Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

political leaders   (líderes políticos)

Levy has close ties with Israeli political leaders.

In the West, political leaders have sometimes consulted astrologers.

She is known to be the first female literate political leaders in her community.

religious leaders   (lideres religiosos)

Contemporary Georgian religious leaders also supported slavery.

There was a parallel campaign in Sudan, run by religious leaders and British women.

Scientists, scholars and religious leaders spoke vehemently of the dangers of alcohol.

business leaders   (líderes del negocio)

These ideas were developed by some business leaders.

A letter signed by renowned business leaders sent to all U.S.

In some cases, business leaders have used the services of the maras.

community leaders   (líderes comunitarios)

Parents and community leaders protested the proposed closure.

Other community leaders hosted chat rooms and provided online help.

The organization consists of parents, alumni, and community leaders.

party leaders

SPOZ, TOP 09, and Suverenita have their party leaders running for the post.

On 26 June, the king met the party leaders and refused to sign the charter.

Canada's parliamentary system empowers political parties and their party leaders.

military leaders

Western military leaders were generally happy with the decision.

He was one of several military leaders who were unaware of the coup.

In 1937, however, Stalin purged the Red Army of its best military leaders.

other leaders   (otros líderes)

Sun Meiyao and other leaders even received military commissions.

She was arrested and tried with other leaders of the labor uprising.

A month later, Kasuke and other leaders of the uprising were arrested.

leaders such

Other PKI leaders such as D.N.

It had a big impact on genre leaders such as Death, Obituary, and Morbid Angel.

Other leaders such as R G Bhandarkar and M G Ranade played a part in the construction.

world leaders

A large number of world leaders attended the funeral.

That world leaders are rather polite?""

He wrote a great many letters to world leaders during this period.

church leaders

"James": identified by early church leaders (Eusebius, Origen, etc.)

In this crisis a number of church leaders campaigned to lead the church.

Other critics of the divestment policy accused church leaders of antisemitism.

statistical leaders   (líderes estadísticos)

The team's statistical leaders included quarterback A. J.

The team's other statistical leaders included Mike Murphy with 764 passing yards and Ferd Maccioli with 179 receiving yards.

The team's other statistical leaders included quarterback Rick Leach with 680 passing yards and split end Jim Smith with 553 receiving yards.

state leaders   (líderes estatales)

List of state leaders in 2005

Local and state leaders failed to align their support on a single proposal.

Collectively, they supervise and appoint national and state leaders across the world.

local leaders

This motivated local leaders, increasing enlistment.

Some local leaders even started using royal titles for themselves.

For the development of local area, local leaders are contributing us.

leaders included

The team's statistical leaders included quarterback A. J.

Other leaders included William H. Hastie, and Robert C. Weaver.

Early leaders included journalist Antenor Orrego and poet José Eulogio Garrido.

league leaders

Colchester hosted league leaders Lincoln City on 27 October.

Also, slugger Mark Reynolds was among the league leaders with 14 home runs at the end of May.

His two home runs were third, and his 36 runs batted in were seventh amongst the league leaders.

union leaders   (líderes sindicales)

Other union leaders called for teachers to return to work.

The union leaders demanded reinstatement.

Loosle rehired some of the union leaders.

opposition leaders

Some opposition leaders asserted that they had no effective access to official media.

Demonstrations against the government have been dispersed with force, and opposition leaders have been detained.

The opposition parties won a total of 53 seats, and opposition leaders denounced the official results as fraudulent.

statistical leaders included   (líderes estadísticos incluidos)

The team's statistical leaders included quarterback A. J.

The team's other statistical leaders included Mike Murphy with 764 passing yards and Ferd Maccioli with 179 receiving yards.

The team's other statistical leaders included quarterback Rick Leach with 680 passing yards and split end Jim Smith with 553 receiving yards.

tribal leaders   (líderes tribales)

He wrote biographical sketches of tribal leaders.

Players take the role of tribal leaders in 4000 B.C.

