İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

much larger   (daha geniş)

Female is much larger and more robust than the male.

Cave 24 is like Cave 21, unfinished but much larger.

Enzymes are usually much larger than their substrates.

slightly larger   (biraz daha büyük)

Females are slightly larger, on average, than males.

"R. naso" is slightly larger and has darker fur.

The males are slightly larger than the females.

larger and more   (daha büyük ve daha fazlası)

Female is much larger and more robust than the male.

With and , it is both larger and more massive than the Sun.

Natal dens are usually larger and more complex than diurnal dens.

even larger   (daha büyük)

Heritability may also occur at even larger scales.

Claims have been made indicating even larger sizes.

Fragments of trilobites suggest even larger record sizes.

larger number   (daha büyük sayı)

A larger number said they were raising prices.

A larger number of factors may underlie these five factors.

the larger number of the "tridtsatniki", who were deported to the Gulag.

larger scale   (daha büyük ölçek)

He has now finished another upon a larger scale.

Cities clear snow on a much larger scale than individuals.

A larger scale allows for a more efficient division of labour.

larger cities

There are mixed communities in the larger cities.

Freestyle was more appreciated in larger cities.

Whites resided primarily in larger cities.

larger area

The larger area are called Ngrowo.

A much larger area was enclosed and planted with oak trees in the 1780s.

He believed that Serbia could govern a much larger area that the territory it held.

times larger   (kat daha büyük)

In 1876 he moved into a structure four times larger than the original.

This numerical value is several times larger than the radius of the proton.

For example, primates have brains 5 to 10 times larger than the formula predicts.

significantly larger   (önemli ölçüde daha büyük)

The rear plate, in diameter, is significantly larger.

From brain Endocasts, Neanderthals also had significantly larger brains.

Compared to other mammals, primates have significantly larger brain size.

larger group

They were part of a larger group kidnapped by a rebel group.

Greg Dyke became the Executive Chairman of the larger group.

There are four private study rooms and a larger group study room.

larger size

Breeding birds may require a nest or breeding box and a larger size cage.

The two are distinguishable by the larger size and longer stipe of "E. constans".

Because of their larger size, HH-53s also carried a second pararescue specialist.

larger towns

In the larger towns, the justices are almost always lawyers.

Kaunians are herded into ghettos in Forthweg's cities and larger towns.

The larger towns on the island are located on the coast and have harbours.

larger numbers

Colonists now began purchasing slaves in larger numbers.

French started to immigrate in larger numbers after 1763.

Another deals with larger numbers in an approximate fashion.

larger ones

The small dolmens are , while the larger ones measure up to height.

The workers are almost as large, the larger ones overlapping the smaller queens.

As of 1st May 2018, these 75 classical assemblies are reorganised into 11 larger ones.

larger role   (daha büyük rol)

In the 2010 season, he had a larger role on the defense.

In the following few seasons, Bush started to take a larger role as a reliever.

It played a somewhat larger role in 1947 in designing the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.

considerably larger   (oldukça büyük)

The throat sac in males is also considerably larger.

Since then two considerably larger additions have been built.

It was considerably larger than the 130-ship-strong Spanish Armada.

within the larger

It also unifies ' within the larger Pan-Indian Movement.

Other buildings within the larger complex were undamaged.

The Sokoki were a band or tribe within the larger Abenaki group.

larger part

The larger part of this indebtedness bore interest at the rate of ten percent per annum.

The larger part of Amanuban joined the prince Tobani who ruled independently of the Dutch.

As usual, the larger part was played by the merchant community rather than the government.

far larger

Thutmose III built a far larger temple, about .

In actuality, for most cases the running time is far larger than the output; see below.

If successful, it will give Botswana companies free access to the far larger regional market.

larger audience

It recounts her work over 16 years to bring Hemings' story to a larger audience.

Crick's reaction was to invite Nirenberg to deliver his talk to a larger audience.

NYGASP has imported various guest stars over the years to appeal to a larger audience.

larger building

They built a larger building and had a capital of $12,000.

The Primary School moved into the larger building in 1968.

A larger building replaced the original structure on the same site in 2004.

larger species

In larger species, it can reach a thickness up to half a meter (1.6 ft).

