lasted only   (のみ続いた)

The charge lasted only 2 years before disbanding.

He lasted only three innings giving up four runs.

He lasted only 3 weeks before he was eliminated.

only lasted   (しか続かなかった)

But this only lasted until 1979 when it also closed.

The Saudi stint only lasted until October 2007.

But that only lasted until her first ACL tear.

lasted just   (ちょうど続いた)

The engagement had lasted just eleven minutes.

He had lasted just nine months in charge of the program.

The renovation lasted just under 7 months.

lasted through

Production in the United States lasted through 2004.

His minor league playing career lasted through 1895.

The second walkout lasted through May 19, 1959.

marriage lasted

This marriage lasted until Coyne's death in 1973.

The marriage lasted two years before they divorced.

This marriage lasted 20 years: he died in 1216.

lasted less   (あまり続かなかった)

The entire attack lasted less than half an hour.

Bush started Game 4, and lasted less than an inning.

His entire administration had lasted less than 24 hours.

career lasted

Cox's first-class career lasted from 1895 to 1928.

His minor league playing career lasted through 1895.

His career lasted six years, from 1980 to 1985.

lasted more

The voting was chaotic, and lasted more than two hours.

He was emir of Mosul and lasted more than his brothers.

They established an empire that lasted more than 800 years.

lasted several

The eruptions probably lasted several weeks to several years.

The trial lasted several weeks from September to November 1945.

The experience lasted several days.

lasted for only   (だけ続いた)

The experiment lasted for only one awards season.

Fighting lasted for only 14 days, from 14–28 November.

As a result, the Adenauer IV cabinet lasted for only little more than a year.

reign lasted

Emperor Montoku Montoku's reign lasted from 850 to 858.

Mahmud's second reign lasted nine years.

Heizei's reign lasted from 806 to 809.

lasted nearly   (ほぼ続いた)

The trial lasted nearly three months.

The fighting lasted nearly an hour.

JTG lasted nearly 12 minutes before he was eliminated by The Undertaker.

lasted almost

The bombardment lasted almost three hours (15:02–18:00).

The partnership lasted almost thirty years.

The ceremony began at 20:00 AEST and lasted almost three hours.

series lasted

The Freak Force series lasted from December 1993 to July 1995.

The series lasted only five episodes.

The series lasted only 26 episodes.

lasted for several

This lasted for several years (until 2000-01).

The siege lasted for several months in 1727.

The wind and waves remained high and the pursuit lasted for several days and nights.

lasted till

The battle lasted till daybreak, and the Dutch fled.

In Schiffbek, it lasted till just past noon.

It seems that the old tower lasted till 1602 when it blew down.

career that lasted

She had a career that lasted until 1755 singing in England and Ireland.

Hardy Lavender continued teaching, having a career that lasted over 30 years.

In a career that lasted from July 1876 to May 1877 he ran eleven times and won five races.

battle lasted   (戦いが続いた)

The battle lasted till daybreak, and the Dutch fled.

The battle lasted five months, one week and three days.

The 82-day battle lasted from April 1 until June 22, 1945.

career which lasted   (続くキャリア)

He also represented Málaga in the competition, in a professional career which lasted 16 years.

In a career which lasted from June 1912 until October 1913 he ran nine times and won six races.

In a racing career which lasted from June 1998 to May 1999 she ran nine times and won four races.

lasted longer

As a result, the fire lasted longer and burnt more consistently.

In fact, his comic book stardom lasted longer than his film stardom.

The music format lasted longer on KDWN than on most AM radio stations of the day.

lasted two years

The marriage lasted two years before they divorced.

The UNTAC operation lasted two years, 1992−1993.

The Waterkloof conflicts lasted two years.

lasted for more

His commitment to AJJDC lasted for more than 60 years until the day of his death.

Trump held a news conference at 16:15 local time which lasted for more than an hour.

The religion had its roots in Egypt's prehistory and lasted for more than 3,000 years.

lasted one season

The series only lasted one season and 8 episodes were aired.

This league only lasted one season, so in 1892 no championship was held.

His time with the club again only lasted one season playing just two games.

show lasted   (ショーが続いた)

The show lasted for two episodes.

The show lasted until September.

The show lasted 18 weeks.

lasted approximately

The arrangement lasted approximately two weeks.

The operation lasted approximately five hours.

The speech lasted approximately 48 minutes.

lasted a few

The fighting lasted a few more weeks before the ceasefire.

"In the end, it was just a joke that lasted a few months."

Some missions only lasted a few years while others endured and changed with the needs of the community.

lasted three years

A subsequent marriage to Eugene McGarth, in 1956, lasted three years.

That lasted three years.

The dispute lasted three years and the town council of Bassano had to intervene.

lasted throughout

a collaboration that lasted throughout the rest of his life.

His inspiration from Bob Dylan has lasted throughout his career.

"Patuxent" next made fueling runs which lasted throughout the month of December.

lasted between

The slave period for the Cayman Islands lasted between 1734 and 1834.

This successful campaign lasted between 24 September 1948 and 5 January 1949.

His tenure with the Islanders lasted between 1981 and 1991 and with much early success.

trial lasted   (裁判が続いた)

His trial lasted from 17 to 21 October that year.

This trial lasted from July 1 to 26, 1948.

The trial lasted from June 16 to 29, 1948.

arrangement lasted

This arrangement lasted until the following year.

The arrangement lasted approximately two weeks.

This arrangement lasted for one season only before the two teams switched conferences.

lasted well   (よく続いた)

An artillery duel then began that lasted well into the night.

The two companies have had a long-term working relationship which lasted well into the 1990s.

The British occupation was intended to be temporary, but it lasted well into the 20th century.

siege lasted

The siege lasted for several months in 1727.

Sources vary on how long the siege lasted.

The siege lasted 51 days.

period lasted   (期間が続いた)

The Middle Sican period lasted from 900 to 1100 .

The sealing period lasted from 1789 to 1876.

With existing Soviet ICBMs like the SS-18, this period lasted as long as six minutes.