launch vehicle   (打上げ機)

The Falcon 9 is an example reusable launch vehicle.

The Start-1 launch vehicle is derived from the RT-2PM Topol ICBM.

The Titan III was a space launch vehicle based on the Titan II ICBM.

helped launch   (打ち上げを助けた)

It helped launch Maria Montez as a pin-up star.

In the 1980s, he helped launch the series Ulysses 31.

Moreover, she helped launch its national fundraising campaign.

announced the launch   (打ち上げを発表)

Marvel Comics first announced the launch of Marvel NOW!

The company also announced the launch of NQ Mobile Vault for iPhone.

In 2007, the center announced the launch of first Shia Union in Europe.

launch site   (打ち上げサイト)

The S-II impacted about from the launch site.

It is India's primary orbital launch site.

Close to Perdasdefogu is the Salto di Quirra rocket launch site.

launch vehicles   (打ち上げ機)

This leads to much cheaper launch vehicles.

This system is used, for example, by SpaceX for its launch vehicles.

The center boasts one of the few actual Titan II launch vehicles on display.

launch pad   (発射台)

The system was also inactive as long as the rocket was still on the launch pad.

Guiana Space Centre provides a launch pad for Ariane and Russian Soyuz rockets.

The launch pad and MIK of N1 were redesigned for the Energia-Buran shuttle program.

decided to launch

They discussed and decided to launch an all-out attack.

With the coast still away, Nansen decided to launch the small boats.

In his usual style he decided to launch an immediate attack on them.

launch date

The official launch date was February 26-27, 1990.

The target launch date was originally January 1985.

Should it be approved, the hoped launch date is 2013.

official launch

The station's official launch was January 7, 2008.

The official launch date was February 26-27, 1990.

It was given an official launch at the House of Lords in 1993.

launch a new

The following year, Pope Honorius urged Andrew to launch a new crusade.

The brand was created in 1984 to launch a new type of baby bottle that was short with a wide neck.

In 2005 a group of investors had planned to launch a new Canada 3000, with two Boeing 757-200 aircraft.

boat launch

There are primitive campsites and a small boat launch.

It has an easily accessible boat launch, dock, and parking areas.

Features include a swimming area, a campground, and a boat launch.

plans to launch

FlyWestair plans to launch its frequent flyer-programme on 1 February 2020.

The Afghan government then plans to launch AFGHANSAT 2 after seven years later.

The Afghan government plans to launch Afghansat 2 after the lease of Afghansat 1 ends.

launch an attack

Otto decided to launch an attack on what was then the French rearguard.

Allows the "Wind Rider" and her riding party to launch an attack using their lances.

Manstein wanted to launch an attack as soon as possible, but his logistical lines were poor.

first launch

The first launch is planned to 45 km (131,000 feet).

The first launch took place in Taiwan in 1997.

The first launch of a P-35 missile was in October 1968.

launch event   (打ち上げイベント)

A supporters group called Generation IX was present at the club's launch event.

The launch event included a "concert by recording artist—and Leica shooter—Seal".

Logan performed at Skepta's SK Air launch event in 2018 and the Nike TN3 launch in 2019.

used to launch

Area 24 was used to launch Salyut 1, 4 and 6.

The "nawak" arrow-guide was used to launch 10-40 cm long darts.

These aircraft were used to launch the new Braniff on March 31, 1984.

before launch

It also performed readiness checks before launch.

Fueling was completed by three hours before launch.

Haise left around two hours and ten minutes before launch.

planned to launch

Emerson planned to launch the console with 19 games.

The ARIEL spacecraft with CASE on board is planned to launch in 2028.

launch system

Both the Sky Bow I and Sky Bow II use a common silo launch system.

The launch system received the GRAU index 9K51, the rocket itself 8K11, and the launcher 8U218.

Atlas-Agena The Atlas-Agena was an American expendable launch system derived from the SM-65 Atlas missile.

successful launch

The scent had broadly successful launch.

Another successful launch was performed on 4 March 2010 from the Barents Sea.

The first successful launch of the Ariane 5 ECA took place on 12 February 2005.

launch title   (起動タイトル)

The game is a launch title for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It was first revealed October 7, 2004, as a launch title for Japan.

The first game was released as a launch title for the PlayStation 2.

saw the launch   (打ち上げを見た)

1996 also saw the launch of The Weather Channel's website,

This also saw the launch of another Haymarket specialist job board, Campaign Jobs.

May 2011 saw the launch of Scott's first collection of handbags, named "Lula" after her mother".

launch party

Fearne also hosted the launch party for ITV2 in January.

Jenner hosted a launch party with the brand in Los Angeles.

