Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

land area   (área terrestre)

Its land area is ; it has a population of 296,000.

It has a land area of with of saltwater shoreline.

It comprises 15 islands whose total land area is .

all land   (toda la tierra)

Almost all land outside urban areas is farmland.

Traditionally, all land belonged to the chief.

Like many New England states, all land in New Jersey is incorporated.

agricultural land   (tierra agricola)

The habitat is forest and dense agricultural land.

But gradually reduced to the agricultural land.

About 54.9 percent of Azerbaijan is agricultural land.

acres of land   (acres de tierra)

These included approximately 6500 acres of land.

The campus is spread across 20 acres of land.

Out of the total area , 6276 acres of land is culturable.

land use   (uso del suelo)

The main land use in the ranches is cattle grazing.

As at 2019, there is no land use on Hummock Island.

The table below describes land use in Burundi.

land grant   (concesión de la tierra)

The original land grant to Henry Reiser was in 1725.

He received a land grant in Nova Scotia and settled at Horton.

Goat Rock Beach is part of the Mexican land grant rancho Bodega.

total land   (tierra total)

It comprises 15 islands whose total land area is .

There are of coastline and a total land border of .

The total land area is 97.73 hectares (1,466 mu).

total land area   (superficie total)

It comprises 15 islands whose total land area is .

The total land area is 97.73 hectares (1,466 mu).

It has a total land area of 81.88 square kilometers.

plot of land   (parcela de tierra)

The plot of land will cost a subsidized 64 crores.

They received a plot of land in Tel el Sultan.

On the northern banks, a long plot of land was gained.

land between   (aterrizar entre)

Warden is situated on a triangle of land between the two Tynes.

The land between ridges is conducive to the formation of lakes and swamps.

Agriculture creates a conflict over the use of land between wildlife and humans.

land grants   (concesiones de tierras)

Moser received land grants in the area around 1810.

During this time the railway land grants were formalized.

DeWolf had received a number of large land grants near Windsor.

land reform   (reforma agraria)

The Kuomintang repeatedly attempted land reform in China.

The regime issued two land reform laws.

It advocated workers' rights, land reform and social democracy.

arable land   (tierra cultivable)

As a result, 8.8% of arable land was collectivized.

Irrigation water would be provided for of arable land.

It has a wide range of climates but little arable land.

piece of land   (pedazo de tierra)

This piece of land is known as the Ba Green.

That piece of land was acquired in 1985.

That leaves in-between a rather large, elongated piece of land.

land around   (aterrizar alrededor)

He sought to survey the land around the Labrador Peninsula.

It supplies water to 250 acres of agricultural land around the area.

It is situated on a hill, and there are figs and arable land around.

tract of land   (zona de la Tierra)

Herd negotiated to buy a vast tract of land.

There is a dispute between the two parties over a tract of land in size.

Many developers divide a large tract of land into lots as a subdivision.

forested land   (tierra boscosa)

Within the city Kivertsi there is 171.7 hectares of forested land.

Over the same time period the amount of forested land has increased by .

land near   (tierra cerca)

Mantella ebenaui lay their eggs on land near the water.

Three land near the defence ministry.

They also sometimes stun enemies when they land near or on them.

land snail   (caracol de tierra)

This species is the largest land snail in the Philippines.

The smallest land snail is "Acmella nana".

Vatusila Vatusila is a genus of land snail found in Oceania.

private land   (terreno privado)

Herds on private land are required to be fenced in.

The quarries are private land with no public access.

The site is private land with no public access.

land ownership   (propiedad de la tierra)

Moreover, the ability to vote was linked to land ownership.

He suggested improving their position with respect to land ownership.

However, land ownership was eventually granted to British Colonel James Baker.

parcel of land   (parcela de tierra)

It was a record price for a parcel of land in downtown Washington, D.C.

Dorsey Hall was built on Dorsey's Search, a parcel of land patented by Hon.

Hume was subsequently granted a parcel of land in the area which he took up in 1829.

land along   (aterrizar a lo largo)

Much of the land along the Gulf Coast is, or was, marshland.

Fox never affected land along its path.

