İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

lead single   (tek kurşun)

The lead single "Lighthouse" was released 14 July.

Its lead single, "The Diary of Jane", peaked at No.

"Trapped In Your Lies" was the album's lead single.

lead role   (Başrol)

The lead role underwent numerous casting changes.

Ravali replaced Shruti in the lead role of the film.

It was the first time Savage appeared in a lead role.

lead singer   (baş şarkıcı)

She is the lead singer of the trio Habanot Nechama.

Mancini is the new lead singer for ThunderMother.

He was also the lead singer of his own band, Flint.

lead roles   (başroller)

The lead roles were performed by Rider and Shiloh.

The film stars himself and Namitha in lead roles.

The film features Prabhu and Urvashi in lead roles.

took the lead   (liderliği aldı)

Perera took the lead, having pitted on lap eleven.

With the extra point, Nevada took the lead, 7–6.

They never took the lead, and UConn won 63–48.

lead vocals   (vokal yapmak)

Velvet Love Affair - Rex Padayhag, lead vocals 8.

Tracks 1-7 feature Ronnie James Dio on lead vocals.

Luke Mejares replaced Brix Ferraris on lead vocals.

lead vocalist   (baş vokalist)

It was written by lead vocalist and bassist Sting.

He is the lead vocalist in the musical group Kíla.

There is no single lead vocalist in the group.

lead guitar   (baş gitarist)

Both Rick Sims and Mike Hodgkiss share lead guitar.

Backing guitarist 1990 Andrew Poole on lead guitar.

Spent a lot of time with different lead guitar ideas.

lead guitarist   (kurşun gitarist)

, Caggiano is lead guitarist of the band Volbeat.

It was produced by, then lead guitarist, Justin Cox.

Brynjar is currently the lead guitarist in the band.

helped lead   (kurşun yardımcı oldu)

He helped lead Oregon to a 12–1 record and the No.

He helped lead the Chargers to a 9–7 season.

He also helped lead the team to the 2003 national title.

female lead   (kadın başrol)

It is also the name of the female lead character.

The female lead eventually went to Sophia Loren.

Juliet Landau was initially cast for the female lead.

lead character   (baş karakter)

It is also the name of the female lead character.

He also voiced the lead character in the 2002 video game "".

Both Avery and Bill Thompson voiced the lead character Droopy.

take the lead   (öncülüğü al)

Wisconsin scored two subsequent baskets to take the lead.

He sent Natanel Horovitz to take the lead.

With six laps to go, Dixon slipped by Andretti to take the lead.

played the lead   (başrol oynadı)

She also played the lead heroine in "Rozen Maiden".

Dave recently played the lead role in the film "Bumboo".

Beier played the lead role of Sainte-Marie.

lead up   (yol göstermek)

In 2007 this became a show to lead up to the draft.

These events lead up to her hatred of humanity.

The event will lead up to the "Infinity Wars" storyline.

not lead   (kurşun değil)

This effort did not lead to proposal of labor law.

propaganda that did not lead to direct action.

This, however, did not lead to any significant funding.

early lead   (erken kurşun)

Pettway built an early lead but faded as the fight went on.

Monomoy Girl went to the early lead and set a sensible pace.

Linfield took an early lead, before an equaliser by Rory Hamill.

lead actor   (başrol oyuncusu)

The lead actor, Anita Sands, had never acted before.

Prithviraj starred as the lead actor in "every single show".

He began his acting career as a lead actor in 2004 film "143".

taking the lead   (öncülük etmek)

His role in this project was relatively minor, with Lassus taking the lead.

She also added that Tapping is "right at home" taking the lead for the show.

Midway Lady was second on the final turn before taking the lead in the straight.

lead the team   (takıma liderlik etmek)

He also helped lead the team to the 2003 national title.

He is able to lead the team to stop the sacrificial ceremony.