A launch party was held in Cali.

launch took

The market launch took place on 24 March 2017.

The first launch took place in Taiwan in 1997.

The second Cuxhaven launch took place on 4 October with Backfire Rocket One.

space launch

The Titan III was a space launch vehicle based on the Titan II ICBM.

It was the 126th launch to the ISS and the fifteenth Russian space launch in 2012.

Ariane flight VA242 Ariane flight VA242 was an Ariane 5 space launch that occurred from the Guiana Space Centre on at 21:34UTC.

launch took place   (打ち上げが行われた)

The market launch took place on 24 March 2017.

The first launch took place in Taiwan in 1997.

The second Cuxhaven launch took place on 4 October with Backfire Rocket One.

before the launch

He left the company before the launch to focus on writing a book.

DZRB is the first radio station in the Philippines before the launch of DZRH.

Six months before the launch, Paramount canceled the network before PTVS was set to debut.

able to launch   (打ち上げることができます)

The Soviets were able to launch two Voskhod capsules before U.S. was able to launch its first crewed Gemini.

For example, the Russian Su-33 is only able to launch from the carrier with a minimal armament and fuel load.

launch sites

The Luftwaffe's Flak division favoured dispersing V-1s to a large number of small camouflaged launch sites.

Later offensives were also made against potential launch sites at Wizernes and 96 other launch sites in northern France.

initial launch   (初期打ち上げ)

Since its initial launch, "That’s So Gloss!"

Controlling the missile during its initial launch and climb was a difficult problem.

To date, no calendar has been successful enough to continue beyond its initial launch year.

missile launch   (ミサイル発射)

The missile launch was disclosed publicly a month later on January 22.

"Red October" is also longer due to additional ballistic missile launch tubes.

The battle causes damage to the Soviet ship and starts a missile launch count-down.

rocket launch

Close to Perdasdefogu is the Salto di Quirra rocket launch site.

France's first successful rocket launch, of the Véronique sounding rocket, was from CIEES on 22 May 1952.

Service structure A service structure is a structure built on a rocket launch pad to facilitate assembly and servicing.

helped to launch

Angela Hartnett helped to launch the restaurant.

Clyde X helped to launch many business ventures with Temple No.

It also helped to launch the album "Revelation" into platinum status.

launch customer   (打ち上げ顧客)

Air France became the launch customer for the A300 by ordering six aircraft in 1971.

The launch customer of SpaceShipTwo is Virgin Galactic, who have ordered five vehicles.

PlaneSense is the launch customer with a preliminary order for six jets under contract.

audio launch

Recently, the audio launch of Janma was held in a local hotel.

Over one lac audio CDs were booked in advance, prior to the audio launch.

The audio launch took place on 29 April 2013 at Shilpakala Vedika in Hyderabad.

during launch

This control is both during launch and upon landing.

The crew would sit in the Rescue Module (RM) during launch.

On 29 September 1997 a PSLV C1 rocket failed during launch of IRS-1D.

launch occurred

The film's launch occurred in March 1999 with Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan in attendance.

The 27th underwater launch occurred on 12 December 2015; the Russian Ministry of Defence shared video on official YouTube site, and major Russian news channels.

On September 9, 2019, Mount Airy Casino Resort held a soft launch for its retail sportsbook, with a two-day testing period; the full launch occurred on September 11, 2019.

during the launch

But, there's a technical problem during the launch.

Two anomalous events occurred during the launch.

were looping on the car's sound system during the launch.

help launch

She later invited them to help launch the Becket Arts Center.

It focuses on giving money to help launch new businesses and in leveraged buyout.

The contest’s main objective is to give exposure to original local bands to help launch their career.

following the launch

Similar phenomena (given the name "space jellyfish") following the launch of satellites near dawn or dusk have been reported multiple times since the Petrozavodsk incident.

Reports of harassment, intimidation, and violence against Weiquan lawyers increased in 2006 following the launch of the campaign to promote the "socialist concept of the rule of law."

Prior to the Season 5 start in July 2018, Sensor Tower estimated that the mobile version of "Fortnite Battle Royale" made over daily; following the launch of Season 5, revenues jumped to per day.

not launch

we will not launch unless you go below 10,000 pounds."

The Peshwa remained near Koregaon on the next day but did not launch another attack.

Windows 95 did not launch with DirectX, but DirectX was included with Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2.

launch attacks

On the same day, Islamists pledged to launch attacks on French soil.

Armstrong was half right; the British would launch attacks against both Baltimore and Washington.

The SLAF used these Kfirs to launch attacks against Tamil separatist targets in rebel-controlled areas of the island.