"P. navarchus" is one of the smallest of the larger species of angelfish.

Microfauna are better indicators of climate and environmental change than larger species.

larger ships

Most other nations replied with similar larger ships.

Belfast harbour was dredged in 1845 to provide deeper berths for larger ships.

The larger ships, fewer in number, could then be assisted with an unconventional method.

somewhat larger   (biraz daha büyük)

Next the somewhat larger lakes freeze and become skateable.

Females tend to be somewhat larger than their male counterparts.

The keys are somewhat larger and spaced farther apart when in landscape mode.

larger force

This was a larger force than had been sent to Algiers the previous year.

The larger force suggested that major German ships would be following behind.

The Americans had scored a defensive victory in the face of a much larger force.

larger premises   (daha büyük tesisler)

The infirmary moved to larger premises in Barrack Road in 1855.

During 2017 Eldon moved its offices in Newcastle into larger premises.

In 1954, the College moved, yet again, to larger premises in Montagu Place.

larger population

This occurs when the various factor levels are sampled from a larger population.

However, the town of Kincardine had a larger population and seemed the strongest rival.

A few estates even have larger population and end up having more than one village subdivisions.

larger version

A larger version of the experiment is being planned as of 2018.

Chimneys were a larger version of the copper-capped type of the first batch.

A larger version was also offered as the microNOVA MP/200, shipping the same year.

larger diameter

To reach those speeds, a larger diameter ramjet engine was required.

The larger diameter is abit bigger than and it is never lower than .

The resulting beam has a larger diameter, and hence a lower divergence.

larger groups   (daha büyük gruplar)

The two larger groups of Khan Khel descend from the brothers.

In larger groups, individual whistle sounds are less prominent.

This is an unusual pattern for deer, which more commonly live in larger groups.

larger vessels

Its harbour slowly became clogged with silt and inaccessible to larger vessels.

Separate pieces of raised sheet were also riveted together to form larger vessels.

Two larger vessels, the corvette and the brig would engage the nearest British batteries.

larger church

New larger church buildings were also constructed.

As the parish grew, a larger church building was completed in 1905.

The Angevin church however was razed by 1513, when a larger church was started.

larger aircraft

The site was considered too restrictive for larger aircraft to land.

The runway of the base was extended and improved to facilitate larger aircraft.

Researchers from Smartfish hope to incorporate this design of the Hyfish into larger aircraft.

larger than males

On average, female bowheads are larger than males.

On average, females grow to be slightly larger than males.

Generally, females are larger than males.

larger community   (daha geniş topluluk)

The nearest larger community is Makueni, 3.2 km east of Simba.

The larger community of South Williamson borders Belfry to northwest.

The three organizations run a vegetarian co-op for the larger community.

larger facility   (daha büyük tesis)

She was able to rent a larger facility and attract more students.

It was later replaced by a larger facility but was converted to a smithy.

A few years later, the library sold its property to raise money for a larger facility.

within a larger

It lies in a hollow within a larger area of low-lying hills and valleys running broadly east-west.

The villages lie in a hollow within a larger area of low-lying hills and valleys running broadly east-west.

Polyquats are a variety of engineered polymer forms which provide multiple quat molecules within a larger molecule.

larger than life   (hayattan daha büyük)

A larger than life twelve ton lion stands atop the Roman triumphal arch.

They all are married, professional, experienced and larger than life characters.

His expertise in magnificent and larger than life sets has been well appreciated and awarded.

new larger

On 19 August 1862 a new larger stone church was completed.

The new larger site is between White Sands Resort and EGI City by the Sea Condos.

China is also building a new larger class of air defense destroyers, the Type 055.

larger city

He was educated in public schools in Indianapolis, a much larger city and the capital of Indiana.

Perry Warjiyo was born in Sukoharjo, a town in Central Java south of the larger city of Surakarta.

Lutherans in general retained the Order of Matins for use in schools and in larger city parishes throughout the 16th and 17th centuries.

larger than females

Males are, on average, 5% larger than females.

Male round gobies are larger than females.

Males are slightly larger than females (about 10% in mass).

larger amount

With a larger amount of red blood cells, blood oxygenation is enhanced.