She would lead the team to a 4-5 record, missing the playoffs.

eventually lead   (sonunda yol göster)

Severe ataxia may eventually lead to the need for a wheelchair.

Without this, tail recursions can eventually lead to stack overflow.

An incorrectly fitted saddle may eventually lead to muscle imbalance.

lead vocal   (vokal yapmak)

Ono recorded her lead vocal on September 19.

They share lead vocal duties and play guitar in the group.

Renato was the lead vocal and bass player.

male lead   (erkek kurşun)

The second male lead eventually went to Tab Hunter.

Donald Gray signed to play the second male lead.

They hoped to get Tyrone Power to play the male lead.

series lead   (seri kurşun)

With the win the Dodgers took a 1-0 series lead.

The Cards now had a commanding 3–1 series lead.

Nebraska extended their series lead to 48–18–2.

play the lead   (öncülük etmek)

Disney star Sofia Wylie was cast to play the lead.

Loretta Long was chosen to play the lead role of Susan.

He hired Tippi Hedren to play the lead role.

lead ship   (kurşun gemi)

She was the lead ship of her class of three ocean liners.

They are referenced after the lead ship as the: "Shimayuki"-class.

The lead ship of this class is .

first lead   (ilk ipucu)

She played her first lead role in "Come and Hug Me" (2018).

It was Jim Carrey's first lead role in a Hollywood production.

It also gave Wray her first lead role.

lead actress   (baş aktris)

Tumpa made her debut as lead actress in "Bidhir Bidhan".

She then appeared as the lead actress in the film "Hero No.

The lead actress was Italian.

halftime lead   (devre arası)

Astralis took a convincing 12-3 halftime lead.

Quarterback Bernie Kosar had led Miami to a 31–0 halftime lead.

Reed gave Pittsburgh a 13–7 halftime lead with a 44-yard field goal.

lead actors   (Baş aktörleri)

.. [she] just cannot get effective emoting from his lead actors".

The lead actors were Noni Hazlehurst as Nora and Colin Friels as Javo.

On release the film climax was such that both the lead actors are killed.

continued to lead   (liderliğini sürdürdü)

Tehal continued to lead the Jatha towards the Gurdwara.

He continued to lead the U.D.D.

Kyle Busch continued to lead the field when the green flag waved on lap 22.

lead when   (ne zaman)

Swinton took a 3–0 lead when Hopkin scored a try.

He took a lead when frustrated members wanted to take stronger action.

Alabama took an early 7–0 lead when Dickie Bean scored on a one-yard touchdown run.

lead characters   (baş karakterler)

Both series are sometimes named for their lead characters.

Dafoe and Pattinson were cast as the lead characters in February 2018.

The performances of the lead characters were highlighted very positively.

sang lead   (kurşun seslendirdi)

He sang lead vocals on most of the band’s songs.

Barrett sang lead for the Valentines from 1954 to 1957.

On 1 August, Sara sang lead while playing autoharp, A.P.

playing the lead   (başrol oynamak)

He is known for playing the lead role of the 2005 version of "Lassie".

Music video was directed by Vít Karas, with Petr Lexa playing the lead.

He is most notable for playing the lead role in the 2004 film "Ae Fond Kiss...".

did not lead   (liderlik etmedi)

This effort did not lead to proposal of labor law.

propaganda that did not lead to direct action.

This, however, did not lead to any significant funding.

new lead   (yeni ipucu)

Mancini is the new lead singer for ThunderMother.

The young couple was cast as the new lead pair of the company.

In September 2012 Logan revealed that their new lead guitarist was Max McPherson.

lead through   (Üzerinden geçmek)

Numerous hiking trails lead through the nature park.

In the 16th minute, Spartak took the lead through an Edgar Gess strike.

The miner, Magellan Metals, was banned from exporting lead through the port.

former lead   (eski lider)

Tony also managed Felix Cavaliere, former lead singer of The Rascals.

Cameron, former lead singer of the Spinners, the Pointer Sisters and many more.

