laps to go   (行くラップ)

With six laps to go, Dixon slipped by Andretti to take the lead.

With four laps to go, the front group had made a gap of 32 seconds.

At 65.5 km, with six laps to go, ten riders broke away from the main group.

laps later   (後周)

Two laps later, Matt Kenseth passed Busch to lead.

Three laps later, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. claimed the lead.

Three laps later, the red flag was flown.

laps down   (ひざまずく)

Harvick later returned to the race but 42 laps down.

He finished two laps down, in 24th place.

18 car behind it two laps down.

most laps   (ほとんどのラップ)

Points include 1 point for pole position and 2 points for most laps led.

laps before

He led for three laps before Mears assumed the lead.

He led for two laps before Busch repassed him.

Earnhardt, Jr. led for two laps before being passed by Kyle Busch.

few laps

Frustrated, Courage, notorious for overdriving, was killed a few laps later.

After a few laps, Roberts overtook McCoy and went up into second place, after Rossi retired.

Just a few laps, he had a patch of oil and shot into the catch fencing surrounding the track.

fastest laps

Overall, the Cagiva team had achieved 3 victories, 11 podiums, 6 pole position and 3 fastest laps in the 500cc.

He broke every record in the series (wins, poles and fastest laps) on his way to claiming the title in his rookie campaign.

He raced at five of the six meetings in 2009, finishing fourth overall after recording several wins, pole positions, podiums and fastest laps.

laps remaining

Fifteen of the sixteen laps remaining passed and Vallés looked untroubled.

But with 19 laps remaining, Cale Yarborough passed Waltrip and took the win.

At the restart with 19 laps remaining, Johnson jumped the gun and was penalized.

laps behind   (周回)

The Strakka Racing HPD claimed third, six laps behind the winners.

It eventually finished in 6th position (both overall, and in class), 12 laps behind the leader.

This trio followed this was second place at Mugello, albeit three laps behind another Luigi BMW.

ten laps

Kenseth led for ten laps, before Earnhardt, Jr. passed him.

Davey Allison was the winner of the race, cut ten laps short due to darkness.

Audi continue to go flat out and in the end finished ten laps ahead of the Peugeot.

number of laps   (ラップ数)

The difficulty of the race and number of laps can be customized.

number of laps), or let the game create a random set of parameters.

Time Attack has a limited number of laps, time trial has open sessions.

laps due

The event was stretched to 165 laps due to a pair of late cautions.

The car was entered into the 2003 24 Hours of Le Mans, but retired after ten laps due to a gearbox failure.

The last occurrence was at the 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix when the race was called off after 31 laps due to torrential rain.