lanes in each   (それぞれの車線)

The road is 2.2 km long and has three lanes in each direction.

At exit 9 (SR 36) the road widens to three lanes in each direction.

The bridge has two lanes in each direction and the sidewalks are wide.

bike lanes   (自転車レーン)

On several central MIT streets, bike lanes transfer onto the sidewalk.

Sections of Central Street were striped in 2010 for dedicated bike lanes.

Cyclists have been found to prefer designated bike lanes and avoid steep hills.

shipping lanes   (配送レーン)

After passing west of Bermuda, the tropical cyclone tracked across numerous shipping lanes.

These seamen had kept the shipping lanes open enabling New Zealand's wool-clip to be sent to England.

Some icebreakers ply the lakes, keeping the shipping lanes open through other periods of ice on the lakes.

bus lanes   (バスレーン)

The BRT's bus lanes would have ah of .

Fällanden has special bus lanes, ensuring efficient operation also in high traffic hours.

Cycle lanes and bus lanes that explicitly allow cyclists exist on many of the city's boulevards.

lanes of traffic

The bridge carried two lanes of traffic in each direction.

The bridge spans the Olentangy river with three lanes of traffic each way.

Completed in 2005, it carries 4 lanes of traffic on the S201 provincial road.

southbound lanes   (南行き車線)

After reconstruction both northbound and southbound lanes ran west of Soldier Field.

The south leg of the LRT runs between the northbound and southbound lanes north of 23 Avenue.

After this, the southbound lanes of I-295 have a toll plaza for the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

traffic lanes

After exit 13B, the highway reverts to three through traffic lanes.

The expressways may comprise two or more traffic lanes, while they normally do not have emergency lanes.

From the southern junction in Mona Vale with Pittwater Road, Barrenjoey Road has 6 traffic lanes north to Newport.

lanes wide

The Driscoll Expressway was to be four lanes wide.

From there it is a narrow road and is 2 lanes wide in places.

Route 21 is two lanes wide and is classified as a collector road for its entire length.

sea lanes

In each case the Allies succeeded in keeping the sea lanes open.

While there, the Fifth Air Force B-17s were tasked with disrupting the Japanese sea lanes.

It is close to vital sea lanes through the South China Sea linking the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

northbound lanes   (北行きの車線)

Previously the northbound lanes ran east of Soldier Field.

that also features a U-turn ramp from the southbound lanes to the northbound lanes by way of the southbound exit.

CR 517 crosses into Allamuchy Township and is briefly a three-lane road with two northbound lanes and one southbound lane.

westbound lanes   (西行きの車線)

East of downtown Gary, the eastbound and westbound lanes merge to form the Dunes Highway.

The westbound lanes occupy Stony Plain Road, while the eastbound street becomes 100 Avenue.

The westbound lanes opened on the afternoon of January 18 and the eastbound lanes on January 19.

lanes between

It has double lanes between Recife and Caruaru ( 160 km W).

The highway was transformed into four lanes between Kurnool and Kadapa .

On May 9, 2016, construction began to widen FM 1957 from two to four lanes between SH 211 and Loop 1604.

express lanes   (エクスプレスレーン)

The express lanes carry westbound traffic in the morning and eastbound traffic in the afternoon.

The express lanes carry southbound traffic in the morning and northbound traffic in the afternoon.

PA 73 comes to an interchange with US 1 (Roosevelt Boulevard), intersecting the local lanes at-grade and passing over the express lanes.

eastbound lanes   (東行きの車線)

The westbound lanes opened on the afternoon of January 18 and the eastbound lanes on January 19.

The most important safety upgrade was the demolition of the raised grassy median between the westbound and eastbound lanes, and its replacement with a permanent concrete median and wide shoulders.

The normally eastbound lanes of Dr. A. Santos Avenue from Soreena to Kabihasnan, eastbound lanes of NAIA Road from Quirino Avenue to Macapagal Boulevard, and southbound lanes of Macapagal Boulevard from NAIA Road to Bradco Avenue were also temporarily opened for counterflow in an effort to manage anticipated heavy traffic situation caused by the parade.

bicycle lanes

The canal has bicycle lanes that stretch for 3-4 kilometers alongside the canal.

The single reversible lane for cars is flanked by two bicycle lanes on either side.

Some Denver streets have bicycle lanes, leaving a patchwork of disjointed routes throughout the city.

rural lanes   (田舎道)

Torrewa is traversed by minor roads and rural lanes.

Moneynure is traversed by minor roads and rural lanes.

Drumlaydan is traversed by minor roads and rural lanes.