Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

machine learning   (aprendizaje automático)

The platform also integrates machine learning and risk-scoring.

In statistics and machine learning, it is called a log-linear model.

There is a close connection between machine learning and compression.

higher learning   (Mayor aprendizaje)

Downtown is home to three institutions of higher learning.

The city is home to several institutions of higher learning.

The academy is the oldest institution of higher learning in Eastern Europe.

learning how   (aprendiendo como)

He also worked in silver shops learning how to cast the metal.

"Justify is a natural and he's still green, just learning how to run.

Pip spends the rest of his time in London learning how to be a gentleman.

distance learning   (la educación a distancia)

E-courses are also a viable option for distance learning.

Law degrees are also offered via multimedia distance learning.

In 2013, a regional distance learning center was opened in Semey.

upon learning   (al aprender)

However, upon learning of the veracity, she pursues him back.

Homer, upon learning Wilbur's secret, considers it morally wrong.

severs his ties with the king upon learning he has been manipulated.

learning disabilities   (dificultades de aprendizaje)

Of the identified students, 52% had specific learning disabilities.

The volunteers worked with a group of 25 adults with learning disabilities.

The metaphor of scaffolding: Its utility for the field of learning disabilities.

teaching and learning

The core purpose of this organization is to lead in the teaching and learning of history.

They developed context for teaching and learning to apply maritime history and environment.

It offers teaching and learning materials, a training programme and a practitioner toolkit.

learning environment   (ambiente de aprendizaje)

It provides a spacious and conducive learning environment.

This also gives the learning environment a fun and productive atmosphere.

The school delivers a rich and varied curriculum in an innovative learning environment.

language learning

Mondly Kids is a language learning app for toddlers and kids.

Language exchange is sometimes called Tandem language learning.

There are three general perspectives on the issue of language learning.

began learning

Couturier began learning piano at the age of six.

At the age of 12, he began learning to play guitar.

My mother began learning English when she came over.

started learning

Both adults and children started learning to read.

Shortly thereafter I started learning music by ear.

She started learning music from a very early age.

learning process

It’s all a learning process.

In the beginning of the learning process, the truth is inaccurate and we make it more precise.

The learning process in the MRM course takes place in workshops, one workshop per course module.

learning disability   (discapacidad de aprendizaje)

Of the identified students 35% had specific learning disability.

Moores, who has a learning disability, began swimming at the age of 10.

Dyslexia is the most common learning disability and occurs in all areas of the world.

learning experience

Usually, the objective is to cultivate a more learning experience.

Although Lin had only a supporting role, she considered it a learning experience.

He credits his experiences touring with Metheny's trio as a significant learning experience.

learning curve   (curva de aprendizaje)

Equally tough was the learning curve.

The club encountered a steep learning curve in their first season in the Super League.

Nobody does.” Television was a new medium in 1950 and everything was a learning curve.

lifelong learning   (el aprendizaje permanente)

NCRL’s essential mission is to promote reading and lifelong learning.

It focuses on the post-16 age group, promoting a culture of lifelong learning.

In 2009 as a Latsia municipality council member he supported "euroCALL" ( European for adults lifelong learning).

learning opportunities

On education, UNICEF is committed to giving girls and boys equal learning opportunities.

The use of computers in the elementary and middle school classrooms provides enhanced learning opportunities for students.

The program provides lectures as well as hands on learning opportunities and can be tailored to suit the participants previous experience.

learning difficulties

Emotional problems often arise secondary to learning difficulties.

Firth, who has learning difficulties, had been swimming for only three years.

The special school for children with learning difficulties has existed since 1968.

online learning

Both undergraduate and graduate programs offer online learning.

is one of the most popular online learning platforms for Esperanto.

The system uses an extended version of the online learning platform Moodle.

learning to play   (aprendiendo a jugar)

He spent much of his time learning to play music.

At the age of 12, he began learning to play guitar.

receives a harmonica from friend for her birthday and ends up learning to play it.

specific learning

Of the identified students 35% had specific learning disability.

Of the identified students, 52% had specific learning disabilities.