The land along Intrepid Drive is used rural residential purposes.

purchased land   (terreno comprado)

While he was still living in Djerba he purchased land in Israel.

Phelps purchased land from the Indians on more than one occasion.

In 1736, several Amish families purchased land along Northkill Creek.

land owned   (propiedad de la tierra)

Much of the mountain is on land owned by the Keene Ranch.

Fulton was founded in 1827 on of land owned by James Trimble.

The present castle is on land owned by the Clan Scott since 1420.

surrounding land   (tierra circundante)

The surrounding land was made into a public park.

The existing station and surrounding land was rebuilt.

Food sources would also come from the surrounding land.

hectares of land   (hectáreas de tierra)

There were 549 rural producers on 48,000 hectares of land.

The estate covers 298 hectares of land.

212 hectares of land can produce ninety-four asparagus plants.

strip of land   (franja de tierra)

The Pacific Coast Plains is a strip of land parallel to the ocean.

The narrow strip of land along the Hooghly is part of the Hooghly Flats.

The St Andrews Links occupy a narrow strip of land along the sea-shore).

native land   (tierra nativa)

Mia, too, is anxious to come to the aid of her native land.

They especially sought the independence of their native land.

This would have an effect on the rest of Canada in regards to native land.

more land   (más tierra)

He then seized more land in the province.

Later, more land was added.

Over time, Brooke and his nephews (who succeeded him) leased or annexed more land.

tracts of land   (extensiones de tierra)

His business prospered and he acquired large tracts of land.

The most common use of the acre is to measure tracts of land.

The scale of the projects means large tracts of land can be protected.

area of land   (área de tierra)

A nook is said to be an area of land of approximately .

The area of land extended from Burlington Bay to Etobicoke Creek.

It was a triangular elevated area of land with its apex at the north.

own land   (propia tierra)

Most people do not own land but work on others fields.

Our people were refugees in their own land.

In addition, the king's own land and production were taxed.

public land   (tierra pública)

The Sonora River watershed covers of public land.

In 1729, King Philip V of Spain decreed the area public land.

It is on public land managed by the city of Phoenix as South Mountain Park.

land snails   (caracoles terrestres)

Lauriidae Lauriidae is a family of land snails.

In the Nova Scotian tree trunks land snails ("Archaeozonites", "Dendropupa") have been found.

As darkness approaches, these land snails start to move and feed on decomposing forest debris.

owned land   (tierra de propiedad)

In the olden days, the Temple owned land from Vamla To Kali.

Haywood owned land in Middle Tennessee.

The second population is also located on privately owned land.

land owners   (propietarios de tierras)

Fountain was a powerful rival to land owners Lee and Fall.

He and his brother Rufus were large land owners in Klamath County.

The slave population quickly grew larger than that of the land owners.

land holdings   (tenencias de tierras)

Individual land holdings have decreased in size over time.

This law served also to expropriate 1400 land holdings totaling 3.5 million ha.

He extended his land holdings by purchasing some of the forfeited Loyalist estates.

new land   (nueva tierra)

About of new land has been created in the ocean.

The book follows a man and a boy who immigrate to a new land.

Inside the lake new land was reclaimed.

land rights   (derechos sobre la tierra)

The Pargana and Kulkarni watans (land rights) were abolished in 1950.

Conflict over land rights is a prominent source of conflict between ethnic groups.

"Equalization of land rights" was a clause included by Sun in the original Tongmenhui.

purchased the land   (compró la tierra)

Francisco Garcia purchased the land in 1819.

The park commissioners purchased the land on April 21, 1894.

The Los Guilicos School for Girls purchased the land in 1943.

land donated   (tierra donada)

Francis Bischof on land donated by Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Montie.

Packard Park in Warren, Ohio is on land donated by the Packards.

Packard Park in Warren, Ohio is on land donated by Packard, and the W.D.

land claims   (reclamos de tierras)

To date no land claims were settled in the area.

The Keizur family land claims were north of the mission.

High wages and Aboriginal land claims have also curbed expansion.

land and sea   (tierra y mar)

Furthermore, empires can expand by both land and sea.

There were different versions for land and sea service.

