years later   (数年後)

Two years later the first smelter began operation.

Two years later he returned to the operating post.

Three years later, the first Guide groups emerged.

days later   (数日後)

Two days later, a collapse of ice crushes another.

Ten days later, Jasta 68 joined "Jagdgruppe Nord".

He was buried two days later in Lincoln Cathedral.

later became   (後になりました)

She later became a coach for the West German team.

He later became known for his deep baritone voice.

He later became a political figure in Nova Scotia.

year later   (一年後)

One year later it was incorporated into Wiesbaden.

A year later, girls were also permitted to attend.

A year later it was released for the Commodore 64.

months later   (ヵ月後)

Three months later he was released without charge.

The Empress died nine months later, on 6 November.

Some months later, he moved to SV Wehen Wiesbaden.

weeks later   (数週間後)

Chaplin was acquitted two weeks later, on 4 April.

A few weeks later, he made his debut for the club.

Two weeks later, it reached its peak at number two.

later years

She lived in Detroit, Michigan in her later years.

In later years she had horses with Clive Brittain.

In his later years, he turned to character acting.

later that year   (その年の後半)

The second season began later that year in October.

Offaly lost their provincial crown later that year.

Longano left Microsoft and Massive later that year.

month later   (一ヶ月後)

The site has been deproclaimed a few month later.

One month later, Riza left Newmarket due to injury.

A month later, half a bloody ear was sent to Kaspé.

week later   (一週間後)

Lawson responded a week later in "The New Masses".

It was announced a week later that "Avengers A.I."

His body was found in a bog in Barna a week later.

later moved

she later moved to Paris as a musician and writer.

She later moved to Boston's Back Bay neighborhood.

He later moved to El Goléa, where his uncle lived.

later renamed

This area was later renamed the Bight of Biafra.

The publication was later renamed "Taiwan News".

It was later renamed as Montour Falls, New York.

later released

It was later released by Columbia Records in 1976.

He later released music under the name Drew Parks.

He is caught by the police, though later released.

later served   (後で役立った)

He later served on the cruiser and battlecruiser .

He later served in the local Home Guard in Oxford.

He later served as city manager from 1967 to 1968.

later known

This was later known as the Red Terror in Hungary.

Fisk, later known as the Third Church of Salem.

"Machodoc" was later known as "Mount Pleasant".

few days later

A few days later he moved to Dutch side Willem II.

The gunman was captured by police a few days later.

A few days later, many people attended his funeral.

few years later

It was followed a few years later by a dye house.

In a few years later 'Ěnbāqom would see his last.

He ran for office and lost again a few years later.

later joined

The band was later joined by guitarist Steve Moni.

She later joined regional airline Wien Air Alaska.

Leos later joined the San Diego Police Department.

later revealed   (後で明らかに)

Amber again later revealed she was pregnant again.

This element was later revealed to be the splitter.

This was later revealed to be due to Paquin's pregnancy.

later become   (後になって)

Chiron would later become a great teacher himself.

She has later become a professional dancer herself.

Her choices later become more daring and ambitious.

few months later

The engagement was called off a few months later.

A few months later he became subrector in Baireuth.

A few months later, Katrina withdrew her appeal.

minutes later   (数分後)

The phone call alerted rescuers five minutes later.

Just seven minutes later the ship sank bow first.

A few minutes later, a Watch Officer connected her.

later used

It was later used as the Camp Crook General Store.

Hydraulic servos were later used to position guns.

They later used the camp to house German prisoners.

hours later   (時間後)

The event was broken up by police two hours later.

Several hours later, the storm became a hurricane.

Zilwa was released without charge 48 hours later.

later changed   (後で変更)

Mineo later changed his version to a police baton.

The family later changed the surname to "Pettie".

This sentence was later changed to life imprisonment.

later worked

He later worked as an engineer for General Motors.

He later worked as a writer for the Calgary Herald.

Finke later worked for "The Dallas Morning News".

then later

It was then later used as a line camp for cattle ranching.

He worked first in Kassa (Košice), then later in Budapest.

on BBC Radio 4, then later Channel 4.

later went

The Hoffman brothers later went on to reform Amon.

He later went on to KOVR in Sacramento, California.

Adlington later went on to comment on this issue.

later wrote

Andrés Bonifacio later wrote a revised Decalogue.

Sorkin later wrote the entire fictional article.

She later wrote a memoir about Wilde and his mother.

later named

This scientific school was later named after him.

This alignment was later named the Parallel Bridge.

The attack left and in a salient, later named the .

later called

This method was later called Gaussian elimination.

The Querechos were the people later called Apache.

(The latter process was later called Lamarckism.)

later played

She married and later played as Eleonora Vlaicov.

He later played for the Noble Park Football Club.

Ditta Pásztory-Bartók later played and recorded it.

later found

He would later found the Buckley Aircraft Company.

The sum of £3,000 was later found in the farmhouse.

Police later found Gibson had no case to answer.

later life   (その後の人生)

This degree was rarely mentioned in his later life.

In later life, she stayed close with her mother.