The system has to provide possibilities for children to practice emerging skills not only in specific learning situations but in the many inter-connecting, in-between situations of which life consists.

deep learning

PEAT is a deep learning Agriculture Tech Startup.

This enables "deep learning" that goes beyond studying for the next test.

It uses deep learning artificial intelligence models to trade and manage energy.

learning center

Then at the learning center is another magic carpet.

In 2013, a regional distance learning center was opened in Semey.

The computer learning center of the school was inaugurated in 2003.

experiential learning   (aprendizaje experimental)

EMU orients its students toward “experiential learning” (i.e.

It is based more on experiential learning that concentrate on the development of a child's talents.

Most of the programs here involve some form of experiential learning, preparing students for the real world.

social learning   (aprendizaje social)

Vygotsky believed we get our complex mental activities through social learning.

Aristotle was the first to provide evidence of social learning in the songs of birds.

According to social learning theory, sexuality is influenced by people's social environment.

learning and memory

Her research focused on learning and memory in pre-verbal infants.

Another plasticity-related gene involved in learning and memory is Arc/Arg3.1.

This ability for dendritic growth is thought to play a role in learning and memory formation.

student learning   (aprendizaje estudiantil)

The college provides equipment that enhances student learning.

This meeting was very focused on student learning in a visual age.

The series claims to improve student learning and classroom pedagogy in the following ways:

learning more

"), learning more about the nature of the blade runners and the replicants.

Population growth can be helped more by learning more about post-egg survival.

They also enjoyed learning more of the mystery on each new route they played through.

learning through

The website also can be used to track the results of online learning through analytics.

Rai has opined that the future of learning will be based on learning through six senses.

Because of this Jennie was always encouraged to explore woodworking and learning through doing.

learning theory   (teoría del aprendizaje)

Thorndike contributed arithmetic books based on learning theory.

He received his Ph.D. in learning theory from Yale University in 1959.

He was a pioneer in computational complexity theory and computational learning theory.

learning programs

CCIM provides the university with immersive learning programs, internships, and projects.

In 2013, Pennsylvania was awarded a $51.7 million federal grant to fund early learning programs.

By 2008, online learning programs were available in the United States in 44 states at the K-12 level.

learning experiences

The program includes seminars, workshops and hands-on learning experiences.

Hourly performances and cultural learning experiences take place in these villages.

The pond also serves as an aquatic study area for students participating in field learning experiences.

learning algorithms

Many learning algorithms use search algorithms based on optimization.

Examples include: pattern recognition, data mining, machine learning algorithms, and visualization.

For example, WoahStork has used machine learning algorithms to classify strains into six Distinct Activity groups.

specific learning disability   (Discapacidad Especifica de Aprendizaje)

Of the identified students 35% had specific learning disability.

In December 2009, the district administration reported that 493 pupils or 14.6% of the district's pupils received Special Education services, with 48.3% of the identified students having a specific learning disability.

5th Grade Reading: In December 2013, Mid Valley School District administration reported that 275 pupils, or 15.5% of the district's pupils, received special education services, with 41.8% of the identified students having a specific learning disability.

learning environments

Teachers report improved learning environments and decreased stress.

Asynchronous learning environments pose several challenges for instructors, institutions, and students.

To participate in asynchronous learning environments, students must also have access to computers and the Internet.

learning outcomes

They do not have consistent learning outcomes across the upazilas.

Bridge uses technology and roving quality assurance teams to track learning outcomes.

In 2004, the school scored among Oslo's best, based on the measurement of learning outcomes from 8 to 10 grades.

early learning

, the School had approximately 900 students from early learning, through Year K to Year 12.

In 2013, Pennsylvania was awarded a $51.7 million federal grant to fund early learning programs.

The school caters for approximately 1,100 students from early learning through Year K to Year 12.

interested in learning

Later Justin became interested in learning and became a scholar.

She performed well at school and was always interested in learning.

Like many others, Alberto became interested in learning to dance tango.

learning and teaching

Many of his books and articles are in the field of learning and teaching Persian as a second language.

Since 2003 Anderson High School has been sharing aspects of learning and teaching by video conferencing.

