Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

largely due   (debido en gran parte)

Clinical signs are largely due to blood loss.

This was largely due to its natural harbor.

This is largely due to the historic origin of the DIN as "NADI".

remained largely   (permaneció en gran medida)

This model remained largely the same through 1920.

The station remained largely unchanged for decades.

The region has remained largely unspoilt.

largely because   (en gran parte porque)

This was largely because Jefferson was quite suspicious of monopolies.

The goods were sent to Terceira largely because of the proximity of the island.

Detroit turned into a major industrial region, largely because of the Detroit River.

largely based   (en gran parte basado)

FNTA was largely based in the Bazombo ethnic group.

Taber's economy is largely based on agriculture.

The final set lists were largely based on the results.

largely responsible   (en gran parte responsable)

Lincoln is largely responsible for the Thanksgiving holiday.

It is largely responsible for the high population growth of French Guiana.

Regardless, the music is enchanting and is largely responsible for the success of the work.

largely ignored

Decoherence was largely ignored until the 1980s.

The proposal was largely ignored and no action was taken.

During Ritchie's time these entreaties were largely ignored.

based largely

The city's economy is based largely on services and commerce.

Its actual size is speculative, based largely on tooth remains.

In the United States, the ethanol fuel industry is based largely on corn.

largely replaced

These industries have been largely replaced.

Britain as a toponym had by now largely replaced Albion in literary use.

They were largely replaced and absorbed by Bantu tribes as they migrated.

largely unknown

The total loss of life throughout the conflict is largely unknown.

Non-anime science fiction are still largely unknown to foreign audiences.

The "symbol" type is common to Lisp languages, but largely unknown outside them.

now largely

This terminology is now largely abandoned.

It was once a prosperous railway town, but is now largely deserted.

Britain as a toponym had by now largely replaced Albion in literary use.

largely intact   (en gran parte intacto)

The original defensive systems are largely intact.

Until about 2008, the station was still largely intact.

The fishing industry survived largely intact.

largely unchanged   (en gran medida sin cambios)

The station remained largely unchanged for decades.

The body was a largely unchanged Hyundai Stellar.

Rangone kept faith in a largely unchanged team.

still largely   (todavía en gran medida)

Until about 2008, the station was still largely intact.

The systematics of "Hyphessobrycon" are still largely unresolved.

At the time the Pacific Northwest coast was still largely unexplored.

largely positive   (en gran medida positivo)

The two nations enjoy largely positive relations.

Critical response to the album was largely positive.

The episode received largely positive reviews.

largely destroyed

In 1945, the Ulm plant was largely destroyed by bombs.

Within a week, the Soviet 12th army was largely destroyed.

It was largely destroyed in the French bombardment of 1907.

largely through

However, they became bestsellers largely through word of mouth.

This occurs largely through the commercialization of broadcasting."

By 1921, this rose to 110,000, largely through the development of shanty towns.

largely forgotten   (en gran parte olvidado)

He was largely forgotten after the Louis Philippe period.

Today, her work is largely forgotten.

By the 20th century, the "Feengrotten" had been largely forgotten.

remains largely

The station site remains largely undeveloped .

The format remains largely unchanged from previous seasons.

The format remains largely unchanged from the previous season.

largely abandoned

The diggings were largely abandoned by 1893.

This terminology is now largely abandoned.

The cloth is today largely abandoned.

largely rural   (en gran parte rural)

Until 1921 Canada was a largely rural nation.

It is a largely rural pronunciation and is often stigmatized.

It is a largely rural county, populated mainly by Han Chinese.

due largely

This was due largely to the success of the singles "Piensa En Mi" and "Un Año de Amor"

In modern times however the textile industry declined due largely to lower Asian wages.

Enron grew wealthy due largely to marketing, promoting power, and its high stock price.

largely the same

This model remained largely the same through 1920.

They serve different routes but largely the same downtown area.

State Route 35 is largely the same as the original SR 5, renumbered in 1923.

largely unsuccessful

Attempts to develop Lake Mokoma for ice harvesting were largely unsuccessful.

He tried to urge other Royalists to join him, but he was largely unsuccessful.

Charles Mhlauri had a largely unsuccessful stint as Head Coach for Masvingo United.

largely made

Octavian's fleet was largely made up of smaller "Liburnian" vessels.

The museum's permanent collection includes over 5,000, largely made up of works on paper.

