local landmark   (地元のランドマーク)

The Southwest Missouri eatery was a local landmark.

The house is an officially designated local landmark.

The monument is a prominent local landmark.

historic landmark   (歴史的建造物)

The building is a Berlin historic landmark.

It was designated a historic landmark of the city in March 2015.

The Goodwood Park Hotel in Singapore, built in 1900, is a restored historic landmark.

landmark case   (ランドマークケース)

The case is considered a landmark case involving tribal sovereignty.

This was a landmark case that Spry lost to his ex-wife in a dispute involving family trusts.

She supported the recent landmark case of Varnum v. Brien, which legalized gay marriage in the state.

prominent landmark   (著名なランドマーク)

Spencer Butte is a prominent landmark south of the city.

It is the most prominent landmark in northwestern New Mexico.

With a peak at 1221 feet above sea level, Wetton Hill is a prominent landmark.

historical landmark   (歴史的建造物)

His home has been preserved as a historical landmark.

It was named a historical landmark in 1978.

The most famous historical landmark is the relics of the Dutch era.

landmark decision   (画期的な決定)

Fauziya was granted asylum on June 13, 1996, in the landmark decision Matter of Kasinga.

The completion of Tellico Dam was nearly halted by a landmark decision by the Supreme Court regarding the Endangered Species Act.

Dr Jalmi has however remained in the history of Parliamentary democracy with his landmark decision in 1990 that speaker cannot be part of defections.

important landmark

They were an important landmark on the Santa Fe Trail.

The Ayodhya Mandapam is an important landmark.

In recent times, Agra canal is an important landmark which separates Greater Faridabad from Faridabad.

major landmark   (主なランドマーク)

St. Sebastian's church and Hotel Olive Garden are a major landmark in Ayarkunnam.

The Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque, located along the Martapura riverfront, is a major landmark in the city.

A major landmark of Roseville is Newark Schools Stadium, located at the corner of Roseville Avenue and Bloomfield Avenue.

landmark building

Kulturhuset is a notable landmark building in Randers.

It was replaced in 1832 by the present sanctuary, which is a designated landmark building.

It exhibits significant distinctive architectural style and is a landmark building in the commercial district.

landmark status

Up to 1931, he constructed about 70 U-Bahn stations, many of which have landmark status today.

The new owners intended to restore the home and hope to obtain landmark status for the structure.

Due to neighborhood opposition, the Los Angeles City council issued the landmark status in March 2018.

landmark buildings

Builders such as George Lang created many landmark buildings.

Several other landmark buildings have been privately renovated and adapted as condominiums, hotels, offices, or for cultural uses.

Other landmark buildings are The International Centre, Welcome Place, and Edohei, considered to be Manitoba's first sushi restaurant.

city landmark

The building was made an official city landmark in April 2010.

Supporters tried to protect the murals by gaining city landmark protections by the Los Angeles Conservancy.

The city restored the historic Art Deco city landmark Alameda Theatre, expanding it to include a theater multiplex.

considered a landmark

It is now considered a landmark of Brussels.

It is considered a landmark in Bauman's studies on postmodernism.

The case is considered a landmark case involving tribal sovereignty.

famous landmark

Ranipur Sugar Mill is a famous landmark in Pakistan.

It is a heritage structure and a very famous landmark of the city of Kolkata.

St. Thomas Mission Hospital, Meppallykutty is a famous landmark nearby Kattanam.