landscape painter   (風景画家)

His nephew Gustavo Witting, also became a landscape painter.

1954) is also a landscape painter.

His son, Alberto Vianelli, also a landscape painter moved to Paris.

landscape architect   (造園家)

He was also landscape architect for Mepkin Abbey.

The landscape architect was Roberto Burle Marx.

landscape architect, marine architect, software architect etc.

landscape painting   (風景画)

Thereafter he concentrated on landscape painting.

He specialized in landscape painting and Jewish themes.

Late in his life, he took up landscape painting and etching.

landscape architecture   (造園)

A local landscape architecture firm was contracted to develop a master plan.

Her daughter, Unity, has a degree in landscape architecture and works with her.

Edward Milner founded the garden design and landscape architecture firm of Milner-White.

political landscape   (政治情勢)

Guthrum's death changed the political landscape for Alfred.

They are classified as a growing community in India's system of political landscape.

Conscription was thus deemed impossible to enact given the political landscape in late 1916.

landscape paintings

He is best known for his landscape paintings.

The paintings of Mu Xin are primarily landscape paintings.

Veda Reed is known for her landscape paintings of Oklahoma.

surrounding landscape

All of the surrounding landscape is given over to agriculture.

As such, the surrounding landscape became mostly forested areas.

And it may be set up for optimal defense given the surrounding landscape.

cultural landscape

The cultural landscape of Upper Austria sets an example in music education all over Europe.

He is credited with creation of the term "cultural landscape", which is one of the turning points of geographical history.

These two processes defined Iberia's cultural landscape – Mediterranean towards the southeast and Continental in the northwest.

landscape design

Land Use Consultants led the masterplan and landscape design.

Rather it deals with the essence of landscape design philosophy in its entirety.

Examples include low-impact stormwater management systems, and landscape design.

natural landscape

The valley is part of the Alpine Rhine natural landscape.

The building design is intended to blend and merge with the surrounding natural landscape.

Urban planning in Rome valued the natural landscape and took account for environmental factors.

urban landscape

And I wanted to set it in an urban landscape.

The urban landscape of Baku is shaped by many communities.

Boynes more and more depicted the urban landscape in the 1990s.

landscape artist

Müller-Kaempff was a successful landscape artist.

As Elizabeth Evelyn Sutton, she was known as a landscape artist.

He was a close friend of the landscape artist Henry Mark Anthony.

landscape architects

The garden surrounding the house was designed by landscape architects Olmsted & Eliot.

Ornamental species of acacias are also used by homeowners and landscape architects for home security.

The actual planting scheme was designed by New York landscape architects Vitale, Brinckerhoff, and Geiffert.

landscape garden

The estate changed from a formal garden in 1840 into a landscape garden.

The villa has an English landscape garden, which covers about 9,300 square meters.

In the mid-18th century the style was replaced by the more less-geometric and more natural English landscape garden.

landscape features

The house's landscape features include a series of two terraced falls.

On a broad citywide scale, key landscape features would form the basis of park lands articulating built-up areas.

Selection of a location by the church involved commandeering pagan holy places, which were linked to landscape features.

landscape designer

Benning works freelance as a landscape designer.

Papadakos is married to landscape designer Tracy McCullen.

She has a degree of a landscape designer.

rural landscape   (田園風景)

The rural landscape, Ailesberry Farm, contrasts Paradigm City.

The hilltops of the typically rural landscape are covered with islands of spruce and pine.

Coal mining had significantly changed the rural landscape of Sawahlunto into an industrial site.

landscape painters

Jacob van Ruisdael is considered the most versatile of all Dutch Golden Age landscape painters.

Norwegian art came into its own in the 19th century, especially with the early landscape painters.

Claude Lorraine, in turn, was an influence on 18th and early 19th century British landscape painters.

landscape gardener   (造園家)

He later moved to California and worked as a landscape gardener.

From the mid-1850s, Milner worked as an independent landscape gardener.

His father, a landscape gardener named Henry Watson, had been born in England.

landscape around   (周りの風景)

The municipality is located west of the Albis hills in the moraine landscape around the Reuss.

Soler painted many works featuring the landscape around Santa Eulària des Riu its environment.

local landscape

A local landscape architecture firm was contracted to develop a master plan.

The estates are thus made to appear as immutable features of the local landscape.

Its bridge between Münnerstadt and Althausen had a major impact on the local landscape.

landscape park

There used to be a large landscape park with pavilions.

In 1987, the valley received protected status as a landscape park encompassing .

Another popular park is the Frederiksberg Gardens, a 32-hectare romantic landscape park.