain citing lack of form as his main reason.

lack of power   (güç eksikliği)

In the bottom of the second, Dodger speed made up for what seemed a lack of power.

Out-boxers are known for being extremely quick on their feet, which often makes up for a lack of power.

Coupled with damage to the underground drainage system and lack of power to drive the pumps, many of the various mines flooded.

lack of training   (eğitim eksikliği)

Some Aikido practitioners feel that lack of training in these areas leads to an overall loss of effectiveness.

Given the lack of training institutions until late 1945 (with the foundation of the Indonesian Military Academy).

The feeling of inferiority might be heightened by lack of training or the sense that there is too much to overcome.

lack of trust   (güven eksikliği)

Joubert left Simond following the 2009 Worlds, citing lack of trust.

Help my lack of trust!"".

Citing a lack of trust, Union dissolved the player's contract on 4 March 2009.

lack of enthusiasm   (coşku eksikliği)

Suggested alterations to sonar were met with a lack of enthusiasm.

At the same time there was a lack of enthusiasm in the country sector for Nashville-produced music.

lack of demand   (talep eksikliği)

Due to a lack of demand it is unlikely these will be constructed.

After only two years, however, the line was discontinued due to "lack of demand".

Freight operations continued until February 1960, when it was also abandoned due to lack of demand.

lack of infrastructure   (altyapı eksikliği)

There were significant bottlenecks created by lack of infrastructure and red tape.

The tourist industry is present but has been hampered by a lack of infrastructure.

Due to limited accommodation, lack of infrastructure, pollution and other factors, tourism has been slow to take off in Xinzheng.

lack of good   (iyi eksikliği)

But the lack of good playing grounds drive them to travel sometime 2 km to have their games.

By the year of her marriage, Bampton was feeling highly frustrated with her lack of good roles at the Met.

labour can threaten a strike, because of the lack of good alternative human capital; but equally the firm can threaten to fire).

lack of development   (gelişme eksikliği)

Frustrated with the lack of development, Brian Hart left Arrows.

Social consequences or lack of development in resource rich areas is common.

Despite lack of development for over a decade, Ability Plus 3.0, the last version, will still run quite happily under a Windows 7 command prompt.

lack of clarity   (Net değil, netlik yok, netliğin olmaması)

There is a lack of clarity on the origins of cocktails.

This lack of clarity can lead to inappropriate litigation.

The rest of the participants described ambiguity or lack of clarity about codes of conduct.

lack of focus   (odak eksikliği)

Casey duels with Bennett, who taunts him over his lack of focus and calm.

The reason for Robot's lack of focus was soon revealed; Robot was not, after all, a robot.

High openness can be perceived as unpredictability or lack of focus, and more likely to engage in risky behavior or drug-taking.

despite a lack   (eksikliğe rağmen)

They are accepted due to their unorthodox interview answers, despite a lack of relevant experience.

On 15 July 1919, the company flew a proving flight across the English Channel, despite a lack of support from the British government.

Marlowe's daughter (Elaine May) takes a romantic interest in David, who perseveres despite a lack of acting talent and the hostility of Marlowe.

lack of commercial   (ticari eksiklik)

Despite the albums lack of commercial success, Green Light was well received by critics.

The styling and colour schemes may be equally to blame for the lack of commercial success.

Due to the lack of commercial success Kersting then decided to work as a record producer only.

lack of fuel   (yakıt eksikliği)

Regardless, a critical lack of fuel kept naval activities to a minimum.

An additional advantage of the diesel engine is the lack of fuel during the compression stroke.

Allied counter-attacks soon forced back the Germans, who abandoned much equipment for lack of fuel.

lack of playing   (oynama eksikliği)

Due to the lack of playing time, he moved to fellow league club C.D.

This was short lived due to lack of playing time and he later joined Bishops Stortford.

He criticized Curtis for his overdribbling and trash-talking, and lamented Lee's lack of playing time.

lack of commitment   (taahhüt eksikliği)

Despairing at Nick's lack of commitment, her problems worsen when she learns that she is pregnant in August.

