learn how   (方法を学ぶ)

There students learn how to run a radio station.

Ultimately, he would learn how to carve and sculpt wood.

He was forced to learn how to play the guitar from zero.

learn more   (もっと詳しく知る)

He is quickly pulled back to reality before he can learn more.

He vows to learn more about the house and its overgrown garden.

questions like, "what would you like to learn more about this idea?"

students learn   (学生は学ぶ)

There students learn how to run a radio station.

He stated that students learn by doing.

It is critical that students learn math concepts using a variety of tools.

not learn   (学ばない)

Winfrey did not learn she had a second half-sister until 2010.

By hating and despising others, he does not learn to be satisfied with himself."

This forms the basis of Dewey's assumption that one cannot learn without motivation.

opportunity to learn   (学ぶ機会)

He was like a father, he gave us an opportunity to learn our craft.

Osa also used the opportunity to learn tunes from Rypdal who was often at Osa's concert repertoire.

In 1992, Yan worked as a translator in Tokyo where she had the opportunity to learn about documentary film.

able to learn   (学ぶことができます)

With the help of various lawyers, he was able to learn enough to qualify for the bar.

He was also able to learn English outside school, as his maternal grandmother was British.

The men were not able to learn the language of the Amazons, but the women learned Scythian.

order to learn   (学ぶために)

Matango volunteered to host the new lifeform in order to learn more about it.

He initially joined with the company in order to learn more about his passion, collecting.

He further discussed the need for children to have concrete experiences in order to learn.

children learn

Young children learn at the elementary school on the Sde Eliyahu kibbutz.

They help children learn through mediation, which is modeling and explaining concepts.

Neill believed that children learn better when they are not compelled to attend lessons.

only to learn   (学ぶだけ)

While the squad is excited to party, Holt states that the convention is only to learn.

They felt "heart-wrenching agony" each time, they said, only to learn it wasn't their son.

Anna begins to teach the children only to learn they've never been outside the Palace walls.

learn new

It takes time to learn new technology.

But as we learn new activities we are also learning new schemas.

As a result, many engineers continue to learn new material throughout their career.

shocked to learn

He was shocked to learn at his trial that he was charged with murder.

Max wakes up the four and all four are shocked to learn about each other.

She is shocked to learn the full extent of his alcoholism and refuses to work with him.

learn what

Wait; the time will come when you shall learn what the orthodox Russian faith is!

Mike has Jimmy create a diversion, enabling Mike to steal one detective's notepad to learn what they know.

Hans wants to oblige if only to be able to fix Peter's leg, but first Hans has to learn what beauty actually is.

began to learn

She began to learn painting as a child.

He was delayed in Frankfurt by a visa problem and began to learn German.

In 1974, she began to learn puppet-making from marionettist Harry Burnett.

students to learn

They are also designed to reinforce math and to motivate students to learn.

Base Ten Blocks are a great way for students to learn about place value in a spatial way.

Arabic language schools exist to assist students to learn Arabic outside the academic world.

surprised to learn   (驚きました)

Rudy was surprised to learn from Lois Superman's secret identity.

Hind is surprised to learn that he was expected, tipped off by Sylvia.

He was therefore surprised to learn that Fox offered him $50,000 dollars.

did not learn

Winfrey did not learn she had a second half-sister until 2010.

Boudin did not learn to read until age 9, a phenomenon common to children of incarcerated parents.

The chain soon broke under its own weight, but Union forces did not learn of this fact until early 1862.

learn to play   (演奏を学びます)

During a visit to Greece, he started to learn to play bouzouki.

It tells the story of 16 nerds, who are supposed to learn to play soccer.

In 1975, Patrick left acting to work for his father and began to learn to play the bass guitar.

ability to learn

Theodore is fascinated by her ability to learn and grow psychologically.

The ability to learn and understand language is an extremely complex process.

Therefore, a country's ability to learn from the leader is a function of its stock of "human capital".

learn to read   (読み方を習う)

Many learn to read and write and some are able to do paid work.

She has severe dyslexia, diagnosed at 12 and didn't learn to read until she was 14.

Theater director `Aziz `Id fell in love with her and enabled her to learn to read and write.

wanted to learn

Once it was said if one wanted to learn Hindi, they had to "read "Aj"".

Plato believed that children would never learn unless they wanted to learn.

In 2005, Christine Scheu of Tallahassee, Florida, wanted to learn to dance.

want to learn

As he welcomes anyone who want to learn from him.

This builds their interest in the topic and they would want to learn more about the topic.

Some want to learn so they can understand whether their aunts or parents are talking about them.

started to learn

During a visit to Greece, he started to learn to play bouzouki.

Françoise Atlan started to learn piano with her mother at the age of six.

It was in Iran where he started to learn painting; he is a self taught artist.

children to learn

Today there are workshops for young Cuban children to learn painting.

In 2015 Deen founded Bright Little Labs, who use 'edutaining' stories to get children to learn to code.

Current standards require children to learn basic statistical ideas such as organizing data with bar charts.

people learn

But wise people learn a chapter every day until they read all the law.

He suggested that the main thing people learn from being punished is how to avoid punishment.

Open education has been called the biggest change in the way people learn since the printing press.

learn the truth

Finally, both Mr. and Mrs. Williams learn the truth.

Mrs. Stoddard did not want Victoria to learn the truth.

In the end, Paulo Jose and Luisa learn the truth of their real identities.

easy to learn

It is easy to learn and easy to play.

The game can be played by up to six people and is very easy to learn.

But it is quite easy to learn and enjoyable to play, and it is worth acquiring.

learn the language

For a long time Francis struggled to learn the language.

The men were not able to learn the language of the Amazons, but the women learned Scythian.

"Friends" has also been credited in helping non-English speaking students to learn the language.

learn through

They help children learn through mediation, which is modeling and explaining concepts.

He further speculated that children learn through their own internal motivation rather than through compulsion.

The students learn through activities that involve exploration, manipulations, order, repetition, abstraction, and communication.

learn all

Anna longed to be an actress and Theo wanted to learn all about art and artists.

Hearing this, fools ask themselves when they can learn all that, and turn to leave.

He expressed his eagerness to learn all that he could about opera and asked to attend rehearsals.