large number   (大数字)

There are a large number of mosques in the region.

With his wives he had a large number of children.

Brussels is home to a large number of immigrants.

large numbers   (大数)

subspecies, varieties or ecotypes in large numbers.

They began to arrive in large numbers in the 1860s.

Other ancient sources give similarly large numbers.

very large   (很大)

This is a very large family, available in Primus.

The genus has a very large ribosomal 16S diversity.

Liverpool contains a very large Irish population.

large part   (很大一部分)

Rice played a large part of the diet in Louisiana.

For a large part of her life, Douglas lived alone.

Streptococci make up a large part of oral bacteria.

large scale   (大规模的)

This project is currently in progress on a large scale.

Plans for large scale redevelopment are underway in 2020.

It is however expensive to rear ostriches on a large scale.

large amount   (大量的)

Ancus returned to Rome with a large amount of loot.

The chosen route required a large amount of grading.

Brown has also written a large amount of poetry.

large amounts   (大量)

Solar water heaters can save large amounts of fuel.

Mzymta carries out to sea large amounts of silt.

However, "large amounts" were not collectible.

large enough   (足够大)

These burrows can be large enough for a man to enter.

The size was just large enough for a simple chick design.

This might be a large enough risk to discourage developers.

large portion   (很大一部分)

Islands constitute a large portion of the world's surface.

FEMA was expected to cover a large portion of the expenses.

A large portion of the parish is barren.

large quantities

It produced large quantities of high quality iron.

There are large quantities of kidney vetch on the site.

Calcium is an essential element needed in large quantities.

large area

Forest A forest is a large area dominated by trees.

They lie within a large area of mixed woodland.

In the past, Nang Buat District covered a large area.

relatively large   (比较大)

There is a relatively large expatriate community.

The church is relatively large and richly designed.

The newborns are relatively large, measuring about long.

large group

The main body of settlers came in one large group in 1636.

Another large group of vectors are flies.

There, they were rearmed by a large group of Polish bandits.

large areas

However, large areas of the forest are difficult to reach.

The fell is wet underfoot, with large areas clad in heather.

The goal is to capture carbon using large areas of kelp forest.

too large

The complete list is too large for one article.

The oil industry was too large and many companies merged.

When colonies grow too large, however, they can split in two.

several large

The Center organizes several large events each year.

Dragon has several large regional divisions.

He worked in leading positions of several large enterprises.

large family

This is a very large family, available in Primus.

Alexander was one of a large family of children.

She was one of 18 children in her large family.

large collection   (大集合)

He gathered a large collection of prints.

A large collection of cairns of various types lie near the city.

Plans are underway for digitizing this large collection of knowledge.

large parts

In 1707 a fire destroyed large parts of the old town.

Such kelp covers large parts of the seamount.

Its manifesto was in large parts authored by Hans Zehrer.

other large

This arrangement was also used by most other large Garratts.

It became the model for a number of other large pulpits in Sweden.

Hogg also endeavored to rein in abuses by other large corporations.

large size

Each canister round contained 60 balls of a large size.

The nerves composing it are of large size.

Despite his large size he was known for his supple physique.

large proportion   (大比例)

A large proportion of the island is circled by coral reefs.

A large proportion (62%) of the country were untrained workers.

A large proportion of these original settlers came from Old Saxony.

large population

The site has a large population of Sand Lizards.

It supports a large population of Great Crested Newts.

The site has a large population of Great Crested Newts.

large majority   (绝大多数)

Now a large majority of Malang residents are Muslims.

The Liberals won a large majority in the 1880 election.

The changes were approved by a large majority of voters.

large cities

Food shortages were most acute in the large cities.

The film was particularly successful in large cities.

In large cities the poor had high rates of tuberculosis.

large variety   (种类繁多)

A large variety of organoarsenic compounds are known.

A large variety of medical applications (i.e.

It stores a large variety of raw NMR data.

medium to large   (中到大)

The medium to large leaves are lobed and strongly sinuate.

These insects are medium to large and brown or gray in color.

The ears are typically medium to large.

first large

This was her first large US museum exhibition.