Shia and Sunni tribal leaders were also killed.

civic leaders   (líderes cívicos)

Various family members were well known as civic leaders.

Bridges shoots several of the civic leaders who double-crossed them.

They sold stock in the team to movie stars, movie moguls, and Hollywood civic leaders.

student leaders   (líderes estudiantiles)

Cases were also booked against student leaders of TSJAC, OUJAC, Telangana Vidyarti Parishad and TVV.

The student leaders were arrested and during their appearance, Mhlauli would be in court to show his support.

When the police stormed the campus on 29 December 1972, both student leaders were arrested and spent time in jail.

leaders including

They name their group and elect leaders including a President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The protest was put down and seven party leaders including Lee Siew Choh were arrested.

British leaders including Mountbatten did not support the creation of Pakistan but failed to convince Jinnah.

industry leaders

Policy makers and industry leaders share their experience and wisdom during the day-long event.

The following year, McLaughlin began to work steadily for industry leaders DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

For her work on Vested, she was named one of Globalization Today’s “Powerhouse 25” outsourcing industry leaders.

national leaders   (líderes nacionales)

The meeting was part of Bose's efforts to meet all national leaders across party lines.

Evers was so frustrated by national leaders that he considered leaving the organization.

"They had grown intolerant of introduction of symbols like pictures of national leaders in films".

rebel leaders   (líderes rebeldes)

Elizondo greeted the rebel leaders with an honor guard.

There, his men demanded the surrender of the rebel leaders.

After a meeting of the rebel leaders, they decided to remain in the city.

among the leaders

Doom metal band YOB is among the leaders of the Eugene heavy music scene.

In Leningrad, Vladimir and his mother were among the leaders of the same movement.

Musidora gave trouble at the start, but once the race was under way she was soon among the leaders.

prominent leaders

One of the prominent leaders was Beatrice Gray.

One of the prominent leaders of the Movement was David Chan Yuk-cheung.

He became "one of the most prominent leaders of the Southern Methodist Church."

government leaders   (líderes gubernamentales)

The speed with which government leaders respond to cholera outbreaks is important.

European government leaders welcomed the fragmentation of the ascendant American Republic."

Some townships and urban areas also have experimented with direct elections of local government leaders.

future leaders   (futuros líderes)

The college educated many of the future leaders of the United States.

At the constitutional convention, Lowe got to know many of the future leaders of Iowa.

Most notably, Carnegie believed that the future leaders of society would rise from the ranks of the poor.

senior leaders

In PRC, the health status of senior leaders is declared top secret.

In the case of outside directors, they are often senior leaders of other organizations.

There were also questions about the relationship senior leaders had with Arrowe Park Hospital.

city leaders

An iron fist from the city leaders did not appear to be unknown.

Covenants between two city leaders.

Judith, a pious widow, told the city leaders that she had a plan to save the city.

behind the leaders   (detrás de los líderes)

At the 'Politiken' event of 2008, he finished just a half point behind the leaders.

The filly settled behind the leaders before moving up to take the lead in the straight.

Peslier positioned Solemia just behind the leaders before taking the lead early in the straight.

spiritual leaders

Some of these feminized men worked as spiritual leaders or shamans.

Effeminate men in Ndebele society would often become healers and spiritual leaders.

Her vital role as a teacher contributed to the Cathar belief that women could serve as spiritual leaders.

top leaders

He was one of the top leaders of the Indian National Congress in Bengal.

The second development, equally harmful to the KPNLAF cause, was the dispute that broke out among the top leaders.

At any moment, one of the State Department's top leaders might call in requesting information on breaking news stories.

early leaders

German designers became early leaders of modern product design.

Petrarch was not among the early leaders as Kisber set a strong pace.

Flower Alley stalked the early leaders then took command rounding the turn.

leaders during

He wrote a great many letters to world leaders during this period.

The Native American hereditary leaders during this time are not included.

