leadership election   (领导选举)

The previous leadership election had occurred in 2005.

He was succeeded in the ensuing leadership election by Jeremy Corbyn.

James endorsed Rory Stewart during the 2019 Conservative leadership election.

party leadership   (党的领导)

Weld, a moderate, was supported by party leadership.

The results led to a shake up of the party leadership.

At the 1977 election Letts lost his seat and party leadership.

leadership positions   (领导职务)

Buttars served in various Republican Party leadership positions.

Wassenaar has held key leadership positions at Airware, New Relic and VMware.

Jones held other numerous ancillary leadership positions apart from his Gulf Oil concern.

leadership role   (领导角色)

Hilkene also played a key leadership role on the 1947 team.

Hyun Jin Moon held a key leadership role in FFWPU from 1998 to 2008.

There was a sense that art could take a leadership role in this revolution."

leadership roles   (领导角色)

Black leaders lobbied to secure leadership roles.

Adult white men held the major leadership roles in all the camps.

Males are also associated with taking leadership roles in the workplace.

political leadership

Germany's new political leadership signed the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

Dissent within the German high command and political leadership was exacerbated.

Gimbal is also open about looking for political leadership with his anti-society stance.

leadership skills

He is a fast and creative player with good leadership skills.

The Leadership Academy focuses on developing leadership skills.

He showed his leadership skills and became captain of the team.

new leadership

Many joined AFSCME, under the new leadership of Jerome Wurf.

He turned Bain & Company over to new leadership and returned to Bain Capital in December 1992.

Progressively from the 1960s, Brucan became an opponent of the new leadership around Ceauşescu.

leadership position

WFE, IOMA and FIA surveys endorse NSE's leadership position.

It was not a formal leadership position.

military leadership

More recently, she has completed courses in military leadership.

Mai Sukhan gained recognition in Punjab for her military leadership.

Weeks later Sharif was forced to relinquish office by the military leadership.

leadership development

Both play a vital role in leadership development in Royal Rangers.

The network serves as a non-profit, providing leadership development.

In 1957 Bánáthy began enlarging a concept for a leadership development program.

leadership team

She is on the leadership team of the Liberal Arts Diversity Officers consortium.

She defended her leadership, citing that three members of her leadership team were engineers.

Lina Feng had joined Dai Wei's senior leadership team in 2018 to manage US and China operations.

leadership convention

She then ran as a candidate in the party's 1992 leadership convention against Ralph Klein.

There was a leadership convention on April 7, 2018 that elected Joe Byrne as the new leader.

Uskiw supported Scheyer over Sidney Green in the leadership convention which preceded the election.

s leadership

Under Hayatou' s leadership, African football has made giant strides.

Putnam’s leadership was quite dynamic and the band thrived under his direction.

Under Sharabi’s leadership the yeshiva grew and became one of the main yeshivas in Jerusalem.

s leadership

Putnam’s leadership was quite dynamic and the band thrived under his direction.

Under Sharabi’s leadership the yeshiva grew and became one of the main yeshivas in Jerusalem.

Under Mr. Roongta’s leadership, SAIL achieved new landmarks in physical and financial performance.

leadership training

Additional leadership training is available for instructors, organizational leaders, and more.

Boys can participate in local or district leadership training as well as the Trail of the Saber.

UNB also houses Renaissance College, which is a leading leadership training institution in New Brunswick.

leadership during

Rumsfeld's leadership during the Iraq War had been heavily criticized.

He was later pardoned and allowed leadership during Qin Shi Huang's campaigns.

For his leadership during the French campaign Rommel received both praise and criticism.

national leadership

He has served the MCA national leadership for 16 years.

It is not entirely clear when Alexander Schwab took over the national leadership of the shadowy .

Further, Glading and Scott were expelled from the AEU for condemning their union's national leadership.

assumed leadership

Zarda then assumed leadership of the Squadron.

It is at this time that Garvey assumed leadership of UNIA.

Cobra later took the name "King Cobra" as he assumed leadership of the Serpent Society.

senior leadership

Roles range from service providers to senior leadership.

During her time in Loughborough, she also held other senior leadership posts.

Lina Feng had joined Dai Wei's senior leadership team in 2018 to manage US and China operations.

leadership style

Young's leadership style has been viewed as autocratic.

Takuto eventually won them over and they accept his unorthodox leadership style.

Theodore's vigorous leadership style and reforming zeal made him Franklin's role model and hero.

leadership qualities

He has leadership qualities and never leaves the project unfinished.

Hutton was quick to recognise the leadership qualities in Walker and saw him as his potential successor.

Unfortunately, however, Manin did not have the leadership qualities that might have led to enduring independence.

leadership contest

He however endorsed Boris Johnson in the 2019 leadership contest.