He was also the former lead guitarist of the bands Drugstore Fanatics and Bellusira.

lead before   (önce öncülük etmek)

Astralis took a 5-0 lead before Liquid found a round.

Na'Vi jumped to a 7-0 lead before MIBR took home three.

Astralis took a 4-0 lead before Na'Vi bit back with three rounds.

lead designer   (baş tasarımcı)

Its lead designer was Jonathan Tweet.

The lead designer was Harm Lagaay.

According to its lead designer, it was developed on a small budget.

played lead   (oynanan kurşun)

He played lead roles in the Korean dramas "Oh!

Williams later played lead guitar on "Who Do You Love?"

He played lead guitar in indie pop outfit "Cricket Spin".

cut the lead   (ipucunu kesmek)

A two-run homer by Baylor cut the lead to one.

A 44-yard touchdown pass from Gilbert to Shipley cut the lead to 24–13.

In the bottom half of the second inning, the Yankees cut the lead to 2–1.

lead to more   (daha fazlasına yol aç)

This is expected to lead to more protests and fighting in the streets of Guinea.

Clinical heterogeneity refers to when a single cause can lead to more than one clinical syndrome.

In June 2019, 240 people were killed in a wave of violence that lead to more than 300,000 people fleeing.

lead track   (kurşun izi)

The Korean version was listed as the lead track.

The lead track was co-written by Cave, Forster and McLennan.

The album was named after its lead track, "Independent Woman."

extended their lead   (liderliklerini uzattı)

His two-run home run in the sixth extended their lead to 6–3.

Boyer's sacrifice fly off Don Larsen extended their lead to 5–2.

In the next inning, Tommy Henrich's lead-off home run extended their lead to 4–2.

lead author   (baş yazar)

She was also a lead author on the same topic for the Fifth Assessment Report.

From 2001 to 2004 coordinating lead author of Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.

The star was nicknamed "Tabby's Star" after Tabetha S. Boyajian — the initial study's lead author.

lead female   (kurşun kadın)

It is about the lead female character, Truly.

Christina Hendricks was replaced by Carice van Houten in the lead female role.

The song featured lead female vocals from O'Meara, and rapping from the other three members.

became the lead   (lider oldu)

Kiki (Waldek Jedyczowski) then became the lead singer.

He became the lead singer in 1986, replacing Grzegorz Wawrzyszak.

He became the lead singer of the 5 Willows or the Willows) in 1950s.

lead on lap   (kucağında kurşun)

Edwards once again claimed the lead on lap 322.

Matt Kenseth then took the lead on lap 38.

The restart came on lap 20, and Kyle Busch passed for the lead on lap 26.

ultimately lead   (sonuçta kurşun)

This would ultimately lead to a demise of the nation.

This ultimately lead to pharmacy becoming its own established profession people could pursue.

Around the same time, Thomas Willis concluded that all diseases of the chest must ultimately lead to consumption.

lead to increased   (artmaya yol açmak)

Climate-based movement of tigers northwards may lead to increased conflict with human populations.

Information learned in social contexts can allow them to make decisions that lead to increased fitness.

Task conflict can lead to increased satisfaction with the group decision and a desire to stay in the group.

lead off   (yol göstermek)

The lead off single "Nevada Fighter" peaked at No.

Hank Bauer would lead off with a single to left.

Three straight singles to lead off made it 9–3 Cardinals.

regained the lead   (liderliği geri kazandı)

Iowa regained the lead with a field goal from Nate Kaeding.

Michigan regained the lead when Carlos Brown ran in a 9-yard TD near the end of the quarter.

He was overtaken as they turned into the straight, but regained the lead at the final fence.

held the lead   (başı çekti)

In the end, Texas held the lead with a final score of 19–14.

In the end, Texas held the lead with a final score of 19-14.

Johnson held the lead after pit stops and on the restart on lap 147.

lead artist   (baş sanatçı)

The lead artist on the project is Gene Britton.

