İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

lawyer and politician   (avukat ve politikacı)

on 25 July 1967) is a Mexican lawyer and politician.

Their son Charles Tyrrell Giles was a lawyer and politician.

Her brother was the lawyer and politician Willem Karel van Dedem.

politician and lawyer   (politikacı ve avukat)

He began his career as a politician and lawyer and entered the priesthood after his wife died.

Abderrazak Kilani Abderrazak Kilani (; born 25 June 1954) is a Tunisian politician and lawyer.

Justin McKenna Justin McKenna (9 June 1896 – 23 March 1950) was an Irish politician and lawyer.

became a lawyer   (avukat oldu)

Andrews became a lawyer and moved to Oklahoma in 1911.

His father was an attorney and he also became a lawyer.

He moved to South Carolina and became a lawyer in 1844.

rights lawyer   (haklar avukatı)

Brooke Goldstein Brooke Goldstein is a human rights lawyer.

Muñoz is married to Amit Pandya, a human rights lawyer; they have two daughters.

Hensher is married to Zaved Mahmood, a human rights lawyer at the United Nations.

lawyer and judge   (avukat ve yargıç)

After retiring from football, Sweeley became a lawyer and judge in Idaho.

Wanda Grabińska Wanda Grabińska (1902-1980), was a Polish lawyer and judge.

Clement Fitzleones Clement Fitzleones (died c. 1509) was an Irish lawyer and judge.

prominent lawyer

Her father, James Wallbridge was a prominent lawyer.

Her husband, Mark, is a prominent lawyer in the area.

Sleževičius was a prominent lawyer in inter-war Lithuania.

become a lawyer   (avukat olmak)

He passed his bar exam in 1923 to become a lawyer.

Completing his LLB, he opted to become a lawyer.

She was determined to become a lawyer or a journalist her whole life.

defense lawyer

Abraham Lincoln was the lead defense lawyer for the railroad company.

He is not related to Aaron Sorkin nor noted defense lawyer Ira Lee Sorkin.

He has worked as a criminal defense lawyer for four years and been civil case litigator for two.

human rights lawyer

Brooke Goldstein Brooke Goldstein is a human rights lawyer.

Muñoz is married to Amit Pandya, a human rights lawyer; they have two daughters.

Hensher is married to Zaved Mahmood, a human rights lawyer at the United Nations.

lawyer and former

Bernard M. Hartnett Jr., is a lawyer and former executive at New Jersey Bell.

Tory Rocca Tory Rocca (born 1973) is an American lawyer and former politician.

Ellen Hart Peña Ellen Hart Peña (born May 19, 1958) is an American lawyer and former athlete.

lawyer who served

His father was a lawyer who served as a U.S.

was an Indian lawyer who served as a judge of the Madras High Court.

John T. Browning (1830–1910) was a lawyer who served as the City of Moline's first City Attorney.

trial lawyer   (duruşma avukatı)

Houston won a reputation as a brilliant trial lawyer.

The team's current owner is American trial lawyer Peter Angelos.

In 2003, Rerras was challenged by Norfolk trial lawyer Andrew A. Protogyrou.

lawyer and political

Snow P. Freeman Snow Parker Freeman (1805–1862) was a lawyer and political figure from Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

Mike Donilon Mike Donilon, a lawyer and political campaign consultant, is a partner at AKPD Message and Media.

Meade Alcorn Hugh Meade Alcorn Jr. (October 20, 1907 – January 13, 1992) was a U.S. lawyer and political figure.

young lawyer

As a young lawyer, Short boarded with a widow in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

In the 1940s, he had a regular role as a young lawyer on a radio soap opera.

The young lawyer's practice extended to Tuscarawas County, Ohio, and its seat, New Philadelphia.

lawyer by profession   (avukatlık mesleği)

She is a lawyer by profession and is based in Novi Sad.

A lawyer by profession, Damato became a FIFA referee in 2010.

Benante is a lawyer by profession.

corporate lawyer

He worked as a corporate lawyer and was admitted to the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2003/2004.

Jennifer Cooper Jennifer "Jenny" Cooper is a corporate lawyer and Queen's Counsel from New Zealand.

James McGregor Stewart James McGregor Stewart, (June 30, 1889 – February 11, 1955) was a corporate lawyer in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

criminal lawyer

Besides politics, he was practising law and was a leading criminal lawyer.

He has since retained Toronto criminal lawyer Boris Bytensky to represent him.

Her father was also a criminal lawyer in Patna High Court and died in August 2012.

successful lawyer

Middle-aged Fredrik Egerman is a successful lawyer.

Although he is a successful lawyer, he failed in his private life.

Roraback became a successful lawyer based in North Canaan, Connecticut.

former lawyer   (eski avukat)

Burdett is a former lawyer who practised in Hong Kong.

Without money and thought to be insane, the former lawyer had shot himself and died.

In June 2011 Sir David married former lawyer Kae Tinto at his Dunbarney Estate in Perthshire.

defence lawyer   (savunma avukatı)

As a defence lawyer, he only took on cases he felt he would enjoy.

Ablett-Kerr has served as defence lawyer in a number of high-profile cases.

He was detained at "Stalag Luft" III with his former defence lawyer Roger Bushell.

becoming a lawyer

She studied Law, becoming a lawyer after graduation.

AJ is interested in becoming a lawyer some day.

This experience made him interested in becoming a lawyer.

lawyer named

She initially worked under a senior lawyer named Mr Sachin Chaudhary.

Instead, she married a lawyer named Elliot Lang, who was very jealous of Ben.

Part two, "Wife," concerns a lawyer named Min-gyu who has recently lost his spouse.

local lawyer

In Việt Minh era, Chu Văn Bình worked as a local lawyer.

In 1852, he married Mary Hewitt of Baltimore, the daughter of a local lawyer.

Priya is a school principal, who is married to local lawyer, Ajay Kapoor (Joab).