Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

state laws   (leyes estatales)

The paper prescription is kept on file per local or state laws.

At issue in each case were state laws relating to economic regulation.

new laws   (nuevas leyes)

This was the first election where the new laws were effective.

It was an advisory institution that codified existing and proposed new laws.

Proponents of the new laws call them a way of protecting women from similar tragedies.

laws and regulations   (leyes y regulaciones)

), which codified the laws and regulations affecting their service.

Intentionally ambiguous laws and regulations are common in such systems.

Finally, heritage green space sites can be protected by various laws and regulations.

laws against   (leyes contra)

There are no laws against sexual harassment.

Since then, Japan has had no laws against homosexuality.

Thailand has enacted several laws against human trafficking.

federal laws   (leyes federales)

Several federal laws include sections involving grooming.

There are several federal laws in the United States that promote food donation.

In India, the federal laws defines misrepresentation under "Misconception Of Fact".

laws passed

Succession is now regulated by laws passed by the National Diet.

For most former Nazis, the process came to an end with amnesty laws passed in 1951.

The legal foundation of the Canadian banking system consisted of a series of laws passed in 1870 and 1871.

local laws

The council has the ability to pass local laws and ordinances.

From 1845 to 1915, various local laws governing alcohol were passed.

No known legislative protections exist for LGBT people in Anguilla's local laws.

laws regarding

18 states have hate crime laws regarding gender identity.

After independence, the laws regarding religion are quite clear.

Social attitudes and laws regarding breastfeeding in public vary widely.

passed laws

Solon passed laws limiting Aeginetan commerce in Attica.

States passed laws requiring its use.

The president must sign or reject newly passed laws within 15 days.

laws governing

From 1845 to 1915, various local laws governing alcohol were passed.

For non-equilibrium systems, the laws governing system's behavior are still debatable.

For all other purposes, the existing laws governing the commission remained unchanged.

other laws   (otras leyes)

What other laws, before this one, allowed the military to detain people in this country?"

All other laws and other normative legal acts of Ukraine must conform to the constitution.

Duties and Powers given to the Supreme Leader by the Constitution, decrees and other laws are:

immigration laws   (leyes de inmigracion)

At the beginning of the War America was neutral, and had strict immigration laws.

It became one of the biggest US protests in history against the reinforced immigration laws.

The four were convicted of gross negligence resulting in death and of breaking immigration laws.

such laws

Critics of such laws note that they only prevent one kind of fraud, namely voter impersonation.

"; non-application or partial application of such laws is at the discretion of the federal government.

It also shed light on the potential of religious and racial profiling inherent in such laws and practices.

labor laws

She also lobbied for child labor laws and compulsory school attendance legislation.

It describes its mission as promoting adherence to international and national labor laws.

Myca and Renee were being paid under the table to circumvent California's child labor laws.

existing laws

The Supreme Court may request legislation that interprets or modifies existing laws.

For all other purposes, the existing laws governing the commission remained unchanged.

The law made internet content subject to existing laws on expression, such as criminal libel.

laws of physics

None of the fundamental laws of physics had been overturned.

While several of the lines such as Scotty's "Ye cannae change the laws of physics!

In another one, that skirts the laws of physics, Bugs tells Sam he's going to jump.

copyright laws   (leyes de copyright)

The CBNE title is protected by copyright laws.

In addition, copyright laws of the time would not preserve Ibsen's original work.

While copyright laws do not protect Leonardo's "Mona Lisa", Duchamp's "L.H.O.O.Q."

laws of nature

Hume understands a miracle to be any event which contradicts the laws of nature.

Berkeley defends this thesis with a deductive proof stemming from the laws of nature.

One verse says that each heaven or sky has its own order, possibly meaning laws of nature.

make laws   (Hacer leyes)

The city council's job is to make laws and set the city budget.

The official duty of the Parliament is to legislate and make laws.

In this way, kings were limited in their ability to make laws on conduct because the Veda already outlined dharma.

own laws

This shows her willingness to bend her own laws.

This something new comes with its own laws of behavior.

Every work of art has its own laws.

tax laws

EWP gives privacy and compliance with tax laws.

In late 1973, a court found Agnew guilty of violating tax laws.

Sorghaghtani sent new officials to help him and tax laws were revised.

pass laws   (aprobar leyes)

Some cities attempted to pass laws which would limit or shut out Woolworth stores.

This group has the right to pass laws which align with the Constitution of the Haida Nation.

Legislatures can pass laws (called "mala prohibita") that define crimes against social norms.

all laws

The Bangladesh Code includes a list of all laws in force in the country.

The president of the privy council, rather than the prime minister, would countersign all laws.

When I record my leads, they are usually based on feel and totally ignorant to all laws of music theory.

antitrust laws

This was held to violate the antitrust laws.

Provisions encouraged unions and suspended antitrust laws.

He argues that the US must revive its antitrust laws to recover real open markets, resilient systems, and liberty.

laws of war

The Lieber Code would be adopted by other military organizations and go on to form the basis of the first laws of war.