Battles can occur on both land and sea.

land forces   (Fuerzas Terrestres)

Axis land forces reached the Crimea in the autumn of 1941 and overran most of the area.

Juno "Voiced by" Miho Miyagawa (JP), Tara Platt (U.S.) Commander of all the Nereid land forces.

Active troops in the land forces number about 18,000 men, and reserve troops number about 13,000.

donated land   (tierra donada)

They often donated land and labor as well.

Turstin's brother-in-law Raoul de Percy donated land for the abbey.

Tennyson's son, Hallam donated land for a new church in Freshwater Bay.

land within   (aterrizar dentro)

The discus must land within a 34.92-degree sector.

The phone must land within the marked throwing sector.

It allowed to own the land within Grand Duchy of Lithuania only to own families.

unproductive land   (tierra improductiva)

Of the rest of the land, 6.8% is settled (buildings or roads) and 9.0% is unproductive land.

Of the rest of the land, or 1.7% is settled (buildings or roads) and or 0.9% is unproductive land.

Of the rest of the land, or 1.7% is settled (buildings or roads) and or 0.7% is unproductive land.

land reclamation   (reclamación de tierras)

The Romans carried first measures for land reclamation.

Horsea Island is now connected to the mainland due to land reclamation.

A dredge was needed for harbour improvement works and land reclamation at Suva.

common land   (tierra comun)

This upset many local people, who relied on the common land.

The site is common land (open access).

In 1801, of common land were enclosed under the Inclosure Acts.

built on land   (construido en tierra)

The school was built on land, which had belonged to John Scarlett.

Coca-Cola Park was built on land formerly owned by LSI Corporation.

Rushen Abbey on the Isle of Man was built on land owned by the monks.

land acquisition   (adquisición de tierras)

The land acquisition is expected to be completed by 2018.

Due to a prolonged land acquisition process, work did not actually start until November 2015.

The Coaling was the first land acquisition of the modern Civil War battlefield preservation movement.

farm land   (tierra de cultivo)

Rockcliffe–Smythe was mostly farm land during the 1800s.

of farm land to the Ramjanki Temple, established in 2009.

A significant amount of the farm land is set aside for student plots.

dry land   (tierra seca)

Now 90% of the Mongolian grasslands is fragile dry land.

Encroaching dry land trees began dying back.

The suffix “"-ey"” denotes an island or area of dry land.

bought land   (tierra comprada)

He bought land to attract other Catholic settlers.

In 1856, he bought land on the Assiniboine River.

Beanes bought land just outside Upper Marlboro, Maryland in 1779.

land was purchased   (la tierra fue comprada)

Soon the land was purchased and construction commenced.

5 hectares of the land was purchased in 1984.

The land was purchased for $3.7 million from a developer in 1991.

land surrounding   (tierra circundante)

Other footage was shot in bush land surrounding Brisbane.

The land surrounding the saltwater is covered by xerophytes.

The land surrounding the charred lot was owned by the family.

amount of land   (cantidad de tierra)

Buildings account for a large amount of land.

The family owns an extensive amount of land and property in the area.

In numerous cases the peasants ended up with the smallest amount of land.

parcels of land   (parcelas de tierra)

The parcels of land with the most suitable price were purchased.

The territories of the First Nation include five parcels of land.

He acquired three parcels of land.

land owner   (dueño de la tierra)

He was a significant land owner on the West Coast.

The community was named for a local land owner.

He was a company director, land owner and philanthropist.

fertile land   (tierra fértil)

A major fraction of alluvial fertile land of Jhapa lies here.

He invited people to settle the new town in this fertile land.

It is situated on a mountain ridge, surrounded by fertile land.

reclaimed land   (tierra reclamada)

There are multiple ways that reclaimed land can be used.

The airport is built over , half of which is on reclaimed land.

The King Fahd Causeway spans long stretches of sea and reclaimed land.

land adjacent   (terreno adyacente)

Neither litigant owned any of the land adjacent to the road.

Steelville occupies land adjacent to Atglen, Pennsylvania which used to be wilderness.