The church is largely made of red sandstone and is listed as Grade I by Historic England.

largely confined   (en gran parte confinado)

The concept is largely confined to North America.

Before the 18th century, cultivation of sugarcane was largely confined to India.

The NRA's support was largely confined to right-wing Republicans and rural Democrats.

largely dependent   (en gran medida dependiente)

The social protection is largely dependent on the state.

10.Federal Bank Ezhumattoor is largely dependent on private buses.

Temperature is largely dependent on the incidence of solar radiation.

received largely

It received largely negative reviews from critics.

The game has received largely negative reviews.

The film has received largely negative reviews.

largely influenced

Her ideas regarding education were largely influenced by Francisco Ferrer.

Its development was largely influenced by German and Austrian legal systems.

At the time, they were largely influenced by Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

largely negative

It received largely negative reviews from critics.

Critical reaction to the film was largely negative.

The game has received largely negative reviews.

largely composed

The population is largely composed of African Americans.

The pro-Yugoslav minority was largely composed of Slovenian cadres.

It was formed in 1939 and largely composed of ethnic German residents of Poland.

largely successful

The Mormon forces were largely successful thanks to Lot Smith.

May enjoyed a largely successful captaincy of both his county and country.

Buchner wanted to rehabilitate his career, and was largely successful in doing so.

largely ceremonial   (en gran parte ceremonial)

His or her post is largely ceremonial.

The mayoral role is largely ceremonial with no more power than any council member.

The Ministry of Interior appointed provincial governors whose role was largely ceremonial.

largely used

The Port is largely used as a marina today.

The use of nature is largely used to define Nyamuragi's character.

Potato flour is largely used in cakes along with finely ground matza meal and nuts.

consists largely

Their diet consists largely of flies and other small insects.

Agriculture is varied but consists largely of ranching activity.

The area consists largely of rolling hills covered in thorn bush.

remained largely unchanged   (permaneció en gran medida sin cambios)

The station remained largely unchanged for decades.

However, most conditions within the prison remained largely unchanged.

Trotha's policy remained largely unchanged until its revocation in November 1905.

composed largely

He joined a student body composed largely of older G.I.

The visuals were coordinated to the band's set which was composed largely of jams.

The UN is composed largely of PDG defectors who left the party after Omar Bongo's death.

largely disappeared   (en gran parte desaparecido)

It has largely disappeared from inside cities.

By 1973, Vietnamese support of the Khmer Rouge had largely disappeared.

The community has largely disappeared from modern maps, except for a few business names.

remain largely   (permanecer en gran medida)

The steep southern slopes remain largely undeveloped.

Those features remain largely unchanged, and were used into the 1960s.

A 2019 Gallup poll found that Americans remain largely mistrustful of the mass media.

largely rebuilt

It was largely rebuilt around 1910 by Dudley Newman.

The church is medieval but was largely rebuilt in 1859.

The church was largely rebuilt in 1610.

largely positive reviews   (críticas en gran medida positivas)

The episode received largely positive reviews.

The album received largely positive reviews.

The video received largely positive reviews from critics.

largely made up

Octavian's fleet was largely made up of smaller "Liburnian" vessels.

The museum's permanent collection includes over 5,000, largely made up of works on paper.

The first floor is largely made up of three standard-sized basketball courts and the Bud Erich Pool.

largely focused

It largely focused on commercial stitching machines.

Missionary work largely focused on populations of German immigrants.

Though making films in this time, he had been largely focused on theatre.

largely undeveloped

The steep southern slopes remain largely undeveloped.

The station site remains largely undeveloped .

The largely undeveloped pond is located within Theodore Roosevelt County Park.

largely attributed

The first freestyle hit is largely attributed to "Let the Music Play" by Shannon.

Many of the effects on clique composition described below may be largely attributed to crowd segregation.

This story is largely attributed to the creative press at the time, and Wagner and Cobb were actually on good terms.

consisted largely

Despite its name, the regiment consisted largely of men from Tennessee.

Historian A. J. P. Taylor points out the membership consisted largely of schoolteachers.

The sale consisted largely of oil, watercolours and drawings of Newlands, Bishopscourt and the Malay Quarter.

largely ineffective   (en gran parte ineficaz)

His duties as Chairman Joint Chiefs had been largely ineffective, and his deputy Admiral M.S.

