around the lake   (湖の周り)

There are also 17 little ponds around the lake.

The outer loop trail around the lake is 10.3 miles long.

This is due to the soft clay in the soil around the lake.

artificial lake   (人工湖)

A nearby artificial lake is used for water skiing.

MGM turned title to the artificial lake over to Cinecittà.

The lake covers and is the largest artificial lake in Asia.

small lake   (小さな湖)

A small lake is situated considerably to the north.

Its grounds covered and included a small lake.

A "wiel" is a pool or small lake formed by a dyke breach.

largest lake   (最大の湖)

The largest lake, Khalti, is famous for its trout.

At , it is the largest lake in Connecticut.

Its largest lake, Saimaa, is the fourth largest in Europe.

lake located   (ある湖)

Round Lake is the smaller lake located west of Green Lake.

It also includes the Husemersee a lake located in the municipality.

The lake located in the forest park contains brown trout and rainbow trout.

freshwater lake   (淡水湖)

To its south is Victoria's largest freshwater lake, Lake Hindmarsh.

The freshwater lake covers and is long and wide; its maximum depth is .

The extensive freshwater lake here is the biggest of its kind in Kerala.

lake is located

The lake is located around below the surface.

The lake is located 1,750 metres elevation above sea level.

A lake is located in the grounds.

near the lake   (湖の近く)

Cobham Lake Station is a cattle station, located near the lake .

It starts near the lake's far end.

In Israel, farmers set out food for them to keep them from damaging crops near the lake.

large lake

This water feeds the large lake "Store Namsvatnet".

Close to Anshun there is a large lake called Yelang.

It is commonly found on coastal shorelines or large lake shores.

lake shore   (湖)

Located on the lake shore is the "Palazzo dei Capitani".

Maccagno is located by the lake shore of the Lake Maggiore, on the east side.

There are several other marinas and boat launches scattered along the lake shore.

natural lake

Restoration of natural lake flow occurred in the 1990s.

A natural lake known as Lersøen was originally located at the site.

Additionally, there are two more prominent rivulets and one natural lake.

across the lake   (湖を渡って)

Clint takes them across the lake in his speedboat.

Stresa and Verbania are in front of the town across the lake.

Some buildings that were moved across the lake include the General Store.

along the lake

Highway 89 runs along the lake's southern and eastern shore.

Communities located along the lake are Mico, Lake Medina Shores and Lakehills.

There were two stops along the lake including Canadarago Park and The Lake House.

lake bed   (湖床)

A tunnel was dug through the lake bed, but the plan was a failure.

Several family groups are thought to have sunk in mud while crossing the drying lake bed.

Humorist Will Rogers looked at the grass in the lake bed, and said, "If this were my dam, I'd mow it."

lake level

This is taken as the maximum and first lake level.

When the lake level rises only a tree rises above the water.

The crystals disappear when it rains or the lake level rises.

lake trout   (レイクトラウト)

Garda lake trout reach a length of up to .

Fish species in the lake include smallmouth bass, lake trout, whitefish, yellow perch and rock bass.

Competition with introduced lake trout can lead to a decline in kokanee populations during the summer.

lake near   (近くの湖)

There is a sailing school on the lake near Eguzon.

It enters the lake near the Armboth public car park.

He drowned in a lake near Pune, Maharashtra on May 9, 2018.

lake lies

The lake lies about southwest of the municipal center of Sandane.

Where the valley narrows into the cleft of the mountains, a lake lies surrounded by lush grasses.

The majority of the lake lies within the Northwest Territories, but a small section is in Nunavut.

lake water

That power plant used lake water for the cooling system.

Nandikurali receives lake water for 4 months between June and October.

The lake water was utilized for irrigation and drinking water needs from 1884 until 1930.

glacial lake   (氷河湖)

It is a glacial lake dammed by a moraine.

The Titisee formed as glacial lake behind a glacial moraine.

The inner gorge of Cut Bank Creek formed after the glacial lake drained.

crater lake   (クレーターレイク)

The volcano has a wide crater which contains a wide crater lake.

The largest crater lake, called Boeri, is located in the national park.

Soufrière is a stratovolcano with a crater lake and is the island's youngest and northernmost volcano.

salt lake

In the south is a large inland salt lake, the Salton Sea.

The Taoudenni mines are located on the bed of an ancient salt lake.

It is inhabited by the Changpa nomads and contains the Tso Kar salt lake.

nearby lake

The pair escapes into a nearby lake.

The area was known for the plentiful syrmans caught in the nearby lake.

The snow is then dumped on the outskirts of town, or in a nearby lake, river or harbor.

lake itself

The lake itself can be reached on a small wooden jetty.

The crater rim measures , but the lake itself measures .

The lake itself offers fishing and boating.

lake area

In 1904, stocks were moved from the High Street to the lake area.

The lake area is usually a little warmer than the surrounding region.

On 20 May 1875, severe weather caused extensive damage to the lake area.

surrounding the lake

The Corps also manages surrounding the lake as well as the Republican River near the lake.

The area surrounding the lake is permanently off-limits to both civilian and normal military air traffic.

This included the lakes and green areas surrounding them, and renovating the buildings along the roads surrounding the lake.

lake include

Some buildings that were moved across the lake include the General Store.

Animal taxa found in the lake include bivalves, gastropods and ostracods.

Settlements along the west shore of the lake include Sheldrake, Poplar Beach, and Canoga.

lake called

Close to Anshun there is a large lake called Yelang.

The woodland surrounds an artificial lake called Lac des Battures.

To the east of the temple is a well-built lake called “Saptatirtha”.

dry lake

It grows in montane to desert habitats with saline soils, such as dry lake beds.

The earliest known human remains were found at Lake Mungo, a dry lake in the southwest of New South Wales.

The highway continues north following the western edge of Winnemucca Lake, a dry lake that once also was the terminus of the Truckee river.

frozen lake

In panic she drives her van onto thin ice over a frozen lake.

Thousands of spectators were gathering below on the ice of the frozen lake Alsen.

A test stand was built on the shore of frozen lake Bilimbay, with a dynamometer cradle to hold the BI-1 during engine testing.

lake named

In the center of Stöcksjö a lake named Stöcksjön situated with different bathing places.

A picturesque lake named after former University President James Gilliam Gee is located near the main campus entrance.

Patilla Pata lies south-west of the mountain Jisk'a Kunturiri, north-east of the lake Q'asiri Quta "(Khasiri Kkota)" and the mountain Qullqi Warani, west of the little lake Sura Pata, south-east of the mountains Laram Q'awa, Kunturiri and Milluni and south of the little lake named Ch'iyar Quta.

lake levels

Conversely, beach areas expand by as much as in the summer as lake levels recede after freshet.

The types of sedimentation in half grabens also depends on lake levels in the rift, the climate (e.g.

The dam held, and after the storm water was pumped over the dam to lower the lake levels and begin repairs.

shallow lake

The shallow lake (maximum depth is ) lies at an elevation of .

The Ljubljana Marsh was inhabited in prehistoric times, when it was a shallow lake.

On the west side of the island there is a small shallow lake that produces salt in the dry season.

lake formed

A "wiel" is a pool or small lake formed by a dyke breach.

The artificial lake formed by the dam rises above the original level and covers .

Vau i Dejës Lake is an artificial lake formed by the Vau i Dejës hydroelectric dam.