As lead artist As featured artist

lead back   (geri dönmek)

Wuetschner dribbled in a goal to peg the Bulldogs' lead back to eight points.

However, Flacco threw two more touchdowns before halftime to bring the lead back to 35–14.

Indiana took the lead back on the next offensive play with an 85-yard run for a TD by Darius Willis.

lead early   (erken gitmek)

Mizzou took the lead early with a 28-yard Jeff Wolfert field goal.

Maharashtra took the lead early in the 8th minute through Leander Dharmai.

Helu gave Nebraska a two-touchdown lead early in the third quarter with his 14-yard run.

team lead   (takım Lideri)

He posted 63 tackles and 4 fumble recoveries (tied for the team lead).

He led the team with 101 at bats and tied for the team lead with 11 RBI.

He led or tied for the team lead in interceptions in five different seasons.

lead poisoning   (kurşun zehirlenmesi)

The pottery closed in 1926 when Osborne developed lead poisoning.

Angle is known as one of the nation's leading researchers on lead poisoning.

Without rehabilitation, many raptors will succumb to the symptoms of lead poisoning once affected.

often lead   (genellikle kurşun)

This can often lead to a bright reflection which records as bright white.

An imbalance between the excitability and inhibition often lead to seizures.

However, the strong tidal forces they experience often lead to their fragmentation.

race lead   (yarış lideri)

He lost his race lead though on stage 19 to Chris Horner.

By doing so he took the overall race lead.

Cavendish eventually lost almost twelve minutes on the day, comfortably losing his race lead.

retook the lead   (ipucunu geri almak)

However, five laps later (lap 132), Johnson retook the lead.

Purdue retook the lead with a 41-yard field goal by Carson Wiggs.

Tech retook the lead off Oliver's second rushing touchdown of the game.

first lead role   (ilk başrol)

She played her first lead role in "Come and Hug Me" (2018).

It was Jim Carrey's first lead role in a Hollywood production.

It also gave Wray her first lead role.

lead at halftime   (devre arası)

Miami quarterback Bernie Kosar led the 'Canes to a 31–0 lead at halftime.

Rutgers led for most of the first half and led a seven-point lead at halftime.

The score would be a 10-5 Fnatic lead at halftime, a respectable scoreline for Gambit.

second lead   (ikinci ipucu)

The vocals are by Uzair Jaswal who is also the second lead actor of this drama serial.

Nolan had strong featured roles in the Charles Starrett westerns, often playing the second lead.

Its lead single is "Everything is Because of Love" and its second lead single is "I am Your ..."

lead changes   (olası satış değişiklikleri)

After many lead changes, Waltrip lead the final 55 laps.

Eighteen thousand people would come to see 35 different lead changes.

There were 18 lead changes; Bill Elliott and Davey Allison each led 30 laps.

lead his team   (ekibine liderlik et)

In 2018 he lead his team to win the National Cup in a very dramatic final.

In basketball, he helped lead his team to the 1994 Florida State Championship.

RUSH lead his team once again, but Oscar "mixwell" Cañellas, OpTic's star AWPer, only had 11 kills.

singing lead   (şarkı söyleyen lider)

He plays piano and guitar, as well as singing lead vocals in his band, Odaal.

In 1996, En Vogue recorded "Don't Let Go (Love)" with Robinson singing lead vocals.

The Manhattans continued recording throughout the 1970s with Alston singing lead vocals.

lead lap   (kurşun tur)

On lap 121, Kyle Busch got onto the tail end of the lead lap, being pushed by Mears.

Only the top three, Yarborough, Richard Petty and Benny Parsons finished on the lead lap.

Yarborough and Waltrip were the only drivers to finish on the lead lap in the 27-car field.

increased their lead   (liderliklerini arttırdı)

England increased their lead by 365 before Yardley declared.