She entered her first large race in the 1970 Peachtree Road Race.

It became the first large scale project aimed at fighting corruption.

many large

There are many large houses along Dittmer Drive.

It still retains many large animals, such as hippos.

Alberta is home to many large carnivores.

large role

They play a large role in the morale of the ship.

Subvocalization plays a large role in memory encoding.

He often had a large role in what his clients would wear.

large sum   (大笔款项)

Reportedly she asked for a prohibitively large sum of money.

Running fan-funded campaigns cost bands a large sum of money.

The sale was in 1784 for 5.5 million francs, a very large sum.

large quantity   (大量)

He spent a large quantity of his money on those lives.

A large quantity of capsules is advised for propagation.

A large quantity of firewood was cut and shipped to Rotorua.

such a large

Tests also involved taxiing such a large aircraft.

But the British commanders did not foresee such a large victory.

The comparatively low death toll for such a large blast was due to the time of day.

so large

Its ears are so large that they hang over its face.

Attendance was so large, the party spilled out into the street.

Livy wrote: ‘hardly ever before had they raised so large a force’.

large extent   (很大程度上)

This is to a large extent by Germans and foreigners.

The Lusatian Sorbs remained independent to a large extent.

And to a large extent that happens even without our involvement.

large body

In the year 1904 a large body of Afridis visited Kabul.

The large body whorl is convex below.

Erasmus did not build a large body of supporters with his letters.

large sums   (大笔款项)

He then sought large sums of U.S. aid from Congress.

Today, collectors pay large sums for original Molitor furniture.

Hazard was the favourite game, and very large sums changed hands.

large crowd   (大量的人群)

A large crowd gathers to see and cheer the participants.

The trial began on 24 October 1803 and attracted a large crowd.

The parade grew a large crowd, up to ten thousand people were in attendance.

large and small

In Kel there are about 200 Lakes including large and small.

The severe winters affected human life in ways large and small.

Copenhagen is a green city with many parks, both large and small.

large groups

It may be solitary, or form small to large groups.

It generally hunts in large groups away from the reef.

They tend to create the nests in relatively large groups.

large crowds

The show never attracted large crowds.

The discovery once again drew large crowds to Attercliffe Common.

Both events created large crowds and publicity for the sport of kickboxing.

large house

The canal is home to a couple of large house boats.

He had a large house built overlooking the hills near Eynsford in Kent.

He built a large house there in the 1820s, which he named Veteran Hall.

large range

The game offers a large range of enemies and different stages.

Britain grows a large range of apples specifically for cooking.

The Townsend avalanche can have a large range of current densities.

unusually large   (异常大)

It is unusually large: long by wide.

An unusually large number of storage jars were found at the site.

, the Limyra Bridge has an unusually large span-to-rise ratio of .

large public

His funeral in Pilsen was a large public event.

China continues to construct large public emergency shelters.

It also has a large public park which was refurbished in 2013.

large stone

In the middle of this atrium is a large stone cross.

In 1927, a large stone was found, also engraved "G.W."

There are more than 400 large stone pillars.

large percentage

Air leakage accounts for a large percentage of energy loss from a home.

Now, though, women constitute a large percentage of the club's membership.

Thermal power stations provide electricity for a large percentage of humanity.

large village

It is one of the large village in Thobal district.

By 1865, Euclid Depot had grown into a large village.

The large village of Tonota lies just south of the dam.

large army

He soon after advanced against Shewa with a large army.

Yazdegerd proceeded to Soghd whose ruler supplied him a large army.

number of large

BT controls a number of large subsidiaries.

A number of large out-of-state companies opposed the bill.

Germany has a number of large cities.

up a large

Streptococci make up a large part of oral bacteria.

European American students make up a large minority.

Smaller fish also make up a large part of their diet.

played a large

Rice played a large part of the diet in Louisiana.

Hispanics also played a large role in Obama's landslide victory.

Since then, manufacturing has played a large role in its history.

including a large

Metosul made various metal objects besides cars including a large assortment of toy tools.

It had jurisdiction over a region including a large area of open space and several villages.