However, the compromise was largely ineffective in convincing conservatives to support the bill.

Some would argue that the SRC at Chanel was largely ineffective, with time-consuming class meetings.

largely absent   (en gran parte ausente)

This concern is largely absent in other traditions of art.

Butternut's range includes the rocky soils of New England where black walnut is largely absent.

The mathematics used consists of statistics and geometry, while thermodynamics is "largely absent".

largely built

It is home to a castle, largely built during the 14th century.

By 1940, the area was largely built up, and only a few plots remained vacant.

It was situated near the seaside village and the local hotel, now largely built over.

received largely positive   (recibido en gran medida positivo)

The episode received largely positive reviews.

The album received largely positive reviews.

The video received largely positive reviews from critics.

became largely

However, after Stalin's ascension the Congresses became largely symbolic.

The population became largely dependent on humanitarian assistance, primarily from UN agencies.

The Bedouins and the cities of the empire became largely independent, leaving the Hafsids in control of only Tunis and Constantine.

largely independent

However, it was largely independent from Charter 77.

Local groups are largely independent, setting their own fees, meeting times and places.

Each of the genres multiplied and evolved in a fashion largely independent of the others.

largely limited

Liveralis' compositions are largely limited to minor forms.

Telephone service, however, is largely limited to the islands' few towns.

The rainfall on Oahu was largely limited to the eastern one-third of the island.

largely inspired

The book was largely inspired by the work of the Brandt Commission on "North–South relations."

Sebastian Garcia among other authors repeat the tales, all of them largely inspired by the cited codex of 1714.

It is thought that Frost's own writing in "The Welchman" was largely inspired by the writings and speeches of William Cobbett.

largely residential

Chestnut Street is also largely residential.

Hokowhitu West is a largely residential area and had a resident population of 4,233 (2001) .

It is a largely residential area but includes the downtown Richmond business district along Macdonald Avenue.

went largely

All three groups went largely to form.

Convinced that the choices were adequate, the website went largely dormant.

However, her contributions went largely unappreciated by CBS management in New York.

largely funded

Refuge operations are largely funded through timber sales.

It was largely funded by director Brian Davies who was a director at La Mama Theatre.

The facility was built at a cost of $193.4 million, largely funded by casino revenues.

largely restricted

The Portuguese in Guinea were largely restricted to the ports of Bissau and Cacheu.

Although largely restricted to lowlands, a few species occur in the lower East Andean foothills.

The use of military railways is now largely restricted to internal transportation functions on large military sites, e.g.

largely remained

Since 2000, the Federation Council has largely remained a stable body.

Offa's Dyke largely remained the frontier between the Welsh and English in later centuries.

Baroque art and architecture became fashionable between the two World Wars, and has largely remained in critical favor.

largely determined

There is great variety in the climate, largely determined by altitude.

In general, α is largely determined by the catalyst and the specific process conditions.

Again, the choice between them is largely determined by the noun's ending in the singular.

largely similar

It was largely similar to the Lydian and the Phrygian alphabets.

On October 9, 2012, the largely similar Nokia Lumia 810 was presented.

Kathu vocabulary is largely similar to those of other Mondzish languages.

largely complete

This process is largely complete, at least in theory.

He proposed the song for his fourth album and it is one of the few that are seen as largely complete.

Don Rowley was quoted saying: At the time of its cancellation, development of its radar systems and ramjet engines was largely complete.

largely dominated

Craftwork was largely dominated by a formal guild system.

Prince Edward Island is largely dominated by farming, fishing, and tourism.

Apart from the old Helong territory, Timor was largely dominated by the Portuguese up to 1749.

largely agricultural

In its early days the North Shore was largely agricultural.

The town is a centre for the largely agricultural region of southern Oldenburg.

Baota is a largely agricultural region, with petroleum as the only main industry.

largely completed

With phase I largely completed, US forces initiated phase II.

Demolition of the stadium was largely completed by September 2019.

Establishment of provincial Extraordinary Commissions was largely completed by August 1918.

largely superseded

It has largely superseded the plain TeX macro package AMS-TeX.

Use of ATM technology was eventually largely superseded by Internet Protocol (IP)-only technology.

New gun batteries at Fort Greene, Fort Church, and Fort Burnside largely superseded the smaller weapons.

consisting largely

Most true fungi have a cell wall consisting largely of chitin and other polysaccharides.