The ACLU, in a change of heart, supported the party leaders during their appeal process.

team leaders   (lideres de equipo)

The daily team leaders wore red dossards in the following stage.

Stats in bold are the team leaders."

The team leaders are elected from among the dancers for six month terms.

labor leaders

George Hardy despised Republicans and labor leaders who supported them.

Canwell felt that the turmoil was "created by professional radicals who were, in general, Communists and Communist-trained labor leaders."

During these years he set up a committee of labor union leaders to support Democrats and wean labor leaders away from the Republican Party.

main leaders   (líderes principales)

Oscar Giannino and Michele Boldrin have been its main leaders.

In 1964 he became one of the main leaders of Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Alongside Harman and the Secretary General, Grebb was one of its three main leaders.

leaders before

Ridden by Goater, Chamant tracked the leaders before taking the lead at half way.

Miss Jummy tracked the leaders before taking the lead approaching the final furlong.

The filly settled behind the leaders before moving up to take the lead in the straight.

black leaders

The Democrat and Red Shirts felt that if they could "demoralize black leaders", the black vote would decrease.

Clarence 13X subsequently attended a meeting of black leaders at Gracie Mansion, the mayor's official residence.

During the American Reconstruction era and after, many black leaders espoused non-violent strategies for social change.

rights leaders

Several gay rights leaders and bloggers recognized Mehlman's role.

Most early 1960s civil rights leaders did not believe in physically violent retaliation.

The event was attended by many political, religious and human rights leaders in the world.

new leaders

In February 2016, the party selected its sixth Executive Committee and new leaders.

Boarding staff report that the new leaders have brought a student-centred culture to the college.

In 2019, Miranda was named by "Time" magazine as one of the world's next generation of new leaders.

leaders began

Polabian society became militarized and its leaders began organizing armed forces and defenses.

In British Columbia, a generation of emerging Indigenous leaders began to organize in response.

Once the Spanish were vanquished, the numerous military and guerrilla leaders began to fight among themselves.

many leaders

The speech was criticised by many leaders of the opposition.

Cape Town was home to many leaders of the anti-apartheid movement.

His great talent brought him very close to many leaders of his time.

young leaders

Alexander Campbell taught young leaders and founded Bethany College.

Blue Horse remained head chief of one band, and rising young leaders American Horse and Three Bears led the other two.

Schwab created the group with $1 million won from the Dan David Prize, and the inaugural 2005 class comprised 237 young leaders.

leaders met

On July 11, the leaders met with Roosevelt in the White House.

The Southern leaders met in Montgomery, Alabama, to write their constitution.

Taiwan president Ma and China president Xi leaders met on Saturday, November 7, 2015 in Singapore.

coup leaders   (líderes golpistas)

The coup leaders asked retired Gen. Efraín Ríos Montt to negotiate the departure of Lucas Guevara.

The coup leaders placed tanks in strategic positions in Athens, effectively gaining complete control of the city.

The regent, Prince Rangsit officially accepted the coup within 24 hours and immediately promulgated the new charter the coup leaders had drafted.

civil rights leaders

Most early 1960s civil rights leaders did not believe in physically violent retaliation.

The members learned and performed famous speeches by civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr..

In late 1967 the FBI developed COINTELPRO to investigate black nationalist groups and other civil rights leaders.

communist leaders

The government moved decisively to crush the insurrections and imprison communist leaders.

At the time of the Indo-China border conflict in 1962, BTR was one of many prominent communist leaders jailed by the government.

The National Socialist Action Army is essentially a new wave of fascism as a means to wipe out communist leaders and supporters around the world.

opinion leaders

One of the main opinion leaders in Russia, Sadovnichiy has significant political and social influence.

Lastly, Faceu group has elicited users emotional and resonance utilizing key opinion leaders (KOL) and acquaintances social.

Governor William MacGregor requested views from Christopher Sapara Williams, Charles Joseph George and Obadiah Johnson as indigenous opinion leaders.

foreign leaders

Thaksin was attacked by influential former diplomats for acting undiplomatically with foreign leaders.

