Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

public lands   (tierras públicas)

This species has not been located on the public lands of the Red Hills.

"Casting" is the moving of snow by means of a shovel or plow to nearby public lands.

There are also remnant purebred American bison herds on public lands in North America.

agricultural lands

About 54,9 percent of Azerbaijan is agricultural lands.

In the 1950s, many swamps were drained and converted into agricultural lands.

The Paraiyar settlements were near agricultural lands and irrigation channels.

other lands   (otras tierras)

Our Southern Cross will guide us on, as friends with other lands.

Using it, he leaves the Golden Kingdom to explore the other lands.

He also successfully managed other lands owned by the family in the Salinas Valley.

traditional lands

The area is the traditional lands of the Wandjiwalgu

The parish is on the traditional lands of the Weilwan.

lands around   (aterriza alrededor)

His daughter, whose name is unknown, was left lands around Tamworth.

The core of the kingdom was formed by the lands around the River Tay.

Al-Awhad defeated Balaban near Akhlat and captured the lands around it.

tribal lands   (tierras tribales)

In addition, it proposed the end of communal, tribal lands.

Norman Tindale estimated their tribal lands as covering roughly .

In Tindale's estimation the Iwaidja possessed some of tribal lands.

new lands

Trophies are used to unlock new lands up to Champion's League.

Word of his finding new lands rapidly spread throughout Europe.

These new lands were divided between the Spanish Empire and Portuguese Empire .

surrounding lands

The surrounding lands were once owned by the Decarie family.

When the rains came, floods turned the surrounding lands into a quagmire.

The surrounding lands provided timber, limestone to be quarried, and farmlands.

ancestral lands   (tierras ancestrales)

Paul was born in a family whose ancestral lands were located in Gömör County.

Those chiefs refused Russian proposals to move their people out of their ancestral lands.

He argued that a peaceful course would be wiser, letting the Indians keep their ancestral lands.

all lands

The wife of such was declared a widow and all lands owned by him were escheated to the Crown.

It is much more: it is itself the flag of the Romanian nation in all lands inhabited by Romanians".

The Taíno people called the island "Quisqueya" (mother of all lands) and "Ayiti" (land of high mountains).

lands between

The Kwele then settled into lands between the Dja and Ivindo rivers.

The Franks annexed the Frisian lands between the Vlie and the Lauwers.

Unhate was granted the lands between the Ararapira River and Superagui rivers.

fertile lands

The best fertile lands are in the area named Uluborlu.

These are key forts situated between fertile lands of Khandesh and port city of Surat.

The rich, fertile lands of Mesopotamia gave birth to some of the oldest sedentary civilizations.

crown lands

Harris was a crown lands surveyor.

At the same time he was merciless in exploiting the crown lands he was entrusted as a starost.

The reserve troops were used to guard the palaces and crown lands, while the main bodyguard protected the king's person.

foreign lands

Together the two couples leave on a tour of foreign lands.

He often went away to foreign lands to trade and amass wealth.

Textile probably was one of the major exports to foreign lands, along with gems.

held lands

He held lands in Scotland north of the Forth and in Lothian.

His father, John of Eglesfield, held lands in and near there.

A branch of the family were hereditary marshalls to the O'Briens and held lands in Clare.

lands within

Similarly, the Sé of Braga also possessed lands within the region.

Also that they may have free warren in all their demesne lands within the said manor.

Three groups of Aboriginal people have traditional lands within the park: Worrora, Wunambal-Gaambera and Ngarinyin.

lands along

Csépán also owned some lands along the river Sava in Požega County, which he donated to the Knights Templar.

The arboretum was established in 1980 by Nell and Philippe Wanty on wooded lands along the Sédelle river valley.

Another charter amendment on January 30, 1866 allowed the railroad to lease ore lands along the right-of-way as well.

all the lands

Modu also reoccupied all the lands previously taken by the Qin general Meng Tian.

It took a decade to untangle the deeds and assemble all the lands at South Mountain.

In the early 16th century Offida signed a truce with Ascoli while, in the same period, all the lands of the Farfa Abbey went to the Papal States.

federal lands   (tierras federales)

They built roads and planted shelter-belts on federal lands.

All visitors to these federal lands, they note, already had to pack out anything they brought in.

The Youth Conservation Corps is a youth conservation program present in federal lands around the country.

forest lands

In between, the highway runs for in rural UP forest lands.

The surrounding forest lands near the highway provide trees for the mill.

The highway passes through forest lands outside of the communities along the highway.

private lands   (tierras privadas)

In 1935, of private lands were purchased by the PRRA.

The area was part of Cortés’ private lands given to him as the Marques del Valle by royal decree in 1531.

Strengthening nature-friendly living through improved stewardship of private lands will be a key to ensuring regional sustainability.

lands near   (tierras cerca)

It is located in Kitwe park lands near Kitwe Central Hospital.

The surrounding forest lands near the highway provide trees for the mill.

The lands near Campolongo appear to have been settled dating back to Roman times.

own lands

Despite the lie, Fraech and Findabair are able to depart for their own lands.

In April 1328, she was restored to possession of her own lands, for which she did homage.

Each noble had his own lands, his own network of regional connections, and his own military force.

granted lands

He granted lands to Brahmins and rebuilt or renovated the Huma temple.

Raleigh granted lands to Bracton in Flemmings of Bratton who held it through his wife's family.

This abbey dates from 1182 when Donal Mor O’Brien granted lands to the Cistercians, to build an abbey here.

lands west

The Harbourfront project expropriated the lands west of York Street.

The Treaty of Big Tree removed Iroquois title to lands west of the Genesee River in 1797.

Maryland finally gained clear title to the lands west of South Mountain at the 1744 Treaty of Lancaster.

grazing lands

The cultivable and grazing lands were common.

Southern Chile is rich in forests, grazing lands, and features a string of volcanoes and lakes.

Southern Chile is rich in forests and grazing lands, and features a string of volcanoes and lakes.

lands north

Moghulistan occupied the settled lands of Eastern Turkestan as well as nomad lands north of Tengri tagh.

In 430 BC, Yiqu invaded Qin territory, forcing Duke Zao of Qin to abandon lands north of lower Wei River.

Since 1005, Basil had also controlled the coastal lands north and south of that city, parts of the Byzantine Theme of Dyrrhachium.

lands belonging

It nationalised all church lands, as well as lands belonging to royalist enemies who went into exile.

Before the Norman Conquest Sussex had the greatest concentration of lands belonging to the family of Earl Godwin.

In 1166, lands belonging to the fortress and the harvest of its fields were given to the Church of St. John the Baptist in Nablus.

extensive lands

At Bolton in Northumberland, he founded a leper hospital dedicated to St Thomas Becket, endowing it with extensive lands.

Collegiate churches were often supported by extensive lands held by the church, or by tithe income from appropriated benefices.

The Estate comprised very extensive lands in the County of Fife, and coal was mined on estate lands from at the latest the eighteenth century.

whose lands

Permission needed to be obtained from the various Spanish farmers on whose lands they conducted the Hunt.

Just outside Poitiers she was ambushed and held captive by Hugh IX of Lusignan, whose lands had been sold to HenryII by his forebears.

Norman Tindale, referring to the same area, and clans, called them the Kirrae, whose lands he stated comprised in his estimate around 1,900 sq.