laying down   (横たわる)

Shortly after, Yuan Shao left the capital, laying down his public office.

He has also served as Chairman Gwadar Port Authority, laying down the foundations of CPEC.

They cite decrees of other Parliaments laying down the sacredness of the seal of confession.

laying the foundation   (基礎を築く)

Purniah is remembered for laying the foundation of sound administrative machinery for the state.

Wayne was impressed, and decided that they were the right band for him, thus laying the foundation of Reverend.

In 1827, Keats was elected to the Ohio Bridge Commission, laying the foundation for the river's first crossing.

laying off   (レイオフ)

But in February 2009 that company closed as well, laying off 120 employees.

Charlie returns to the factory and begins reluctantly laying off his workers.

Businesses are cancelling planned investments and laying off workers to preserve cash.

laying eggs   (産卵)

They also breed in the fungi, laying eggs in the hyphae.

The Gramapriya starts laying eggs at an age of 175 days.

This species reproduced by laying eggs.

laying the groundwork   (土台を築く)

Like Keen, Dowling would be laying the groundwork for the future.

Little did we know we were laying the groundwork for a disastrous future."

The Revised Indicative Basin Plan can also be seen as laying the groundwork for Cambodia's readmission.

laying siege

In 1144 Stephen attacked Ranulf again by laying siege to Lincoln Castle.

Sultan advanced along the west coast, laying siege to Mangalore on 20 May 1783.

King Zhaoxiang then ordered an attack on Zhao in late 259 BC, laying siege to Handan.

laying the foundations   (基礎を築く)

With these changes, they ended up laying the foundations of the group, as we know it today.

In 1924, Takehiko also played a part in laying the foundations of the Scouting movement in Japan.

Alexander is credited with laying the foundations of music education in the Dallas public schools.

egg laying   (産卵)

About egg laying and development little is known.

Thus, reductions in egg laying are created by dominance hierarchies.

This continued egg laying means more eggs are laid than would occur under natural conditions.