In its history, it has been awarded twenty times to twelve Soviet leaders and five foreign leaders, with one revocation.

On 16 September 2012, Mohamud was formally inaugurated as President of Somalia at a ceremony attended by various foreign leaders and dignitaries.

group leaders

APCUG services are offered to group leaders and members.

Four members of the British Mission became group leaders at Los Alamos.

Besides the working group leaders, three other leaders are also included in the leader team.

leaders decided

In 1900, a few civic leaders decided that a book collection was needed for everyone to use.

On 2 September, the Royalist leaders decided they must support Bonchamps and his attack on Kléber.

By the afternoon, the migrants reached Tapachula and its leaders decided to rest there, inside Mexico.

thought leaders

Goldsmith is one of the thought leaders that contribute to Sales Pop Magazine.

This annual event attracts 800+ participants, 40+ exhibitors and renowned thought leaders from all over the world.

The membership of the LGRC-CFI is made up of a group of [thought leaders] in the legal, business, IT, and RIM fields.

women leaders

Pearl Esua-Mensah was nominated among the top 60 corporate women leaders in Ghana in 2017.

They worked with other chapters and women leaders across the United States to form the NCBW.

The list selected women leaders in business, philanthropy, government, education, and the arts.

leaders agreed

After discussing the matter, the two leaders agreed to make an attack on the Canadiens.

The EU leaders agreed on 16 December 2004 to start accession negotiations with Turkey from 3 October 2005.

By the articles which they all signed, the Indian leaders agreed to live in due submission to the English people.

leaders were arrested

In 1823, the society's leaders were arrested and condemned to exile.

Jewish leaders were arrested and executed, and Yiddish schools were shut down.

Qibi was able to do so, and rebel leaders were arrested and turned over to Tang.

leaders of both

The leaders of both armies surrendered and were pardoned by Tamar.

There have been several high level visits between leaders of both nations.

Furthermore, the leaders of both movements' had links to the Sunshine Revival.

nationalist leaders

Quebec nationalist leaders objected that dominion suggested that Ottawa would have control over Quebec.

Likewise Vithalbhai Patel and Subhas Chandra Bose were also said to be in touch with Irish nationalist leaders.

At the same time, Muslim nationalist leaders like Muhammad Iqbal emphasized the spiritual richness of Islam and Islamic philosophy.

regional leaders   (líderes regionales)

This sport used to be a means of choosing tribal and regional leaders.

On 23 June, TFG and regional leaders approved a draft constitution after several days of deliberation.

key leaders

Peter was one of the key leaders of Sudanese community in Canada who defeated Talisman Energy of Canada.

The first issue is bringing key leaders to the table so that they may discuss the critical issues facing the region.

At this point, key leaders in CTC communities also reported significantly stronger community norms against adolescent drug use.

former leaders

It is right and proper that she is honoured in Parliament Square alongside former leaders who changed our country."

It does so by making available, discreetly and in confidence, the experience of former leaders to today's national leaders.

The online mode of the game, which is only available in the Japanese version, also introduces a group called the Restrictors, the former leaders of Deepground before Weiss took over.

tracked the leaders   (rastreó a los líderes)

Ridden by Goater, Chamant tracked the leaders before taking the lead at half way.

Miss Jummy tracked the leaders before taking the lead approaching the final furlong.

Hills tracked the leaders on Harayir, before sending the filly to the front a furlong from the finish.

leaders within   (líderes dentro)

Most became prominent as leaders within the Catholic Church.

It represents the most senior panel of civilian and military leaders within the Pentagon.

Various leaders within the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) campaigned against the amendments.

whose leaders

Royal supremacy was exercised through the extant legal structures of the church, whose leaders were bishops.

Other less well-known classifications, whose leaders did not receive a special jersey, were awarded during the Giro.

Firsov also said that he does not want to remain in the party and the faction whose leaders are engaged in "corrupt activities".