There is a 101-room Hilton Garden Inn on university-owned land adjacent to the complex.

donated the land   (donó la tierra)

In 1948 he donated the land to Northeastern University.

Arthur Fleming donated the land for the permanent campus site.

land mass   (masa de tierra)

It is the only land mass on the 59th parallel south.

68% of the land mass of the world is in the northern hemisphere.

West Asia and Northeast Africa form a single land mass at the Suez.

land and water   (tierra y agua)

The airplane will take over both land and water travel.

Of this, is land and water.

Restoration of land and water resources is a priority in reclamation planning.

plots of land   (parcelas de tierra)

Georgian residences appeared first, with large plots of land.

Samara authorities purchased also several nearby plots of land.

Most producers are small with plots of land under five hectares.

land development   (desarrollo de la tierra)

Established in 1962, the airport was intended to promote land development.

After 1978, Uhlman largely retired from politics, turning his attention to land development.

He is the owner of Highlands Properties, which specializes in construction and land development.

land reforms   (reformas agrarias)

Várkonyi's party advocated land reforms, including forced sale of large estates.

Mezőfi's party advocated land reforms, and forced sales of large estates of land.

Some property, which was confiscated during earlier land reforms, was also partially restored.

land was sold   (la tierra fue vendida)

Most of the land was sold off in lots in 1906.

After the land was sold this amounted to a gift of nearly $100,000.

The land was sold for building.

all the land   (toda la tierra)

They began by taking an inventory of all the land that could be considered Brownfields.

The US obtained all the land east of the Mississippi River, south of Canada, and north of Florida.

They transferred control to the United States of all the land east of the Mississippi and north of Florida.

land mines   (minas terrestres)

He proposed a full ban on land mines that December.

These were British Type C land mines weighing about 65 lbs each.

The area has many land mines.

forest land   (tierras forestales)

Canada has about of forest land.

The proportion of forest land varied considerably from region to region.

Most forest land in Ireland is maintained by state forestation programmes.

granted land   (tierra otorgada)

He minted coins, granted land and confirmed privileges.

Cockrill was granted land in modern-day Nashville in 1784.

Maximilian declined this offer, but granted land to the troops.

land management   (gestion de tierras)

However, land management with fire is thought to be a threat to Australian species.

Farmers can evaluate various land management scenarios to learn which is the best fit.

So much of this type of habitat has been "lost" due to changes in land management and land use.

bought the land   (compró la tierra)

The city then bought the land in 1889 for $324,000 ().

The City of Stockholm bought the land in 1961.

It was a planned settlement, founded by William Madocks, who bought the land in 1798.

owned the land   (propiedad de la tierra)

In 1883 Charl Marais owned the land.

Kreyenhagen was the name of the family who originally owned the land in the area.

The falls was named after Charles Coopey, who once owned the land adjacent to the falls.

flat land   (Tierra plana)

Bangladesh is predominantly rich fertile flat land.

Bihar is mainly a vast stretch of very fertile flat land.

Chancheng lies on relatively flat land.

grazing land   (tierras de pastoreo)

Tarneit has mostly been used as agricultural grazing land.

It remains rough grazing land and it is a local viewpoint.

563 hectares are arable, 215 hectares are grazing land, and 32 hectares are bush.

first land   (primera tierra)

At the first land sale on 14 August 1867, 75 allotments were sold.

In the mid 1330s, the first land assessment of the city was published.

The precise first land sighting and landing point was San Salvador Island.

acquired land   (tierra adquirida)

In 1976 the Baqai Foundation acquired land on the outskirts of Karachi, on the M-9 Super Highway.

In addition to the parks within Denver, the city acquired land for mountain parks starting in the 1911s.

As a loyalist, he settled in Restigouche, New Brunswick in 1784 and acquired land along the Restigouche River.

sold the land   (vendió la tierra)

Cooper sold the land to Lincoln attorney and mayor A.J.

In 1845, William W. Manning sold the land to William Weeden of Madison County.

In 1909, he sold the land to the recently created Carlton Hotel Company of Montreal.

additional land   (tierra adicional)

Monet purchased additional land with a water meadow.

She sold additional land as finances demanded; today, about remain.