In his later life he returned to his Catholic roots.

later returned

Williams later returned and set the body on fire.

He was waived on June 19, 2009, and later returned.

He later returned to the Bahamas to join Lyford Cay.

later married

Orestes later married Aegisthus' daughter Erigone.

French later married Chas H. Tomlinson in Alabama.

[3] He later married Zilphia Mae Johnson in 1935.

time later

Some time later, cotton worms destroy Epps's crops.

Some time later, she attends Hercules' funeral.

But I came to that conclusion only a long time later.

later made

He later made 12 appearances in the 1996 K League.

Kara-Tur was later made a continent of Abeir-Toril.

A music video was later made to accompany the song.

later replaced   (後で交換)

The SCR-197 set was later replaced by the SCR-299.

Wall was later replaced as manager by Babs Keating.

Vélez was later replaced by newsman Felipe Arias.

much later

It is thought to be not much later than A.D. 1200.

Gallitzin wrote of this experience much later, around 1839.

The dedication of the reredos came much later on 23 July 1911.

few weeks later

A few weeks later, he made his debut for the club.

A few weeks later Rudolf Hess defected to Scotland.

Fermi and Anderson did so too a few weeks later.

later when   (後で)

They were released a month later when Poland surrendered.

(A sixth child was born later when they lived in Los Angeles).

This helped later when Spaniards tried to get along with Mapuche.

day later

The Ukrainians retracted the ban just a day later.

One day later, they arrested and shot 8 male Jews.

The shot resumed a day later with a similar camera.

later sold

It was later sold in stores in limited quantities.

Rice later sold the entire island to the government.

He later sold the paper to Richard and Thomas White.

later published

His speculations were later published in "Nature".

It was later published in Italian and German in 2003.

He later published the images as a series of postcards.

later date   (後日)

The material on Folio 2 recto is from a later date.

He did not plan to interview her at a later date.

Additional celebrities were announced at a later date.

later appeared   (後で登場)

MODAM later appeared as one of Superia's Femizons.

He later appeared in sketches with Beatrice Lillie.

A 30-second trailer later appeared online, however.

later that day   (その日遅くに)

He shared the lyrics to the song later that day.

Nearby Markeaton Park was also opened later that day.

His nomination was sent to the Senate later that day.

later described

Küss later described this as a painful experience.

Farrow later described him as "not very gracious".

He later described the decision to sue as "stupid".

later confirmed   (後で確認)

later confirmed the release of the single himself.

Police later confirmed that Carol had been strangled.

Cudi later confirmed the statement via Twitter.

later stated

Byers later stated that he may have cut his thumb.

He later stated that she was buried in Jerusalem.

He later stated that his comments were "stupid."

decades later   (数十年後)

At least two film versions followed decades later.

The pointing was added a few decades later.

The fifth part takes place decades later.

later recalled

Kennedy later recalled, "I didn't know what I was doing.

He later recalled, "I lost my sight at the age of seven.

His mother later recalled: "Oh, what grief!

decade later   (10年後)

E. v) is therefore an outlier, being produced a decade later.

A decade later, a griffin attacks Camelot, stealing Excalibur.

By the time of the Great Awakening, almost a decade later, Rev.

later claimed   (後で主張した)

He later claimed that he and Montez had an affair.

The French later claimed the area for New France.

He later claimed his intention was to kill the boy.

later transferred   (後で転送)

She was later transferred to TSR's Games Division.

It was later transferred to the genus "Boltenia".

She later transferred to the University of Illinois.

later attended

He later attended the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris.

He later attended a naval school in Portsmouth.

She later attended the Sydney Theatre Company.

later to become   (後になって)

Fournier was later to become Pope Benedict XII.

W. Scott, later to become Master of the Supreme Court.

Dr. Joseph Ratzinger, later to become Pope Benedict XVI.

later included   (後で含まれる)

It was later included in the marquisate of Orani.

It spawned the genre that later included "Mamma Mia!"

This track was later included on the compilation album .

later added   (後で追加)

Wray later added details unreported at the time.

was later added, for the day earlier, March 31, 2018.

She composed melodies and later added lyrics.

later work   (後の仕事)

Their later work is noted for its monumentality.

These images recur in later work as well.

His later work included some excellent political portraits.

later received

She later received an MBA from the Open University.

He later received an MBA from Gonzaga University.

He later received an M.B.A. from Harvard and a J.D.

later took

The Athenian military later took the city in 408 BC.

He later took over the operation of the family farm.

He later took on the role of the Junior Kiwis in 2002.

later expanded   (後で拡大)

It later expanded north in the 1970s and the 1980s.

It was later expanded to cover Mutual and Granville.

It was later expanded and 3 cannons were fitted.

later part

He included the letter in a later part of "Paterson".

He spent much of the later part of his career in England.

He was later part of Bradford's Treble Winning 2003 Season.

later announced

She later announced her retirement from wrestling.

Mitsubishi later announced a December 2011 launch.

And later announced at the 2018 LA Screenings.

later died

His mother is Mama Mwanaisha Rogo, who later died.