Singh started his acting career in 1997 in Sahitya Kala Parishad repertory, learning and teaching stage productions and theatre plays.

service learning

Scholars Merits and Honors Merits will be awarded based on significant volunteering and/or service learning activities.

There, he was co-developer of both the Program in Humanitarian Assistance and the Project Bosnia service learning program.

In 2007 the University of the Western Cape started to use the hospital as part of their undergraduate service learning in Pharmacy.

learning program

Camacho was one of the very few students to finish the eight years' learning program in four years' time.

Students must also have the computer/technology skills required to participate in the asynchronous learning program.

There, he was co-developer of both the Program in Humanitarian Assistance and the Project Bosnia service learning program.

learning to read   (aprendiendo a leer)

Both adults and children started learning to read.

Phonetic analysis capacity and learning to read.

Aqeel did not have formal education, learning to read the Quran at mosque.

collaborative learning

This approach to reading and learning looks to some of the best practices and theory from collaborative learning and instructional scaffolding theory.

She actively collaborates with a number of European and Latin-American universities on several projects about collaborative learning and communicational models.

The 82,000 square foot facility features seating for 1,000, including bar, family, traditional, active, indoor and outdoor seating, as well as student support spaces such as meeting spaces and technology-rich collaborative learning classrooms.

learning new

But as we learn new activities we are also learning new schemas.

And he’s still learning new tricks, which is insane because the dude has enough tricks.

Each team containing 6 dancers then competes in the show, learning new skills throughout the journey.

learning centers

These are schools by day and community learning centers by night and weekends.

OCCC consists of three learning centers in the communities of Newport, Waldport, and Lincoln City.

In 2011–2012, the university opened regional distance learning centers in Kyzylorda, Atyrau, Shymkent and Pavlodar.

learning styles

For more on this see learning styles.

Specific Big Five personality traits predict learning styles in addition to academic success.

This was done by designing the three levels of the activity focusing on the different learning styles of the individuals.

learning to skate   (aprendiendo a patinar)

Kolodziej began learning to skate in 2000.

Galliamov began learning to skate in 2005.

Demirboğa began learning to skate in 2002.

learning materials

She donated school bags, books and other relevant learning materials.

It also has an excellent selection of textbooks and learning materials.

It offers teaching and learning materials, a training programme and a practitioner toolkit.

before learning

He unsuccessfully tries to protect her from them, before learning of their true intentions.

Now known as Jeff Clark, Peter worked for Lang and became involved with Victoria before learning his true identity.

She was raised speaking Yolŋu Matha and other Indigenous languages before learning English, and speaks seven dialects.

learning methods

Modern approaches that rely on machine learning methods are easier in this regard.

Evidence-based learning methods such as spaced repetition can increase rate of learning.

The book contains teaching and learning methods that are designed to develop problem-solving skills.

learning community   (comunidad de aprendizaje)

He is a leading researcher in the machine learning community, where he is particularly active in the field of kernel methods.

Internet forums, online discussion group and online learning community can contribute to an efficacious distance education experience.

Big History and Collective Learning (BHCL) Project is a collaboration with local universities to further promote and create a Big History learning community in Hong Kong.

learning activities

In 2018 it released a new mobile app, which combines translations and learning activities.

Educators work as part of the diabetes care team to provide coordinated, sequenced learning activities.

Scholars Merits and Honors Merits will be awarded based on significant volunteering and/or service learning activities.

learning centre

The empire also served as a Buddhist learning centre in the region.

He also bought a $600,000 mansion to house a Hare Krishna temple and learning centre in Honolulu.

After its establishment, Kairouan became an Islamic and Qur'anic learning centre in North Africa.

learning algorithm   (algoritmo de aprendizaje)

Q-learning "Q"-learning is a model-free reinforcement learning algorithm.

The decision tree is perhaps the most widely used machine learning algorithm.

The goal of any supervised learning algorithm is to find a function that best maps a set of inputs to their correct output.

learning techniques

Distance learning techniques are used between the modules.

Soon thereafter, she began to publish her learning techniques.

He is the publisher of books dealing with science, philosophy of science and learning techniques.