In 1964, ล้อม ฟักอุดม (lom fuk-u-dom) donated an additional land 4,048 m to the school.

open land   (campo abierto)

Alternatively, it means 'Ecgel's open land' ('Ecgel's feld').

About 17% of the basin is unused open land with another 8% of wetlands.

Located 32 km from Yea, it is a 130 Hectares mix of open land and scrub.

land bridge   (puente de tierra)

It is connected to the beach by a man made land bridge.

During the Eocene period, the last land bridge across the Atlantic sank.

"South Lake Lida" is located directly south of the main lake, separated only by a land bridge.

land tenure   (Tenencia de la tierra)

Traditional Carolinian land tenure involve women.

Allodial title is therefore an alternative to feudal land tenure.

There were many varieties of feudal land tenure, consisting of military and non-military service.

land speed   (velocidad de tierra)

Parry-Thomas to make bids on the land speed record.

Campbell's 403.1 mph represented the official land speed record.

Parry-Thomas's attempt for the land speed record at Pendine Sands in 1927.

areas of land   (áreas de tierra)

The Campbells of Possil owned large areas of land throughout Lanarkshire.

It owned large areas of land in Wix and much of the surrounding countryside.

On several occasions, Doekhi was allotted large areas of land by the government.

purchase land   (comprar tierra)

During this time Kishi would continue to purchase land.

Says negotiated with local tribal chiefs to purchase land.

The state of Kansas continues to purchase land from willing sellers when funds are available.

land surface   (superficie terrestre)

About 31% of Earth's land surface is covered by forests.

In 2011, rainwater can be collected on two-thirds of Singapore's land surface.

More than half of Guadeloupe's land surface consists of the 847.8 km Basse-Terre.

land belonging   (pertenencia a la tierra)

This was retribution for the confiscation of land belonging to sachem Sowheag.

The name is derived from the Old English "Tīges hōh", meaning "spur of land belonging to the god Týr".

Lewsey Farm was situated on land belonging to the Lucy (Lewsey) family (who owned the manor from 1305 to 1455).

large land   (tierra grande)

DeWolf had received a number of large land grants near Windsor.

He and his brother Rufus were large land owners in Klamath County.

Those who serve in a typical large land force are soldiers, making up an army.

land north   (tierra norte)

Lewsey Farm was built on land north of Lewsey in the 1960s and 1970s.

On 28 April 1905 the workers bought land north and west of the factory plant area.

Paremoremo Scenic Reserve is a block of land north of the Paremoremo residential area.

land and buildings   (tierra y edificios)

A farm with some land and buildings was donated to the college by Mr. & Mrs. Leslie de Saram.

Property taxes, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, apply only to real estate – land and buildings.

Property taxes, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, apply only to real estate - land and buildings.

other land   (otra tierra)

Unlike most other land carnivorans, bears are plantigrade.

All other land is privately owned.

This can affect the flows of rivers, and has consequential impacts on other land uses.

land sales   (venta de tierras)

In all, six land sales took place from Caldwell's Reserve.

Total land sales amounted to around half the area of the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

On June 15, 1835, the first public land sales began with Edmund Dick Taylor as U.S.

land claim   (reclamo de tierras)

After the case, Canada developed a land claim policy to guide negotiations.

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected Vallejo's land claim for Rancho Suscol in 1862.

Sometime after 1848, Barlow purchased a land claim from his father Sam Barlow for $6,000.

land purchased   (terreno comprado)

It is built on land purchased by the Liverpool Corporation from the Molyneux Estate.

It was located on land purchased from the Commissioner of Railways by the Burrum Shire Council.

The structure was originally located at 325 6th Avenue West Calgary Alberta on land purchased from Lord Strathcona.

buy land   (comprar tierra)

The money would be used to buy land and establish settlements.

This victory for the CRA led to them being able to buy land to redevelop as they saw fit.

This would also enable new settlers to buy land from those Native Americans who wished to sell.

cultivated land   (tierra cultivada)

The area of cultivated land has decreased substantially.

She is also the goddess of cultivated land.

In 1992, a flood swept over the cultivated land and houses.