Over 2 million Indians volunteered for military service, including a large Muslim contingent.

built a large

The Sitwells built a large foundry and ironworks.

Warners built a large cinema designed by Thomas Somerford and E. A.

The prominent family also built a large palace in Piazza San Jacopo.

large open

A large open space used by sailmakers to make sails.

The causeway was unusually wide with a large open area.

There are no large open spaces on the dense urban campus.

large hill   (大山)

He competed in the large hill event at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

His best individual finish was 4th in the large hill in Canada in 1990.

This involves each team taking one jump from the ski jumping large hill.

contains a large

This floor also contains a large Jewish Bible section.

Human blood contains a large amount of oxygen.

Each brick end contains a large double exterior chimney.

large portions

It consists of a partial skeleton with large portions of the skull.

He also donated large portions of his income to charities in his later years.

By the time von Spee withdrew his ships, large portions of the town had been destroyed.

large central

It is connected with the education ward via a large central court.

This triple complex has a length onf 140 metres with a large central hall.

Its large central room became known as the People's Hall, where free lectures were held.

single large

They usually only had a single large cannon ("lantaka").

The interior houses only a single large utilitarian space.

A single large room is in the rear.

fairly large   (相当大的)

The yellowmouth grouper is fairly large and robust.

They had fairly large fins similar to those on the V-2.

Women form a fairly large majority of the Dominicans in Puerto Rico.

large force

He plans a large force in order to do so but it will take some time.

They encountered a large force of Confederate soldiers and opened fire.

However, by mid-1436 a large force under Turahan Bey had been assembled.

quite large

Individual pods of graphite could be quite large.

This town was quite large and covered several acres.

Prey fish targeted by bald eagles are often quite large.

large companies

There are several large companies, e.g.

Many of them have been large companies.

A series of large companies, e.g.

large tracts

The village consists of large tracts of paddy fields.

His business prospered and he acquired large tracts of land.

It also had large tracts of prairie land until the mid-1950s.

large volume   (大容量)

In particular, continuous tempering machines are used in large volume applications.

By contrast, in non-bonded pairs electrons are distributed in a large volume around nuclei.

Limassol is the larger of the two, and handles a large volume of both cargo and cruise vessels.

extremely large

Thus, Seonangdangs on popular trails could be extremely large and tall.

Eventually, the worm grows extremely large and the well becomes poisonous.

The LBA world is considered extremely large and varied for games of its time.

features a large

The concourse features a large wall mural of tree rings.

The resort features a large (60,000 sq.

It features a large painting of Mario Morales on the entrance.

rather large   (相当大)

It has a high sound and is rather large to hold.

A rather large man by the name of Don Quixote.

"It was a rather large, irregular wound," Woodard said.

large white

Forewings with a large white spot at the end of the cell.

The flag has a large white cross that divides it into four quarters.

She had a large white oak hull.

large city

Fairbanks is the only large city in the region.

This may be because a large city leads to more anonymity.

Varna (disambiguation) Varna is a large city in Bulgaria.

large section

The book has a large section on Abramovitch.

This dam would have needed to flood a large section of the city.

It now caters to a large section of Urdu speaking population in India.

large corporations   (大公司)

He has also created works of art for large corporations.

Hogg also endeavored to rein in abuses by other large corporations.

The Windchill user base ranges from individuals to large corporations.

large building

They share the large building with a number of tenants.

In 1925 they were connected to form one large building.

The lithograph depicts a large building roofed by a never-ending staircase.

large volumes

Even so, it exists in four large volumes today.

Potin aimed to sell large volumes at reduced profit margins.

He found that sulfuric acid could absorb large volumes of coal gas.

large industrial

Today's Asbest is a large industrial center.

It was withdrawn under threat from large industrial sponsors who threatened to withhold funding.

The area had been known for large industrial sites and was not seen as an area of natural beauty.

sufficiently large

Provided N is sufficiently large this is simply the product.

Pick a sufficiently large value of .

It states that any sufficiently large configuration will contain some sort of order.

large increase

This and other factors lead to a large increase in enrollment.

In 1964, Menzies announced a large increase in defence spending.

