lawsuits against   (提起诉讼)

Teddy receives notice of three lawsuits against her.

The incident resulted in numerous lawsuits against NECC.

Four other lawsuits against the US Navy for crash damage are pending.

filed lawsuits   (提起诉讼)

Fat feminists also filed lawsuits against diet programs for fraudulent claims.

Those once accused filed lawsuits against the authorities who once prosecuted them.

The estates or families of 21 of the 47 passengers filed lawsuits against Polehinke.

several lawsuits   (几宗诉讼)

The name change was reversed after the city was threatened with several lawsuits.

During the course of "2001"'s popularity, Dr. Dre was involved in several lawsuits.

In response, several lawsuits were filed against Dick's and Walmart claiming age discrimination.

lawsuits were filed

Several lawsuits were filed in but later withdrawn.

Both paintings were restituted after lawsuits were filed.

Several other lawsuits were filed by fans and ticket holders.

lawsuits filed

This and other lawsuits filed against Mattel in Canada and Mexico are still ongoing as of January 2019.

In 2007, New York City paid out $50,000 to settle two excessive force lawsuits filed against Richard Kern.

As a result, the substance, which was used extensively for over three decades, became the subject of multiple lawsuits filed around the world.