He later died in prison sometime in October 1685.

He later died and was buried in Gostivar in 1995.

later studied

He later studied art under Benjamin West in London.

He later studied under the professional painter M.T.

Chapman later studied at Marion County Seminary.

later becoming

play, later becoming a ballboy for the team.

Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG took over in 1985, later becoming Deutz AG.

Currie joined Supertramp, then Burlesque, later becoming a session musician.

later that month

Two of these chassis were delivered later that month.

Acevedo was rescued later that month, weighing only .

An official music video was released later that month.

ten years later

R. C. Senior dates him approximately ten years later.

Victor's father died of a broken heart ten years later.

She died ten years later, aged 74 years, in Los Angeles.

later developed

The US 22 was later developed into the Triton 22.

She later developed a career as a handbag designer.

Pakefield later developed as a fishing community.

later became known

He later became known for his deep baritone voice.

and later became known as Monroe City, Illinois.

It later became known as the ultraviolet catastrophe.

later appointed

Jahangir later appointed him the Subahdar of Agra.

He was later appointed Spokesperson on Transport.

Shelby later appointed McDowell as his aide-de-camp.

later in life   (晩年に)

She became estranged from her family later in life.

Yet other puzzles are not solved until later in life.

He received a number of honorary degrees later in life.

later works

Impressionistic) harmonies in his later works.

His childhood proximity to death shaped his later works.

Among his later works, American landscapes predominated.

later the same

He married Constance of Hungary later the same year.

British troops regained possession later the same day.

He also met with Suu Kyi later the same year.

later extended   (後で拡張)

The deadline was later extended until 9 May 2012.

It was later extended westward to Harvey in 1939.

This direct award was later extended until June 2016.

later came

Most of the members later came to abandon Marxism.

This theory later came to be called "nominalism".

It later came to refer to someone who did odd jobs.

no later

It was instituted no later than the 14th AD.

Iran began its production of nerve agents no later than 1994.

Coltharp School was founded no later than 1884 and closed in 1925.

century later   (世紀後)

A century later, the situation was very different.

Ramakrishna Pillai was born over a century later.

A century later it would cover one third of the globe.

later acquired   (後で取得した)

Per Se was later acquired by McKesson Corporation.

Newcap later acquired CTVglobemedia's share of CKUL.

He later acquired the Australian mark from Steadman.

later won

Moore later won additional races before his death.

He later won a scholarship to Westminster School.

Pomazan later won gold in Women's Shot Put - F35/36.

later admitted   (後で認めた)

Welke later admitted that he had missed the call.

Frye studied law and was later admitted to the bar.

He later admitted he wanted a different killer.

later adopted

He later adopted his grandson Anthony, Judith's son.

A less ambitious £1000 design was later adopted.

This software was later adopted by Wendy's corporate.

later merged   (後で合併)

Vladivostok Air was later merged into Aurora.

(Applied later merged with Perkin-Elmer).

The Midway School District later merged into Harts Bluff ISD.

later reported

The species was later reported from Takatsuki, Osaka.

It was later reported that four suicide notes were found.

The actual date of release was later reported as 21 January.

later turned   (後で回った)

It was initially peaceful but later turned violent.

It was later turned into an apartment for the Jochims.

The song later turned out to be on the second album, "".

later discovered   (後で発見)

We later discovered it had already been carried out."

The object was later discovered as a mock-bomb.

She is later discovered in her hiding place by Maggie.

later converted   (後で変換)

He later converted to Catholicism and was released.

It was later converted to twin theaters in 1976.

It was later converted to a single family residence.

added later   (後で追加)

An extra county council was added later, for Cardiff.

A clock tower ("Sahat-Kula") was added later.

The north aisle was added later and is Decorated Gothic.

later told   (後で言った)

Shane Victorino later told the Phillies the news.

Deckard is later told by Bryant that Sebastian was found dead.

Wilson later told police: "I realized he was going to behead me.

later signed

He later signed with division rival Washington.

on trial and later signed a two year contract.

He was later signed in by Stallion Laguna F.C.

later recorded

Sinden sang it and later recorded it with Davies.

He later recorded a tape to promote his live shows.

He later recorded "Why Did You Break My Heart?"

later formed

The three later formed a stable named Dangan Yankees.

Richfield and North later formed the band Sear.

The Pashtuns later formed the Durrani Empire.

later dropped   (後で落とした)

Her uniform was later dropped to her by parachute.

The word "vereinigten" (unified) was later dropped.

He was later dropped form Cork's championship panel.

released later

"Ice Cream Man" was released later in the year.

An official music video was released later that month.

The official music video was released later the same day.

several years later

Olga joined the circus school several years later.

Michigan reclaimed the jug several years later.

Boys joined the group several years later.

later stages

Findings indicated that larger prey was hunted in later stages.

In later stages, tumors can develop a resistance to cancer treatment.

Geller reached the later stages of the World Championship several times.

later left

He later left the Church and became an agnostic.

He later left legal practice to become a priest.

He later left the island and went on to Canada.