In the top of the ninth inning, the Cardinals increased their lead back to eight runs after Hornsby had an RBI groundout, scoring Southworth.

Following a short punt late in the quarter, Bama drove to the Texas 9, and increased their lead to 17–6 following a successful 26-yard Leigh Tiffin field goal.

championship lead   (şampiyona lideri)

As a result, saw Facetti/Finotto lose the championship lead.

Beijing also extended their championship lead to an almost unassailable 59 points.

Despite this, he was only two points adrift of the championship lead going into the final two rounds.

original lead   (orijinal kurşun)

The original lead actor was later demoted to play Ajith Kumar's friend in the film.

He first gained notability as the original lead singer of hard rock band Fastway in the 1980s.

Roy Howard, the group's original lead singer, had a heart attack in 1951 and died shortly thereafter.

appointed to lead   (liderlik etmek için atandı)

In 1903, he was appointed to lead the Johannesburg Hebrew Congregation.

After the initial failure, Yakov Agranov was appointed to lead the case.

In the same year Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti was appointed to lead the center.

only lead   (sadece kurşun)

Roads from the village only lead to Derbyshire and Warwickshire.

Troy is aware that a life on the mean streets can only lead to a dead end.

Payne and Younce were the only lead and bass singers the Cathedrals ever had.

lead the league   (lige liderlik etmek)

Malone would lead the league in scoring with 39 goals.

The Braves lead the league with 24 wins in their last at-bat.

His 1.07 ERA and a 351 ERA+ lead the league, spearheading a trend in common with the Cardinals rotation.

help lead   (liderlik etmek)

He missed three months of the season, but returned to help lead Olimpia back to the Finals.

He became one of their starting defensive tackles and help lead them to a Super Bowl win in 1985.

He was recruited from Virginia to come to Alabama to help lead the formation of Hoover City Schools.

lead against   (karşı çıkmak)

Nebraska improved their series lead against Missouri, dating back to 1892, to 64–36–3.

In his second career start, Rodgers led the team to a 21–7 halftime lead against #3 USC.

In the first round, he opened up a 5-2 lead against Madars Razma, but was pegged back to 5-5.

lead going   (yol gösterici)

Na'Vi took a strong 9-1 lead going into the 11th round.

England held a 3–0 lead going into the final Fifth Test at The Oval.

The conversion gave the Chiefs a 27–6 lead going into the final quarter of the game.

sang lead vocals   (kurşun vokal söyledi)

He sang lead vocals on most of the band’s songs.

He sang lead vocals on several songs on the Group's LPs.

", the only published recording where she sang lead vocals.

former lead singer   (eski baş şarkıcı)

Tony also managed Felix Cavaliere, former lead singer of The Rascals.

Cameron, former lead singer of the Spinners, the Pointer Sisters and many more.

Oskar Saville Oskar Saville is the former lead singer of Chicago-based Rubygrass, and is also a solo artist.

playing lead   (kurşun oynamak)

Now playing lead guitar, Holly achieved the sound he desired.

March joined the Mark Kean rink in 2010, playing lead on the team.

Ishigaki joined the Tori Koana rink in 2016, playing lead for the team.

then lead   (sonra yol göster)

It was produced by, then lead guitarist, Justin Cox.

Ronan Keating, then lead singer of Boyzone, and MTV's Eden Harel hosted the event.

He then lead Shoalah to 3 wins and 4 losses in the 2012–13 Saudi Premier League season.

points lead   (puan kurşun)

James Hylton would lose his points lead to Richard Petty after this race.

When the fall Phoenix race was shortened due to rain, Harvick retook the points lead.

Johnson finished 13th and Kenseth came home 20th, allowing Johnson to take the points lead.

taken the lead   (başı çekti)

By lap 83, Jamie McMurray had taken the lead.

Howson's poor form had seen him dropped to the bench but he came on after Rovers had taken the lead.