As a result, the design allowed for a larger amount of Russell's bosom to be exposed.

Another archive employee who collected Russian folklore in a larger amount was Menda Ehrenberg.

grow larger   (büyümek)

Mammals still continued to grow larger and larger.

It has been found that females typically grow larger than males.

Females grow larger than males.

larger in size   (daha büyük)

At , the country is larger in size than Taiwan or Belgium.

Specifically, males tend to be slightly larger in size when compared to females.

Growing to a maximum length of around , the females are larger in size than the male.

new and larger

By the early 1900s, the OMI's need for a new and larger building was imperative.

The plan included the installation of a new and larger lighted cross on the property.

In 1675, Cueva sent a new and larger expedition led by Antonio de Vea to western Patagonia.

larger body

It had a larger body, better handling and more engine power.

Fin A fin is a thin component or appendage attached to a larger body or structure.

This is helpful when larger body parts are imaged, because they require more photons.

larger share   (daha büyük pay)

Meles moved to have Ethiopia gain a larger share of the Nile River water.

These theatres get to keep a larger share of the ticket fees and often charge a lower ticket price.

Although collectively Europe has a larger share, Japan has the second largest country market share.

no larger

As a result of the communist economy there is still no larger winery.

While at peak intensity, Nadia had well-defined outflow and an eye no larger than .

larger and heavier   (daha büyük ve daha ağır)

The NN2 was introduced in 1929, a larger and heavier car.

Females are larger and heavier than males.

Cross-drive transmissions developed after WWII, at a time when tanks were growing larger and heavier.

larger portion

The windows were larger and occupied a larger portion of the façades.

The larger portion of formula_1 is housed at the "Instituto di Papyrologia" (P. Mil.

The remaining larger portion, designed by Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates, was built in 1973.

larger amounts   (daha büyük miktarlar)

This is a common commercial use for larger amounts of deuterium.

Specialized Airport Crash Tenders are used at airports to carry larger amounts of water and foaming agents.

One advantage of this method was the availability of larger amounts of nitrogen and flow rates last longer.

grew larger

Cuffs grew larger and were elaborately trimmed.

Some flightless birds grew larger than humans.

The slave population quickly grew larger than that of the land owners.

larger engine

Work on the larger engine was suspended in 1833.

Applications: The larger engine was also given the "A-Plus" treatment.

Those problems were remedied with a larger engine and lengthened trucks.

larger town   (büyük kasaba)

Perevalsk borders immediately on the larger town of Alchevsk.

Nearest larger town is Lemvig with a population of about 7000.

Once a larger town, Parrish was destroyed by the Tri-State Tornado in 1925.

moved to larger

His practice expanded and he moved to larger rooms next door.

The infirmary moved to larger premises in Barrack Road in 1855.

In 1985, after adding Lotus and C++ to its curriculum, the company moved to larger offices in Irvine.

larger animals

Many larger animals depend on krill for their own survival.

Unlike other hyenas, aardwolves do not scavenge or kill larger animals.

He then began making larger scale expeditions and trading in larger animals.

substantially larger   (önemli ölçüde daha büyük)

Likewise, the central field is not substantially larger than the main border.

It seems logical that the new premises were substantially larger, or more favourably positioned.

The skull, carrying the large horns, was substantially larger and more elongated than in most cattle breeds.

larger space

In August 2019 this location re-opened in a larger space within the station.

In June 2009, the gallery outgrew its old location and moved to a larger space downtown.

His office was at 3 Union Square before moving to larger space at 22 East 17th Street in 1918.

other larger   (daha büyük)

Predators include other larger fish, seabirds and marine mammals.

Sweden, Germany, USA, Canada) and from Athens and other larger cities.

Gray wolves and some of the other larger canids live in larger groups called packs.

larger companies

Both factories still exist, but a part of the larger companies.

These approaches were unsuccessful and the larger companies had other priorities.

In the case of larger companies, it is usually a sleek, colorful, high-gloss publication.

unlike larger

From the 21st century, a census of communes with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants is held every five years, unlike larger towns that have a sample survey every year.

From the 21st century, a census of communes with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants is held every five years, unlike larger communes that have a sample survey every year.