In 1765, Newfoundlands population was around 15,000, consisting largely of Irish immigrants.

His "Star Spangled to Death" (2004, USA) is a nearly seven-hour film consisting largely of found footage.

largely considered

Ward was largely considered a spent force.

He was largely considered a hero by the media and the public.

Therefore, the 1990s was largely considered to be a disappointment.

largely left

Allan also worked with Peter Lemer in the 1970s, but he largely left performing in the 1980s.

Once again, both choices of content and sponsorship of films are largely left up to the initiative of the filmmaker.

Malta was largely left alone during the summer of 1941, but attacks resumed in November 1941 after "Fliegerkorps II" arrived in Sicily.

largely credited

He is largely credited with starting the Boston comedy scene.

She is largely credited with the passage of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.

Silverman is largely credited with creating most of the "rules" for drawing "The Simpsons".

largely identical

In 1907 and 1910 there was a follow-on order for two, largely identical engines.

The CT 10's design is largely identical to that of the V-1 missile it was based on.

Although its vocabulary and pronunciation are largely identical to standard Italian, differences do exist.

largely controlled

New Zealand never had an aristocracy but its wealthy landowners largely controlled politics before 1891.

The cities had a quasi-independent status, and were largely controlled by the leading merchants and guilds.

As of 2008, Walikale's cassiterite resources were largely controlled by warlords empowered by the ongoing Kivu conflict.

largely unnoticed   (en gran parte desapercibido)

The event passed largely unnoticed.

Despite receiving positive reviews, the album went largely unnoticed in the United States.

However, this has gone largely unnoticed due to shifts occurring with Bhutan's political makeup.

largely thanks

Its foundation was largely thanks to the benevolence of Sir John and Lady Jane Ogilvy.

This change was largely thanks to the RE5, which also used a proprietary cylinder wall plating similar to a Nikasil coating.

This revival skyrocketed into mass protest after 1980, largely thanks to the advent of the Reagan administration and its hawkish pronouncements.

largely lost

Hunting remains relatively important in Andalusia, but has largely lost its character as a means of obtaining food.

Knowledge of the traditional Polynesian methods of navigation were largely lost after contact with and colonization by Europeans.

If Xavier Darcos largely lost the election, he nevertheless achieved a score above the regional and departmental average obtaining 33.40%.

largely written

", largely written for him by the Liberal economist John Maynard Keynes.

Titled "Rajasthan through the Ages" this work was largely written by Sharma and was published in 1966.

Critic Don D'Ammassa writes "I'd bet a lot of money that this Conan adventure was largely written by Lin Carter.

then largely

The region was then largely a Venetian dominion, part of the Roman Empire.

It was then largely replaced by the new Blackpool North & Fleetwood constituency.

Remaining Dure continued into the '50s and then largely disappeared as industrialization began.

largely been replaced

It has largely been replaced by SATA in newer systems.

This technology has largely been replaced with light emitting diode displays.

These forms of handrail have largely been replaced with fabric-and-rubber railings.

largely consisted

The audience largely consisted of hard-to-reach working women.

This short-lived program largely consisted of music videos but rarely featured interviews.

The system largely consisted of land assignments from the state in return for military services.

largely covered

Income from the endowment fund has largely covered core expenditures.

The island is largely covered by rainforest and is known for its wildlife.

The grandstand is constructed of metal bleachers and is largely covered by a roof.

largely the result

The outflows during 1984–1985 were largely the result of economic sanctions in response to apartheid.

The negative reaction to "Monsieur Verdoux" was largely the result of changes in Chaplin's public image.

According to the historian Ronald Hutton, the current state of the observance of Christmas is largely the result of a mid-Victorian revival of the holiday spearheaded by "A Christmas Carol".

thanks largely

The Class started to blossom, thanks largely to the promotional activities of Conrad and a well structured Class Organisation.

The team bounced straight back by winning the Premier League Southern Division in 2007–08, thanks largely to the goals of Ann-Marie Heatherson.

Because of the striking cover artwork, and thanks largely to the nostalgic appeal of these books, they have become collectable items once more today.

up largely

He grew up largely in Buckinghamshire, England.

In the visual area of the cortex, according to the model, the impulses call up largely at random a series of images (=activation).

Their debut album was made up largely of previously released singles which had been re-recorded and given a more professional production sound.