By lap 224, Kahne had run down and taken the lead from Logano, and Kenseth had further fallen to 25th.

lead a furlong   (ileride olmak)

Fantastic Light took the lead a furlong out, but Stay Gold rallied to get up on the line and win by a nose.

Virginia Waters took the lead a furlong from the finish and won by two and a half lengths from Maid's Causeway.

She took the lead a furlong from the finish and won easily by two lengths from Lady In Trouble and Running Blue.

chosen to lead   (liderlik etmek için seçildi)

Jeff Smit was chosen to lead the US operations of MTY.

In 2019, Shelbia was chosen to lead Kylie Jenner's new skincare range.

In 2019, Shelbia was chosen to lead Kylie Jenner's Biotic Skincare range.

lead the way   (yol göster)

Pastors of the New Zealand Assemblies of God (AGNZ) would lead the way.

The two Canadians, NAF and Twistzz, lead the way with 24 and 23 kills, respectively.

They were to study music "because all this music will lead the way to their conversion".

main lead   (ana lider)

It stars Roy and Rituparna Sen as the main lead.

She also acted as the main lead for the drama "The Injustice Stranger".

The main lead lode is at "Comet lode" where a large opencast was excavated.

lead roles along   (başrol oynamak)

Roma Asrani and Kannada actress Ragini Dwivedi play the lead roles along with Mammootty.

It features RJ Rohitt and Kavya Gowda in the lead roles along with V. Ravichandran in the lead antagonist role.

The film stars Pooja Umashankar and Jackson Anthony in lead roles along with Ravindra Randeniya and Veena Jayakody.

overall lead   (genel kurşun)

Rivière won the stage and Nencini the overall lead.

Rodríguez maintained his overall lead of the race, by ten seconds, over Froome.

However, on the cobbles of Stage 3, Cancellara retook the overall lead as Chavanel struggled.

lead agency   (lider ajans)

In 2010, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension took over as lead agency on the case.

KSHB was designated as the lead agency for the provision of coastal housing and re-settlement.

Shetland Arts are the lead agency behind the project, Gareth Hoskins were the architects and D.I.T.T.

lead approaching   (kurşun yaklaşıyor)

Miss Jummy tracked the leaders before taking the lead approaching the final furlong.

The Fugue took the lead approaching the final furlong and won by one and a quarter lengths from Al Kazeem.

Ridden by Pat Eddery, she took the lead approaching the final furlong and won by two lengths from Dame Laura.

plays the lead   (başrolü oynuyor)

Ahmed Khamis Ali plays the lead role of Salem.

Dileep and Kavya Madhavan plays the lead roles in the movie.

Gurpreet Ghuggi plays the lead role.

lead and zinc   (kurşun ve çinko)

Wastes from the Takob smelter contain lead and zinc.

The mineralization contains gold, silver, lead and zinc.

Two of the toxins of concern in the area were lead and zinc.

lead singers   (baş şarkıcılar)

Some of these vocalists were featured lead singers.

Lionel Richie and Orange alternated as lead singers.

He is one of the two lead singers of the vocal group Westlife.

able to lead   (önderlik edebilmek)

They are able to lead lives that are authentic and genuine.

He is able to lead the team to stop the sacrificial ceremony.

Erwin's spirit is able to lead Tesla to his home where she meets and befriends Phoebe.

later lead   (sonra lider)

He would later lead the side to the premiership.

This action would later lead to what became the First Battle of Winchester.

Extension resulted in the development of NE-SW trending half graben which later lead to rift filled sequence.

does not lead   (liderlik etmez)

This does not lead to an increase in heart rate or blood pressure.

The education is non-formal, in other words it does not lead to a degree.

General traffic is light, as Barlow does not lead to anywhere along its main road.

lead all   (hepsini yönet)

Kaleena Mosqueda Lewis lead all scorers with 19 points.

s1mple and electronic lead all players with 21 kills each.

ELiGE lead all players with 27 kills.