They are also widely used by agricultural researchers to harvest small test plots because unlike larger harvesters they can easily be transported between plots on a flatbed trailer towed by a heavy duty pickup truck.

became larger   (büyüdü)

Shrimp boats became larger, faster, and more capable.

Exhibition venues became larger and began charging higher prices.

As the crowds became larger, an intolerant government turned hostile.

larger areas

"Opus tessellatum" was used for larger areas and laid down at the final site.

From the 19th century deputies were hired in larger areas to assist the sheriffs.

Therefore, larger areas are required than for other treatment processes with external energy inputs.

generally larger

The male is generally larger than the female.

Females are generally larger than males.

"Z. percontatoria" is symmetrical with the females being generally larger.

larger proportion   (daha büyük oran)

He also decided to replace some 8-pounders with a larger proportion of 12-pounders.

A larger proportion of juveniles than of adults migrate in the southern population.

Napoleon determined to replace the 8-pounders with a larger proportion of 12-pounders.

larger capacity   (daha büyük kapasite)

The advantages are larger capacity, reduced fuelwood consumption, and better product quality.

"A size" trains are longer and have larger capacity than "B size" trains, which are used on other operational lines of Zhengzhou Metro.

The 597cc featherbed framed Model 99 Dominator was introduced in 1956, as a larger capacity version alongside the 500 cc Model 88 version.

larger and larger

Mammals still continued to grow larger and larger.

Despite given larger and larger server for free from Hostdango the site continued to crash.

Collisions between these would result in mass accumulating into larger and larger black holes.

larger quantities   (daha büyük miktarlar)

Importing larger quantities than this can carry severe penalties.

By some accounts, the coin was created so larger quantities of stamps could be purchased.

Possession and distribution of larger quantities can be punished with up to 15 years in prison.

larger fish

They are also known to attack larger fish than themselves.

The adults primarily consume larger fish.

Predators include other larger fish, seabirds and marine mammals.

larger units

Other calendars have one (or multiple) larger units of time.

However, sometimes they were used in larger units up to squadron size.

An effort to rationalize the larger units in a fashion similar to CANDU 6 led to the CANDU 9.

larger islands

The larger islands have some fertile valleys and plains.

Several of the larger islands, however, have freshwater springs.

Fiji's larger islands have extensive bus routes that are affordable and consistent in service.

accommodate larger

Raymond Loewy updated the design in 1955 to accommodate larger formats.

However the airport could neither accommodate larger aircraft nor could the runway be extended.

In 2009, the runway 10/28 was refurbished and extended to 4000 meters to accommodate larger aircraft.

much larger area

A much larger area was enclosed and planted with oak trees in the 1780s.

He believed that Serbia could govern a much larger area that the territory it held.

Stockholm urban area is not the same as Metropolitan Stockholm (), which is a much larger area.

larger village

Moorkanad is a part of the larger village of Porathissery.

Pinnangudi had a close connection with the larger village of Kudumiyanmalai.

The chief of a larger village would exert political power over smaller villages in the area.

larger project

He also called it a "conceptual continuity", meaning that any project or album was part of a larger project.

GO had originally planned to address this as part of a much larger project known as GO-Urban, and later, GO ALRT.

In any event, the invention of the mouse was just a small part of Engelbart's much larger project of augmenting human intellect.

larger sizes

Claims have been made indicating even larger sizes.

In larger sizes, hydraulic pipes are used.

In addition, shapes can be drawn scaled up to larger sizes.

part of larger

The Fornax cluster is a part of larger Fornax Wall.

The southwestern and northeastern boundaries are each part of larger fracture zones.

In 2010 it was announced that the project was being shelved as part of larger arts-funding cuts.

larger house

Within a year, the Foundling purchased a larger house at 3 Washington Square.

Put betting may give a larger house edge over place betting unless the casino offers high odds.

By then, the Lever family had moved from Wood Street to a larger house adjacent to the grocery business.

larger prey

Findings indicated that larger prey was hunted in later stages.

It may take larger prey if possible.

Hunting in packs has the advantage that larger prey items can be tackled.

much larger scale   (çok daha büyük ölçek)

Cities clear snow on a much larger scale than individuals.

"Ape and Super-Ape" analyzed these similarities on a much larger scale.