Santa Anna's position was that he had signed the documents under coercion as a prisoner, not as a surrendering general in accordance with the laws of war.

"Under the laws of war, police and police stations are presumptively civilian objects unless the police are taking a direct part in the hostilities", Human Rights Watch said.

laws prohibiting

The country lacks any laws prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities.

However, because of the lack of laws prohibiting it, the police could do nothing about it.

He wrote laws prohibiting nobles from performing menial work, such as farming or heavy labor.

environmental laws

Other programs work on developing stronger environmental laws, regulations, and standards.

An additional debate is to what extent environmental laws are fair to all regulated parties.

He maintains that many federal environmental laws and regulations infringed on individuals' property rights.

physical laws

The universality of physical laws is the underlying principle of the theory of relativity.

He also applied mathematics in generalizing physical laws from these experimental results.

This hypothesis relies on the vast size and consistent physical laws of the observable universe.

laws concerning

The Philippine government has also enacted laws concerning the benefits of Filipino guerrillas.

Almost all nations have strict laws concerning espionage and the penalty for being caught is often severe.

Jurisdictions without zoning laws essentially leave land use to be determined by the laws concerning nuisance.

national laws   (leyes nacionales)

Some research ethics boards, universities, and national laws prohibit gag clauses.

Although CITES is legally binding on the Parties, it does not take the place of national laws.

The court system honours tribal laws and customs when these do not conflict with national laws.

gun laws

After that, he passed tougher gun laws with the Reichstag.

She said that the attack had exposed a range of weaknesses in New Zealand's gun laws.

Video shows thousands of students and supporters walking the streets, protesting gun violence and current gun laws.

no laws

There are no laws against sexual harassment.

Since then, Japan has had no laws against homosexuality.

But without the council of the citizens, no laws could be enacted.

laws were passed

Certain laws were passed at the insistence of the occupying forces.

The laws were passed on November 30 and came into effect on December 7.

However, both administrations fell before the proposed laws were passed.

protection laws   (leyes de protección)

Vendors in tianguis are liable under all consumer protection laws as well.

In the United States, federal data protection laws are approached by sectors.

Most world chip topography protection laws provide for a reverse engineering privilege.

laws relating

At issue in each case were state laws relating to economic regulation.

Bain's report ultimately led to a change in the laws relating to firefighting.

control laws   (leyes de control)

and end rent control laws.

She wanted to end welfare payments within two years and she wanted to end rent control laws.

Officials in the United Kingdom have noted that producing a 3D printed gun would be illegal under their gun control laws.

laws and customs

Engishiki The is a Japanese book about laws and customs.

The court system honours tribal laws and customs when these do not conflict with national laws.

The reduction of ethics to abidance to laws and customs, however, have drawn serious criticisms.

criminal laws

New labor and criminal laws also limited their freedom.

Since each state has its own criminal laws, there is no universal assault law.

In 2014, a campaign was launched on Facebook to repeal the criminal laws used against LGBT people in Tunisia.

laws such

While laws such as the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000 (Republic Act No.

While laws such as the Law Regarding Protection from Domestic Violence (Law No.

His work also gave him a deep knowledge of different police laws such as the IPC and the CrPC.

laws enacted

They consisted of four laws enacted by the British parliament.

Stigma is usually the result of laws enacted against the behavior.

Federal jurisdiction exists over any territory thus subject to laws enacted by the Congress.

laws and policies

Most importantly, citizens do not rule themselves unless they directly decide laws and policies.

It advocates that all national laws and policies give consideration to gender issues, including the country's national budget., a federal agency tasked with preventing all forms of bullying, has created a detailed list of state laws and policies.

election laws   (leyes electorales)

Bhutanese election laws are legislated by the Parliament of Bhutan.

Suffrage is universal for citizens 18 and over, and under applicable election laws.

In 1922, after the election laws were made more stringent, the SP was unable to retain its seats.

set of laws

The Berbers had traditionally been semi-independent, following their own set of laws and customs.

The Melbourne Football Club rules of 1859 are the oldest surviving set of laws for Australian football.

The Berbers followed their own set of laws, and had been allowed to operate independently for centuries.

laws regulating   (leyes que regulan)

Most laws regulating the insurance industry in the U.S. are state-specific.

The franchisor must disclose: There are no specific laws regulating franchising in Norway.

Student loans also differ in many countries in the strict laws regulating renegotiating and bankruptcy.

abortion laws   (leyes de aborto)

In 1967, the American Medical Association publicly supported liberalization of abortion laws.

Religious, moral, and cultural factors continue to influence abortion laws throughout the world.

They and other pro-life groups especially focused on McGovern's support for pro-choice abortion laws.

rights laws

Quasi-constitutionality is often applied to human rights laws, allowing those laws to act as a "de facto" constitutional charter of rights.

The Twin Cities' gay community was much more active than Miami's; both Minneapolis and St. Paul had passed gay rights laws three years before.