Even when the issue was decided, Bogart's portrayal was hampered by marital difficulties and a lack of commitment to the project.

As of September 24, 2006, Khanate split up, with Plotkin stating that the "lack of commitment from certain members" led to the split.

lack of investment   (yatırım eksikliği)

The railways entered a slow decline owing to a lack of investment and changes in transport policy and lifestyles.

The lack of investment and the turmoit and caos in British Leyland, means the engine will never reach production.

Cultural stratification, neglect and lack of investment by the Mexican federal government has exacerbated this problem.

lack of depth   (derinlik eksikliği)

Lester attributed Maryland's football woes to the turnover at head coach and lack of depth because of recruitment shortcomings.

The novel was criticized for the large number of characters and their lack of depth, a complaint that continued throughout Fearing's fiction career.

On the morning of 24 January, "Queen" arrived at the site of the wreck, but was unable to approach due to the severity of the weather and lack of depth charts.

lack of ability   (yetenek eksikliği)

Disability is the lack of ability to perform physical daily activities.

The lack of appropriate simulators contributed to the crew’s lack of ability.

Unwillingness and lack of ability are intertwined considering most individuals are unaware that these attitudes even exist.

lack of physical   (fiziksel eksiklik)

With lack of physical presence, collaboration is still possible.

Owing to his increasing weight and lack of physical fitness, he found batting much harder.

He has also been criticized in the media for his lack of physical attributes and the overall inconsistency of his performances.

lack of government   (hükümet eksikliği)

However, overall, there is a lack of government support for individuals with disabilities.

He was not successful in part due to the lack of government centralization in Iran during the era.

This case led to public outcry and debate on the lack of government tolerance and in support of freedom of expression.

lack of opportunities   (fırsat eksikliği)

However, due to the lack of opportunities in the middle of 2007, Estévez abandoned the club, and became a Free agent.

He then joined Swindon Town a few weeks later until the end of the season but was recalled after lack of opportunities at Swindon.

In May 2012, claiming lack of opportunities, Mithyuê decided to switch back to futsal and is looking for a friendly termination of his contract with Grêmio.

through lack   (eksiklik yoluyla)

This has been suggested impossible because the text is blurred out through lack of visual resolution.

In 2007 a scheme for college redevelopment on West Street was abandoned through lack of usable space.

Enver Pasha rejected the offer, and the evacuation of the wounded was severely hampered through lack of transport.

lack of new   (yeni eksiklik)

To be honest I think there’s a lack of new bands in this genre.

The gateway was a major design element of an Olympiad noted for its lack of new construction.

"Destructoid" gave the game a "mediocre" score of 5 out of 10, citing a lack of new careers and public lots.

despite his lack   (eksikliğine rağmen)

After the match, Tiendalli stated his intent to stay at Swansea despite his lack of first-team opportunities.

He is followed by Mississippi who also wishes to help, despite his lack of experience and terrible aim with a gun.

In 1951, despite his lack of formal education, he was accepted as a student by the University of Chicago on the basis of his poems.

lack of quality   (kalite eksikliği)

The lack of quality food angered braceros all over the U.S..

The learning score is low because of lack of quality teachers and no proper formal teacher training.

According to an editorial by "The Boston Globe", the cheating exposes a lack of quality in Government 1310.

lack of diversity   (çeşitlilik eksikliği)

This segregation creates lack of diversity in the schools in this area.

Foreign and local observers have lamented the lack of diversity in the Gabonese economy.

Therefore, lack of diversity within Greek Life organizations remains relatively unchanged.

lack of cooperation   (işbirliği eksikliği)

Part of the problem was lack of cooperation between Laferrière and General Crisot of the 19th Army Corps.

Sir James's use of his small navy was always determined and skillful, but he was hampered by a lack of cooperation from the British army.

He then asks Alice for a match, but when she doesn't have any, Dodo complains about the lack of cooperation and uses his pipe to light the fire.