İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

lay down   (yatmak)

He went on, but saw a bed and lay down to sleep.

He lay down on his right side and died laughing.

Many smŗtis lay down rules about performing secret prāyaścittas.

lay eggs   (yumurtlamak)

The cells below the false cells are used to lay eggs.

Females lay eggs in masses on the undersides of leaves.

Fruit flies lay eggs in response to environmental cycles.

lay their eggs   (yumurtalarını bırak)

These wasps lay their eggs amongst the eggs of "L.

Mantella ebenaui lay their eggs on land near the water.

Females lay their eggs about one to two months after mating.

lay people   (insanları bırakmak)

The zeal of Bernard extended to the bishops, the clergy, and lay people.

In 1979, the principalship for the school was turned over to the lay people.

It was in Edward III's reign when a formal naval administration by lay people evolved.

lay off   (işten çıkarmak)

Once they find out who Marcus is, they lay off for good.

It was forced to lay off its paid staff and roll back its plans for new office space.

The novel opens with Balzic being told to lay off five members of his police department.

lay within

Historically it lay within the County of Lancashire.

The village lay within the Anglo-Saxon administrative division of Wallington hundred.

The parish of Lezant lay within the bishop's peculiar manor and deanery of Lawhitton.

lay claim   (hak iddia etmek)

Argonauts lay claim to the legendary Mud Bowl.

By 1910, Lexington lay claim to being the "largest tobacco market in the world.

Brunei is one of many nations to lay claim to some of the disputed Spratly Islands.

lay between

The female can lay between 6,050 and 73,688 eggs.

Traditionally, Arcturus lay between his thighs, as Ptolemy depicted him.

They typically lay between 30 and 100 eggs, which hatch in about 15 days.

lay siege   (kuşatma)

Meanwhile, the remaining Marlfoxes lay siege to Redwall.

Eventually, the Whites lay siege to Tampere.

King Nahash of Ammon (990 BC) lay siege to Jabesh-Gilead.

lay the foundation   (temel atmak)

These meetings helped lay the foundation for the establishment of the Oregon Territory.

These volumes helped to lay the foundation for the scholarly study of the Yiddish language and literature.

His vision would lay the foundation for a democratic, twentieth-century Mexico, but without polarizing the social classes.

lay preacher   (vaiz vermek)

Pearson was a Methodist lay preacher on Eyre Peninsula.

Bland spent his adult years in England participated in church work as a lay preacher.

Under Edward VI, when preachers were scarce, Taverner obtained a licence as a lay preacher.

lay in state   (eyalette yatmak)

Her body lay in state at Kawaiahaʻo Church.

Her body lay in state in the Capitol rotunda before her service.

It was covered in the Confederate flag and lay in state for several hours.

females lay

The adult females lay eggs that are about 48-66μm x 28-36μm.

During breeding, the females lay their eggs in the substrate.

In early October, females lay at least ten eggs deep in the soil.

lay up

Let's take the afternoon off to a motel and lay up."

Adult females can lay up to 2000 total eggs.

Each female can lay up to around 1,000 eggs per spawning.

lay brothers

They hired lay brothers to do the farm work and oversee the temporal affairs of the abbey.

Even in the twelfth century, the ill-defined position of the lay brothers caused troubles.

The west range, which was the lay brothers' dormitory, consists of two stories, and is roofed.

lay the groundwork   (zemin hazırlamak)

Buie(1909–2000), would lay the groundwork for what would happen in the group's last four years.

ExpanDrive2 included a rewritten SFTP engine which lay the groundwork for a unified Mac and Windows code base.

Meanwhile, he began to lay the groundwork for his candidacy in the 1980 Republican Party presidential primaries.

lay dying   (ölmek)

As Alec lay dying, he begs for the Green to save him.

Horton called his wife and 911 as he lay dying in the field.

He rushed to the Petersen House across from Ford's Theatre, where Lincoln lay dying.

body lay

Her body lay in state at Kawaiahaʻo Church.

Her body lay in state in the Capitol rotunda before her service.

His body lay undiscovered for a week in his flat in Gledhow Towers, North Leeds.

lay the foundations   (Temellerini atmak)

The Mississippi Choctaw would lay the foundations of business ventures.

In 1856, Wimmer started to lay the foundations for St. John's Abbey in Minnesota.

He also helped lay the foundations of the computerised system of forecasting used today.

lay members

Public speaking was common for both leaders and other lay members.

It was designed to prepare men for the ministry and to supply education for lay members.

Its form of government is republican in nature giving equal representation to local churches, lay members, and elders.

lay dormant   (uykuda kalmak)

In 1985, the Shell lay dormant for the first time in its history.

The brand lay dormant during the post-World War II era, until it was resurrected in 1971.

Financial problems led to its closure in 1937 and the site lay dormant until it was bought by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland.

helped lay   (yatmaya yardım etti)

These meetings helped lay the foundation for the establishment of the Oregon Territory.

He also helped lay the foundations of the computerised system of forecasting used today.

In 1900, he helped lay out the town of Wehrum south of Vintondale, Pennsylvania in Cambria County.

first lay

Mrs Dixon was the first lay head teacher of the school.

He was the first lay principal of Christian Brothers High School.

In 1986, the first lay principal, Mr. Michael Foster, was appointed.

lay religious

She is a Dame of Malta, a Roman Catholic lay religious order.

It has 473 parishes, 990 priests (791 diocesan, 199 religious), 56 deacons, 1,660 lay religious (286 brothers, 1,374 sisters), 36 seminarians.

After he left the Senate, Hughes devoted himself to lay religious work for two foundations based in Washington and also founded a religious retreat at Cedar Point Farms, Maryland.

not lay

The OPCW statement did not lay blame on any party for the incident.

Metro police investigated Brown's role in the sale but did not lay charges.

Elvira says Mrs. Cabell, Elizabeth's mother is a problem and she does not lay the blame on her brother.

lay judges

Municipal councils appoint lay judges to district courts.

The Free Judge would preside over the village court, with consisted of lay judges elected by the villages.

He presides at the Royal Court, and takes the opinions of the "Jurats", elected lay judges; he also presides over States meetings, and represents the Crown in all civil matters.