Human rights commissions may also monitor the state's compliance with its own and with international human rights laws and if necessary, recommend changes.

laws requiring

States passed laws requiring its use.

The European Union first introduced laws requiring GMO's to be labelled in 1997.

Not until 1856 in Denmark and 1923 in Norway were there laws requiring surnames.

natural laws

Such natural laws are codified as a result of past experiences.

Both were thoroughly materialist, believing everything to be the result of natural laws.

According to this position, natural laws completely determine the course of the material world.

labour laws

Until 1980s, labour laws were stringent to appease the unions.

The revisions were the first overhaul of Alberta's labour laws in three decades.

KiK claimed to control enforcement of labour laws and security standards of its suppliers.

privacy laws

Customer privacy laws must be obeyed at all stages.

There are significant differences between the EU data protection and US data privacy laws.

There were significant differences between the EU data protection and equivalent U.S. data privacy laws.

laws of motion

the laws of motion.

For example, Newton's laws of motion must hold true whether distance is measured in miles or kilometers.

Newton's laws of motion describe the motion of an object in an inertial (non-accelerating) frame of reference.

international laws

Other international laws were already in effect.

The same principle of adherence of international laws and standards applies.

There is no international laws defining distance of passage of outer space objects.

marriage laws

This restriction is often due to marriage laws.

By faith, marriage laws join in union persons who were strangers to one another.

Free love advocates were against marriage which saw as a way of men imposing authority over women because of marriage laws giving the upper hand to males.

penal laws

The Nonjuring schism led to the British Government imposing penal laws against the church.

At the repeal of the penal laws in 1792 there were twenty-four Qualified Chapels in Scotland.

Bachelors have been subject to penal laws in many countries, most notably in Ancient Sparta and Rome.

zoning laws

In some cities, authorities use planning or zoning laws to define the boundaries of government districts.

By the 1970s, encouraged by city zoning laws, 14th Street had become a red-light district 10 blocks long.

Jurisdictions without zoning laws essentially leave land use to be determined by the laws concerning nuisance.

dietary laws   (leyes dietéticas)

Pork meat is prohibited by the Islamic dietary laws.

John Howard continued to observe Jewish dietary laws.

Rubin takes two of his main dietary laws from Leviticus.

several laws

Thailand has enacted several laws against human trafficking.

As of 2018, there are still several laws restricting broadcasting of Japanese media in South Korea.

The Swiss road signs are defined in the "Road Signs Act", which is based on several laws and ordinances.

enacted laws

Many governments have enacted laws to regulate TCM practice.

The Philippine government has also enacted laws concerning the benefits of Filipino guerrillas.

States such as Iowa and Alabama enacted laws to allow DFS and paid fantasy sports contests in 2019.

conservation laws

All of the conservation laws listed above are local conservation laws.

The conservation laws may be applied to a region of the flow called a "control volume".

similar laws

Washington and Texas have since passed similar laws.

Other Asian countries have passed similar laws.

Four other states have passed similar laws.

drug laws

All three were arrested and charged with five separate violations of federal drug laws.

It is argued that as with alcohol, sobriety is the only safe alternative, and existing drug laws should be enforced.

Other state and local governments ask law enforcement agencies to limit enforcement of drug laws with respect to cannabis.

traffic laws

In Belgium, traffic laws do not distinguish cycle lanes from cyclepaths.

Plough Lane was the venue for this annual event until 2007 when changes to London traffic laws meant it had to be relocated.

The runners and Hunters would also have to obey all traffic laws, which could have been an advantage and a disadvantage as well.

laws restricting   (leyes que restringen)

The pair wanted civil laws restricting pornography.

Javanese aristocratic families were resentful about Dutch laws restricting their rental profits.

There are also laws restricting work hours and the like, but these tend to be ignored and unforced.

various laws

The special administrative law consists of various laws.

In addition, other various laws have protections for "sexual minorities".

Finally, heritage green space sites can be protected by various laws and regulations.

series of laws

In response, Congress passed the first of a series of laws known as the Neutrality Acts.

Henry worked closely with Parliament in passing a series of laws that implemented the break.

The legal foundation of the Canadian banking system consisted of a series of laws passed in 1870 and 1871.

fundamental laws

None of the fundamental laws of physics had been overturned.

Before this date, the fundamental laws of Russia described the power of the Emperor as "autocratic and unlimited".

Popper showed that higher-level laws often conflict with, and cannot be reduced to, supposedly more fundamental laws.

discriminatory laws

Laws preventing Asian Americans from owning land, voting, testifying against whites in court, and other racially discriminatory laws existed long before World War II.

It was established in February 2014 with the aim to "include, inform and support the local LGBTQ community", as well as to reform discriminatory laws in the Bailiwick.

Under the Zaydi rule, discriminatory laws became more severe against the Yemenite Jews, which culminated in their eventual exile, in what later became known as the Exile of Mawza.