learned to play   (遊ぶことを学んだ)

He learned to play the guitar in his early teens.

Brooks learned to play both the guitar and banjo.

He also learned to play keyboards and saxophone.

learned how   (方法を学びました)

We learned how to maximize our bang for our buck.

He learned how to be contented of what he has right now.

She learned how to fly a plane at age 20.

lessons learned   (学んだ教訓)

The lessons learned from Force X and Nenita were combined in the 7th BCT.

Childhood lessons learned from his father, a tanner, now served him well.

However, the lessons learned were considered anticlimactic and dispiriting.

when he learned   (彼が学んだとき)

Villamil's talent was evident when he learned to play Colombian tiple at 4 years of age.

Sieglock had already attended the orientation for new Assembly members when he learned he hadn't won.

This was a difficult task and he resigned on 22 June, when he learned of the king's flight to Varennes.

first learned

Schuur first learned to play the piano by ear.

The Japanese first learned to make bread from Europeans.

Buddle first learned the banjo and mandolin.

learned to speak   (話すことを学んだ)

He came from Saxony and learned to speak Czech.

There she learned to speak English and in 2012 became a US citizen.

Many Choctaw adults learned to speak the language before speaking English.

later learned

Young Cable later learned French on his own.

Napoleon later learned the truth from the Russian gazettes.

Elissa later learned that she had been selected to be the "M.V.P."

having learned

Anne, having learned the truth about her husband, leaves him.

By 1806, having learned the brass business, Allaire opened his own foundry.

Fred, having learned that Johnny is worth $11,002,076.17, tries to sell the robot.

learned to read   (読むことを学んだ)

Although he was blind, Fest learned to read music in Braille.

She learned to read early and spent all her free time reading books.

Since he had learned to read, books played an important place in his life.

learned society

Members of the learned society are divided into two divisions, Letters and Sciences.

A less common, broader meaning of proceedings are the acts and happenings of an academic field, a learned society.

In 1926 there was a split in which the museum became a separate entity, receiving the assets of the learned society.

learned societies

Christy was also involved in numerous learned societies.

However, Fountaine's membership of learned societies was pioneering.

The botanist Marian Farquharson had petitioned learned societies to admit women.

learned to fly

She learned to fly ultralight aircraft at the age of sixty.

Eielson learned to fly in the U.S. Army Air Service in 1917.

Witt was 19-years-old when he first learned to fly and earned his Private Pilot License.

soon learned

He soon learned to play the electric guitar.

I soon learned, no clubs would book a band that played original songs.

Nansen soon learned no ship was likely to call at Godthaab until the following spring.

learned a lot

I ran her behind older fillies last time and she learned a lot.

I learned a lot from him.

He was very generous to us in our early years and we learned a lot from him".

learned through

Miller came to the conclusion that fear could be learned through conditioning.

The recipes for these potions can be learned through scrolls, or by experimentation.

This knowledge is learned through experience and therefore creates an air of ‘coolness’.

never learned

Oaf never learned to say "No" and he was always punched.

Hart had never learned to drive.

Morricone never left Rome to compose his music and never learned to speak English.

quickly learned

Slave children quickly learned that they were subject to the direction of both their parents and their owners.

Indeed this is what they found: that the newcomers quickly learned the traditional routes and schooling sites.

The band quickly learned that filming a live performance for a television show is not as straight forward as its sounds.

learned more

This fact haunted them, until they learned more.

In 2007 Clapton learned more about his father, a Canadian soldier who left the UK after the war.

There he took night courses at the Academy of Fine Arts and learned more about cartooning from Carl Ed.

learned during

Lessons learned during the Vietnam War showed the effectiveness of guns.

He learned during his European tour that a large number of funds invested with Madoff operated offshore.

Other proposals include the Samaritan alphabet, which Cyril learned during his journey to the Khazars in Cherson.

most learned   (最も学んだ)

"The most learned man anywhere to be found", according to Einhard's "Life of Charlemagne" ("ca."

He was considered the most learned man of his time, and wrote excellent biblical and historical books.

Throughout history, Nietzsche asserts, the most learned seem to have shared a common belief that life is worthless.

learned the art

It is here that he learned the art of leg-spin.

He also learned the art of engraving.

He learned the art of performing from his friend and mentor Pete Seeger.

learned men

Bhagat Bhikhan was the most learnt of the learned men of the time of Emperor Akbar.

Together these relationships and their interpretations supposedly form "...the language of the heavens speaking to learned men."

These men worked mainly as judges for the city and eventually the region dispersing learned men to all the principal cities in Mali.

when they learned   (彼らが学んだとき)

Some left the march when they learned that Bentley had not been murdered.

"A decade ago, most people thought I was crazy when they learned of my efforts to save the old part of Jakarta.

They had reached Cilicia, when they learned of Alexander's death, and decided to stay there until they received further news.

learned much

Klopstock's work shows he learned much from Milton.

He learned much about the Mohawk and Iroquois.

Hawes also learned much from pianists Powell and Nat King Cole, among others.

only learned   (学んだだけ)

President Bush only learned about this four years later in April 2006.

She was born with spastic legs and only learned how to walk at age thirteen.

I only learned to write stories because people kept paying me to write them.

when she learned   (彼女が学んだとき)

Larson developed an interest in music at age 11 when she learned to play the guitar.

My mother taught me my letters, although I well remember when she learned them herself.

She originally became interested in cycling when she learned that about her diabetes risks.

learned man

During this time, he earned himself a fine reputation as a learned man.

A learned man, he founded a university and established the Berlin library.

Pietro was a learned man who rose to become a close advisor to the emperor.