Liberal leadership contest Brodie supported the candidacy of Premier Christy Clark .

In February 2018, Bill English resigned as the leader of the National Party, paving way for a leadership contest.

strong leadership

He gradually took on a strong leadership role, a trait he worked hard to develop.

Health care, catering and the strong leadership of the school were specifically mentioned.

As such, matrons usually "provide strong leadership and act as a link between Board-level nurses and clinical practice."

leadership race

Therefore, Lemma Megersa was excluded from the leadership race.

He declared his candidacy in the 2011 leadership race on January 5, 2011.

Following the death of party leader Jack Layton, the NDP began a leadership race.

church leadership

The church leadership has said that "weddings are an inherent right of people who love each other."

This concept revolves around the apparent difficulty for women who seek to gain a role within church leadership.

However, they tend to disagree to varying degrees with the LDS Church concerning doctrine and church leadership.

spiritual leadership

All these graves are for spiritual leadership.

God, through Pastor Blondin's spiritual leadership and guidance are doing amazing things.

Its roots in the country date to the Middle Ages and are part of the worldwide Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope in Rome.

leadership campaign

In total, he had donated more than £700,000 to the party by February 2020, including £10,000 for Boris Johnson's leadership campaign in 2019.

In his 1999 leadership campaign, Griffin embarked on a strategy to make the party electable, by taking it away from Tyndall's extremist image.

After a fortnight-long leadership campaign and election, David Shearer, with deputy Grant Robertson, won Labour caucus support over the ticket of David Cunliffe and Nanaia Mahuta.

outstanding leadership

He received the Butler Award for outstanding leadership and athletic performance as a senior.

Colonel Vennard Wilson was awarded the Legion of Merit, Legion of Honor, and Croix de guerre for his outstanding leadership of this unit.

He consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership and professional skill in repeatedly responding to a constantly changing environment".

leadership and management

The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme of the NHS Leadership Academy is a master's degree in leadership and management.

Pawlenty considered her ouster a disappointing partisan move while legislators saw failures of leadership and management.

The aim of the program involves development of leadership and management skills together with cutting edge technology awareness and proficiency.

deputy leadership

The results of party's leadership and deputy leadership election will be unveiled in April.

The ambitious Kernot immediately contested the party's national parliamentary deputy leadership.

In addition to her deputy leadership role, Lamont was appointed Chief of Staff with special responsibility for Equalities.

top leadership

In 1953, the organization changed its top leadership position to an executive director.

This serves to shape a top leadership consisting of various backgrounds, representing the diverse ethnicities of the state.

One of Paff's best-known accomplishments is his work helping Teamster members win the right to vote for their top leadership.

provide leadership

Warrant Officers provide leadership and training in specialized fields and skills.

He travelled with the team despite being sidelined to provide leadership and support from the bench.

Members provide leadership in the field by promoting scholarship and best practices in instructional technology.

leadership group

He has been a member of Fremantle's leadership group since 2017.

As at the end of the 2005 season was part of the Bulldogs' leadership group.

Smith then said that the tampering was planned by an unnamed "leadership group" during the lunch break.

leadership spill   (领导外溢)

In December 1991 Paul Keating defeated Bob Hawke in a leadership spill.

In 1983, Bob Hawke became leader of the party after Hayden resigned to avoid a leadership spill.

The Gillard government lasted until 2013 when Gillard lost a leadership spill with Rudd becoming leader once again.

held leadership

Osborne also held leadership roles at many of Calgary's business, service, and social organizations.

Silberwasser also held leadership positions in marketing, sales and business development within the division.

She joined Bank of America in 1977 and has held leadership roles in commercial lending, consumer products, retail banking and marketing.

took over leadership

Lampião then took over leadership of the remnants of Pereira's band.

On September 15, 2006, Cuba officially took over leadership of the Non-Aligned Movement during the 14th summit of the organization in Havana.

In between, Baardseth had the chance for self-employment when he took over leadership of Steenske Forlag, a small company that dated to 1829.

leadership within

Also, leadership within the team is not vested in a single individual.

ERG councils are one form of leadership within companies to collaborate among groups; this is growing in large businesses globally.

This and other such incidents spurred a mass desertion as more and more officers defected to other countries, leaving a dearth of experienced leadership within the army.

leadership challenge

In June 2010 he supported Richard Bruton's leadership challenge to Enda Kenny.

In June 2010, he supported Richard Bruton's leadership challenge to Enda Kenny.

In June 2010, she supported Richard Bruton's leadership challenge to Enda Kenny.

assumed the leadership

Rabbi Sol Roth assumed the leadership of the synagogue in 1986.

Lloyd George assumed the leadership.

May fell ill during the tour, and Cowdrey assumed the leadership.