İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

rivers or lakes   (nehirler veya göller)

There are no rivers or lakes on either atoll.

Around the City there are waters, rivers or lakes, along with the city wall.

Despite being on the lake, the borders of the municipality do not include any rivers or lakes.

small lakes   (küçük göller)

In the parish the brook is dammed to form a pair of small lakes.

It is absent from floodplain channels, river edges, and small lakes.

In the Pyrenees there are many small lakes, remnants of the ice age.

freshwater lakes   (tatlı su gölleri)

Its natural habitats are rivers and freshwater lakes.

rivers and lakes   (nehirler ve göller)

Early plans included the use of real water in scale rivers and lakes.

It is found in a diversity of habitats, including both rivers and lakes.

Its rivers and lakes are home to several species of fish and crustaceans.

lakes and rivers   (göller ve nehirler)

Others are based on the state's lakes and rivers.

As lakes and rivers become more acidic biodiversity is reduced.

Ferry service over inland lakes and rivers is provided by the provincial government.

many lakes

There are many lakes and coastal lagoons.

The city features many lakes in wooded areas which attract campers.

The Western Arthurs are studded with many lakes formed from ice-age glaciers.

large lakes

Additionally, the Alps have led to the creation of large lakes in Italy.

Angostura Reservoir is one of the only large lakes in western South Dakota.

The mountain stands between two large lakes, namely Kochelsee and Walchensee.

lakes and ponds   (göller ve göletler)

The Netherlands are home to 20 species of "Chara", growing in lakes and ponds of the habitat-type H3140.

The nine-turn bridge is found in many Chinese Gardens worldwide, or lakes and ponds, natural or man-made.

Canada's small trumpeter swan population was observed not to nest on large lakes, preferring instead to nest on the smaller lakes and ponds associated with beaver activity.

several lakes

There are several lakes in the vicinity of the town.

The trail passes by several lakes.

Wapno lies in the so-called Gniezno Lake District, and is close to several lakes.

salt lakes

It does not have large freshwater lakes or salt lakes.

Badlands, salt marshes, and salt lakes cover the sparsely inhabited Qattara Depression.

It is widespread in drier areas, growing on calcareous soils, saline flats, salt lakes, on areas usually prone to flooding.

glacial lakes   (buzul gölleri)

There are 170 glacial lakes in Rila and 164 in Pirin.

The clay has its origins in glacial lakes.

Small glacial lakes, known as kettle lakes are spread throughout the region.

artificial lakes

There are more than 1,400 natural and artificial lakes in Estonia.

There are numerous paths around the area, and several artificial lakes and hides.

There would be artificial lakes and hills, and birds and fish would be introduced.

near lakes   (göllerin yakınında)

Typically they inhabit dense vegetation in damp environments near lakes, swamps or rivers.

Adult "Anaxyrus hemiophrys" can be found living near lakes, streams, irrigation ditches and wetlands.

The most typical family members occupy dense vegetation in damp environments near lakes, swamps, or rivers.

other lakes   (diğer göller)

Lake Lizzie is nearly surrounded by other lakes.

There are other lakes (usually frozen) at similar altitudes in the Andes.

All other lakes are open to non-power craft and electric trolling motors only.

shallow lakes

It breeds in ponds, wet rice fields, shallow lakes, drainage ditches and similar habitats.

The habitat consists of savanna, "Brachystegia"-"Julbernardia" woodland, marshes and shallow lakes.

"O. aquaticum" is endemic to the eastern United States and is found growing in ponds, streams, and shallow lakes.

largest lakes

Powai Lake, Tulsi Lake and Vihar Lake are the largest lakes on the island.

The largest lakes within the park are Lake Necheritsa, Lake Sebezhskoye, and Lake Orono.

The dam forms Abiquiu Lake, one of the largest lakes in New Mexico with a full storage capacity of and of water.

lakes and streams

"Leavitt fished often with Williams in the lakes and streams of Maine and Canada.

is a widespread and locally common undescribed parasite in New Zealand lakes and streams.

Baetids breed in a wide range of waters from lakes and streams to ditches and even water butts.

streams and lakes

Water (streams and lakes) made up 0.4% of the total area.

Sand can alter aquatic habitats where roads are near streams and lakes.

It is a secretive inhabitant of fast-flowing highland streams and lakes.

natural lakes

It also contains most of the state's natural lakes.

It is located close to the Lagunas de Ruidera natural lakes.

In Franconia, there are only a few, often very small, natural lakes.

environments near lakes   (göl yakınındaki ortamlar)

Typically they inhabit dense vegetation in damp environments near lakes, swamps or rivers.

The most typical family members occupy dense vegetation in damp environments near lakes, swamps, or rivers.

smaller lakes

Other, smaller lakes, including Silver, Waneta, and Lamoka lakes, dot this region.

There are also several thousand smaller lakes, often called "inland lakes", within the basin.

Before the reservoir was created there were several smaller lakes, including one called Lake Tapps.