In late 2012, detailed plans to redevelop Del Amo on a much larger scale were unveiled.

become larger   (büyümek)

Gamma oscillations become larger in amplitude in the hippocampus.

As numbers become larger, Carmichael numbers become increasingly rare.

The scales are pebbly and gradually become larger and somewhat hexagonal in shape.

larger venues

They commonly appeared at larger venues, like the T.F.

Broadway Across America often presents touring Broadway musicals in these larger venues.

In the 1960s and 1970s bands were playing at louder volumes and performing in larger venues.

build a larger

In 2015, there were reports that FAMA planned to build a larger museum in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Here it was possible to build a larger wind tunnel, and Eiffel began to make tests using scale models of aircraft designs.

In the spring of 2012, a referendum was passed to allow the library to build a larger facility to account for population growth.

usually larger

This is usually larger than its kinetic counterpart.

Females are usually larger than males.

Natal dens are usually larger and more complex than diurnal dens.

larger context

Translation needs a larger context to determine aspect.

Urban geography deals both with cities in their larger context and with their internal structure.

However, now this field of research was put into the larger context of self-organized and nonlinear phenomena.

larger percentage

Carr won a larger percentage of the vote (40.5%) than the previous 11 challengers to sitting Republican U.S.

It was reported the prize money on offer for the final was £6.1 million, with the winner taking a larger percentage.

While some ERGs may have a larger percentage of the employee population involved, the average rate of membership is 7.9% of employees.

larger island

The larger island of Austra lies about east of Leka.

Tongoa and Epi islands once formed part of a larger island called Kuwae.

The island lies northeast of the larger island of Bubaque, across a narrow strait.

larger urban

The beach provides vacationers a level of tranquility and clean air that is unfound in larger urban areas.

Mass deportations were to be preceded by removal of the Jewish population from rural areas and its concentration in larger urban centers.

However, due to its proximity to the larger urban centers of Nagasaki and Sasebo, Ōmura also serves as bedroom community for both cities.

larger work   (daha büyük iş)

The cameo appears to have been cut from a larger work.

As with the English heroic, each couplet usually makes sense on its own, while forming part of a larger work.

In 1898, he said he was "very sick at heart over music" and hoped to find a way to succeed with a larger work.

larger works

Malouel also worked as an illuminator, but seems mostly to have produced larger works.

Jeremiah James was responsible for moving the firm to the larger works at Carrow in 1856.

These small sculptures evolved into larger works in cut, welded, and painted steel and aluminum.

larger set

It uses diacritics to map the much larger set of Brahmic graphemes to the Latin script.

In 1894, Zamenhof published the first Esperanto dictionary, , which had a larger set of roots.

Since Majd based his edition on a larger set of manuscripts of better quality, it may become the new scholarly standard.

larger houses

Wetton village is primarily a collection of farmhouses, with the gaps filled in by cottages and a few larger houses.

Due to space restrictions, small houses were built in cemeteries, and children were buried in the doorways of larger houses.

He is listed as a commissioner (probably working for the Excise in Leith Docks) and living in one of the larger houses on Leith Walk.

larger public   (daha geniş halk)

The organization also works to bring issues of honor attacks and honor killings to the attention of the larger public.

A larger public hospital with the name "Stauferklinikum Schwäbisch Gmünd" is located within the boundaries of the town in the south-west.

Its open submission format allows the publication "to extend the architectural dialogue beyond the community of the discipline to engage the larger public."

larger municipality

The larger municipality of Eschenbach now has a total combined area of .

On 1 January 1974, the municipality of Ankenes was merged with the town-municipality of Narvik, forming a new, larger municipality of Narvik.

On 1 January 1962, the three neighboring municipalities of Røra (population: 1,003), Sandvollan (population: 750), and Inderøy (population: 3,194) to form a new, larger municipality of Inderøy.

larger structure

However the increasing number of pilgrims visiting the site necessitated a larger structure.

The chhatri, seen in Indian architecture, fits the definition of a cupola when it is used atop a larger structure.

For example, graphite can be oxidised by hot concentrated nitric acid at standard conditions to mellitic acid, C(COH), which preserves the hexagonal units of graphite while breaking up the larger structure.