A current revaluation is very likely to show a large increase in value.

large estates   (大庄园)

It also owned large estates in other parts of Ireland.

As a result, later, Béla IV donated large estates along the Raba.

As Sir Andrew's heir Robert Corbet became owner of very large estates.

includes a large

The municipality includes a large exclave to the south-west.

It includes a large wood parch extending across the front facade.

As a result, it includes a large number of Albanian loanwords, e.g.

large windows

The tower has large windows set in round-arch openings.

All of the large windows have tracery in the Decorated style.

Under the large windows in the three downstairs rooms are paneled aprons.

another large

Ticks and lice form another large group of invertebrate vectors.

He moves another large crate under the vent so he can climb up to it.

Bradman received another large round of applause as he left the arena.

large sections

Tibet conquered large sections of northern India during this time.

Mangroves cover large sections of the northern shores and southern Saco Bay.

Attempts of removing the graffiti destroyed large sections of the paintings.

large black

Yellowish head with large black spot on frons.

There are almost always large black rings on the mantle.

Head with large black spot on frons.

large trees

Some of garden's old large trees might be hundred years old.

The large trees include Scots pine, Austrian pine and coast redwood.

In the Philippines "M. magnifica" grows in the forks of large trees.

included a large

The original design included a large razo sky orange and silver, wood designs.

This major Naval facility included a large airfield, as well as docks for several aircraft carriers.

The books also included a large amount of poetry by Semenova, each chapter was accompanied by a verse.

large margin

Johnson won Montana by a large margin of 18.38%.

Wilson won Montana by a large margin of 19.31%.

Brooke was re-elected by a large margin again in 1972.

large audience

The book "Money" reached a large audience.

The trial attracted a large audience, including many of the local peasants.

Searock is one of the highlights of Waves, and attracts a large audience every year.

large format

Monali's first large format live concert was at Powai Sarvajanin Durgotsav in 2011.

The work, titled "Metropolitan" comprised a series of fourteen large format photographs of Episcopalian bishops.

The large format of the majority of such works and the relatively simple composition are the hallmark of the style.

large wooden   (大木)

A large wooden hotel, The Adams House operated from 1884 to the 1950s.

The church has a large wooden altar carved by Jörg Zürn in the late Renaissance.

East of the house is a large wooden barn with a slate roof and a log smokehouse.

large estate

His family owned a large estate outside Limavady.

Petrovics also had large estate in Banat, around Temesvár.

Mabaruma was once a large estate owned by the Broomes family.

not large

The Committee was not large and never exceeded 16 members.

Their mouths are not large enough to cause a human fatality.

The Pacific Fleet was not large enough to fulfill both missions.

large commercial

A large commercial or industrial complex will have multiple distribution transformers.

It forms part of a large commercial development called the "Neue Mitte" ("new center").

There, large commercial shrimp boats were swept up to 900 feet (275 m) inland from their docks.

large degree

To a large degree the narrations are autobiographical.

Over the next nine years, Shane and Guard reconciled to a large degree.

The island was protected to a large degree by its favourable ocean topography.

small and large

Thematic analysis can be used to analyse both small and large data-sets.

The reflected-light television system included both small and large viewing screens.

Two coins (small and large) are used to randomly generate numbers with equal probability.

due in large

This is due in large part to Artemis’s reputation as a protector of wildlife.

Ecology has a complex origin, due in large part to its interdisciplinary nature.

This was due in large part to the fact that many of the rural areas began to report first.

large water

The mill was powered by a large water wheel.

A large water system irrigates the Park.

Each man had three days' rations and two large water bottles.

large influx   (大量涌入)

More recently the area has seen a large influx of horses, and commercial stables.

It was not until the 11th century that the Maghreb saw a large influx of ethnic Arabs.

A large influx of Turks started to flee into the Ottoman heartland from the lost lands.

large room

They were imprisoned with other detainees in a large room.

In 1837 a large room was built by the Dugdales of Ivy Bank.

The original structure had one large room with two smaller rooms.

large share

Upon him personally fell a large share of the effort.

A large share of the residents engaged in sharecropping.

He had a large share in the internal administration also.